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  1. Oh dear, I have called for a period of no buffs/nerfs. Please learn to read lol.
  2. What a sad reply. I only mentioned the Belfast to indicate WG should not be afraid of making the big changes if necessary. You interpret it how you want lol.
  3. Tech Tree wise how about a difference of 8% in it's peer group to start with? So with damage, if a ship is performing 8% better than all similar ships - it will warrant review. If one ship is performing 8% less than it's peers - it will warrant a review. It may handle differently (depending on nation) and may bring some other attribute such as radar etc, that may mean it's damage is expected to be lower. But this review in all areas, should help balance the game for all classes.
  4. I would just like to ask WG to consider taking a 1-2 month break from Merry-Go-Round of nerfing/buffing. I would like WG to then use their stats to address under or over performing ships; if possible please refrain from wholesale changes unless one whole line really needs it (bloom affect comes to mind). Please include all ships - this includes Kami,Gremy, Nikolai - if it is OP, change it or remove it from game - balance! If there is a flag that gives benefits, then everyone should have a chance to have it - or remove it from game - balance. Even the Belfast, why people just don't torp the smoke (ships or planes) is beyond me, but remove radar and give it Fiji torps. It will still be unique/premium with its HE and stop the constant complaints from teams that can't manage teamwork! Finishing Dunkirk and getting off the Merry-Go-Round for a while! This is a rant btw; fear me!
  5. WG need to stop nerfing/buffing for a couple of months! Take stock, then address ships that are either under performing or over performing. This includes ships like the Nikolai, Kami and Grem. Address the experiments that went wrong. They replaced one problem - OWSF with another - Universal Bloom range and time. And yes, I have a Belfast - so please remove the radar and add Fiji torps. She will still be unique with HE and it will stop the constant whining by teams that just can't get their CV to torp the smoke. I'm doing the Dunkirk mission and taking a break from the game as it no longer holds the appeal. WG have all the stats - they should start using them!
  6. I suggest you read mine. I have been addressing your comment on German BB weak main guns and talking about game balance. That is why I quoted you. If you have jumped topic then that isn't on me, as I have made it pretty clear. Sorry if I made you think I had changed the topic?
  7. No - stop thinking nerf or buff! Think balance - ok, say a ship has an amazing ability to one shot ok bad example, to fire at another ship without return fire - nope that's BBs again. Magically heal nope that's BBs again! Lets start again, just because an ability is taken away from a ship to balance it out does not make it a bad nerf. That type of nerf is good for the game - got it!!! Like OWSF (and I'm talking Open Water Stealth Firing, not Open Water Safe Firing that BBs can do because of their range).
  8. Then your point is not valid as the balance of the ship means it performs well and does damage now- good damage! The reason why it does good damage doesn't matter, it does matter that even when doing good damage compared to other ships you want better secondaries (therefore building on a good ship class already)? I'm all for looking at individual ships if they are performing well or not performing well, but addressing something that's not needed - Balance!
  9. All time damage BB at tier 8 = German BB At tier 9 the second damage dealer for BBs = German. Seem to do well for having worst main guns.
  10. Yep happened to me last night; think it's only happened once before around March time.
  11. It's obvious DDs are the Dwarfs - scout there, take that cap and the new voice message loop 'set a smoke screen' - beast of burden! Elves are supernatural beings that can take you out without you even being able to hit them......that's CVs lol. Edit: Except for the one ring - with it's range it can do the same lol
  12. As the famous film quote states: One Ship class to rule them all, One Ship class to sink them, One Ship class to kill them all and into the darkness send them. Oops, wrong subject.....or is it lol.
  13. So every DD player has to play the Khab and Akizuki to be lethal - and what do you class as lethal? Don't make the mistake that actually being able to damage a BB with guns constitutes lethality; several DDs have been banned from use because they were able to damage BBs - If the Khab and Akizuki were as 'lethal' I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be available either. No, they are very good at dealing damage but as you can see, DDs aren't doing so well: a few days ago I pulled the 2 week stats: Tier V = Every DD that did good damage has been removed from sale, for being too OP. Minekaze is 23, all the other DDs last. Tier VI = Shinome 15 of 28, Anshan 20; all the rest.....last. Tier VII = 16/17/18 (Leningrad, Blyska and Shiratsu (soon to be nerfed?)) of 31; all the rest.....last. Tier VIII = 17 Kiev, 19 Akizuki of 26; all the rest......last. Tier IX = Udaloi is 12 out of 17; all the rest.....last. Tier X = Khab at 10 out of 16; all the rest.....last. They also seem to come last for survival at most tiers V-X.
  14. Liar, show me where I said woe is DDs. I merely stated I didn't want another nerf - you are the one that jumped on the class wagon!
  15. Double post.