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  1. Brhinosaurus

    Damage upon spotting

    interesting, that's a slight variation on what I had claimed. Accordingly to that, it's not that you must be the only one to see the target, but simply that the shooter cannot see the target. So two DDs operating in an area spotting for a battleship would both get spotting xp.
  2. Brhinosaurus

    Damage upon spotting

    I'm sorry but that is inaccurate. To earn damage upon spotting you have to be the only one spotting the enemy. It does not matter if the enemy is spotting you. This is easily proven - sneaky torpedo boats like Shimakaze can rack up over 100,000 damage upon spotting scores (provided your teammates can shoot) and yet often attempt to go the whole battle without being spotted by the enemy.
  3. Brhinosaurus

    Damage upon spotting

    You have to not just be the closest, you have to be the only thing that can spot it. Example: You in a DD are moving forward, when you spot an enemy BB. You are the only one spotting the BB. A cruiser on your team fires at it and hits it. You score damage upon spotting. The enemy BB, realizing that he's spotted now and unlikely to cease being spotted anytime soon, fires his main guns. Suddenly his spotting distance is large enough that half your team can see him. You no longer score damage upon spotting. And yeah, if you spot a BB, shells are in the air, and then you duck behind an island and the BB goes dark right before the shells hit, no spotting xp for you there, either. If you really want to farm damage upon spotting, one trick to do is to "blind" your team with your smoke screen so that you can continue to be the only thing spotting the enemy.
  4. Brhinosaurus

    Anyone have opinion on Somers?

    I like it. My win rate and stats on it are nearly identical to Shimakaze - very good. I guess being a sneaky torpedo man just clicks with me in a way that most other roles in the game don't. I appreciate having more torpedoes and more flexibility with the triple launchers as compared to Gearing. I appreciate that the torps load faster and have a longer range than Shima's 12km torps. I enjoy playing it. With that said, there are some downsides. The guns are pretty terrible. Don't let the fact that there are 8 of them fool you. The reload is awful. You get a good alpha strike off, but you really don't want to get into a gunfight with ANYTHING. Yes, including Shima, and most of the T8-9 DDs you might face. And the AA? Well, they took a mid-1930s DD, kept the AA the same, and put it at T10, how do you think the AA is? If you get a CV in your match, and that CV decides that you need to die, you're going to have a [edited] game, no two ways about it. So I like it. But honestly it's not terribly different from Shima. If you're a weirdo like me that enjoys Shima, you'll enjoy Somers too (although your PR will take a hit, thanks to it being a steel ship). However if you enjoy the flexibility of Gearing's gunboat abilities and non-terrible AA and think you might get more of the same in Somers... no.
  5. hey, I agree with you completely. I don't think Wargaming does, though. Just look at Operations - easily the most interesting part of PvE content, and a welcome change from the grind of the various PvP modes. And what does WG do with Operations? Damn near nothing. They remove the ones that break. They haven't released a new (non Holiday) one forever. They don't care about long term "quality of life" improvements. They care about things that get people spending money immediately, like buying premiums and converting free xp.
  6. Brhinosaurus

    Z-52 armament

    Z-52 is a ship balanced entirely around its hydro. Use it properly and you can bully other destroyers, set up for extended firing-from-smoke sessions, and generally control the flow of battle. Take away the hydro, or fail to take full advantage of it, and you're left with a thoroughly mediocre ship that doesn't do anything particularly well.
  7. The mode is half done because WG hasn't figured out how to monetize it.
  8. Brhinosaurus

    Is Paolo Emilio worth the RB points required?

    Impressive carry! It was kind of an ideal setup there, huh? A whole battle with no cruisers, there were carriers but they're dead by now, and like the bad guys in a kung fu movie, the reds came at you one ship at a time so you could sort them out one by one. Have you had a chance to play it in the more typical high tier environment with 3-4 radar cruisers scattered everywhere? If so, how are you finding it in those situations?
  9. Brhinosaurus

    0.9.9 Patch Day checklist

    I'm using the web armory, it shows me with 9,200 tokens. I have not logged into the game yet. I tried to spend 3,000 of those tokens ("alleged tokens", perhaps I should say) on the first bundle, which resulted in an error message.
  10. Brhinosaurus

    Rank 5 - 2 League is Dead

    wait that Gearing that headed straight for the middle bonus in Arms Race, got radared by any one of the three Russian cruisers lurking around, and killed in the first three minutes, wasn't a bot? Could have fooled me! He or someone like him shows up in about half the games.
  11. Brhinosaurus

    Rank 5 - 2 League is Dead

    Same! I had a phenomenal run to 5, with a win rate about 85%. I was mostly playing well and when I wasn't Matchmaker was doing me enough favors that it didn't matter. I lost the first several games into rank 5 and kept coming back. Yesterday was my first sustained success at rank 5 but after being one win away from 4 I fell back to 6. One game there, back to 5, called it a night. Long queues are frustrating. A long queue leading to a battle with the same three super-unicum guys that kicked your butt last battle showing up on the other team again is double frustrating.
  12. There has been voting before each KOTS tournament to decide if carriers should participate or not. The recent voting, as far as I've seen, has been heavily against including CVs.
  13. Brhinosaurus

    Rank 5 - 2 League is Dead

    Honestly the queue times would be more tolerable if I had the sense that there were more than about 30 people for the game to chose from right now. There really doesn't seem to be.
  14. Brhinosaurus

    Rank 5 - 2 League is Dead

    I managed to hit Rank 5 this season and I've been spinning my wheels here. Every time I play, including most definitely in the "prime time" slots, it goes something like this... Wait in queue for 3-5 minutes... get a game! play... win! Wait in queue for 3-5 minutes... get a game... with half the same people as the last battle.... lose! Repeat forever. Rank 10-6, which unfortunately I keep falling back to, does not have this problem. So what's the problem? Is it still "too early" in the ranked season for the top league to be populated, even in prime time? Or has ranked become so joyless that more people are avoiding it entirely or quitting once they get whatever rewards they're comfortable with?
  15. Brhinosaurus

    Halland AA is Weak

    A carrier main in my clan pointed out to me something interesting about Halland AA: Halland's got that one twin-barrel 57mm turret just in front of the bridge. That one turret is responsible for the majority of Halland's AA performance. With that thing intact, she's a fearsome ship. One well-plaed HE salvo or rocket strike, though, and there goes the turret... and now she's downright pedestrian. Honestly I kind of hate him for pointing that out, because once you know it happens you'll be keeping an eye on the thing and throwing your hands up every time it goes down early in the game.