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  1. Guide for new Captains Part 1

    Hello new Captains! My name is Zatriel_Blue ( just call me Zat) I have never written anything like this before but I have always wanted to. This is a guide that will cover most things that you will learn in your first 1000-2000 games. You might as well learn them and put them into practice now so you can start REALLY having fun! In this guide I will cover Armor Angling and Ammo Selection/ Mechanics. If this is well received I will write a Part 2-5. Armor Angling This is one of, if not the, most important parts of the game. Angling your armor will dramatically increase your effective up by mitigating and negating the effectiveness of incoming shells. So what exactly is Armor Angling? It is increasing the angle the shells hit your ship. To put it in a way that is easy to understand is to imagine if you had a large square of cardboard and a rock. The rock represents a shell that is fired and the cardboard is the armor of a ship. What would be the best way to throw the rock and make it go through the cardboard? Throw it directly at it from a perpendicular 90° angle or sort of diagonally at a 45° angle? The correct answer is the 90° angle because it allows the full kinetic force of the rock to transfer to the impact site on the cardboard. If it hits it at a 45° angle the rock cannot fully transfer its kinetic force to the cardboard. An in game example of this would be to say you have two identical battleships shooting AP (Battleships almost always shoot AP) X and Y. If X orients itself to where his broadside (flat side of ship) is at a 90° angle to Y's turrets and Y orients itself to where his broadside is angled 45° or less to X's turrets, Y will always win because X's shells are not able to penetrate Y's armor as well as Y's shells. 2. Ammo Selection Your ammo choice varies on the situation and can be tricky to fully master it on all ship types. I will cover the general rules for all classes and explain how AP and HE work. HE mechanics. HE shells have two possible outcomes when hitting a target, shatters, penetration, or citadel. Shatters yield 0 damage but still can set fires, penetrations deal 33% of the max shell damage and can set fires and citadels (highly unlikely) deal full shell damage. Here is the formula for the penetration values of HE shells. Shell caliber divided by 6 equal the amount of armor it can penetrate. Exceptions are British battleships, German battleships and German cruisers who's shell caliber is divided by 4. HE does not take into account angles of armor and does not continue through the ship to hit vitals. AP mechanics. They work by attempting to penetrate the outer later of armor and detonating inside the ship. AP shells have 5 possible outcomes. Shatter, ricochet, overpen, penetration, and citadel. Shatters and ricochets yield 0 damage, overpens (when your shells penetrate the full ship and fail to detonate inside it) yield 10% of max shell damage, penetrations yield 33% of max shell damage, and citadels (when your shells penetrate the ships vital parts) yield 100% of max shell damage. Ricochets are calculated based on the angle of the target. 0°-30° is an auto ricochet (0°-22.5° for USN 8inch shells). 30°-45° is a chance to ricochet (22.5°-30° for USN 8 inch shells). 45°-90° a ricochet will not happen ( 30°-90° for USN 8 inch shells). AP shells can also completely ignore some thicknesses of armor, this is called Overmatch. Overmatch is calculated by taking your shell size and dividing it by 14.3. The resulting number ( rounded down) is the thickness of armor that your shells will not calculate for ricochets. For battleships the general rule of thumb is to almost always shoot AP with the exception of the main line British battleships. The reason for this is the devastating power of a battleship AP pen and/or Citadel due to the high damage values of the shells. AP on battleships in its current iteration is effective vs every ship type in the game ( An AP penetration is crippling to destroyers). For British battleships AP still should be used rather heavily on targets that are showing broadside or that aren't very armored (Cruisers) and its is preferred to shoot HE on angled battleships due to its high penetration and fire chance. Cruisers will tend to generally fire more HE than AP due to the lower caliber of their shells but there are exceptions that must be adhered to. With the flat penetration of HE it is more consistent versus battleships at most ranges, generally better on cruisers at longer ranges and 99% of the time best on destroyers at all ranges. The exception to this comes with range and angles. Your AP effectiveness is increased by three factors: range, angle, and area of impact. Your range to the target is paramount because the shell loses penetration the longer it is in flight due to its smaller/lighter caliber. Angle matters because of the reasons stated earlier in the article. Area of impact is the last key factor and this varies on target. If you are shooting at a battleship and you are relatively close close and have a good angle, you have two good places to shoot AP at. These are the superstructure ( the tower and smokestacks) and the side of the bow (front) and stern (rear). These are the least armored areas that will net you penetrations. On cruisers the same first two principles apply but the area of impact should generally be in the center of the ship at the waterline as they are not as armored and can produce citadels. It is not recommended to AP destroyers. With destroyers the same rules as cruisers apply except that you favor HE even more in most ships. Higher tier Russian and Germans use the cruiser strategy for AP as their shell velocity and shell damage can produce devastating amounts of damage with their high reload. This concludes Part 1 of my guide. Please let me know how you feel about it and good luck out there!
  2. Yeah haha I did mean bump but for another post lost track of what tab i was on!
  3. Hey i know this isnt really the topic of the post but if you dont have access to cable internet in your area, you might want to consider verizons unlimited plan. Downloads may take a bit longer and sometimes throttle your speed to 600 kb/s when you go over 15 gb, but that is still enough to play without any lag i havent noticed it much as i use around 100-150 gb monthly. I live out in the middle of nowhere and its either that or satellite (ewww). Works amazing!!!
  4. Hahaha yes I see your point there!
  5. Thanks for all of the great replies! I don't mean to try and change anyone's mind here, and I'm just saying this for some civil argument, but I do think there are some misconceptions about how a lot of clans function (or at least the ones I have experience with). For starters is that you dont have to be crazy active in the clan. With their current iteration (barring the super clans and competitive focused ones) they are largely just a group of people that enjoy the social aspect of clans. Its not a big deal if you aren't super active. Another thing is that with only being able to bring 3 people in a division, there is a limited amount of team play that will make a huge difference unless you all have a high skill level ( though I admit its a blast when you get a comp that consistantly works).
  6. I see a few clans starting that are basically for solo players and I am curious as to why they like solo play over group play. From my perspective, my clan pretty much makes the game a blast for me and I 100% would go nuts grinding to t10 solo. I am not trying to belittle any solo players with this. I genuinely want to know because solo play perplexes me in a team based game.
  7. Rule the seas with Blue Fleet

