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  1. 1. Multiplier is not enough. If 50% multiplier is not enough to make people switch, make it 100%. If it's still not enough, make it 200%. 2. (Optional) Make it so that the multiplier also affect personal point reward.
  2. Somehow this bug still exists today. I first experienced this when I was grinding Kagero. Now I've finished Shima and it's still there. Just wow.
  3. If you care about real life more than the game, you should not be concerned about being reported for being irresponsible in game due to real life issues. If you actually care about the game, you should not be AFK in the first place. I don't see any problem with reporting an AFK'er.
  4. Not saying that these attributes really make them op or not. I don't have the experience to decide that. But they do "sound" a bit too good.
  5. But HE is not the only advantage they have. They also have super heal, concealment, untouchable citadel, maneuverability and AA.
  6. My ideas on radar: 1. Display enemy location and heading on the mini map 2. Display enemy direction and distance to the ship activating the radar Reasoning: radar should not assist one's vision. If some people want radar-directed fire, they should get that, rather than a magical lens that sees through everything except ships Realism is however not that important in this game, so if radar is what it is right now for balancing reasons, I find no reason to object it. I appreciate op's ideas, but some seem a bit too complicated, and maybe some suggestions on how to implement them gradually will be helpful.