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  1. _Starbuck

    DD concealment needs a nerf

    Spotting ranges as a whole - that is for every ship class and type - is completely laughable. Apparently the Russians have never heard of posting lookouts. If someone wants to nerf DD detectability, don’t stop there. It’s amazing how easy it is to spot anything larger than a tuna boat on an otherwise empty sea with even the cheapest pair of binoculars, and don’t even get started on air spotting mechanics. Just enjoy the game.
  2. That’s why Graf Zeppelin should be moved to Tier 4 — to deal once and for all with those pesky destroyers!
  3. Shoot man, there’s people that’ll report you just because it’s Thursday.
  4. A better topic might have started with: Hey Wargaming, as my clan (and probably many others) nears the completion of base construction/upgrades, I’d like to ask if any consideration has been given to additional uses for the excess oil that will inevitably accumulate? Are there any discussions about new base construction or perhaps trading oil for other in-game goods/resources? Economics is plainly an important part of the Warships game and oil plays a significant part with the various bonuses that base structures provide, but perhaps it’s easy to forget that for the moment at least, oil is limitless resource with limited application. Thanks.
  5. Yes, they’re unhealthy for the game if only because the release of Smolensk and Colbert beg the question, “What comes next?” This is a question that’s been asked before. Did anyone imagine that Worcester or Haragumo would represent the absolute limits of HE spam that could be inserted into the game? I’ll admit that I did, perhaps some others as well. Plainly we have not reached the upper boundary limit of DPM because the developers have established a track record of taking their last, best ideas and going one better. This will not stop until it reaches the point of absurdity, and some will argue that point has aleady been reached. Not only are battleships loathe to push into battle; there are plenty of destroyers and cruisers more than happy to play it safe. How often do we see 2 or 3 destroyers trying to share the same lonely puff of smoke? Or 2 cruisers and a battleship jostling for position behind a tiny island? Cruisers that want to flank alone and kite to the map edge without ever really doing anything. Destroyers that want to sneak up the 10 line and assassinate the enemy carrier. Battleships turn away from the enemy because bow tanking isn’t a thing in the face of overwhelming dakka-dakka. All because while offense has improved by leaps and bounds, that enthusiasm has not carried over to the flip side of the coin — Git Gud has become the standard answer when players ask, “How am I supposed to defend against this?” And Wargaming seems to like it that way. I can’t wait to see what comes next.
  6. My GZ numbers took a dive due to the recent issue with auto-pilot, but now that it seems to be working well enough to let me take the boat up the channel on Two Brothers we’re back in business!
  7. _Starbuck

    What's with the bots lately?

    The bots are certainly better than they were, but I most often wish the red team was a third or maybe fifty percent larger than green. I would accept a greater risk of failure if it meant increased rewards for victory and I don’t think the formula for calculating co-op XP/credits will be changing anytime soon. Also, it really is very easy mode and my odd losses don’t usually come from being the only human on green - that’s an opportunity I’m begging for - but from playing recklessly because I wrongly assume my human teammates know what they’re doing...sometimes they don’t and it always surprises me. I really enjoy co-op and play it quite a lot. I like being able to relax and actually enjoy some light banter with other players. It’s mildly annoying that a lot of games are just a race to see who can get the most kills the fastest, and I feel sorry for people who bring slow American BBs into a game full of destroyers - they’re probably not going to get much, but who knows? I saw Admiral Thunder mention capping, and it’s a good thing, like he says, but I like to stay at the edge of the cap at the beginning and farm defended ribbons. My co-op friends and I have a lot of silly rules. We must always go through the center channel on twin brothers, for example. When playing Shima, 20km wide spread torps only. British battleships may not use HE under any circumstances. Yamato must charge the nearest cap and brawl - sniping will get you mocked severely. Etc, Etc. Anyway, I like co-op. It should be fun and a party and I know a few people have been confused, or even upset when I don’t take it seriously, but who cares? Ninety-eight times out of a hundred we’re going to win, and the other two? Just makes me laugh.
  8. _Starbuck

    Does ranked actually have any problems?

