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    CB is Dead

    No offence but here’s the difference between a Squall league vs Hurricane/Typhoon league gameplay, in Squall you can probably group up and bundle your AA and still win due to the lack of co-ordination from the other team. However a game in Typhoon depends on DD contesting caps, CV providing consistent spotting, and trading ships with the enemy. Bundling simply doesn’t work because 1. You are giving up the other 2 caps to the enemy 2. You are setting up yourself to an easy position to get cross-fired by the enemy team which either of these can easily lose you a game if play against decent players. Trying not to be rude here but while some players takes the game very casually, some also find the enjoyment in a competitive environment where you find yourself and your team succeeding in winning games.
  2. ZGDX_Chessman

    CB is Dead

    I think that this T6 Clan Battle season is bad and unfun to play with for a various reasons. 1) Lack of consistent damage output and heavily relies on the shell dispersion and its RNG. Good players rarely makes mistake, when a CB season is in T10 players get punished for small mistakes easily (over-angling / poke the ship's bow too much). However during this season, people can get away from this easily with how bad majority's of ship's dispersion being at T6. While this is fine and normal in Random battles. It is these mistake that separate a good team vs a normal team and much of the higher tier competitive is not rewarded for having or making these opportunities. 2) Overmatch. I'm not very good with the armor value in the game, however according to my knowledge, almost all Battleship at this tier overmatches cruiser's bow/stern armor, which basically makes angling or tanking impossible. Therefore the really solution is to simply not take damage - hence the smoke meta. 3) Double CV - I don't think I need to describe this any further, how many clans actually have multiple competent CV that would like to play a consistent 2-4 hours session of CB? 4) Premium ships, for clans that are in Hurricane/Typhoon and Storm League, how many ships do you have in your lineup that is a premium ship simply because its role is irreplaceable? Simply having players gatekeep from Clan battles because you don't have a certain premium ship which will need to be purchased with real money or months of doubloon saving is not making this season any better.