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  1. _WaveRider_

    Revisiting the 9V9/Mercy Rule/Falling Sky...err Stats Issue

    Who said damage was everything? - However in this case we are talking about damage as ships don't die unless you cause damage. Logic dictates if people are saying DDs are wiping out enemy ships and not leaving anything for anyone else - they must be doing damage. You can't kill a ship in this game without doing damage, so that is what we are talking about. The statement about it happening regularly and seen by the players is puzzling, but maybe you can help: Why when seen 'so often', therefore indicating that these DDs are taking what damage there is from the other ships - do people's stats not show the DDs top with damage - rather on average the DDs stats show they are the worst. So how does a ship kill so many times, robbing so many other ship types of damage, but still be bottom for damage. The fact is they don't. I would guess it happens less than a BB wiping another ship off the map with one volley. I am all for a cap across all the ship types btw, I just don't see anything, or have been shown anything, that shows one type is to blame or needs culling. In regards to tier 3-4, I have stated that I believe the BBs are too slow and should be buffed to get them into the battle faster. After all, they should be able to support their faster team mates. In general the lower tiers are not the tiers where missions/events are held at, so I don't tend to look at those games when talking about the average games played in WoWs. Lower tiers are no less important though.
  2. _WaveRider_

    Revisiting the 9V9/Mercy Rule/Falling Sky...err Stats Issue

    So at what tiers are you seeing this reflected. Everytime I explain this isn't shown in any stats and point out the persons own experience I get another explanation that modifies the original statement. The only place I would say BBs are in trouble are at tier 3-4 where if left unchecked you have some DDs that can do some good damage to some very slow BBs. I thought DDs would slaughter at the 1vs1 ranked sprint yet BBs held their own in a scenario where I expected DD to win. There is nothing that shows, or that anyone who keeps stating this has been going on, is able to show that this is common. Does it happen - yes, like many other things. I have stated I don't like short games and have said having a lopsided team favouring a particular ship type can attribute to a quick game - so am in favour of a cap on all ship types to help this. But some just want a cap on DDs and seem to be sprouting a situation that is just not reflected in even their own stats most of the time.
  3. _WaveRider_

    What is the % chance of flooding with torpedo hits?

    Have a look at the stats on the servers, take a look at your own stats. If you play a lot of torpedo boats you will find those with short range will be quite high, as you aren't going to fire them unless in range and the closer you are the better chance of hitting the target. Those ships with longer range torps will probably have a lesser hit %. If your hit rate is high then I'm thinking you might get up close and risk the chance of getting hit back if the enemy has torps - closer you are the more enemy torps will hit and the more chance of flooding.
  4. The bots will shoot at what they can see and is in range (although the range thing does not count with torpedoes so watch out for friendly bots firing torps at something well out of range, but where you happen to be in-between lol). Their priority is the CV, DDs, CL/CA then BBs (I believe). The CV will always find one of the DDs with its planes, so if it is you then get ready for incoming from any enemy ship in range. If not in a DD and no other ship is visible make sure you are not the one to fire first when several enemy bots are in range. Their accuracy is good and like blood and sharks, they will go after a damaged ship unless something else distracts them. I can often distract an enemy ship from a friendly if in a DD, but I have to make sure the enemy has either just fired, their guns are facing away and that there aren't too many enemy around, otherwise there is a chance I will get blown out of the water. I can only guess at what is happening, but it may be you are heading forward firing and attracting enemy fire and because you are taking damage (and possibly still moving forward?) become the best target for the bots?
  5. _WaveRider_

    What is the % chance of flooding with torpedo hits?

    How often are you hit by torps? The average stats on all servers for torp hits is between 8-10% - the average. The wiki shows the following information on flooding: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Flooding
  6. _WaveRider_

