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  1. _WaveRider_

    April Fool's mission Clan only?

    WoWs has a great community. They enjoy different modes, but all support the game. Unfortunately they are not all treated the same when it comes to events. As Bruce said 'That's just the way it is'
  2. _WaveRider_

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    I agree. Every ship affects the game to varying degrees, to say they can't is wrong. The big thing for me is the survival with DDs, something on average, I would like to see increased. This isn't to do more damage, but rather to play long enough to feel engaged in the game - to feel you get the opportunity to contribute. Then it is the ability to earn similar credits/XP, for a good match whatever the ship type. Then for me the rest doesn't matter, as I just choose the ship type I want, to reflect how I wish to contribute to the team. Then as long as I have a similar chance for survival and earnings - I'm happy!
  3. _WaveRider_

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    The problem is the basis that the DD is underperforming is his opinion only. Unless WG states 'we think DDs are underperforming', then they are probably performing just as WG wants them to. I don't particularly like that, in fact I would probably like the DD to have the damage ability and survivability that he talks about. But the fact is that is not going to happen, that is not the DDs role - so his argument that the ship type is not balanced is incorrect - they sit exactly where WG wants them to. His complaints that they don't contribute in a way that is meaningful is incorrect. So any facts he states to support these claims, just don't make sense.
  4. _WaveRider_

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    Yet you appear to be the one withdrawing from the discussion without providing evidence that DDs are underperforming. Your assertion that they are underperforming is your opinion only - not any statement that WG have made. For someone that demands evidence and tries to use stats, you have failed to provide any that support your own opinions - let alone the facts. (Although what is a fact: I know you will look back at this thread whilst not logged in, just to see what I've said! ).
  5. _WaveRider_

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    I provided evidence, you just don't like it - mainly because it proves you wrong. And you provided evidence of the rules of the game - but no evidence that DDs d not contribute to a team winning. Very simple, if you can provide evidence that proves what I have said is wrong, then great. If you can prove DDs are underperforming, then great. If you can prove a DD does not contribute to the team in a meaningful way, then great. But you can't can you?
  6. _WaveRider_

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    But all your chomping derives from your assertion made in your first post that 'most DDs are underperforming' 1. Show me the evidence they are underperforming, where is your evidence provided by WG that the DD is not performing how it is supposed to? Please show me the evidence you always talk about....you can't. So if WG hasn't stated the DD is underperforming, is it not you that is being bias - if not what? As stated, 'in your opinion they are underperforming' - so you provide information to try and substantiate your unproven claim they are underperforming; yet I have shown your examples to make no sense. 2. The table you provide and cling to states: Destroy enemy ships - I have shown how a DD can contribute to destroying an enemy ship by spotting, causing it to change direction and opening itself to enemy fire, or by killing the enemy ship itself. In all these instances the DD has an affect on the match. Reduce enemy teams points to 0 - I have shown a DD can do many things to help its team to reduce the enemy points. In all these instances the DD has an affect on the match. Score 1000 points before time expires - a DD can cap which continually adds points to the team; he can spot and cause the enemy to change their game plan which leads to a better tactical advantage to your team; he can help damage and kill an enemy. In all these instances the DD has an affect on the match. Have more points than the enemy team when time expires - All the above shows a DD is more than capable of having an affect on the match. So, come on - all the above is evidence that knocks your claim out of the park: DDs are underperforming - prove it with evidence. DDs can't affect a match - prove it with evidence. DDs are countered by specific things that other ships aren't affected by - prove it with evidence. Or better still, show me you can't by claiming a fallacy or strawman argument
  7. _WaveRider_

