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  1. _Starbuck

    CVs, refunding CVs, etc...

    The title was too long, so I didn't actually read it, but I assume this thread's about stuff being stolen from the break room. Yeah. It bugs me, too. Stop it, whoever you are.
  2. I think my biggest issue with battling against CVs and AA in general is that I don't feel rewarded by any success I might enjoy. While I might have games where I'm shooting down a lot of planes, it can often feel like a thankless task. I understand how aircraft replenishment works and that losing entire squadrons can be no small issue for the CV players, but the impression I get as the BB/CA/DD player is that I'm not really accomplishing anything. Although at the end of the battle I may enjoy the final tally of planes shot down, there's just no satisfaction to be found in the moment. If I citadel another ship, or land some torps, secure a kill - all of that is immediately gratifying. I see tangible results and can measure the impact on the battle, but with aircraft, not so much. This isn't well explained, perhaps, and more of a subjective observation, s most people will certainly have a different experience than mine. I just want to try and express my thoughts and I'm not trying to be negative at all. I wish I had more to offer. Anyway, thanks.
  3. _Starbuck

    I need Sound Tactical Advice

    Yeah, I hear you guys, thanks. My original build, the one I ran before the rework, gives up Direction Center and Superintendent in exchange for IFHE, but I'm trying to figure out how beneficial the fighters are and whether or not SI has become more valuable than IFHE as previously the aircraft consumable wasn't really that valuable. It's all a balancing act and like I say, I'm trying different things. Thanks again for your comments. I appreciate it. And yeah, I had my rudder hard over even before the battle started. I think you're right though and I should have made a hard turn for the Hak. The more I think about it, the more I think it was the only chance I had to make something happen later.
  4. Here are a couple screen shots from my first Kurfurst game last night. I like the GK and I'm fairly competent with it, although I haven't got a lot of games in the ship. I'm running a pretty well committed secondary build with the following capt skills: Preventive Maintenance, Expert Loader, Direction Center for Fighters, Expert Marksman, Basic Firing Training, Superintendent, Advanced Firing Training, and Manual Secondaries. My upgrades are the usual suspects: Aux Armaments Mod 1, Damage Control Mods 1 & 2, Secondary Battery Mods 1 & 2, and Concealment. I run the Premium Consumables, including Fighter II. My build is different than before the CV rework and is changing every few games as I try to figure out what will work best for me. This post isn't really about my build, however, it just seemed useful to lay the groundwork; what I'm really asking about is the tactics I should have employed in last night's game. My choice didn't work at all. Here's the Team Lineup, and don't worry, it can't be shaming because there are no scores. Just want yo show you what I was up against: Double CV and at least one of the drivers is almost guaranteed to be more than merely competent. Even a potato like me has heard of the top clans and I watch enough YouTube/Twitch content to recognize a few names. So, I knew I'd have to be smart. I figured I would stay close to some friendlies and lend mutual AA support. My secondary build isn't terrible when it comes to air warfare and I like push with the Kurfurst. This boat isn't built for sniping and even without a survivability build, it can tank fairly well if you mind your angles. I was a little unhappy with the match making, but not terribly and not discouraged. I've faced double CV's before, albeit only a couple times, and still managed to have decent games. And this is where I found myself at the start of the game: On the left is at game start, on the right is about 90 seconds into it...I'll give you a hint: Those bombers are not going to attack the Shimakaze. Anyway, as you can see, after blinking a few times and cursing my rotten luck, I'd decided to turn port, cut across the C line and try to get within the additional AA cover my team mates could provide. I briefly entertained the hope that the group spawning center would turn towards me, or at least push down the 6-7 line so I would have a chance of catching up, but they had thoughts of pushing C apparently. My game ended about five, maybe six minutes into the battle. I shot down 17 aircraft and managed a little bit of damage on the Richelieu, but I was much too busy playing with my speed, dodging airdropped torps and bombs as best I could, and eating a lot of HE spam from the smoked up Zao and Haragumo. Now, I'm not blaming anybody for my woes. I'm not crying or even complaining, not really. My team still got the win. I ended up being the first kill of the game and bottom of my team, but I guess plane kills count for a lot. I still ended up with 1100 XP, which isn't completely humiliating. I suppose I kept the CV's occupied for a quarter of the match and gave my team a bit of indirect support in that way, but I will admit that I didn't enjoy myself a whole lot. It happens. That's Warships. My question to you is this: What could I have done differently once the game started? Given my position relative to everyone else, what would have been my best course of action? I actually considered making an immediate U-turn and trying to ride shotgun with my Hakuryu, but I'll be honest and say that the idea left a bitter taste in my mouth. I don't play the Kurfurst from the A line, or even the B line if I can help it. I hate looking behind me and seeing some battleship "escorting" a CV 5km behind our spawn. But maybe that would have kept me alive long enough to turn and push south later? But still, I looked at that and figured a maneuver like that would eat 12 minutes of the game, if not more, and I'd basically be a non-factor for most of the battle. Another option, but one I didn't consider as much more than a meme, would be to just shout, "Leeeeeeroy Jenkins!" and point my nose at the enemy, charge in, and accept the fact that I'm not going to survive very long anyway, so I might as well go down shooting. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some yolo! But only if I know it will actually accomplish something useful, which isn't that often, truth be told. Still, I have to think I might have had a bit more fun if I'd just charged in like an idiot. I've found that while being hyper-aggressive is often the shortest path to disappointment, it can also put your enemies in a panic. I mean, some people see a charging rhino and their first instinct is to drop their rifles and run. I don't think it would have happened in this scenario, most likely the red ships would have been happy to see me rushing in like a madman, but you never know. I might have caught that Zao broadside fleeing the smoke...If I'd lived long enough to get close enough. Well, there it is. I'm just wondering how I could have survived longer than six minutes and provided some meaningful support to my team. Thanks. My breakfast is ready, gotta run.
  5. _Starbuck

    MIA Daily Missions?