    Revisiting the 9V9/Mercy Rule/Falling Sky...err Stats Issue

    Actually the bots know exactly where the DD is, that is why they go towards the smoke - the only thing the smoke does is stop them from shooting. That is why the minute you shoot when not in smoke (even when you are concealed they manage to shoot at the DD 'immediately' (and other enemy ships too). Try it; it's the same reason that the enemy CV planes make a straight line to one of the DDs every match. Then by the time you have killed the DD, the enemy cruiser is on you. If you have torps great, you stand a chance - if there is another enemy ship with it, not so lucky. If you have a bot on your side not so lucky at all, as it will have now got into the zone that you want to fire your torps - so you run. This 'story' about DDs taking all the kills is laughable and is akin to saying BBs kill everyone because they can cit and kill a ship with one shot. Can it happen/does it happen, like a BB can take out another ship in one volley - yep! But does it always happen....lol no. I look at your tier IX Black (a DD with radar so you don't even have to count on someone else spotting)and see it do significantly less damage than your 2 tier IX BBs (in fact less than the BB a tier below). But this is the same thing reflected in the stats of everyone who keeps saying DDs kill everything. Fact is if DDs were causing damage anywhere near to the averages of cruisers or BBs they would be nerfed or pulled from the game and put in crates. Show me on average across any server stats where it isn't the case more than not. Edit: Happy to explain at a more 'specific' level if the individual who is confused wishes to state what part(s) they didn't understand. PM if you wish.
  7. _WaveRider_

    Is it worth it?

    Don't have the ship and don't know how you play - so it is difficult to say. What I have heard is many think she is a good ship and her $58 to you seems reasonable/good if you look at the price of other ships around that tier (IX_X). Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
  8. _WaveRider_

    Revisiting the 9V9/Mercy Rule/Falling Sky...err Stats Issue

    Works both ways. A DD who wants to burst forward and kill can do, but if he is unlucky 1st the CV will spot him - if not that then the enemy DD will. If they survive to unload all their torps then they are very likely to die from the other ships and their bot laser scopes - so that's that! I never rush to kill, I play to push around the cap, take out the enemy DD, damage the cruisers - but I usually find I have to leave the cap or die. That's actually when the rest of my team with more HP and no enemy DD to worry about kill the enemy and start capping - I have to boost just to get back to the cap. By staying alive I have a chance to do greater damage, especially if my team aren't great and a few die, but if they're good I don't score great. Now sometimes I see BBs stay back and fire from afar. Without good support some of their team dies and then they come forward, totting up the points. I do well in all my ship types (well, not so well in the CVs). I do more damage in my BBs on average and earn more XP on my DDs on average, cruisers are good in both areas.
  9. _WaveRider_

    Defense of Naval Station Newport seriously broken.

    This morning: 3 BBs, 4 Cruisers and 2 of us who don't usually play Ops - 5 stars. 2 BBs and one cruiser died. I'm not saying we weren't lucky and I have no doubt if it is the hardest Op then the members of my team who knew the Op probably carried me whilst I was just fighting - but we did well enough. Maybe there was an update?
  10. _WaveRider_

    Lunar New Years - 10 Containers

    I don't believe the Dragon ships are in the Lunar containers(?)
  11. _WaveRider_

    What ever happened to Rock, Paper, Scissors?

    It was unacceptable to the majority of players who came to play Battleships, to get sunk by the smallest ship in game. Battleships are the heart of this game in that they bring in the people, and the people bring in the money - don't mess with the income! So balance became orientated towards roles rather than combat. Makes sense when you think about it. Edit: sorry to the person who left the negative emote, but the sooner you realise the ship type roles do not revolve around a R/P/S (damage) format anymore, but rather a game role, the faster you can identify the role you want to play and enjoy the game.
  12. _WaveRider_

    Operations teams get worse as time goes by?

    Shout out as I did an Op this morning with 2 of us declaring we don't usually play Ops - wanted to say thanks as we got the 5 stars, I came top of the team and got 'sea star' and 'assistant' achievements. That definitely won't happen again lol.
  13. Nah, just won't do the crates - I wish others luck with their purchase, but all I was after is the Lo Yang camo and I ain't buying crates for that. Congrats to the OP though - nice haul.
  14. Thanks for info....got my interest!
  15. _WaveRider_

    My God! It's full of st... er, ships!

    Unsure why you got the negative emote, but thank you - appreciate the info. I may well get the Eastern Dragon, as it seemed a terrible buy previous (a lower version of the tech tree ship with no camo). I haven't really touched IJN cruiser and battleships so that and the possibility of picking up an ARP ship in future sounds.....possible (price depending). Edit: Future ARP indicated in another thread title.