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  1. Not sure if there will be a reply; posted my stuff in the Pigeon's Nest and got nothing back. Wishing this thread luck though.
  2. Have thought the same (+1):
  3. Agree. I'm worried about the influence of Clans on new players or single players or Co-Op players, why? Because the wonderful thing that Clans could have been seems to have been limited to really benefiting the 'some' that play WoWs. Of course there is no restrictions in making a Clan etc, but it is beginning to feel like the 'we don't nerf premiums' scenario where WG do something (Global change) in order to do something else (nerf a Premium) and end up with something else. WG: 'We are making Clans to help the community bond together etc, anyone can make a Clan!' But do Clans benefit all or some - are you really going to get anywhere like a Clan such as OPG, so is this going to make strong players even stronger? Will this be the future of WoWs where the player base fractions into: Top Clans - they require higher scores (60%+?), able to benefit from all the game can give - greater advantage over others via skill AND enhanced by the game itself. Mid Clans - Those that are reasonable players may have some strong ships from old (kami etc), maybe flags too (Military one), but the divide from the Top Clans is already there. Low or no Clans - The new players, non-clan, or those that make Low level Clans. The new seals on the block! It's a bit like the rich getting richer etc; how will this affect new players to WoWs as well as the single players or the CoOp players? Hopefully it will be the thing WG wants it to be, but I can't help thinking the above will happen.
  4. Tier 3 - not interested, Tier 4 is the starting point for missions/challenges and I have plenty of DDs anyway. Happy for those that collect (as I'm sure WG are counting on). Appreciate the info Renegadestatuz.
  5. Please take time to read the posts then, #56 describes my worries about clans and what could happen. My previous post also mentions how the sky is not falling; lastly you won't see the doom and gloom I discuss, as clans have only just started.
  6. As already stated in previous posts/threads, I hit tier V and entered the land of Kami's with 19 point captains and RPG - in my USN DD with an 8 point captain lol. The only reason I kept playing then was to push on past that and get myself a better captain. I do not play tier V; I play tier VI-VIII and if I happen to meet any tier V kami's, I kill them. That's how I did. I find it highly amusing when hearing all the cries of those who moan about +2 MM, when all they want is to have the same advantage they would have if the MM is limited. A reasonably well known individual on this forum stated they hated going up against 2 tiers higher, but in another post was saying how much they loved seal clubbing - go figure! Of course the advantages of a person in a clan will be different to one not being in a clan; if you feel the advantage is insignificant then fine, but to pretend it's not there? However, if we follow your conclusion I guess we could ask why WG even bothered if it's not going to be any different than if they didn't exist? However, I have seen several things that have changed in game from withdrawn ships, to withdrawn flags to new clan bonuses, all to balance the game (I would assume), but doing the exact opposite, all it does is make it harder for new players. Do I think the sky is falling , of course not, but I think the ozone is getting a little thinner lol (for new players anyway). For me, I'll keep playing until I no longer enjoy it, simple as that - yes I probably play 1/3 of the games I used to, but I still enjoy it when I do.
  7. Absolutely agree OP! The Objectives are there for all to attempt to achieve, in fact nowadays securing a cap is no longer a thing that can be achieved by a single ship (unless half the enemy team are dead anyway lol) - he/she needs the team to support if securing a cap (go teamwork!). That's why I believe accomplished objectives should be XP shared amongst the team. I know when I play as a DD, there's no way I'm going to accomplish anything (like capping) nowadays without some kind of support.
  8. I take it you mean the premium time and ability to buy premium consumables(?) Yeah again an advantage (however small/big people see it as). I kind of understand the premium time, even with the Captain XP points boost as WG have to make money and I wonder if selling premium ships would generate enough cash. A little more personalisation would be great and a cash earner (possibly?); I used to hesitate about the non-traditional looking ships, but after I saw the new 'hot dog and mustard' looking paint job on the Russian ship! A new player may be at a disadvantage at first, but there would be light at the end of the tunnel, there would be balance and I don't think a new person would complain about that. For me I thought 'yep, I'm new to the game, I have to 'learn and earn' to reach my potential and have an even chance against others who have been in game for a while. Then you find out that the light happens to be a train lol (a little dramatic I know lol). Can a new player ever compete with a strong ship no longer available, flags that give bonuses, clans that give bonuses, premium time that gives bonuses - to some degree of course, but as you have stated where is the 'acceptability line in the sand'?