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    And that is where you are wrong. It is you that state after posting the How to Win directives and table: Thus the primary performance metrics, as in the metrics which have the most impact on match result are as follows: Damage, Killing, and Surviving. (Average Damage, Average Kills, and Survival Rate.) Yet that is absolute rubbish - show me the connection, show me the evidence you keep talking about. The fact is you have posted a table that indicates the points you get for killing ships AND WRONGLY equate that to BBs having an advantage to affecting the game: 1. In a DD I can highlight myself to an enemy on his flank and cause him to turn exposing his broadside - boom! My BB may have damaged/killed him, but the team gets the points and I was the one that made it happen! I can spot and give my team the advantage in the battle, not a bit of damage, but I've still affected the game. 2. A cap gets points - what ship is best suited to capping and putting continuous points on the board? The DD! 3. Survival - yeah, so I can survive a very long time in a DD, if I decide to remain concealed all match - so how does survival equate to being effective in affecting a match? It can't be survival in order to cause damage, because the points aren't for damage in the How to win directives you posted, it is for the killing of a ship - and we already covered how a DD can contribute to that in 1. If it is survival to cap, then survive and cap, or move forward to prevent the other team capping - both affect the game. You keep complaining about not being able to affect the game, but you can, it is just not in the way you feel you should be able to. If this is the case, just play another type ship - for all your talk of logic, you sure don't seem to use any.
  8. _WaveRider_

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    It seems anything that is true and you can't counter is a fallacy or strawman. Maybe answer me one question, if you can: If you hate that the role a ship type is designated to, doesn't affect the game the way you want, why don't you just play another type that does? I ask because your argument seems to centre around your assertion that you can't affect a game, in the way you want, in the ship you want. A bit like a BB player saying he can't affect a game because he wants to do it by spotting or contesting caps but his concealment isn't low enough.
  9. _WaveRider_

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    1. Nice try, but the only one arguing here for something the game will not offer is you. 2. Your strawman claim is a defence against the fact you could not provide me with a counter to DDs, that doesn't have an effect on other ship types. 3. If you are unable to affect the games you play in, and contribute to your team; maybe consider playing something else? I look at BBs to do the damage you so crave. I play the Cruiser for the damage/risk/support, you can too. I play DDs for support/objectives and CVs for support. So why do you just pick the ship type that suits what you want to do. Be happy; stay safe.
  10. Congrats to you; always nice when a grind finally ends. Hope you have fun Captaining her.
  11. _WaveRider_

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    1. You get XP and credits for doing things in match, do you not? Those things you do in match aren't nothing - otherwise you would get nothing. Again you are fixated on things that other ships have when it comes to affecting the game...and not what you can do. 2. Ok, educate me - what counters DDs that does not affect other ship types. 3. They are the win conditions, but as a DD you can cause a ship to turn and present broadsides, allowing your BB to cause damage, allowing you to win the game. A very simple example of how you as a DD did not have to cause damage to affect the match. XP and credits are indeed rewards, rewards you earn for having an affect on a match (see 1). 4. Again, what hurts a specific ship type (DD) that does not also have an effect on another ship. a) Last time I looked, getting hit by 5 torpedoes is pretty damaging - so DDs also have burst damage, are they king? No because the ability to deliver is affected by the fact this PVP game is based on team dynamics and not 1vs1. Except PvP in this case is a team game. Again I point to 3. and ways you can affect the game (the thing you seem to want to say you are most interested in, as opposed to damage), without causing damage. b) How is BBs being the biggest ship in game, and having the biggest HP in game a fallacy? You are also introducing the chaotic element that is the player. Please do not bother, for every good player you put in one ship type, I will replace with a better skilled person in another. That is a no win situation. c) This could be an option but will never happen. The BB is what brings people to the game, WG will not act negatively against their biggest draw and possibly earner for the game. It does not mean they are the anointed, but rather they are to an extent protected. If you can't affect a game in a particular ship type available, then the ship type should be erased from game - it has no purpose - are you saying this about the DD? Can you, or can you not have affect in a DD in a game? It is a totally different matter if you can't affect the game in the way you want. That is what the ship roles are for - if you can't do it in a way that you want in the DD, then choose the ship type that you can do it in...and enjoy! I'm off to bed now, have enjoyed our discussion. Stay safe.
  12. _WaveRider_

