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  1. Not saying that these attributes really make them op or not. I don't have the experience to decide that. But they do "sound" a bit too good.
  2. But HE is not the only advantage they have. They also have super heal, concealment, untouchable citadel, maneuverability and AA.
  3. My ideas on radar: 1. Display enemy location and heading on the mini map 2. Display enemy direction and distance to the ship activating the radar Reasoning: radar should not assist one's vision. If some people want radar-directed fire, they should get that, rather than a magical lens that sees through everything except ships Realism is however not that important in this game, so if radar is what it is right now for balancing reasons, I find no reason to object it. I appreciate op's ideas, but some seem a bit too complicated, and maybe some suggestions on how to implement them gradually will be helpful.