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  1. krazykarr5

    Server Crash

    Same here. I can get into port...but not in a game.
  2. Abruzzi for me. Though, I'll have to take their word for it as I don't have it. Nice bit of fun that page. I like the clever link to the "sexy music" and the link to the "Singles in your area". Nicely done.
  3. Not sure if this is much help. I have this happen occasionally when I set the game to "Windowed" instead of "Full screen" in the settings. What I found is either A) I get a Windows notification which takes focus off the game, or B) I hit a key (Windows key) or combination that takes the focus away from the game. In either of those cases, I have to hit Ctrl-tab to re-focus back to the game. Hope that helps.
  4. krazykarr5

    im getting servers down

    Server back up for me as well. Results from the CB game finished just before being kicked off weren't credited.
  5. krazykarr5

    im getting servers down

    Same. Just finished Cherry Blossom with decent numbers. We completed all tasks...and right before results were posted, kicked from server.