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  1. Brhinosaurus

    ST 0.9.7, Unique Upgrades

    Some of those seem completely pointless, making the ship you put them on actively worse. Some of them seem so good as to be mandatory if you want to field the strongest possible version of that ship. Same as the first round of UU's, basically.
  2. It should be the same reward as previous seasons. If WG was smart, they'd throw in a little extra to try to undercut the boycott. WG seems to like to kick you when you're down though, so watch them offer less steel this season because it's at a lower tier. They did that with the most recent ranked season.
  3. stopped reading there. Balance is what makes a competitive multiplayer game worth playing. WoWS's problems all come down to insufficient balance - see the homogeneity of many of the top clan battle teams lineups as an example. While the playerbase often has significant disagreements over whether ship X balanced, overpowered, or underpowered, the basic covenant between game creator and player is that balance should exist and be as well tuned as possible.
  4. Brhinosaurus

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Do you or someone else in your clan have access to the Clan Representative channels? There's a couple thousand people with access to the general channels, so yeah, those are kind of a mess. But there is a structure in place for meaningful coordination, if your clan is interested.
  5. Wargaming: Check out the new USN BB line Players: You're finally adding the missing real USN ships to the game? Wargaming: Hahaha no these things are paper ships. Giant guns, slow as hell. Players: They're going to get murdered. Wargaming: They'll be fine. Also we're putting that cruiser with 40 torpedo launchers back into the game, have fun!
  6. Brhinosaurus

    ask and ye shall receive: Kitakami is BACK!

    This is a really bad idea and I really want one. It's like two Benhams stuck together.
  7. Brhinosaurus

    Wargaming Divisions need to be 4 people

    Good players can have 3-ship-div win rates of 80% or more. Let them div with 4 and you're probably talking 90%+. For all the people that dislike "battles that are decided before the match starts", this is a terrible idea.
  8. Assuming this ship goes 80 knots, it might be viable. Can't wait to charge in, land 8 torpedoes on a Musashi, and watch the torpedo belt soak up all the damage while the guns come to bear...
  9. Brhinosaurus

    2 times in a ROW? Not an accident.

    If you're talking about who I think you are, he's a very good player in a very good clan... but he seems to use Ranked mostly to troll his teammates. Yeah, it's frustrating.
  10. Brhinosaurus

    Damage Control Mod 1....What's the deal?

    I think you're confusing Damage Control Party and Repair Party. Damage control puts out fires and floods and offers temporary immunity from getting new ones. Repair Party restores HP over time. The special mod increases the time for Damage Control Party, so that's extra immunity time. It doesn't affect Repair Party and your ability to heal.
  11. Brhinosaurus

    2 times in a ROW? Not an accident.

    to be fair, WG doesn't claim there are no bots. They claim that they have an appropriate amount of people working hard to detect and ban bots. At least that's what they say every time somebody starts a "this guy is botting and he's been botting for a month" threads.
  12. Brhinosaurus

    How To Tell When A Match Is Lost Before It Begins

    No, because I am not defining "skill" or the "skill of a player". None of what the rest of what you are saying has anything to do with answering the question I posed, which is the original concept that you rejected in your first post of the thread. Everyone but you seems to agree that if you concentrate all the players with good statistics on one team, that team is likely going to be the team that wins (with the likelihood increasing with the size of the statistical disparity). The question was supposed to be whether wargaming should do anything about that, in terms of instituting something other than a purely random matchmaker. But it seems like you're arguing against the very notion that good players (as identified by their above average statistics) can consistently influence outcomes of games in their favor. And I don't see how you can possibly argue with that, except by arguing that skill is an illusion and reversion to the mean is inevitable. If we were all flipping coins, you'd be right. If you got 10 people and had each of them flip a coin 100 times, and one of them got heads 60 times, we would not call him a skilled coin flipper. We'd just say he'd been lucky in those first 100 flips, and we'd expect that if we had him do 100 more flips he'd have no better odds than anyone else. In fact he'd probably get worse in his second set of 100 since he was so far above average in his first set. That's the definition of reversion to the mean. But you're trying to apply that to a skill-based game, only you're saying statistical skill is so insignificant that it cannot trump reversion to the mean, and as such it is meaningless if you discover that your team has a 45% average win rate and my team has a 55% average winrate. Am I understanding you right? Because that is very, very unsupported by any of the data that anyone has run. I'm not saying it's impossible for the 45% team to beat the 55% team. I'm just saying it's rare.
  13. Brhinosaurus

    2 times in a ROW? Not an accident.

    I see players that are afk the whole match until they get spotted, and the instant they start taking damage they're suddenly alive and fighting.... badly. Have to assume it's a bot. Probably gets you slightly more wins than the typical YOLO bots that charge straight ahead and die first.
  14. Brhinosaurus

    How To Tell When A Match Is Lost Before It Begins

    I don't even know what your point is anymore.... Do you agree that if my team has three players with solo win rates above 58% and everyone else is average, and your team has no players with above average win rates, my team is going to win almost all the time?
  15. You're making fun but "vision-manipulation" is one of the core principles of this game and multiplayer games in general, isn't it? Can you name one pvp video game in which both teams have easy access to knowing what the other team is doing on demand? It takes all the tactical part of coordinated battles and throws it out the window. No more surprise flanks. No more feinting in one area then pushing in another. No detacting ships from an initial push to strike from a new unexpected direction. Just airplanes letting everybody know at all times what each side is doing. It's not unbalanced because both sides can do it, but it is unfun. Most of the people I've talked to seem to think that the power gap between CVs and targets is even worse at T6 than at T10. There's not a lot of T6 ships with fearsome AA... so it's another season of carrier versus deathball.