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  1. IMO unless you earn the steel in the usual way, the New Year event/steel rewards will not equate to being able to purchase any ship. For instance; I do not usually play a mode that rewards steel, therefore this event will never give me enough steel to get anything significant. Therefore my approach to the snowflake event is positive for the event - but meh for the chance of a 'usable' steel reward amount (maybe if they do it again next year lol). I guess they could make the buyable mission profitable by making the steel a significant amount for that...who knows!
  2. And that is my point - the game does not revolve around one situation or a 1vs 1 scenario. It relates to a team based game and what happens in the game. So like you state, on a point blank range you are likely to get a high hit rate - but consider this, that 10% average will also include every scenario, 100% point blank hit rate. To compensate that inclusion is the terrible torp launches too lol.
  3. Why is this 100% hit rate for torps not happening then? Why is the hit rate for guns still higher than 25% 'lucky to hit', you mention? Why if we look at recent stats are the DDs not taking over the world? There seems to be a lot of worry for something that hasn't happened and, if a BB plays well and supports his screen, will not happen. (Except if the enemy team play well, or your team play poorly - but in a war game someone has to lose).
  4. Hmmm, I can see your pov here as a hole in a DD under the water line should cause flooding. 3 questions: 1. I think atm only torps cause flooding, so would this be the same for every ship type (hit below waterline)? (There is going to be a lot of flooding around if so; and like the newer detination rules where you only det after a certain % HP loss, a BB has a better chance with its armour to stop this occurrence). 2. I believe WG wants to re-address flooding. How they plan to do this I don't know, but I think the idea is to lessen the impact. So what would your idea be to reduce the effect of flooding whilst increasing their occurrence? On a side note: You'll notice a % of your HP before det favours a BB that starts of with greater HP and has heals. Also, the smaller ships are likely to take more pens and over-pens in game compared to the bigger ships; so this flooding idea you have, again favours the BBs (I believe). 3. So given that the torps are the only things that cause floods atm and they hit at a 10% hit rate, your pen will cause many more floods, but again favour the BBs who already do the most damage and survive best on average. Do you believe this is balanced?
  5. DDs overpowered, yet they sit bottom for damage and survival. There is a CC called Flambass, he made a video recently with a title ending 'yes sir'. Take a look at 7.40 mins, the DD that appears and has his 7000 HP taken out with AP in one volley. Until DDs do more damage or survive better than other type ships they aren't OP.
  6. _WaveRider_

    T8 CA vs T10 DD tactics?

    This. Flambass has done a recent video: At 7.40 mins, he mention how scared he is that a Gadja is lurking. It then pops out and he uses the AP...... Boom, 7,000 HP gone - DD gone; they then laugh about all those that thought DDs would become invincible.
  7. _WaveRider_

    Premium time vs. ship

    Premium ship, in the main you get a ship that won't change unless a 'global' change takes place. I don't do Premium Time and never will, just too much of a chance the minute I purchase it I will be sent on an extended trip somewhere where internet connection isn't an option (not to play the game anyway). As others have stated, both have their value, only you know what will suit best.
  8. _WaveRider_

    Daily Missions reset time?

    Ok, checked back and they are up, so it looks as though the bonuses reset at 1000hrs and the missions loaded 1 hour after at 1100hrs for me (UK).
  9. _WaveRider_

    Daily Missions reset time?

    Will check back in soon, thank you.
  10. Been doing the daily missions when coming back from work and haven't noticed when they reset. I thought it would be the normal time (when all the bonuses reset), but after playing a few games have realised they aren't up yet even though the bonus reset has happened. Anyone know the usual time as I would like to try and get the 2 for today as I am away for a few days from Monday.
  11. _WaveRider_

    Daily Mission Agony

    You too!
  12. _WaveRider_

    Daily Mission Agony

    Read the guys OP that you actually replied to - he even states one of the things that frustrates him (or causes him agony) is the mercy rule - something that many, who have commented on these forums have also been frustrated about. He also mentions the distribution of XP. I guess now you can offer him a solution(?), although if you play CoOp I would have thought you would already know about these frustrations.
  13. _WaveRider_

    DD Suicides Creating Game In-balance

    If you are not a poor DD/CA/BB or CV player then good for you. Not sure why you felt the need to reply as everything else you say seems to have nothing more to do with my post?
  14. _WaveRider_

    Daily Mission Agony

    What agony is there in Randoms, WoWs is only a game, yet you state you hate it. So if you can find hate in one game mode I see no reason why another person can't find agony in another. Simple logic really.