    Hello Captains! Are you looking for a place to find skilled division mates but do not want to join one of the massive clans? Are you sick of going it alone in randoms with no one having your back? Then look no further. Blue fleet is a relatively new clan that is dedicated towards making a competitive community of players from all age groups. Purpose Our core purpose will always be to host a friendly community of active players so when you log on you know that there will be skilled individuals that have your back. That will never change. The community aspect is the single most important aspect of our clan and if things we are trying to do effects our community in a negative aspect, community comes first and we will change what we are doing. Goals They prioritize in importance in descending order, but having a good time out ranks them all. Expand to 25-28 members with around 18-20 of them being very active. Establish set time for members to log in for fun events (Inner clan battles, Mass division dropping, ect..) Be able to consistently field a team to scrim vs supremacy league team Eventually participate in clan battles when they come out. Requirements Above 50% win rate Over 1000 battles Discord with mic
  8. Yes it keeps track of the ship xp when you sell them.
  9. Looking for a team

    Hello, I am mostly a BB and cruiser player. Right now I have around a 55.5% win rate. Am a calm and collected player. Would like to join a competitive team as my clan cannot currently field enough players for supremacy league. On that note I will not leave my clan so if this relegates me to be a sub in for any team, that is acceptable.
  10. Hey I am just wondering if I could participate without leaving my current clan. I have all t8 non prem cruisers and battleships with the exception of the RN BB.
  11. Blue Fleet recruiting

    Nevermind thanks
  12. Blue Fleet recruiting

    I have tried that link on multiple devices and it doesn't find anything.