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  1. So when I asked this on the official WOWS twitch stream once, they said that this was a one time thing, and it was such a hassle, they doubt repeating it anytime soon. I was away for work then, and had been waiting for that for the past two years, so needless to say I was kinda pissed. xD
  2. BulletMagnet1337

    Client crash upon divving up in port

    Apparently, neither does WG either - two patches later and the problem persists.
  3. BulletMagnet1337

    Chat Moderation Initiative Needs Improvement

    I suspect the system triggers on "Misbehavior in chat" reports. Flawed system, easily abused. They also need to add "Pings the map and spams commands" reporting, and global muting of players (pings, chat, IMs) Wargaming; want to fix you community? Give the players to tools to ignore fools. Edit: Also, condemning players without linking evidence is poor - "we will review chat logs this week" - Oh... so guilty until proven innocent? My first reaction to the email was a big "Well, I will p!$$ off somewhere else with my money and time then....".