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  1. MS406france1940


    Casi nada que ver con barcos de guerra. Solo para decearles una feliz navidad y un prospero año nuevo a todos los miembros de esta comunidad. (Miren como logre relacionar esto con barcos de guerra )
  2. MS406france1940

    World of Warships namesakes reborn as Modern Warships

    While not in game at this point (And there is a chance that it never will) the possible T5 of the Pan-American line, the ARC Antioquia still lives on as a German made Frigate that still in service. The name also saw live as a Fletcher class ship donated by the US in 1961.
  3. So. I was just messing around and I found the list of the ships that the British that took part in the Falkland war and I noticed something, most ships were equipped for air defense and for ASW. Since my knowledge of naval warfare post 1945 consist of watching Hunt for the Red October and other sub movies please could someone please answer me how was a surface combat between destroyers, frigates and other ships of the like supposed to be conducted by RN ships? Whit what weapons and whit what possible startegy? PS: Yes, I know that submarines would had sunk anything that was too close (Like the Belgrano) but still, there had too be some doctrine to engage other ships whit their own.
  4. MS406france1940

    How fast was the US navy going to replace its ww 1 era battleships?

    The claim came from this book (https://www.amazon.com/Battleship-Oklahoma-BB-37-Jeff-Phister/dp/0806139366) since I have no way to confirm or deny it I desided to ask here, and @SgtBeltfed more or less supported that claim.
  5. Just something I have been wondering recently. Whit ships as old as the USS Arkansas still around by the time new ships were comming online, how fast was the navy going to decomission its older ships? Not only the three pre-standar ships still around but also the standards themselfs. (If the war hadn't happen of course) As a side question, I have read that the USS Oklahoma was schedule for decommision on may 1942, was this true or just a random error? Also, how problematic were her engines (The only triple expansion engines still around in the pacific)
  6. I heve been wanting to read about the exploits of the German comerse raiders of the world wars so I would like to take suggestions from you wonderful paople of this forum I am specially interested in firts hand accounts or any indeep descriptions of their trips. I am also mostly interested in warships (Graf Spee, SMS Emden,etc) but if there are any good books on the armed merchants I wont protest those suggestions. Thanks in advance to anyone that responds.
  7. Sorry about that, still learning english.
  8. Just wanting to share a video I think many will find intresting. It's about how the Royal Navy used one of the relics of the R class battleships during the Battle of Britain. Hope you enjoy.
  9. MS406france1940

    Un montón de dudas

    @ELDIFERENTE Muchas gracias por la ayuda camarada. Se apresia mucho.
  10. MS406france1940

    Was this destroyer really this lucky?

    While I am a bigger fan of Wikipedia than almost anyone I am NOT a fan boy of the site, and if I see something whitout citations I immediately raise an eyebrow. In this case the following bold claim made by wiki is that the destroyer HMS Jervis went around WW 2 whitout loosing a single crew member. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Jervis#1940_(Mediterranean)) So is it true, false, 50/50 or something else?
  11. MS406france1940

    The Hunt For The Hood

    A good documentary that deserves more attention. Thanks for sharing.
  12. MS406france1940

    Un montón de dudas

    Hace mucho, mucho tiempo, cuando todavía estábamos esperando los acorazados alemanes (hace poco no?) mi computador portátil se descompuso de manera fulminante y perdí mi cuenta en el juego (Ya no usaba la cuenta de mail con la que había creado esa cuenta) y la manera de jugarlo. Tras crear esta cuenta y fallar en mi intento de usar el portátil de mi madre, por fin tengo un portátil nuevo que corre el juego! Tanto es distinto y tanto sigue igual pero al final es cuestión de comenzar de nuevo y ver que pasa. De lo que mas tengo dudas es sobre algunas de las ramas que introdujeron durante mi forzado retiro y algunas sobre ramas ya existentes: ¿ Como jugar la rama de cruceros franceses? (Que skills le pongo al capitán, que objetivos debo perseguir, que características de los barcos debo de tener en cuenta a la hora de jugar) ¿Como se juegan los cruceros británicos? (Mismas dudas que arriba) ¿Como le saco el mayor provecho a los destructores gringos? Y finalmente ¿Me recomiendan los barcos asiáticos? (Los torpedos no me convencen y no se que tan buenos sean sus cañones) Cualquier otra recomendación que me puedan es agradecida eternamente. Me alegra mucho volver a jugar y espero verlos pronto en alta mar
  13. MS406france1940

    The last S-boot in existence

    Tan tan tan. Tan tan Taran taran! (My bad attempt at singing the main theme)
  14. MS406france1940

    Los dientes de la tía abuela

    Ah perdon, perdon Fue un error horrible de mi parte. No vuelve a pasar y de nuevo buen articulo.