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  1. I would think that is most people's mindset often are doing a more the negative report than a positive reports.
  2. Humility925

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I agree, concealment is passive while radar is short range with time limits with limited use, radar isn't powerful or overpower but can be useful in right place in right time, situations.
  3. Humility925

    Should CVs be banned from Ranked?

    Often you might had no choice, because rank often smaller number of ship to fight, might well send plane to kidd if you hadn't damage any ship if your teammate kill all other ship before your plane had a chance and it's could be all red team had highly AA, and you stuck, if you don't do any damage at all, you losing credit and xp, even with bouns in tier 8, least, I think tier 6 you might making profit even you didn't had a chance to damage red team ship, but I'm not sure. But you will losing credit if you don't do much damage, and see ranked, again it's smaller number.
  4. Humility925

    Top tier Mass not OP!

    I know feeling, few time lucky when player wasn't aware and want to get close to my loving mass, more often red team often gang up on my ship first if I'm spotted rather than other ship like dd and CA, they rather to get rid of me, so best is hide and not go first, when time is right when safey to get closer to enemies' once number is down, more chance not to gang up on ship.
  5. Humility925

    Top tier Mass not OP!

    I guess players are not smart to keep 11km away from mass
  6. Sometime you might want keep 3 or 4 captain each line, like one for tier 6, tier 8, tier 10 something like that, because using captain change ship too many time slow xp time, even max out, short term, I guess captain 1 each line if you are not playing to play this game long, or only want to play top end, but if you planing play this game for lone time, whatever on and off, or want to play tier x or tier 6 depend on your mood, then better to had more captain each line so you don't had to keep change captain cause Retraining over and over again. I think I might had 30 captain at least, mosty American, but some other in country, if I like this kind of ship like USA BB, I might had 3 or 4 captain, while CV I might had 5 captain with tier 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 so go on.
  7. Humility925

    Tier 5 and lower Permanent Camouflage

    If they planing do that, i think 5 tier to 1 tier get huge boot of cap xp and ship xp, lower tier, more xp bouns.
  8. There is very nasty to said in chat and ewww in chat. Chat should be used for game, teamwork, let other know what going on in battle, it's not for dirty nasty gross sex thing, it's more than cursing word. If it's due cursing word due game lost or not going well, no need to put in chat, keep oneself outside of computers screens
  9. Humility925

    Eagles/Sharks Loyalty points

    Only if eagles win but never won, shark always won till end.
  10. Humility925

    Quit Whining

    Game online or MMO seem meant to get people trolling on other people, that's why single player offline is better and play game to point but unfortunately more and more companies want make online game to milk more money, because single player offline is one time payment while online is sort of often to every month payment, theory.
  11. Humility925

    How Many CV Secondary Kills Do You Have?

    Zero out of some 400 battle of CV, I think
  12. Humility925

    Detection and Spotted

    Oh yeah been like that for long while ago
  13. Humility925

    Black Swan Super Nerf: Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was thinking about get and try out later but now nah I am not interested in nerfing ship.
  14. Humility925

    Too Many Resources?

    Supercontainer is very rare, getting steel is more rare within, many people cant get into 10x tier at same time with 7 people from same clan, that's is very few and far, not common even persons had 10 tier, they mostly lost interest in it, Best steel part on normal resource containers at least with or or along coal
  15. Humility925

    Salem Heal is a SCUM

    Not truth, sometimes you paid overpriced and get less for it, at least breath air free.