  9. I hope I'm wrong with the different Clans and certain players being squeezed out. I do enjoy the game and have around 63% WR in Randoms and 97% WR in CoOp, but have to say I now enjoy playing the CoOp and Missions far more than Randoms. The environment seems so much better and although I intend to win whatever mode I play, I also want to enjoy myself. Appreciate our discussion, thank you. +1
  10. So the assertion you made at #64 that this is not a P2W game, has now lowered to one that you would argue against - because other games are worse. That was a quick change but ok. Anyway, as previously posted, I was more interested in the game mechanics giving an 'advantage' to some over others and how that impacts on new players to the game (my post at #57), as it is the new players that will keep the game going strong. I see this implementation of Clans as possibly leading to the Top Clan/Mid Clan/Low or no Clan direction I mention at #56 - which would be a shame.
  11. I don't think the OP stated it was P2W and just chatting in this thread indicates many feel the advantages from Clans are insignificant - so why would having oil in the Premium Shop matter? It's strange really, some say no to oil in Premium shop because it gives an advantage (P2W, so to speak), others say no it doesn't the advantages are negligible. It's like those that are very happy with their Kami's and Nikoai's and Military Flags, because it doesn't really give them an advantage. But they scream OP regarding other ships that they may not have. Like Skpstr you seem to feel the level of advantage is what matters here, a little advantage is ok, as it's not as bad as a big advantage - paying a little for an advantage is not as bad as paying a lot for an advantage. Is that what you are saying? What level of advantage over someone else is ok?
  12. Not really sure where you're coming from as you seem to say having an advantage is ok....because some people have even bigger advantages, but then go on to complain about people having an advantage because of cash? Absolutely agree that it's unfair that people with money can use it as an advantage - credits should buy premium consumables - Premium time should only count for normal XP, not Captain XP (because that equates to skill points). You see, I agree with you because I don't think a game advantage should be available through cash or exclusion. Well agree to a point as you seem to say this but then do a U-turn as some people have bigger advantages through paying (this is where I don't quite get your argument). No different? - Try something like Guild Wars 2 - A thief (low armour) can kill a Warrior (heavy armour), the Warrior is stronger and has more HP, but it comes down to skill - now that's balance! PvP Everyone is given the same level to play against each other and they have access to all the 'consumables', all they do is use the ones they think will give them the edge - more balance. Easy really. What about Total War - another war game. Armies have equal points to start off with. If you want a fast light armour or slow heavy armour, it's all about the skill, as each choice has it's pro's and cons. In fact WoWs is the only online game I play where it seems to favour certain classes over others and seems to make it harder and harder for newer players to get involved.
  13. No problem, happy to help, but please don't think I'm a school councillor (you know, the type you may often need to see); nope just one of those many people who have good and bad games.
  14. Welcome to this thing called life! There is a scale with everything and good or bad is everywhere; tempered by everyone's own perception of what good and bad actually is. Be thankful that the good and bad we talk about here, is merely a game.
  15. Perspective or facts? 1. Captain skills and gaming skills allow for personal builds and come with the experience of playing - available to all. 2. Older ships considered strong, flags, clan bonuses etc - are not. Of course (regarding the topic) people can join clans, but I've already seen certain requirements asked for by some. So what do we have in future?: Now for perspective: Top Clans - require higher scores (60%+?), able to benefit from all the game can give - greater advantage over others via skill AND enhanced by the game itself. Mid Clans - Those that are reasonable players may have some strong ships, maybe flags too, but the divide is already there. Low or no Clans - The new players, non-clan, or those that make Low level Clans. The new seals on the block. For me clans will not change the game for many as much of the above is already evident. However, I do believe it will act in a negative way for new players and cause more to quit or move to CoOp. Saying 'get gud' is not so insightful when you are sitting in a Nikolai, with your 19 point captain, bonus flag and earning extra XP and credits from clans (to buy premium consumables - another advantage). Unfortunately that is what worries me about this approach.