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  1. _Starbuck

    Can I get a refund on the Black?

    For years WG says that torp detectability is a big part of the balancing equation and one of the variables that can be tweaked on a case-by-case basis to improve the game. These days? Not so much, apparently.
  2. _Starbuck

    My investment in this game is complete

    I let my prem time expire the other day after years and years of buying everything WOWS had to offer and now I keep getting spammed in-game and out with messages like, “Dear _Starbuck, Perhaps you haven’t noticed that your World of Warships Premium Account has recently expired. Don’t miss out on the valuable benefits that Premium Gameplay offers, such as...blah blah blah” Maybe I did notice.
  3. I have 3 of those unassigned perma-camos from various events and nothing to put them on. I wish WG had made them for a specific tier or lower because it would be kinda cool to put perma-camo on a T1 ship.
  4. The T6 Devonshire was in the first package, so I could see it and I had the doubloons; pretty much a no brainer. I wouldn’t have spent any gold otherwise as I don’t think tech tree ships are really worth doubloons. by the by, I like Devonshire quite a lot in the Aegis op and have well over 100k XP already. When the line releases, I’ll grab the T7 and grind Narai for the tier eight.
  5. _Starbuck

    Is the AI too good?

    Well, if you’re in co-op and launching torps not in their faces, you’re probably doing it wrong.
  6. _Starbuck

    Is the AI too good?

    Try unlocking your target just before launching your torpedoes, the bots are a bit slower to react and I’ve found much success doing that, especially in the scenario battles.
  7. Is that Greta Thunberg as a toddler?
  8. In my experience, video presentations are most effective when working from a well-prepared script; being an internet forum and not a quarterly shareholder meeting, however, I wouldn’t worry about it overly much. He did remind me quite a lot of the guy who sold my wife a new car last year. The man smelled like pocket change as I recall. Odd that.
  9. Considering the (relatively) astronomical number of co-op games played since the snowflake grind melted into the flames of the Puerto Rico missions, there was bound to be a once in a lifetime conflux of questionable skill, internet apathy, and cruel RNG and someone had to bear witness. Congratulations, OP and props for not accepting the draw, which is merely a four letter word for loss...another four letter word, I mean.
  10. We have very different priorities.
  11. If you’re on the red team you should definitely ditch Last Stand in favor of Radio Location, but if you’re on the green team it would be a bad idea. Also, you should never, ever tell your teammates that you’re playing a DD without Last Stand. They just wouldn’t understand.
  12. _Starbuck

    My take on the PR scandal.

    You got a prostate exam for Christmas? I didn’t know WG was putting those in crates as well; shouldn’t be surprised, I guess.
  13. _Starbuck

    Earl Grey (Shame on You!)

    Kind of funny thread. Grey’s problem is not knowing to duck when you’re coming under fire. There are people looking for tall nails to hammer down, always - just ask JK Rowling. Twitter is the devil’s own playground.
  14. WG escalates. It’s what they do, whether we’re talking game development or sales and marketing. Anyone who thinks Smolensk is the upper limit hasn’t been paying attention, or that the PR thing is a one-off, for that matter. As they have stated clearly and repeatedly, WG cannot rest upon it’s laurels and that doesn’t mean coming up with something brand new, but merely pushing the limits of what’s in place to it’s logical, if ludicrous conclusion - but we’re not there yet.
  15. _Starbuck

    everyones upset about PR but what about this...

    Nope. And I don’t get mad at grandma for giving me socks this christmas instead of a sweater.