    When it comes to item #4 Ranked is Toxic, I believe it is a valid complaint and cannot be justified by saying, “Well, random chat can be pretty toxic as well.” This is an issue that comes up frequently enough that we can safely assume some significant portion of the player base is concerned about gamesmanship in general and in-game chat in particular. How many people, players good, bad, and in-between, elect not to participate in ranked because of toxic behavior is anyone’s guess, but it’s certainly a factor that has to be considered when looking at overall participation. With the most recent update, I know of at least three people that I regularly play with who have gladly disabled in-game chat. One of them even turned it off in his ranked games, although I argued that ranked requires team communication and urged him to turn it back on for that game mode. But I don’t think he will and now I’ll have to wonder: When I’m playing ranked, how many of my teammates are even listening?
  9. _Starbuck

    How Long Until Smolensk is Retired?

    I’m going to keep saying, “No, Smolensk is very balanced, keep it in the armory forever.” — Until I get one; after that I won’t care that it’s so obviously bad for the game. Ships like this, and the frenzied release schedule of premiums in general, are symptoms of significant underlying issues within the development process. I’m not sure the staff has a coherent plan beyond the immediate at this point.
  10. _Starbuck

    ZOUP, please don't quit

    I’ve given up on most of the seasoned Community Contributors, but not for reasons of disagreement or aggravation, they just don’t offer much that feels new or fresh to me, personally. A lot of their content is predictable or seems like more of the same old, same old that I’ve seen before. I’m much more interested in a lot of the ‘younger’ streamers and content creators many of whom are not yet Community Contributors. I used to watch iChase, Notser, Flamu, and others in an effort to learn and improve, and was helped, immeasurably. Jingles was there just for laughs and Zoup was less technical and more into social commentary, but there has always a lot of editorializing in the community; Zoup was never alone in that. When I look at a lot of the so-called big names, I don’t get a sense that they’re still invested or even connected to community the way they seemed to be in past years...but that may be more related to my own changing perspective than anything else. Either way, I don’t think there was anything in Zoup’s video to get overly excited about; it’s all pretty predictable for anyone paying attention.
  11. I was watching Flamu’s stream when he did this and he pointedly asked WG via CC Discord if this stacking was a bug, and the official response was “Nyet, Comrade...Working as intended!” So feel free to pick up a Colbert today with Mr. Conway’s blessings.
  12. _Starbuck

    Research Bureau regret is thick this AM

    If all my elite ship XP got converted to FXP instead of suddenly having 1,344,039 elite XP on my Black Swan, I would go for it...but that would pretty much defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it? Selling XP has to be a real money maker for WG, and good for them. I begrudge them nothing. I only get a little tired of feeling used from time to time.
  13. Complaining is free, which is always good. It can often be satisfying, if only for the moment, and instant gratification is it’s own reward. And best of all, complaining is just plain fun sometimes; people like to do it. Complaining is healthy, although like anything else, when taken to exremes it can be unhealthy. Sure, millennials are entitled to complain, just like the rest of us. We’re entitled to complain about everything else in our lives, so why not a game? Shoot, there are people who don’t even play this game that complain about it and good for them. Go for it, I say, even if it does annoy me sometimes and I wish the complainers would just shut-up. And yeah, I have a right to complain about the complainers, just like you, but life is short and there is so much wrong with the universe...Who has time for that? I know, I know - I’m always complaining. Sorry.
  14. Figure I’ll re-grind the Polish Navy line, can probably get it done 14 or 20 times in one season.
  15. _Starbuck

    What ships do you think need some love?

    German battleships: Gniesnau, Bismarck, Tirpitz, and Friedrich need a main battery accuracy buff. Secondary builds and turtleback armor aren’t quite as advantageous as they were several years ago and having only 8 (or 6) rifles is challenging enough without being continually power crept by the release of Brit-French-Russian BB lines...and the odd American premium release that does what Germans do, only better.