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  1. This. If you play normally as in a Random game the bots will perform psychic turns, ground themselves on islands, even use sinking ships to stop and prevent torp hits. On top of this you have the issue of the DD being the primary target when spotted (and even when not spotted the bots know lol). So DDs have to be more daring, get forward and hit hard (as the bots really do turn on a dime and there is the usual reduction from torpedo belts). You win or lose - if you wait YOU GET NOTHING! On top of that I don't know how many times bots have been killed by long range BB shots, whilst I'm still rushing to get in range! It does amaze me how DDs are often told in normal gameplay to play with caution and look for something end game. Now the opposite is happening and another ship type has to pick up the scraps and the DD gets first crack at attacking - its not fair. HOWEVER - Here is where I change tack - you are right OP, it isn't fair! I want everyone to have an equal opportunity to fight and have fun. Sad how many others didn't give a crap about others enjoyment until their own was challenged though.
  2. _WaveRider_

    French DD line and USS Benham at T9

    I started laughing, but then started thinking about what you were saying. I decided on this occasion it was just better not to think! Reminded me of a Fawlty Tower clip where John Cleese flogged his car because it wouldn't start.
  3. _WaveRider_

    French DD line and USS Benham at T9

    Apparently Benham will have 4 guns and crap torps - well done (I was just hoping for a Fletcher clone, but it seems WG has to mess it up!) None of the French DDs interest me either, the usual give a gimmick and take away something valuable. The 75 knot torps sound interesting - I guarantee they will have a pathetic range on them, hit like a wet fish or both!
  4. _WaveRider_

    CVs, Georgia, Monarch and Conqueror. WIP

    Time to take the hint I guess, WG has backed its horse - it has made no secret of this, we see it time and time again. I know it is great to hold out hope, but essentially the horse called RandomBB is the winner here! The real issue is which horses will be put out to pasture? Even worse was the horse called CoOpCV; saw it being taken away in a wagon with Glue Factory written on the side.
  5. _WaveRider_

    CVs need +/-1 MM

    I agree, but the CV is not the correct ship type to be able to state the 'not fun and engaging' line. You are in the DD zone of 'adapt and overcome!'. I do not mean this to flame, I have just come to realise some players, modes, ships matter - others do not (except when trying to earn a buck). It is what it is - as Rumple states, you'll just have to deal with it or conform to the favoured play style.
  6. _WaveRider_

    Exeter Event - More Mission Issues For Co-op

    I have wanted a Tier V premium ship for a long time - I was even waiting for the Emerald perm camo to come back (2 years ago lol) and I would have used that. The 7 achievements thing isn't a big deal to me either (randoms). People big up the randoms game, but it honestly is no more special than any other mode - it is literally another mode, that is it. BUT this is where I do care! The approach of WG to once again exclude those that prefer another mode had me logging in last night - and then logging straight back out again. I had no enthusiasm to play the game at all. The poor communication, CV debacle, inability to balance OP premium ships and being ignorant to some of its community, just has me thinking 'WG you suck'. I mean literally saying 'here you go everyone' - making a mistake with a mission - and rather than correcting it - making it still inclusive, they said 'nope, on second thoughts have a big up yours instead'. Pretty much showing they don't care and this is why I found myself not caring either. In the last month I was ready to buy the JB and Alaska, but found myself saying 'actually I don't care'. I bought the PEF because I wanted to support WG when they support the community. I held off from buying the Exeter, because of the confusion of the CoOp inclusion. From looking forward to the weekend and WoWs, I found WGs lack of thought towards some of their community means I have lost my interest in them. I won't be getting the Exeter as I won't be playing WoWs - I have chosen to adopt their approach this time and not care about this game. I'll be playing other ones over this weekend.
  7. _WaveRider_

    Exeter Event - More Mission Issues For Co-op

    To me, that makes it even more relevant that WG should think about all the community that supports it - new or old, whatever mode.
  8. _WaveRider_

    Exeter Event - More Mission Issues For Co-op

    All the missions are easy enough to complete whatever the mode - it won't make the 3 kill one any less frustrating (IMO) whether you play in Randoms, where there are more ships to sink, or in Co-Op. Those missions just seem to happen straight away or become a chore. My main message was to those that choose to play only certain modes (such as PvE) that WG make available - I know it is their choice, but it doesn't make them any less supporters of the game or members of the WoWs community (even though WG exclude them from many events as if they are).
  9. _WaveRider_

    Exeter Event - More Mission Issues For Co-op

    I am genuinely sorry that instead of including all the community in this endeavour, WG instead decided to exclude some players. I will still win the Exeter as there is nothing I see in regards to the challenges that I haven't accomplished before (although I know the kill 3 in a game will cause great anger amongst players). I don't enjoy Randoms but it isn't the competitive mode people talk it up to be - there are people better than bots and others worse lol. I wish WG would realise the community includes everyone - no matter the tier, no matter the mode - we all contribute and support this game.
  10. Yes, did check later, thank you. It's a fractured community where some believe their general status is better than others (whatever the subject) - no reason the competitions should change that trend and all of a sudden try to include all of the community that plays it.
  11. _WaveRider_

    Exeter Event - More Mission Issues For Co-op

    They are both mistakes. If the 'oversight' should be that they should not have shown Co-Op in the first place, that is generally the same as a typo that included Co-Op when it shouldn't have. What I was eluding to was that they could have used any 'phrase' they wanted, if in the end they do not intend to change it.
  12. _WaveRider_

    The CV and DD problem

    Wish what I thought may happen hadn't so fast, but that is the nature of the forum. I give the advice about looking at YouTube because many players will describe why they are doing and why; it will take away the toxicity you tend to get here (as shown already). +1 to mrkimba
  13. _WaveRider_

    Salt in Co-op

    True. Each to their own. I wish WG would realise we are all part of one community, whatever the mode that is played, and start treating everyone equally with competitions and prizes etc. We all make this game what it is, so it seems strange that you would treat some as if they have blue eyes and some as if they have brown!* WG has got better as time has gone on, but the Exeter Mission '7 achievements' task has pretty much indicated: 1. They made a mistake and will correct it - but their comms in explaining this has been handled poorly. 2. They lied and it was never intended that Co-Op players could win the ship - so their pitch was handled poorly. 3. Or they made a mistake and just don't care - which is kinda handling it poorly. (*Jane Elliot's experiment if anyone is interested in the comparison).
  14. _WaveRider_

    The CV and DD problem

    Honestly, you have probably just kicked the hornets nest without realising. My advice will be going to YouTube and search for the DD you are interested in; there are many that stream on Twitch as well. The advice on the forums can be good from some areas, but then the infighting will start. I hope you find the clips/advice that can/will help you make your own decisions about what is best for you.
  15. +1 Good advice and personally I don't think it was delivered in a way that deserved downvotes. Guess the downside is yet another ship type is now being asked to wait until the later part of the game before it can start to enjoy fighting in what is supposed to be a war game.