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  1. teleStraightShooter

    Commander Skills Update

    why does assign commander not work? I hover over a commander & it instructs to press left mouse button to assign... and it don't I can assign a commander that way right after I send to reserve, but thats the only one
  2. teleStraightShooter

    Harugamo is the stupidest thing ever

    Not advisable to stare down a ﹰHaru in smoke bow-on. I set the WoW record for Haru in ranked w/ 256k damage ...burned down 3 BBs who refused to bail. The haru line was nerfed a tad since then, but if a target does not actively interupt the dakaDakaDaka, it will melt the target
  3. Radar can be so unbalanced that I leave the ranked battle que if 2 or 3 cruisers are present. If figure only 2 cruisers = 50% the 1st two in line both have radar or both dont. That means 50% they are unbalanced...... leaving a 25% chance I have a 75% chance of my team losing. Then I remember the MM hates me & buff that 18.75% chance to 31% chance of cant-do-anything-about-it losing</sarc
  4. teleStraightShooter

    So What Are The Strategies To Counter Harugumo and Kitikaze?

    Lol Much like the 75% angle the shells drop @17km....I,l once pummeled a Yammy over the top of a sheer cliff he was nosed into
  5. teleStraightShooter

    So What Are The Strategies To Counter Harugumo and Kitikaze?

    They have the operational characteristics of a CL, like a mini mino. Their weakness is dodging torps; Harugumo's turn radius of 830m = Conqueror turn radius, so it evades torps like a sawed-off BB. What most ijn captains dont realize yet is that just like a BB, level 3 Vigilance skill really helps in this reguard.
  6. teleStraightShooter

    Harugumo/ Kitakaze observations

    True, didnt think of factoring the TYPE of damage..... plus side of fire damage is it keeps target afloat slightly longer to farm slightly more damage ;)
  7. teleStraightShooter

    Harugumo/ Kitakaze observations

    +10-20% in torp detection Better gun accuracy +1% fire chance -5% detectability I'd gladly trade 2 of those for -5% rpm or slower turret traverse speed
  8. teleStraightShooter

    Harugumo/ Kitakaze observations

    Which is why I sail w/ Target Acquisition System in upgrade slot #5, or Vigilance skill..... these ijn gunboats turn like a BB so one of those torp detection buffs are needed. This build is with TAS; I find the increased fire % gets more damage than IFHE
  9. teleStraightShooter

    Harugumo/ Kitakaze observations

    Depends on how good you are lofting shots past 12.5km where shell velocity drops off. It can be a harder skill to master, but considerably increases target opportunities. I love it because its much harder for a BB to hit you back from distance. Without IFHE the pen is 25mm = 20% more shatters, but fire chance stays @ 5% insteainstead of dropping to 4%, so 20% more fires. I observe more damage using DE instead of IFHE, esp when I target ship sections not on fire
  10. teleStraightShooter

    Good job MM LOL.

    Yeah..... Harugumo, Kitakaze, Akizuki & kHab are more CL than DD. Much like Scharnhorst, Stalingrad & Alaska are BC, not BB nor CA. MM is so unbalanced on this I wont put my Haru in Ranked battle unless it is 3rd DD...would not be fair to teammates
  11. teleStraightShooter

    Harugumo/ Kitakaze observations

    May I suggest Vigilance skill or TAS slot#5 upgrade. I have tried each alone & the 20-25% increase in torp respose time gives my Harugumo 85% of the nimbleness it needs.
  12. teleStraightShooter

    Torp avoidance & IJN GunBoats

    I have tried using just Vigilance or just TAS and torp reaction time seems manageable. With Vigilance skill/ Conceal mod: ...CE = low conceal (5.9 kita/ 6.2 haru). ...4 skill pts from CE reinvested= 6.9 Kita With TAS/ CE skill: ...3 skill pts from Vig reinvested
  13. teleStraightShooter

    Torp avoidance & IJN GunBoats

    Another vig/TAS enabled dodge- I was out spotted by a shima by prob 1km, I chased, it launches 3 salvos, & my Haru is EASILY able to dodge the type 93 torps reaction time of 12.75 secs (base 8.8sec) I spot him again, chew 1/4th of its hp off before he hides in smoke..... repeat 3 times. Most of my chasing was in the dark, but was able to keep bogey away from cap.
  14. teleStraightShooter

    Torp avoidance & IJN GunBoats

    Sans IFHE the ijn 100mm pens 25mm. My understanding is the only DD armour thicker is kHab belt @ 50mm
  15. teleStraightShooter


    So far: 50 ocean soul 1k doubloons 1k doubloons More sC to open.... I plan on using doubloons towards perm camo for my Harugumo.....damn that T10 is a regular credit looser in Ranked.