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  1. _Starbuck

    Amazon Pay not working ISSUE!

    Hello @Radar_X is there any new information on the future of Amazon Pay? If it's never coming back, just say so. I would prefer not to be left by Wargaming to draw my own conclusions in the absence of any official announcement. Thank you.
  2. _Starbuck

    Amazon Pay not working ISSUE!

    Black friday is tomorrow... ... but the fact is that if I can't use Amazon, I will be very reluctant to make any purchases from the premium shop. At this point, being (almost) a full week after the issue began, I'd appreciate an update from Wargaming other than, "We are working on it." Some sort of unambiguous announcement as to the future of Amazon Pay availability would be helpful and be a step towards maintaining your credibility with consumers who prefer this payment method. Your company does not, unfortunately, enjoy a sterling reputation for transparency when communicating with the player base, but when it comes to real money being exchanged for your goods and services I would strongly suggest that you make every effort to be clear and concise, and communicate factual information in a timely manner, anything else is prejudicial to the continued success of any business. I hope this problem is resolved soon and look forward to future announcements from Wargaming on the subject.
  3. I tried the subs. I wanted to like the subs. But I didn't really enjoy the subs, unfortunately. A couple games and I was done. I just want to be rid of the ghoulish green tint in my port. Not my favorite color and it's been there forever, seems like. Maybe there's an option to turn off Halloween? Anyway, I'm ready for a return of the classic "normal" operations; for better or worse, I do enjoy most of them.
  4. _Starbuck

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    50/50...but what are the chances of getting heads 100 times in a row? about 1 in 30,000,000
  5. _Starbuck

    PT Halloween Submarines

    The Halloween events are generally entertaining for me, but this year...I don't know. I watched the video and some twitch gameplay, and it just isn't appealing to me visually or mechanically. If others are enjoying it, that's great. I'll probably give it a try when it goes live, but I blew it off on PTS. There's so much to do on the live server right now - my time is pretty limited and if I can play, when I can play, I want to make progress on my live account. Sorry, WG, but this time i just can't find anything compelling, you know? I'm much more interested in trying out the new CV gameplay than I am submarines.
  6. ...at least I can shoot down some planes.
  7. _Starbuck

    Armed Forces players Acknowledgement

    I'm retired navy and get all the recognition I need from family, friends, and the participation of our local VFW Post in the community, among other things. There are a lot of people who pretend to be what they're not and it isn't limited to the internet. Idiots get named and shamed publicly all the time for posing as veterans. Some of them even face criminal charges. Around here, it's usually pretty easy to tell who actually served and the pretenders. Not always, but usually, and it doesn't really matter in a video game chat room or forum. If someone is that desperate for respect, they have issues much larger than any I might have over their pathetic behavior. But that's just me; the next person who served in his or her nation's armed forces might be lot less forgiving, and who can blame them? In any event, I think we'll just have to get by the way we always have around here: With patience, common sense, and a dash of healthy skepticism. I mean, I saw a player named "Stormin' Norman" (or something to that effect) in a game the other day, and I seriously doubt he was ever in command of anything more complicated than a McDonald's drive-up window, but all the same, I really did enjoy seeing the nick. It made me smile.
  8. _Starbuck

    Submarine Poll

    I consulted my dear old Mum's astrologer and she (the astrologer) says that submarines will be implemented, that there will be a 'Year of the Submarine' and finally, there is a 'Submarine Rework' looming in the not-too-distant future. I asked her how it would all turn out and she asked me for my credit card number, which was when I realized the astrologer was probably working for WG.
  9. _Starbuck

    In-Game Missions

    Hey WG, bring back those little in-game missions you were running there for a little while. Like hit the citadel of an enemy ship x number of times, spot x number of torpedoes, etc. Those were one of your better ideas. They helped turn otherwise same-old random battles into something a bit more interesting. I can sorta understand why you might want to save something like that to spice up a special event, but I am so, so, so tired of all the grinding and the same daily chain missions that I barely notice them anymore, and genuinely miss the anticipation of hoping for a little one-off challenge, being a tad disappointed not to get one, and just having fun for a change. Know what I mean? Think about bringing those back, even if the rate of occurrence is reduced, the possibility alone makes the game more interesting for myself and maybe some others.
  10. I didn't see any CV gameplay. I mean, there are airplanes. There's airplane gameplay, but the CV is just an icon. Auto-pilot is driving the CV, right? The player has little or nothing to do except play airplanes. Why have a CV at all? Airplanes could originate off-map at pre-determined intervals or something. I was cautiously optimistic, but less so after having some time to think it over. It looks like it might be fun and engaging, but I wouldn't call it cv gameplay and I just don't see where the joy for the serious CV enthusiasts is going to come from in this rework. I guess it's still early and time will tell, but the more I watch that video, the less enthusiastic I feel towards the game as a whole. Maybe it's the weather.
  11. _Starbuck

    CV Rework Feedback

    CV gameplay has been a square peg in a round hole since the beginning. Wargaming repeatedly tried to hammer it home without much success, so I'm happy to see a new approach. I may not like the final result - or I might embrace it completely, it's impossible to know right now. Anyway, I'm willing to take an optimistic stance on the rework and look forward to seeing how development continues.
  12. _Starbuck

    workig with sound

    Trying to make my headeset work ... I think it's solved now.
  13. _Starbuck

    Co-op needs major surgery - but how?

    I'd be happy to see a game mode where there are just swarms of bots and they spawn and respawn and you just sail around trying to survive and rack up a high kill count and it runs until the last human is sunk...or it just runs endlessly with people respawning as well, and joining/exiting to port as desired. Could even make it PvP death match, no teams, just free-for-all mayhem, which is what I think ranked should be, just cause that would be funny. But I've had a lot of coffee this morning. A LOT of coffee. So maybe this isn't the best idea.
  14. WG can issue prem time whenever they like, but it's not much of a reward if the recipient doesn't know about it. Like giving out a free fishing license good for tomorrow, but not telling you unless you actually show up at the lake with your pole. If you knew about it, you might change your plans and go fishing tomorrow; and you might have already decided to go anyway and be pleasantly surprised. But if you stayed home to work on that old Honey-Do list and then found out a few days later that you'd missed a day of free fishing, you'd probably be wondering why, in this day and age of email, facebook, telephones, snail mail, and good old fashioned politely knocking on the door, they couldn't tell you when it might have made a difference. That's a real head scratcher alright.