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  1. _WaveRider_

    PR Abuse

    You got me!
  2. _WaveRider_

    PR Abuse

    I suspect that if someone is ignorant enough to look down on something and use derogatory phrases when not needed, then they won't care about the mode that it is being played in. Even dinky Co-Op as you put it.
  3. _WaveRider_

    PR Abuse

    We all have our lives, the good and the bad - if someone has found a way to enjoy it, then let them enjoy it. Envy is a natural emotion, but maybe if we all think of the individual things that make us happy and imagine how we would feel if others tried to make us miserable about it - well, maybe we wouldn't be so envious of those that have managed to find their slice of happiness! This world can be a strange place and at times we can all feel down, so let's not take away the good vibes from those who are living it. And on a positive note, I didn't see any negative PR comments yesterday - in fact I actually witnessed 2 matches with new PR owners who were congratulated (comments like 'nice, liking the new camo' , 'hope you enjoy it' etc). I'd like to think those nice comments and good vibes had everyone enjoying the game/atmosphere better!
  4. _WaveRider_

    PR Abuse

    Or just thinking - I haven't played that in a while?
  5. _WaveRider_

    Suggestion to make coops better

    To a degree, that was assumed - hence my question about what ship type you actually played to take advantage of all the penaltirs or restrictions you had listed lol But then the comment about slow BBs just brought my focus in on one of the areas I think could actually do with a buff - BBs that have too long a reload (anything over 30 secs) and those that are just to slow. Apologies, for the confusion.
  6. But that is the blame game and I guess everyone does it to differing degrees. DD players are all potatoes and need to learn how to play = someone on the losing team who feels the need to apportion blame to someone else who led to their loss. Strange thing is, in the very next match the same person will be crying that DDs are cloaked beasts that no other ship type can ever win against = when the DD player plays well (but happens to be on the other team!) Yet meanwhile the ship type remains in the pecking order pretty much where it has done for the last 4 years across all servers - go figure. It can happen for any ship type, any consumable (radar), any ammunition (HE fire spam), any trait (stealth) etc etc.
  7. _WaveRider_

    fps around 6

    Had the same thing a couple of days ago; expect it was something to do with my connection. Stopped playing WoWs, played something else (no issues), went back to playing WoWs another day (no issues). Never had the issue before (I think it was early Sunday that I had the 6 FPS), not happened again.
  8. _WaveRider_

    Suggestion to make coops better

    Slow BBs! What is it you play then, CVs (or the heavier cruisers)? I've always preferred a mixed bag with the ships I face, not too many of one type. But with BBs I've always wanted them to never have more than a 30 sec reload, and always thought (in general) their speed could be improved to manoeuvre around the map better and get into the fight before its over. Not all BBs, but I do think some need this quite badly. May you vanquish the enemies you face!
  9. Hence my quote about making DD survival better so they continually counter their opposite number. Unfortunately, it looks like WG have churned so many ships out - that there is no longer general ship types. You have DDs with heals and referred to cruisers without citadels, you have BBs with speed boosts that could be looked at as Battle Cruisers more than BBs. Lines have merged. The ship type lines have merged over the years. Of course cruisers counter DDs - as soon as something has led to the spotting of that DD (planes, radar, hydro and as you state other DDs). Once spotted, the fast firing cruiser (and other fast firing ships) kill DDs. Again, this is what led me to discussing what you seemed to be discussing how do you prevent a 'too many stealth ship scenario'. One way could be to put a cap on all ship types (one of my first posts mentioned this). The other is by using ensuring that the too many stealth ships - aren't stealth/concealed. And what have you continually stated in many of your posts - one of the best counters to DDs are DDs. But wait, if DDs spot DDs - what happens when one sides DDs get killed off early - again as stated by a few, you get a lopsided match which leads to possible steam roll games (the element of that counter to a particular enemy has been removed). So, how do we ensure there are not to many ships with stealth? By removing stealth by spotting. What do we use to spot them? Their opposite number. But this could lead to a quick death of one sides stealth ability and let the other side go unchecked (lopsided games). Not if you ensure DDs survivability remains further into the game*. Hence my suggestions. *Please note, as my suggestion was not to move the general position of where the ship types sit in general, I stated that the longer survivability would have to be checked by ensuring the DDs in general should not have better damage than they do now and however much you change things in regards to extending their lifespan, they should never leave the bottom of the pile for survivability on average. I believed that would keep the status quo. So all that happens is you have the counter to stealth ships, removing their stealth due to spotting (and doing so longer into the game, keeping the structure of the matches and a more balanced game until one side inevitably wins over).
  10. WG, do something about too many of any ship type in a game. Whether it be too many stealth ships. Whether it be too many torp ships. Whether it be too many HE fire spamming ships. Whether it be too many Overmatching ships. Whether it be too many radar ships (on one side but not the other). It seems many want generally balanced fleets, in order to give all participants a good time in battle, engaging against assorted ship types and with the match feeling like a real battle as opposed to a quick steam roll.
  11. Good morning. One of my first posts on page 1 commented on caps to numbers of ship types. I believe that was your complaint was it not (too many stealth ships)?: Then as the conversation continued I engaged with other forum posters who made comment about my posts - simple engagement to the conversation being explored. My comment about going and killing some DDs was in reference to your last post where you talked about 'stumbling around blind'. Of course you are not blind, so I took that to be reference to the fact that you are blind compared to the better concealed ships that you face - the number of which you are stating are too high in some games. So why wouldn't I wish you well in going and killing some of those ships?
  12. As above, I know what your complaint was about - and I was offering suggestions. Now go and play and kill some DDs!
  13. My first post did. My following posts were more answering questions put to me (I even mentioned to one that it was not really on subject, but happy to discuss). However, having a counter to the stealth ships, that will spot the stealth ships,...therefore taking away the stealth you seem to have an issue with - well, that does seem to touch on your subject of stealth. But hey, like I said, I think this conversation is a foregone conclusion we agree to disagree lol May all the DDs in your matches die early, so you can be happy until you find the next thing that isn't fair. Good night all.
  14. I hate to tell you, but at some point one side has to win the game (at least most of the time). So instead of a steam roll match, why not one that keeps the battle lines and maintains a 'battle' for longer. With counterparts staying alive longer to counter a ship type, it limits their impact on game. I have no issue with your idea, it seems to act on wiping DDs out earlier - so won't you then have the issue with the unchecked DDs that survive? I have already mentioned giving every big ship a radar - it seems that although the DDs already have the worst survival on average - this seems popular with the bigger ship players. Another thing I mentioned is do away with stealth altogether - come on, there should be no boundaries when trying to stop the lowest survival/damage on average ship type - lets get creative! Well, as I said to @Helstrem, I think minds are set and this conversation is a 'foregone conclusion'. May all the DDs die early in your games.
  15. Exactly, and spotting has a limit and if that limit is checked by an opposing DD then that is good, is it not? In addition, if they themselves are spotted whilst trying to move forward and spot...isn't that good? Apologies, although exhausted with trying to appease and find a solution that will please you, I think this is one of your 'forgone conclusion' scenarios. Signing out!