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  1. _WaveRider_

    What makes a good clan?

    ^^^ Advice isn't going to get better than this! Knowing what you want is often the harder thing to understand!
  2. _WaveRider_

    Balance changes - UK CLs

    Ops are dead in WGs eyes - a third of the players for double the time period - with favourite ships that become the 'go to' choice. The formula WG wants is quick competition that encourages mixing things up and always trying new things - leading to a greater chance of spending to have options.
  3. _WaveRider_

    Balance changes - UK CLs

    As stated previously, IMO they are both ships that are chosen over others because they are both good/reliable performers - they are consistent. For me, some ships can perform well in game, but also dip in performance in some games. The Leander and Fiji have always been dependable for me. Bear in mind WG doesn't want people who are happy to stick with what they have, I believe players who are always questioning their choice and looking for options are more likely to explore getting other ships . Change.in this game and the want to have options opens up the possibility of using game resource or real money in order that options are available. Being happy with what you have does not. Of course this is my opinion taking what I have witnessed from WGs ethos in the past. Your thoughts may be different, but speculation is all there is until a proper statement is released by WG.
  4. _WaveRider_

    Napoli is mediocre, save your money.

    You accused another of making a poor choice in choosing their words and then state money is immaterial - which isn't the case if someone intends to buy the ship with money. But honestly, I didn't expect you to pick up on that.
  5. _WaveRider_

    Napoli is mediocre, save your money.

    The fact that somebody will have 250k at some point does not alter the fact that someone may wish to spend money to purchase the ship - which means the cost is totally material and relative. I don't believe I have stated anything about whether the cost is too little or too much - just that if you intend to buy it with cash...then the cash is not immaterial.
  6. _WaveRider_

    Napoli is mediocre, save your money.

    By that logic you have no cause to question @Cit_the_bed use of the $200 bundle. It is a valid bundle. Just like the money choice is not immaterial to those wishing to spend money. With all the ricochets where you end up hitting yourself, you'd think you'd leave off throwing that first stone, especially when you often show yourself as being guilty of the same thing you are chastising others for. Again, what has you above statement about 'fault' to do with the fact that if someone wants to buy something, the price would hardly be immaterial in most cases lol. What on Earth are you trying to spin with the 'earning the money and taking the time and effort' - they may have already earned their money to buy what they want - but will still need to know the cost in $. Nice try at the moral stance, but you failed with that in your first post to the OP.
  7. _WaveRider_

    Napoli is mediocre, save your money.

    Don't believe I said they did - but if they wanted to and they didn't have the coal or doubloons, then the money would be the only option - which means it is hardly immaterial. For someone who likes to point out where other's comments may be unfair, you seem to find it difficult to accept when the same can be levelled at your comment about money being immaterial.
  8. _WaveRider_

    Napoli is mediocre, save your money.

    I agree with jumping to the more expensive bundle as an example given by OP was a little unfair; but the cash price is hardly immaterial either, as some may not have the coal and $107 is still not small cash. I think you both could try harder to hit the middle ground.
  9. Totally agree, the ARP Yamato was the first venture - they must have been encouraged and decided to say how this one goes (with a Dub/coal alternative - just to be fair of course! ) They messed up with PR and have been slowly changing each Dockyard until they find that 'fleece them all' sweet spot. Always test and adjust!
  10. _WaveRider_

    Balance changes - UK CLs

    Leander filled the role of an Ops ship well, it may not be a 'favourite' in normal games, but was always a steady performer.
  11. _WaveRider_

    ENOUGH with 4DDs in PvE!!!

    Both very valid posts. I think it comes down to those who are just looking to 'blame' because they didn't rack up the usual type game they have (but are new so aren't aware of why there will be fluctuations in numbers for all ship types depending on missions), And those that have played the game long enough, should know better, are only wanting certain caps on certain ship types (not a general cap across all types - for the fairness they talk of) and are only looking to one benefit, their own.
  12. _WaveRider_

    Balance changes - UK CLs

    I just think it's a bit of WG house keeping. Both ships have been firm favourites and go to ships for ages - they are good ships. If people are happy with life then they tend not to want to change (or in WG language...spend). IMO this change is just to make those happy, maybe 'consider' something else - something shiny - something new.
  13. _WaveRider_

    Missouri Nerf

    WG have seen a way to make some money. She's been gone for 3 years or so, those that will have tried to get her in containers will have spent a fair bit of money already (and may still try before 10.7). WG also get to spin the line that they love their players and wanted to make the ship available to more players.(They are so community driven ). Those that want her for historic or collection purposes are also able to benefit, but those that wanted her for her credit earning - sorry, not happening. I feel good for the players that will get genuine benefit (historic/collection), but sad in the fact that whatever WG spin, we know the main aim never had the community/players as the priority.
  14. _WaveRider_

    ENOUGH with 4DDs in PvE!!!

    As stated I have no issues with a cap to prevent too many of one ship type. I just don't see how someone can cry that too many of one type is not good, but completely ignore too many of another type not being great either. Too many Cruisers and the DD is disadvantaged, too many BBs and the Cruisers are disadvantaged; problem is, that's not your argument is it - you just want a game where 'you' can do well with damage in 'your' ship. Sorry, but if you are worried about you, then that is hardly a balanced view is it? I say cap all if we are looking to initiated caps - for the reason of unfair gameplay if there are too many of one ship type. You can think what you want, I have no problem with that, I just don't agree.
  15. They are not invisible, they can not be any where at anytime and torpedoes have an average hit rate of approx 10%. Your knowledge of the game is quite frightening.