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  1. Bringing a tier 8 ship into Random match-making seems pretty no-win, more often than not.
  2. I completely misunderstood the topic of this thread, but the post was interesting.
  3. Sometimes I have more fun in port than in battle. I love ships, that's why I'm here. The actual gameplay is an actual distraction more often than not. Having grown up with a real interest in military simulation, World of Warships is filling the void until something better comes along, but those beautiful models in my port - What a joy they are to the collector.
  4. InTheWind_

    What if we start with the odd notion that the Match Making process actually works and that the fault, dear Brutus, lies not in the stars, but in ourselves? Could we get some MIT undergrads to come up with something that makes players better? That would be handy! I'm thinking a new powerbar or low-calorie shake, or better yet, something with alcohol in it. A smooth lager that not only tastes good, but makes us smart as well. That's what those big brains at MIT should be working on, not a new match maker for the Russians!
  5. Stats lie, although maybe not as much after 11,000 games as they do at 3,000. I only know what my numbers on the clan chart in game look like and I have a 47% something win rate, but I know I'm a lot better than that. It's just going to take me another 2000 games to overcome the hole I dug for myself as a new player. I was really, really bad until fairly recently when thngs started to click for me. I still make a lot of bad decisions, but I'm making a lot of good ones, too. Anyway, if anyone just looked at my win percentage and figured they could write me off as a total handicap, they'd almost certainly be very disappointed or pleasantly surprised, depending on whose side they're on. So, I bristle a bit at any thread (and there are a lot of them) tossing criticism at players based solely on statistics. The only judgements that count are in-game, at the end of a specific battle. What happened yesterday doesn't really matter today, not in this game.
  6. A Strange Game...

    I popped into a Random game with the New Mexico by accident. I actually meant to play the Operation, and thought I'd had that game mode selected, but mistakes happen and no big deal. Anyway, the battle launched immediately when I hit the queue and it wasn't hard to figure out why! Matchmaker threw us into a 7-on-7 battle, so someone had obviously been sitting there for more than just a few minutes. To compound the oddity of a tier 5/6 random with such small teams, we had double carriers. A tier 5 and 6 CV on each side. So we had 2 CV's, 1 BB, 2 CL's, and 2 DD's on each side. All of us being relatively inexperienced and/or potatoes, it was kind of funny in the chat. We were all asking each other - and in open chat with the other team - "What are we supposed to do with this setup?" I actually wondered for a second if this wasn't some Twilight Zone version of Ranked. Well, our Independence decided to do something very strange and quite unexpected... ...Yeah, our top tier CV went full tilt Leeroy Jenkins! He did go down shortly after this screenshot was taken, but we were still able to manage a victory. It was actually a pretty fun game, but very, very strange.
  7. PTS 7.5 starts tomorrow

    Yep, just tried it now and seems to be off-line. Not a typo, I don't think, just technical issues.
  8. The biggest problem with blind firing isn't with predicting the most logical course your target will choose, it's that so few of your enemies are logical.
  9. I'm not sure what brought about the point-by-point rebuttal of Notser's video, but I pretty much lost interest after a minute or two of reading. I'm absolutely positive that there are good ideas to be found, I only wish the OP had presented them in a different way. Identify the issues, present them, and discuss them, and offer your thoughts on possible solutions. Notser doesnt really say anything that hasn't been said elsewhere, either here in the forum or by other CCs, and singling him out as some sort of pet peeve poster child just turned me off. The OP was just too negative for me. I hope there will be opportunities in the near future for a fresh, more positive approach to discussing these issues.
  10. thats why i hate this ranked

    Gotcha. Thanks.
  11. thats why i hate this ranked

    Okay, I just played a ranked game and while it wasn't a loss, if it had been I would have saved my star: I killed the Ognevoi that killed me, catching a desperation torp that I should have beaten easily. He played pretty good, ending up with three kills and the top score on both sides... The North Carolina earned High Caliber, so while I have no idea how much damage he did to the enemy, it had to be a metric ton more than my damage - and yet I finished top of the leaderboard, so...I have no idea how the game is calculating experience, but there can't be that much more emphasis on damage over kills. I think pretty much everyone on my team did more damage than I did, except the Harekaze who died fairly quickly. It was a close game, well played on both sides, close in the points and ending with our NC brawling their Bismarck in a contested A Cap. Anyway, maybe someday a disgruntled WG employee will leak the recipe for thier secret sauce.
  12. Why not implement a ladder system into the existing random matches. Opt in to participate and player performance in random games is calculated and integrated into a ranked season leader-board. No ranked matches, stars could still be awarded, but no reason to "save" stars, obviously. A lot of things to consider and maybe not worktable, but i really see no reason for the "random clan battles" that we have with ranked now.
  13. thats why i hate this ranked

    Why do people get upset with the player who saved the star? At least that ship did something, even if it was "only" more damage than anyone else. The idea behind a team is that each player takes advantage of the opportunities created by the other players. friend and foe alike, to achieve a common goal. If someone is tanking a a huge amount of damage, his teammates are free to maneuver and focus fire in relative safety. Someone does a ton of damage to 3 or 4 or 5 ships out of 7 on the enemy team, where are the friendlies securing the kills (and the victory)? If the friendly CV is running wild over his red counterpart, spotting and torping, and dominating the skies, why aren't his teammates equally aggressive? I could be wrong, but I'd look at the bottom of the scoreboard for an explanation before blaming the guy at the top. It really begs the question: Are we unhappy because he actually cost us the game, or just because he saved a star and we didn't? Or maybe we're just mad because he didn't carry hard enough. There is no reason. Saving a star is the absolute worst thing about ranked; it's divisive and betrays the underlying premise the game itself. Sometimes, what seems like a good idea on the drawing board turns out to be something quite different when put into practice.
  14. Well, it's easy enough to believe that they don't want people in Japanese DDs anyway.
  15. Seriously?

    Why does any specific line require a carrier, or any ship type for that matter, in consecutive tiers? Just wondering.