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  1. What's wrong with Z-39?

    If you want to deal damage then use a BB. On all servers at tier V-X DDs are not damage dealers. This wouldn't be soo bad if the role you do play in game made you feel like you contributed to the team win and were rewarded as such. I'm sure WG will look at balancing the game in regards to input and reward, but don't look at the DD as a damage dealer (don't get me wrong, you can do damage and have some big damage games but on average....not so much), it is a scout/cap/strategic ship. If you want to sit back, hurl shells and do damage/get rewards - then pick another type ship.
  2. Balance - Lets face it, this is a war 'GAME' with 4 choices of ship type, yet if you want to survive, do damage or earn money you have one go to ship type. Not saying you can't do well in other ship types and many find those types more fun to play - but when it comes to the favourite child of the game it's not hard to view the stats and see which ships sit at the top. Each ship has its strengths but all should be rewarded equally if they play to those strengths.
  3. 7 in Randoms, 7 in Co-Op. The Randoms was easier to achieve as players stay back and give you time, the Co-Op was just luck and a team that got killed early.
  4. German DD 150mm HE.

    Reason = ship type.
  5. Lol, I love it when some say treat it as a challenge (although understand you are saying it light heartedly rather than - well ain't life sad, kind of thing lol). I don't enjoy playing BBs, I like the faster pace of the DDs and CAs. I have the Tier IV and V RN BBs (blueprint missions) and also the Tier V and VI French BBs - even got the Scharn as it was the nearest thing to a CA but by being called a BB opens up so much more in game when it comes to missions (I mean what type ship can spec for aircraft/spec for secondaries/has one of the highest torpedo hit rates/can wipe a ship out in one volley and is super forgiving and durable lol - yep the BB - not one other class in this game has that flexibility it has until maybe some CAs at Tier IX/X) - Guess I'd better put the caveat 'IMO' . So the German captain was going into the Scharn - but now he's not; 2 days to do 3 parts of the mission to find the last part was not as advertised, a little disappointing but probably not for the right reasons (I was actually more peeved that I wasted time trying to get something on this game, rather than playing another game I'm into that has a double credit weekend bonus on atm lol). For a moment the game/WG had me fooled, but again I find the reality of it not really catering for my gameplay again. So close to the investment being worth it and therefore the game being rewarding and enjoyable to play - darn it! As stated no salt but rather disappointment - But it's not all about me and the game caters very well for others! It also still remains one of the best type of games I've played and will continue to play (and fellow clan members who have become friends have made it even more enjoyable!) - I guess I just won't find myself playing it as often that's all.
  6. Only have Tier IV-VII BBs. Kutuzov at Tier VIII and DDs. So how do I do the secondary mission - apart from driving my Kutuzov straight at the enemy? It's a shame WG didn't stick with the 50 aircraft mission in the main brief - something all ship types could accomplish. I finished the 3 missions in 2 days - and then found out the 4th mission on the website was not the same as the 'BB' one in game. Go figure!
  7. I don't disagree with you - I wish WG were better at balancing the game so equal results = an equal reward.
  8. The money is in high tiers and big ships, so that is what WG concentrates on.
  9. Yes, I did say WG messed up the brief in my OP.
  10. Nobody or bot launches a plane? Show me the video, I'd be interested to see a game with no aircraft at all.
  11. Not if the only BB I play is the Scharnhorst which is the only reason I went for the Captain - otherwise I play DDs and CAs. So the plane mission would have been fine for all types to complete, but what ship type suits the tier VIII or higher when hitting with secondary guns requirement - you guessed it/said it yourself (BB) lol.
  12. So Franz Mission brief says shoot down 50 planes and destroy 50 modules. Great says I, I'll take out the Kutuzov; only the modules register. Read the in game brief and it says do 500 secondary hits and damage 50 modules . Once again WG messes up the briefs. No wonder I play this game less and less lol.
  13. Just cause I'm tired of hearing it.

    To start a thread to have a go at a ship type seems a waste of time and is only going to fuel the silly BB/DD arguments all over again. I get it if you are addressing someone's claim of something being unfair (but even then all that will happen is that the 2 sides will only argue their pov). This is a game that is supposed to be balanced so that you have an equal reward if you play equally well. So it will never be historically/irl correct.
  14. A Shout Out to all of my WoWs Friends

    Well have a great day on Saturday and hopefully many more besides, may each be full of those things that make you smile. Until the next time we bump into each other on those calm seas!
  15. A Question to DD Players

    Ok, the BBabies insult didn't have to be in your post - but the truth behind the fact all ship types have their special captains is so true!