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  1. Humility925

    Best German Premium

    Graf Zeppelin! A very nice looking CV, but of course, Erich Loewenhardt isn't available, I didn't get chance to get Erich loewenhardt. Tirpitz is most german ship I had been played in past, it's very good ship when come to brawl 1 vs 1, I had more won often and great in coop as well. It's was good secondary before they nerfed little bit, it's been long time. Scharnhorst was good in 7 tier long ago and then Z 44 I don't play much, it's okay.
  2. I love to do coop once in while but I do had issues with coop with very lower and easy got broken rather than making credit if you playing 9 or 10 tier ship bb or even CV, while dd and CA player take out all bots before you had chance. I just wish coop gave better reward for 8 to 10 tier plus more bot or cap half team human player and rest of bot so slow ship had chance to do stuff in the game rather than get in battle and battle is already over before you had chance to shoot bb, even you managed to damage, it's still not cover cost/not making profit good. 7 tier or less is ok for coop for some reason while dd and CA all way to 10 tier can making profit more or less in coops.
  3. Humility925

    Listening to the Player base

    Wow, that is lot of escort carriers than I thought and almost similar to Cruiser's number alone. That is sure lot of aircraft in ww2. I assumed Escort Carriers is just support main fleet like Fleet Carriers, amphibious ground support, sub hunter and aircraft hunter while Fleet Carrier forced on warship and fleets?
  4. Humility925

    Huge nerf to T10 carrier legendary modules. Why?

    isn't that cost reseach point something like near 19,000 research point? I'm not sure that even worth it, do it's replace other modules?
  5. Humility925

    Please explane to me how this is "fun".

    I think morning, smaller player matchmaker to set up get mess up, so you are correct, best to do afternoon to night where larger number of player then matchmaker do better job to put you correct team in balance. Matchmaker isn't great in smaller number of players.
  6. Humility925

    Please explane to me how this is "fun".

    This is from brawl currently, I can said that from my experience from that battle mode last week or so, number of time CV and subs with team are lose and other team don't had CV and subs often win, it's just more of player's issues, not ship itself to make game win, it's just how many good experience player in team and how many are inexperience player in team. I was played ranked today, 3 out of 15, most lost because I did my best, but it's all about team, how many experience and inexperience player in team, some team had 1 to 3 experience while rest is inexperience player, other team had almost all experience and very few inexperience, depend on matchmaker look at player's history and stats past. Other time win lot often, but in end matchmaker had finally to said who are in team and who are not in the team, when you are in bad team, oh well, do your best as you can. Everyone win and lose, it's matter of personal performance more than winning or losing battle, but I do understand why people might not happy when come to Ranked, where you had to win to move next level of star to gain reward, but it's mouse and cat, up and down, up and down even you played it well. At least Brawl do not required you to win couple battle in row like ranked do, I think I had more fun in brawl much more than Ranked do when it's very frustrated to get reward yet unreachable. It's little had to do with ship and more had to do with player's skilled or learning in team, how many are experience and are not in the team, More experience in team, more chance winning when other team had more inexperience player more than experience player, more or less. Of course, there is handicapped players even they do had experience but mind are not good plan ahead and do it correct or not know how to deal with chao red team cause and making mistake in battle. As I said I do enjoy brawl even I do had similar to your experience in inexperience teams (most number of inexperience team vs most number of experience team) Noted, smaller number team, less powerful CV, CV is best in 8vs8 to 12vs12, but any smaller or larger than that, CV losing power, if larger number, CV plane is get smaller as battle went by, if smaller, CV will easier get hunted down.
  7. It's not always feeling rage to downvote, but rather idea and believe, some might believe you cheat or believe your skill must be limited to their believe, So someone who votedown is not always anger or rage, but rather believe/idea that should be, so some downvote because of that believe/idea that what should and what shouldn't be, not always people anger or rage. False believe/idea is far more danger than wrong feeling, similar to religion that people believe they are right and enemies is always wrong in their mind, for example. It's kind of hard why or what reason people downvote, is because they are mad because losing or they believe it's cheating behind or they believe your very skill are cheating or not allowed or do not see that skill but rather chesse game or dirty and honor fight even? Who can said, It's not always crybaby or feeling anger, but rather believe/idea that should or shouldn't according, much danger when person are fanatics to idea/believe. I don't know, but I knew it's not always about feeling anger of lose, but much worse beyond that, lacking of understand or believe what should be or error believe. This something similar to nothing new in religion war. People might feeling mad, but it's short term, and they just aware or learning, but believe/idea, that is hard to undo. Oh, like some player believe CV and Subs are not allowed in game so they downvote every chance on player who playing CV and Subs, for example, nothing to do with feeling but their believe/idea what should and what shouldn't. At least that's what they said in chat.
  8. Humility925

    Mixed feelings... Battle Pass finished.

    Question, those tech ship Nebraska, those golden thing that allowed to change captain without training? will that remove or change to white elite normal tech ship later or stay golden or something like that?
  9. I most use for brawl (1 vs 1) or ranked to help more winning but anything for coop, random, or brawl (not 1vs1 or testing like right now) I do not use and save it if something mission/task required win battle like that So I do sell few flag that see useless to me (you can't had all flag on, I am not sure what limited number flag you can use, was it limited to 7 flag, no more?)
  10. Humility925

    Ever Seen a Draw Before?

    Very rare for me, it's happened in a coop, random and brawl, each is once or two, I recalled.
  11. Nah, co-op gave peace of mind, sort of, no stressful, and all that, but I think coop need improve like limited up to half human in green team and half bot because many use fast dd or CA to get all bots done quicker while bb, sub, CV don't had chance due slowness. Of course fighting bot and human are not same thing. Coop is not good practice for random/ranked since it's different strategy, bot often face ahead on and willing to get sink while human avoid that.
  12. I wouldn't sell premium ship, or you might regret in future, since WG withdraw premium ship here and there like enterprise and we don't see those ship very much selling, whatever doubloons/coal/cash/steel, whatever resource that is. Now if you somehow got same type of ship premium from container, you might get 1,000 doubloons more or less rather than credit, , so I would recommend keep premium ship even you may don't like it, only sell tech ship since you always had that tech ship to buy there all the time, but not premium, since it's often cost your real money/cash plus, it's not always available to get it if your mind/mood changed mind/mood. That is some my biggest mistake in 4 year ago, more or less, even I don't like that ship (I forgot) I was foolish try to get more ship spot by sell premium ship that I don't like but as time went by, I'm learning, and become aware that I shouldn't do that even I don't like ship.
  13. Humility925

    If True This Is Concerning

    I wonder that might part of reason why player number drop, I think it's would idea it's better to patch up and make hack/cheat won't work with game rather than ban someone, person would try to hack/cheat found it's won't work, but not get ban then they are forced to play normal game like everyone while same time no player lose from wow so player count wouldn't go down that bad. I don't know, I read somewhere WOW lost number of player, make me think it's would be better to make cheat/hack won't work rather than ban players, of course, that might ideas.
  14. Humility925

    Premium Battle Pass after completing

    Yes, Premium Pass Season Bonuses get you little more resource if you buy at on day one when it's come out, that is where Premium pass Season Bonuses more useful, gave you little bit more resource like 5% or something like that of steel, coal, reseach point so go on, I am not sure, it's might be insignificant but I wonder if it count and stack up with other % and get steel, coal, resource from somewhere ect other than normal pass reward. But if near end, then it's worthless to get pass Season Bonuses.