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  1. But 'Demographic Blindness' is not the issue. WG are not blind, they have the stats they can see the performance, they make the choice - there is nothing blind about it. They choose to support what they choose to support and I can only guess they are doing well enough with that business plan (profits). Does it prevent exploration in other areas that may include capturing a different type of demographic/customer? Absolutely! But will exploration in that demographic reap the benefit they currently get with their present approach? That is the question, and at the moment it appears they do not have to change their approach.
  2. It's worked for them, look at the evidence and look at the fact they're still in business. If people don't play them (the ships that they aren't developing as you put it) then what do people play?..... Other ships! No sweat off WGs brow; as stated it only makes the ships played by most more popular. As stated: In business cater for the largest customer pool - makes sense. It seems the people paying the largest customer pool just expanded in your example. (Apologies for the delay in replying, I just don't visit the forums as much).
  3. Because ships that usually spot aren't those that are played by the largest number of customers! Take a look at the stats for the ship type played by most - they will have the traits that garner the most reward, doing damage and surviving. In business cater for the largest customer pool - makes sense.
  4. _WaveRider_

    ZOUP, please don't quit

    I play for the enjoyment of the game - that is it now. I used to take part in the events but found more and more they are just too much of a grind that sucks the enjoyment out of it. I know it is a marketing strategy that encourages people to 'grind and buy' and why not - Wargames needs to make money to survive! Just for me it has done the opposite. Too much grinding actually makes me evaluate the benefit I get from the game, and apart from that small window of enjoyment when I start, I find I log out quicker than ever and don't come back as often; I certainly haven't spent anything in an age. However the strategy must work for others, so as long as I have the game to come back to when I feel the call - all is good.
  5. _WaveRider_

    Who have you seen in game

    And to you good sir! Haven't played in an age and play a lot less as well (although still watch the game on Twitch streams). The grinds are a little out of my reach/willing lately (since the a little before the Waterworld(?) event)so I tend to get the 2 containers and bug out and play other games that I find a little less of a chore. Great to bump into you though; noticed the CVs are back in Co-Op too!
  6. _WaveRider_

    Why most people like BBs?

    Why wouldn't you? Not including the CV as I don't know where they are now, on average: The BB is the best surviving ship In game. The BB is the best damage dealer in game. The BB gets the best rewards in game. You are literally going to have a game where unless you make an absolute 'doozy' of a mistake, you will get to contribute to the game whilst others are back in port having been destroyed, and get great rewards to! Win - Win; and it has been like that for years (even with the negatives you point out).
  7. _WaveRider_

    Too much bbs...

    30 years in and still serving my friend; think again. It has always been the people I've worked with that I have memories of; the only time I mention an 'object' with fondness is when I am actually remembering the people and 'adventures' we had - the vessel or place is just a way to categorize the real deal - the people. Maybe if I was an engineer who worked with an engine day in and day out and it became my life; who knows? But no, up to now I have not owed my life, any bad times, or any good times to a vessel - I think I could learn to love a Ferrari though (if it was mine)!
  8. _WaveRider_

    Too much bbs...

    "They are imbued with life by their crews and the heritage they carry." Exactly what I was saying - the ship is an object, the crew gives it life. The crew and their exploits also give it its heritage. You talk about the respect for the 'tin can sailors' - the sailors - the crew. If any of the 'legends' romanticise the 'object' as oppose to the endeavours of the people, then I would question the legend. The U-Boat war is just a name for a campaign to describe that conflict - again the people are the main factor (however, I would assume trying to name a war after all the people involved would be a little difficult - so they cut it down to the U-Boat war).
  9. _WaveRider_

    Too much bbs...

    Prestige. Apologies but I give no prestige to any ship. However, I do have admiration for the people who crewed them. A ship is an object - the history, for me the achievements and the prestige goes to those that served in them. I absolutely give thanks for those big 'BBs' that were able to survive the battles and bring their crews home, but it was the crew that sailed those ships back to port. Unfortunately the smaller type 'ships' may not have had as many accolades, or given as much prestige, but I warrant their crews were just as brave. It's nice to be in a big ship that can take a hit, who wouldn't choose a big ship with big armour and durability....but then not everyone could choose what they served in...…..but they did serve.
  10. _WaveRider_

    Too much bbs...

    BBs on average do the most damage, survive the longest and make the most credits. So you get to start a match, last longer in that match, better contribute to the success of the team and earn better credits on average. I can never understand why many are surprised that BBs are the most played ship - look at the stats; been like that for years.
  11. That is the first thing that has genuinely made me happy that it wasn't uptiered lol.
  12. So are we saying someone could upgrade the GC even more at Tier V....Genius!
  13. _WaveRider_

    Yeah shove it Twitch.

    Yep, totally agree and been playing other games more nowadays. Can't think the last time I bothered to drop into the forums (previously an everyday thing). The 'new' Twitch containers are meh - they are not as good as what they were. The WaterWorld event is meh - because it seems the oil rewards are too minimal to win anything I would consider good - the Captain purchase is ok but then if you are new to the game you are probably grinding and therefore low on credits and if you have more than enough credits, the likelihood is you have more than enough 10 point Captains too. It certainly hasn't encouraged me to play play play anyway! Has the CV re-work finished or is that still ongoing? I have no idea! The last ship I bought was the Mass-B and haven't seen one that has peaked my interest since, not even the Georgia that is supposed to be similar. There are some steel ships but I don't play the steel games - my choice, but still means there are parts of the game that are just 'not for me'. When I do play WoWs I still enjoy it, still the best naval game available IMO - but there are other games that I am enjoying far more. I did enjoy the Azur Lane collaboration/collection and also the Russian BB Victory one (I could only win the Capt in the time, but it was doable and therefore with effort and time something I was willing to do). With everything being so meh for me atm, it feels like a good time to cut back on WoWs - Play enough to keep enjoying it and hope WoWs can reinvigorate me with things for the whole community (it is what encouraged e to buy premium time at Christmas lol). I am sure there are others in the community who continue to enjoy the game more than they ever have; I hope you continue to do so!
  14. _WaveRider_

    The downvote button is gone

    This makes no sense at all. You state: "These reactions are utilized to assist you when you just need to provide a simple emoji versus a full response." Then you take away the simple 'disagree' emoji. The confused emoji is an excellent addition, as it adds the quick emotion button to the: "These reactions are utilized to assist you when you just need to provide a simple emoji versus a full response." scenario you describe. In true WG form you have added something useful with one hand, and made a move/decision that makes no sense with the other (for the reason you give anyway). So if we have a 'cool/agree' emoji, where is the 'not cool/disagree' emoji? - I'm not angry, but more than anything I would say I disagree with the removal of the disagree button - so what button do I use now? You have literally taken away the: "These reactions are utilized to assist you when you just need to provide a simple emoji versus a full response." You say people have complained in the past, yet I would be very surprised if the 'thumbs up/thumbs down' emoji were not the 2 most used emoji on the forum! So @Radar_X, what do people use to make the simple statement to disagree with the decision to remove the 'disagree' emoji, when they don't have the time to write a response as I have?
  15. I hadn't heard anyone hating on it. Everyone I've seen comment on it has been really positive (forums, twitch etc).