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  1. I sent in this ticket to player support: \\ This is support's reply: I lost 1XP for bumping into an allied ship. But my base XP is still 2300 before any modifiers, no? I'm seriously not going to be credited with completing the mission for this? What is wrong with you people? If I'm losing base XP for damaging a friendly ship, then please reflect that on the battle summary screens and don't waste my time sending in a ticket...This is 2020 in a nutshell. Nice job. WG is on top of it, as usual One Experience point for rubbing up against another player? And maybe, just maybe it wasn't even my fault. Yeah, I'm kinda unhappy at the silliness of it all.
  2. This has been happening intermittently since the last patch. I've run the repair tool, but it came back a few games later, and I'm not very interested in a clean install. Kinda weird. Make that Three of ME
  3. _Starbuck

    Scenario Scoring seems broken

    Yo Wargaming, fix your junk... These scores - and the rewards - are reversed. The CV player was valiant, but not much of a factor at all, and our second place, a very charming fellow who sacrificed his ship that others might live, didn't last much past the first five minutes of the game. Devonshire's achievement was "Shield" so good for him. Now, I admit I only had three kills and nothing special in the way of achievements, but 230k damage and only 840 XP for 5 stars? I know you guys hate PVE in general and Operations in particular, but I really don't like to feel punished when I play your game well. Please identify the problem and fix it, because quite frankly, operations is about the only thing in this game I sort of enjoy anymore. Thanks.
  4. _Starbuck

    Flags at half mast

    I fly the Union Jack upside-down all the time and nobody ever seems to notice. Odd that.
  5. _Starbuck

    Subs do bring about a change

    alright, I've tried the submarine mode and it's official - I do not enjoy playing with or against them. I'll try again later, if and when something changes, but for right now they're just not for me. A very "meh" experience.
  6. Do a deep dive into older lines, like German destroyers or Japanese cruisers, for example, to identify ships that are not competitive compared to newer ships or simply aspects in which they might be brought more up to date. Start by looking at an existing line and ask the hypothetical question: "If we were to release that line as brand new today, what would it look like? Would it be the same or very different?" Survey players immediately after a battle in which they actually played a particular ship or line. Hold events to generate renewed interest in those older lines, particularly among newer players by focusing missions and challenges in the mid-tiers. In short, review the ships and related gameplay one line at a time, over an extended period, to identify issues, resist power creep, and combat the negative influence of significant changes or additions to the game.
  7. _Starbuck

    Petropavlovsk Tier X cruiser how to get?

    The problem WG faces with this split is that they're keeping most of the existing Russian cruiser line as the "Light Cruiser" portion and creating a new "Heavy Cruiser" alternate. At first glance it seems obvious that Moskva should just move from the Light side to the Dark side, if you'll pardon the pun, and remain a tech tree T10 cruiser. The problem, however, is that following previously established rules - I use the term lightly - would require replacing the Moskva with Nevsky for everyone that has it, and then those same players end up owning the T10 Heavy cruiser as well, without actually researching the Heavy line. That would be really weird and not in WG's best interest, or the game's, or even the players, really. So, they came up with this plan to make Moskva "Special" add two brand new T10 ships, avoid an awkward situation, and create a lot of confusion. Never miss an opportunity to create confusion! The only real mistake they're making is not addressing the permacamo issue correctly, but that's just my own opinion. I think they just forgot about it, honestly, and the company has never been good at thinking on their feet.
  8. _Starbuck


    Carriers have little factories on board that make airplanes. I'm not being facetious; this is known. Of course they can't be deplaned in a literal sense. Why is this news and who cares?
  9. It's a conundrum, alright.
  10. _Starbuck

    Are the directives broken?

    No. His screenshot shows Team Score, which is always base experience. And he obviously had a really good game. +1 OP
  11. _Starbuck

    Dockyard Returns to Hamburg

    I don't think that was the point of his post, lol ...But I agree with both of you 100%
  12. _Starbuck

    Dockyard Returns to Hamburg

    I hope not understanding the concept of sarcasm is the daily double!
  13. _Starbuck

    Dockyard Returns to Hamburg

    Some people wouldn't be happy if WG sent a unicum staffer to their house to play the game, grind the directives, and do their laundry. I say it looks pretty good, WG, and I think this'll be a pretty good event for a lot of players.
  14. _Starbuck

    RDF Needs To GO

    In random battles it tells the one player who has it in which direction the nearest enemy is, and that player might click a square on the mini-map, or in a div he might tell his buddies, but more often than that it's a skill only useful to that one player. It also tells the located player where he is in relation to the enemy. It gives a bit of info both ways and knowing that, it can be useful to non-located players as well. To be honest, I wish radar and hydro worked in similar ways, where information passed to the rest of the team is limited and even dependent on the player himself providing it to some extent. I not only like RDF in the game, I think the Devs should take a lesson from it.