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  1. I stand corrected; looking at her stats she is certainly holding up well.
  2. I Love my Nelson (warning-brag thread!)

    Wow, look at all those missions. Nelson is a strong ship across all stats. Well done.
  3. I wasn't aware people were saying that; some may have been, but most of the posts I saw were making a comparison between the Missouri and Masashi and which one people should spend their limited XP on if they had to choose.
  4. Smoke Generator Mod 1

    I wish WG would get on and release these upgrades for purchase with your personal 'oil wallet' . I have never received an upgrade no matter the SCs I have received and from what I'm aware, because other players have, they have requested a reduction in the chances of getting one (which WG implemented). So that makes it less likely. If it is any consolation, if they were one sale for oil, they wouldn't need to be in SCs at all - I live in hope!
  5. Fletcher help

    Hi, I am no expert but it does sound as if you are employing tactics that no longer really have a place in the game: Radar ships need to be identified at the load screen and avoided, The fact you are seen when firing necessitates the need for movement and the use of land as cover. Never sit still in smoke, you need to be mobile and ready to hit the boost to get out of Dodge. It could be your distance with the gunfighting....maybe? the US DDs are better at close quarter fighting; see below* Hydro is hydro, you have to look for both aircraft along with hoping no one has hydro on if you want to hit torps (then once seen they are always seen...sorry!). My only thought would be to either drop back down and try to learn what you did different in the Benson, or take the Fletcher into Co-Op. With DDs being the primary target in Co-Op you will get plenty of practice, the accuracy of the enemy is very good, they will allow friendly BBs and CAs have free shots at them because they must kill the DD! You will learn to use land, find out that the AI will use every bit of info given to it to avoid torps (literally, you will be asking 'how did it know I launched torps???' then you'll see the spotter plane come into view lol). Hope you find your way in the Fletcher; it is a great ship.
  6. 2nd 19 pt Capt FINALLY

    Congrats Admiral.
  7. To add a little balance and going off what you have said: did you actually state their was an enemy DD detecting you or on route to the base? I've seen many people banging away at the map squares with no other info, like those that like spamming the messages or tooting their horn. Also when the base started to get capped how far away were people; could they be expected to turn back at that point (would they have got back in time)? Did you throw out a message to a couple of the CAs to turn back (or a DD if any were still alive at that point)? You probably did, but sometimes when people are highlighting boxes it can be difficult to know if they are 'sure' there is something there, or whether they think the area should be covered because 'they have a feeling'.
  8. Mobility > Brute Force

    Just look at the stats tier V-X. BBs and CVs are king....CAs feature around tier IX and X. DDs are pretty much at the bottom, so no, mobility is not king.
  9. Too many DDs

    Don't forget BBs! Remember in the last 2 weeks (discounting the ships no longer available for purchase as well as those that are the right tier for the mission), Scharn and Gneisenau top the Torpedo Hit Ratio and have done so for a while - beating the DDs that were taken off sale for being OP (that is of course on top of their guns lol).
  10. Re Dragon Ship offers....

    Totally agree; the ships look nice but understanding there are no benefits like other camos have would 'possibly' prevent future complaints on the forum...maybe.
  11. It's a team game - playing as a team will increase your chances of winning. BUT never expect people to play the game you want them to. Bottom line, if you want a ship to behave in a particular way, play that ship yourself. Granted, it was a few months back, but I have been fired at 'for capping'! The BB wanted to come forward and hunt the remaining ship, so decided to fire at me.
  12. Test server question

    Definite mixed message as the advertisement says on test server but in game it says reward on main account. Which is confusing as the first mission on the PTS states 'for main account' which is the 3x every signal. This does go to your main account. Which again is confusing as the second mission on the advertisement states win 5x Random or Co-Op games, yet the Co-Op it refers to isn't a Co-Op game but an Operation - so semi correct. I think we can take an educated guess that with the current real account missions and the tech tree coming anyway, it is unlikely WG would give away 2x BBs with 15 point captains. Edit: Although I've got to say that although the BBs are probably not a prize (whatever it says on the PTS), it has been really enjoyable doing all the tasks on the PTS and I intend to go and do 'The Gold of France' campaign. Usually I will do just the one game on the PTS as there is nothing else for Co-Op players to do. Thank you WG.
  13. PTS 0.7.2 Thank you WG

    Apologies as the missions are not up to see now I've completed them; however I believe that although in the advertisements it says the 5x wins for the Lyon/Richelieu can be done in Randoms or Co-Op, that Co-Op was the Operation.
  14. PTS 0.7.2 Thank you WG

    As a Co-Op player, having the chance to win the scenario 5 times in the Fiji (Two 4 stars and Three 5 stars), win the 2 French BBs (although I don't play BBs) and then play the scenario to win the premium time was great! Apologies to my fellow team mates for jumping into the last scenario in a naked Lyon with no signals - thank god the team was good and the BBs are very forgiving lol (another 5 stars and in the top 3); I was rushing to get the premium time as I was on a roll. I did view some of the French campaign (The Gold of France) and I believe that is also doable via Co-Op, so will be jumping on tomorrow to give that campaign a go! With less Co-Op missions in general and the recent opportunity to acquire the different patches (that have no bonus factor) excluding those that wish to play Co-Op, the game has disappointed on the enthusiasm side. So a very big THANK YOU for giving this player something enjoyable to play for (as even though the BBs will sit in my port, the challenge was fantastic!). It is appreciated.
  15. Montana Over-buffed?

    Making that type of ship stronger merely makes it more 'fun and engaging' for the majority of the customer base - good business.