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  1. It only seems as if Massachusetts is outperforming it's German counterparts because a lot of the people who purchased and play the darn thing don't know that they're supposed to sit in spawn and snipe with it's not-too-accurate guns, and then complain about how their secondary build isn't working and needs a buff. The American boat is new, it's fun as hell, and people are pushing a little harder because they're engaged with their new toy. The Germans are not suddenly bad. Nobody took anything away from them. They're the same ships that made people rub their hands together and laugh manically while watching CC videos demonstrating the shock and awe of KM secondary power. They don't need a buff, they just need a new meta.
  2. Good damage control. Bad damage control. Meh. When was the last time a major ship line was introduced that did not involve firm focus on HE spam? There must have been one, but I can't remember...British cruisers?
  3. The real issue here isn't the ship or even the gameplay, it's someone being a jerk in chat. If someone new to the game (or otherwise) wants to buy a ship way beyond his or her skills and play Co-Op with it, I have zero issues with that...but rude behavior is just wrong.
  4. T8 -10. Raked again??????

    This game needs tournament ships. One of each type for each major line, balanced around the national "flavor" specifically for ranked gameplay. Throw in 15 point tournament-only captains with free respec, permanent type 5 camo, non-perishable signals (ala training room) and free prem consumables, as well as no charge for post-battle services. You want to test relative skill, do it with a level playing field. Of course, WG can't make any money this way, so...never mind.
  5. Mouse Clicks

    Just recently I've noticed an issue that only occurs in WOWS regarding my mouse: Occasionally when I double click to fire a full salvo the mouse curser will jump out of the game (windowed mode) and to my desktop. I have to find my curser, move it back into the game window, click to activate and then I can play as usual until the next time it happens. I did change mouse battery, clean mouse, change mouse, re-install driver, repair the game, check my game settings, and repeatedly play/use numerous other windowed games and applications without a single instance of the issue recurring - until I played WOWS again. I suppose I could install the game on a different computer and see if I have the same problems, but most likely I'll have to go with my smaller 32" monitor and play full-screen, although I dislike full screen gaming quite a lot. Of course, I haven't actually tried the game in full screen since the last patch (when the problem started) so I might still have the same issue only worse, because I'd have to minimize the game to find my curser. Perhaps. Or it might work as intended. It's always something with WG. Anyway, yes, someone else is having mouse issues with the game.
  6. When it comes to fearsome beasts that prowl the seven seas, I believe my choice to be most clear, although sharks vs Moby sounds a little strange given his raging veganism and animal rights fetish. But sharks vs [edited] sounds even worse, for juvenile reasons, so I suppose I should accept sharks vs eagles and wonder what all the fuss is about. [edited] is edited? lol I feel sorry for anyone named Richard.
  7. Anyone else not able to join the server?

    Thank you, I was posting my own query simultaneously. Misery loves company, especially when it comes to the internet.
  8. Anyone else not able to join the server?

    Am I to understand the WOWS NA server is down? I'm getting the technical error - you have been disconnected message, and I suspect it isn't me. If I actually wanted to check the status of the North American server, or any other WOWS server for that matter, where exactly would I look? Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. My last post on this forum

    I thought the font-as-topic much more interesting than any of the other discussions brought forth on the forum today. Unfortunately, the original post hurt my eyes, so I skipped it and didn't realize the thread wasn't about fonts until after it was locked. Disappointment weighs heavily, but hope springs eternal.
  10. Raptor Rescue STILL impossible!

    I think this is probably WG's best operation in terms of challenge and replayability. Depending on what and where red ships spawn, and where the Raptor's egress point is, the operation can be a walk in the park or a fair bit of work. I've been enjoying myself quite a lot and think the developers did a pretty good job this time around. It's nice to have fun in operations again.
  11. Intermittent ultra-lag

    Started yesterday (after 7.7 patch) very intermittent, happened only in the Raptor operation and not in Coop or Random, didn't get to try clan yet. Twice crashed my game. Ran the repair tool without any noticeable change. See what happens today.
  12. ^^ That's a good point. Although it can be a challenge to soar with the eagles given the matchmaking in this game. Getting thrown to the sharks, however...
  13. Why are the Sharks Winning?

    Sharks jump out of the water and try to eat helicopters - does not bode well for eagles.
  14. Nobody ever threatened to throw James Bond into a swimming pool full of eagles.
  15. I think only ships that can actually "see" a target, as in they have direct line of sight (or radar/hydro/plane spotting) should be able to get a target lock. All other friendly ships can also know the location/aspect of the target, but cannot achieve the most accurate firing solution as the targeting data is second hand, so to speak. Thus, the Yamato firing from across the map at a ship over-the-horizon, beyond islands and smoke and flocks of raging seagulls does not get the benefit to his dispersion that the DD spotting the target from 6km away in open water would receive. But that's just me.