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    1. Yes they are; they are the things that let you progress and buy things - the possibility to earn them should be the same for all ship types. I absolutely did things that affect the result of the team. Spot for the team, attract enemy and cause enemy to change plans (sometimes give broadside), later in game contest caps for point wins, provide additional fire to targets, sometimes score torp hits. All these things benefit the team. What do you do that causes you not to contribute to the map??? 2. Incorrect, just because they counter other types does not mean they don't counter BBs and CVs. If you take that approach, everything in game affects other ship types - so in fact according to your logic, there are no counters? 3. What is a performance metric? I have seen players get very little damage, but still do enough to affect the match via spotting and capping. You seem fixated on the damage thing being everything regarding 'affecting the match'. To me the XP and credit should be linked to the influence you had on the match - it doesn't however have to centre around things like damage only (and doesn't from what I've seen). 4. Again I would point to my answer at 2. a) Yes, and they also have a lower rate of fire. b) Yes, BBs are the biggest ship in game, they have the biggest HP; this is not a surprise. c) Yes, but DDs are harder to hit and have a Capt skill they can choose. (Although I will say if things like SA are given to everyone because it is an 'automatic choice', then why isn't something like LS automatically given to DDs?). 5. Again: I want to play this game and whatever ship I play in, I want to have fun, live long enough to contribute to the team, and if I play the role well, have equal chance to win credits/XP.
  13. _WaveRider_

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    I too play all ship types and very much used to believe the chance to do everything in similar amounts (the old Rock Paper Scissor format) was a great concept. The chances to do everything the same would be there, the ship types would merely offer different playstyles in order to achieve this. However, that is not this game. I truly believe a large ship being killed by the smallest ship - on equal terms - was never going to be accepted by the many 'big is best' players that came to the game. It is also a fact that players come to this game to play the big ships, the BBs draw in the majority of players. As a company you need to protect that majority and where I would not call it 'coddled' as someone else has, I will call it 'good business sense'. In simple terms you do not P off the majority of your players and very likely the main influx of income. That is why it becomes easy to understand the SA for all, the hydro, the radar, the RPF, the gunship DDs etc etc. It is designed to change the course of the DD from the RPS 'counter' role, to a function of 'mission objective and support' role. 1. I understand what you are saying, I just don't agree with it completely. I tend to backward engineer it and take the approach that the main game currency (credits and XP) is what matters. That is to say that if you play a good game and play your role, then all ship types should have the chance to earn similar amounts. Therefore if any ship types are not doing well, then maybe something needs to be looked at. The risk/reward thing is subjective, as if WG gave so many of points for spotting, all of a sudden a DD could get big XP without hardly any risk. 2. They do have counters: Torpedoes/floods, fire, planes, other BBs. It is just that they are more durable, so if they make a mistake, they are more likely to get away with it more than a DD. 3. Yes, there are certain things such as damage that are beneficial. However, I do not believe the XP is that different in the stats. I must admit the credits is unknown to me. So although I agree there may be things that are stacked in favour of the BB play (damage/survival), I question whether it is a massive issue with the credits/XP? I have always been more concerned with every player being able to get a good game and feel invested. This is where I feel the DD is on the losing side, as a mistake (or just getting caught out) can be punished hard and you're back in port- in that aspect I agree with your risk reward (still remembering that XP isn't that far apart). 4. Again, there is a counter. It is just the BB ship type allows for more mistakes to be made. a) Different timings is ok I guess. b) Again ok. c) Wouldn't that just lead to DDs catching each other out faster and returning back to port? d) Ok, this is the one that is good in principle because it would have an effect on survival, allowing players to be in game longer - my only concern is not bringing another ships opportunities down. In fact that again is my main point - I want to play this game and whatever ship I play in, I want to have fun, live long enough to contribute to the team, and if I play the role well, have equal chance to win credits/XP.
  14. _WaveRider_

    This Grind Was A Real Pleasure!

    Well as stated, I never questioned that particular fact, I agree as it is a fact and supports my thoughts. I also agree that in certain missions it will be more of a grind, and in other areas you will get many flooding to Co-Op to complete certain tasks. So again we agree. Indeed, both the words and deeds are often inspirational. This is a game, so I wouldn't go as far as to say it is a need for the many to be included (whatever the mode), but it would be nice.
  15. _WaveRider_

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    Ok, I possibly just happened on the threads where you state 'just another DD main whine', and questioned whether the low torpedo hit rate is a thing (when stats show they average 8-10% hit rate), made me think you were in general negative towards the DD fraternity. If that is incorrect then I apologise. When I discuss CVs in threads, I have been called a CV lover and a CV hater (in the same thread at times), mainly because I am trying to see both sides of the story, which rarely sits well with either side. Not fun, and if I have just done the same to you then again my apologies.