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  1. DD's going the way of the CV's

    Boyo and Kiddo; can he be any more condescending (although who uses those words anymore lol). Actually when it comes to stats WR can be one of the least reflective concerning ship type comparison. To explain: The Khab: Why has it got such a good WR? Certainly not because it is a natural born killer, on average it rarely comes higher than any other ship type for damage (although you will hear many scream OP). The fact is that it is just better than the majority of other DDs that prop up the bottom of tier X. So if the khab is better than the other DDs it is likely to outlast other DDs, and if a DD survives then the team that has it has a great advantage in winning. So of course a good DD will have a good WR, because it's more likely to be on the winning side. Now when it comes to damage or survival or hit rates - that is a different story and those stats are more reflective when comparing ship types.
  2. I was going to state that no one is really going to ask you to do something silly...and then I read the first person to post after your initial message lol. I guess you are going to have to accept that whereas every other ship type in this game of WARships gets to cause damage as their role, WG have decided your role is to spot and watch them fight; no one likes a small ship to get the better of them lol. Unfortunate considering this game is based around damage, but it is what it is. Good luck to you, you are there to facilitate the fun and conflict for others and whilst they are busy fighting and being rewarded for it, best YOU not forget to cap and get the points necessary to win for them! You may end up at the bottom of the results table, or just be blamed for a defeat, but remember 'you have one of the most important roles in the game' <pats you on the head and hopes you don't realise how lame that sounds> I wish you well and hope you have fun playing the game.
  3. DD's going the way of the CV's

    You are right, there are too many that can't comprehend something small beating them, big means big HP, big Guns and big Win - I mean, having your shorts pulled over your head by something smaller just doesn't compute. Then again, this game is based on naval combat, so that logic is well founded (then again why isn't it accepted that CV do so well, I mean, they could decimate large ships? Maybe that's just a step too far lol). DDs were originally the counter to BBs in game, they are now the counter to other DDs which basically contributes to the short life span. The other role is the Hokey-Cokey one, where you put your ship in the cap and then take your ship back out and shake it all about trying to dodge the incoming. We all want to relive our childhood, maybe if we embrace it we will learn to enjoy it lol.
  4. DD's going the way of the CV's

    Well to be fair, I've already left the game and found others that provide a more balanced playing field. In a game of combat, to restrict the combat potential of a particular type of ship didn't sit well with me and the game became a chore rather than a challenge and enjoyable. I hope it becomes better balanced, but to be honest I'm not holding my breath. It was a great game and still is for many, that's just the way it goes; I actually hope it continues to do well because it is probably the best naval game out there (if you play to the areas it favours).
  5. DD's going the way of the CV's

    Ah, so narrow minded; that explains it lol.
  6. As already stated you also had friendly DDs and CV aircraft; if you put yourself in a position that meant an enemy ship couldn't be countered then that is no ones fault but your own because there was a counter and as far as I am aware there were rarely 3-5 Zao ships in a single game. If the scenario happens because it is the end of the game (one vs one), then your team has failed to deal with an enemy that has better potential as the game goes on. Using your example of the Zao, merely because I know that was the biggest abuser of the mechanic, a DD could spot the Zao without being spotted, then allies use concentrated fire. Again it is strange that a DD can't see a radar ship hidden behind an island, but is expected to consider it is there, a DD can go into cap but must have an escape route, and a DD should use it's allies for support - yet none of that seems to apply to the OWSF situation, all that is quoted is 'it couldn't be countered'. As it is, I totally agree with its removal (as I have said many times); I'm just not blind to something that was considered unfair in the game - yet mechanics that have the same impact are not.
  7. DD's going the way of the CV's

    Yet with the stats plain to see some will still argue against, just because it is a ship they don't like; guess that's human nature and to be expected from some. The real crime is that WG will have the stats and can see the stats, but will do nothing to change the balance - the majority also = the largest contribution to income; you can't beat the mighty ka-ching!
  8. DD's going the way of the CV's

    So why not say that? By labelling everyone the way you did, you could be considered to be showing partisanism.
  9. DD's going the way of the CV's

    An apt portrayal: The violin being the DD and the bow being the size of the incoming lol.
  10. DD's going the way of the CV's

    I doubt Overlord is a liar, so maybe 'nearly' fixed.
  11. DD's going the way of the CV's

    Overlord may be incredibly unlucky and is getting games with 5 DDs in every match - it can happen. Thankfully the stats are there for all to see, and whether someone has bad luck or not, the fact that there are less DDs played than the other ships is plain to see.
  12. DD's going the way of the CV's

    Actually, no I wouldn't; I've always wanted balance and have often supported buffs to ships that play bad in game - whatever ship type.
  13. Are you still trying to prove your point by using an explanation you yourself stated had 'NOTHING' to do with the game lol. Your dislike of DDs and the fact you feel they shouldn't even be in the game (I think in the other thread you threw in a few swear words to accompany that statement too lol), makes it too easy to give an alternative point of view but here it goes: You seem to forget the fact that I have no issue regarding radar being introduced to the game; I have an issue with the number and range and duration. So if you want radar to have a 10 second scan as indicated in your example - I'm all for it. Thank you.
  14. I agree, the mechanic was bad for the game - in whatever measure it was served up. So why accept a similar measure that replaced it and is just as unfair? And is radar in cylone another issue, or just another example of the same issue? I have no issue with the fact radar is in the game, I think its introduction was a good move, but when the mechanics are tweaked in a way that it reflects the same results of a mechanic that was removed because it was unacceptable....well. I think he wanted to use D&D to only prove his case; when it was used to describe another pov he soon said it had nothing to do with the game lol.
  15. If assigning a D&D class to a ship type has nothing to do with radar - why did you do it? And if you don't believe that assigning a D&D class to a ship has anything to do with the game - why did you do it AND then why did you argue/discuss it in the next paragraph?