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  1. Yeah haha I did mean bump but for another post lost track of what tab i was on!
  2. Hey i know this isnt really the topic of the post but if you dont have access to cable internet in your area, you might want to consider verizons unlimited plan. Downloads may take a bit longer and sometimes throttle your speed to 600 kb/s when you go over 15 gb, but that is still enough to play without any lag i havent noticed it much as i use around 100-150 gb monthly. I live out in the middle of nowhere and its either that or satellite (ewww). Works amazing!!!
  3. bumb
  4. Hahaha yes I see your point there!
  5. Thanks for all of the great replies! I don't mean to try and change anyone's mind here, and I'm just saying this for some civil argument, but I do think there are some misconceptions about how a lot of clans function (or at least the ones I have experience with). For starters is that you dont have to be crazy active in the clan. With their current iteration (barring the super clans and competitive focused ones) they are largely just a group of people that enjoy the social aspect of clans. Its not a big deal if you aren't super active. Another thing is that with only being able to bring 3 people in a division, there is a limited amount of team play that will make a huge difference unless you all have a high skill level ( though I admit its a blast when you get a comp that consistantly works).
  6. I see a few clans starting that are basically for solo players and I am curious as to why they like solo play over group play. From my perspective, my clan pretty much makes the game a blast for me and I 100% would go nuts grinding to t10 solo. I am not trying to belittle any solo players with this. I genuinely want to know because solo play perplexes me in a team based game.
  7. This was a very good reply!
  8. bug

    Yes it keeps track of the ship xp when you sell them.
  9. Hello, I am mostly a BB and cruiser player. Right now I have around a 55.5% win rate. Am a calm and collected player. Would like to join a competitive team as my clan cannot currently field enough players for supremacy league. On that note I will not leave my clan so if this relegates me to be a sub in for any team, that is acceptable.
  10. Hey I am just wondering if I could participate without leaving my current clan. I have all t8 non prem cruisers and battleships with the exception of the RN BB.
  11. Nevermind thanks
  12. I have tried that link on multiple devices and it doesn't find anything.
  13. Hey captains! This might not be the best place to post this but I could not find anywhere else for clan recruitment after a solid 10 minutes of searching. BUT anyway my clan is recruiting. AWESOME RIGHT? Right now we are a small community of captians with a Discord. The goal of the clan is to offer a friendly place to find skilled/fun division mates and to eventually get to 25-30 active members. We only have three requirements and they are that you have to keep a cool head ( Yes, I know that the random citadel was bull, but no one in chat wants to hear you rage), you must have over 800 games and above a 50% win rate (There are exceptions in the clan, but they are grandfathered in), and you must use discord. We possibly might look at competitive matches in the future but that is a long ways off as we do not have the numbers atm. If you want to help our small little community grow, please leave your IGN in a comment below or message me directly and I will see to getting you in!