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  1. I'm really not seeing any issue in the replay. The first kill is a torp hit on a nearly dead BB. The second kill where you rushed a BB, it is probably focusing on the Fuso. When it saw you, it should've turned away. But instead it continued on a straight course even when an enemy DD is spotted at <3km. How do you fight a DD at point blank range in a BB? You don't.
  2. It's so great to see this topic being steered towards cv rework. Why not stay on topic and talk about IFHE/CA/CL instead? Seriously some people just want to talk about CV in every topic.
  3. While I agree with most parts, I don't think Black's torps have shorter (stock) reaction time. When you fact in the speed, they should have comparable reaction time to Fletcher's torps, although USN generally has some of the stealthiest non-DWT torps so the torps are still very stealthy. One advantage they do have is that due their slow stock speed, torpedo acceleration benefits the torps more. The problem with slow torps is that when they are detected early (by plane/hydro/dd), they are easier to dodge than fast torps.
  4. For Alaska I can sort of understand, as it has an upper belt that can shatter IFHE 5'' guns and deck that can shatter non-IFHE 8'' guns. But then it also has much lower hp than Kronstadt so is that really justified? For Azuma I really don't understand. Its upper belt and deck is much worse than Stalingrad, while still having a vulnerable citadel. Is concealment really enough to offset this difference? A possible answer is that the two previously launched "large cruisers" are overpowered, and they have to nerf every ship after those weaker to make them balanced. Which makes their promise of not nerfing premiums look even sillier.
  5. Lit199

    Alaska price riot thread

    The fact is it's easier to earn 1M fxp now than it is to earn 750k fxp back then for Missouri. But since the conversion rate is the same some may feel that the price has inflated. I would suggest increasing the conversion rate so that the price for converting the FXP remains the same.
  6. I think that's how dispersion of IJN battleships look like. They are most accurate at medium/long ranges (>10km?). In close quarters you can only expect high accuracy at point-blank distance.
  7. Lit199

    Why everyone should play Clan Battles

    If I can have 50% win rate in clan battles, the average exp I gain in a game is 1375, about 5% more than my average exp in T10 ships. But I'm getting no where close to that WR, because I'm not that good of a player, and my clan is not a PVP-focused clan. Then why should I bother with this game mode, except for the guaranteed reward?
  8. 1. Multiplier is not enough. If 50% multiplier is not enough to make people switch, make it 100%. If it's still not enough, make it 200%. 2. (Optional) Make it so that the multiplier also affect personal point reward.