    Okay, the missions just now showed up, 2 hours after the "game day" started, but better late than never. Just kind of annoying that I could have had my daily missions done or close to it already. With my schedule about the only time I can play is very early in the morning. Anyway, thanks for the responses and hopefully everyone else has theirs now.
  6. _Starbuck

    MIA Daily Missions?

    I just logged into the game this morning and seem to be missing the Daily Missions for the custom Blyskawica camo... According to the Events page there are 62 chains, as in 31 each of easy and hard running all 31 days of March, but...They're suddenly not showing up on my Combat Missions page. Is it bugged or just way too early for my brain to understand what's happening here? More coffee is the answer, undoubtedly. And bacon. Thanks for any help.
  7. Four ships, one of each type per team, on ocean map might be interesting...Tier X? I hope.
  8. I only posted 30-odd pages ago because I thought for sure Pigeon was about to nuke the thread entirely. It’s nice to know WG can still surprise me. Sometimes, I mean. Other times, not so much.
  9. The only thing that could make this better is bacon.
  10. Is there a moral to this story or is it like Space Balls?
  11. Wow! That would really punch the Shokakaku right in the jolly wobblies!
  12. _Starbuck

    Is the Worcester worth the grind?

    I like Worcester a lot in both PVE and PVP. I played it almost exclusively this last Clan Battles seaon, mostly because I was the only regular who had one and it has way too many tools to ignore. Anyway, I’m a pretty average player in all respects, and the ship is a challlenge at times, but almost always a lot of fun to play. I tend to play it more open water than a lot of people, as I hate the static island hugging style that we so often see with the USN cruisers. In co-op, that open water play style can be a little more problematic since bots are generally much better at shooting than humans, but PVE is also the better game mode for using the legendary module. I don’t really care about my stealth, never run premium consumables, and typically only get (need) a single use out of them anyway. The legendary mod makes hydro, radar, etc last longer, so...I just wish there were more bots to farm, but that’s a whole other thread. Get the Worcester, is my suggestion, and have some fun with her.
  13. I’m of the opinion that the best counter to a CV should be another aircraft carrier. I think one of the larger stumbling blocks on the path of any successful rework is the sole dependence on AA to counter aircraft. Combined with what I perceive to be the carrier’s near complete immunity to enemy airstrikes, the CV player is put in a position to largely ignore his or her red counterpart as irrelevant to subjective gameplay, which only serves to further isolate the CV player from the team. I’ve watched a number of CC replays where the carrier’s interaction with it’s teammates was more limited to dropping a few fighter consumables than anything else. Even spotting seems more incidental than deliberate after the last hotfix, because what CV in his right mind wants to hover around a DD in it’s short-med AA range? Not to mention that the CV meta since the rework began is to attack, always. It demonstrates hyper-aggressive tactical gameplay without a lot of room (or need) for any sort of strategy beyond identifying the most vulnerable target. That seems very incongruous with the other ship types, perhaps even incompatible, as some people like to believe. Sorry, I don’t mean to rant and I’m not negative by nature, but at this point I’d really like to know how the CV is defined by the development team. What is the core gameplay principle that they are building and balancing around? What is the essential element missing from World of Warships that only the CV can provide? I ask because when I imagine integrated CV gameplay, to be quite honest, it’s a very different picture than what I’m seeing right now. I am, however, more than willing to be pleasantly surprised.
  14. How about single squadron attacks? Decrease the number of planes, increase alpha damage and survivability. Basically, a squadron is the equivalent of a same tier battleship salvo, damage potential-wise, but necessarily balanced when increased DOT and superior spotting ability is taken into consideration. So when you look at a CV we’re looking at a platform that is something like a jack-of-all-trades, combining the BB alpha strike with CA/CL damage over time, and DD spotting, so it should presumable master none of these. Right? Or am I missing the point, which is entirely possible. Anyway, the single attack squadron could consist of six planes, let’s say, with the game balanced so that versus equally skilled players at the same tier about half the squadron should survive against a full AA build unit of any type. The squadron can be returned to the CV at any point, of course, using the F-key, but will not do so automatically, meaning that after expending ordnance, the planes may remain under player control for spotting purposes. Perhaps a timer (fuel, etc) would be good to limit potential abuse. Bsorry for the haphazard post, but I’m very short on time and I think most people will get the gist of my thoughts in any event. Its just more food for thought, anything to provoke better ideas in the development team.
  15. The most important take away from the OP in this thread, like number of others over the past several weeks, is that this person is a long time customer who rarely, if ever, provided direct feedback to the company about it’s product. In that respect he or she represents the majority of players who are either unwilling or unable to provide specific feedback. Most companies, including the ones that I’ve consulted with over the past 20 years of my so-called retirement, take a great interest in comments such as these, whether positive or negative. The very fact that something about the product incensed that person enough to make the effort is significant.