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  1. Is that offer open to everyone, or just him specifically? Asking for a friend.
  2. Never before have I seen such ineptitude punished so efficiently by one ship. Gather 'round and hear the tale of Captain Underscore Mayhem Underscore One, captain of the highest caliber. The battle had started well, with various enemy destroyers and cruisers overextending and playing the price. With a significant numerical advantage, the green team pressed on the enemy base. And that's when things went wrong. First to fall was myself. With a squadron of green ships sweeping around the flank, I thought I would be safe to point my nose at the Gneiseau and commence some long range shelling. I was wrong. Mayhem fired one volley into my nose, earning four hits and relieving me of my remaining 16,183 hit points. Your narrator may be biased but I believe I was the only one whose death can be attributed more to enemy skill than to foolishness. The one positive aspect of my premature demise was that it gave me the opportunity to observe the rest of the carnage that was to unfold. Our Fubuki had just slipped into the red base, but as the Gneisenau was drawing close he was forced to deploy smoke and launch torpedoes. From a range of approximately 5 km, the Fubuki missed with all three launchers, failing to correct for the Gneisenau's slight turn to port. Fubuki reloaded and was beginning to launch the second volley (which would also miss) when Gneisenau's own torpedoes, fired blindly into Fubuki's smoke, arrived. They were off target however, with only one torpedo threatening to clip Fubuki's nose. A tiny application of reverse engines would have been sufficient to avoid the volley, but for reasons that escape me, Fubuki declined the opportunity to avoid destruction, and became the second ship destroyed. Now at last our squadron had cleared an island and Mayhem was surrounded. What I did not expect was that this was right where he wanted to be. He turned his attention on our New York. New York had full health to Gneis's half. Perhaps he felt this was unsporting, because New York promptly turned broadside, allowing Mayhem to land a punishing broadside. I felt at this point it would be prudent to remind the team that Gneis possessed torpedoes, lest others suffer Fubuki's fate. However my warning fell on deaf ears (or blind eyes, I suppose), as New York continued to sail broadside, allowing Gneis to land hits with the starboard launchers, then swing around and finish New York off with the port launchers. New York dropped from full health to dead in less than a minute, becoming the third ship to die. The second ship of the flanking squadron was the cruiser Leander. Upon contact he deployed smoke and came to a dead stop. As Gneis drew closer Leander declined to fire on him, focusing on a more distant target. By the time Gneis had finished New York, Leander was about 2 km away sitting dead stop in his smoke. As Gneis began to rip apart Leander, Leander finally throttled up and fired his own torpedoes. In spite of the minimal distance, these all missed, and Leander became the fourth ship to die. The last surviving ship of the flanking squadron was the Texas. Texas followed New York's example, turning broadside and sailing predictably. Gneisenau's starboard torpedo launcher had reloaded and fired, and the same lesson taught to New York was applied to Texas, becoming the fifth and final ship to fall at Mayhem's hands. By now Mayhem had less than 2,000 health and he would eventually be sunk by long range fire from our Kirov, but by then the damage was done. Defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory as our numerical advantage turned to deficit of the course of a few minutes thanks to one ship. So, @Cpt_Mayhem_1, Sir or Madam, my hat's off to you. And to my teammates, you're all @#%$ing morons and I hope to never see you again.
  3. Apologies if this has already been discussed, but... Lately I am frequently dumped straight back into port after a match, rather than going to the post-game report screens. I of course can still access those from the port, but why the change? Is this a bug, or intended?
  4. DD Question

    After 1,500 battles in USN DDs I am starting to try IJN DDs in earnest. They are very different. I've been taking notes and may at some point have enough to post thoughts that others may find useful/interesting. We'll see. Certainly an IJN DD needs to run from an enemy DD in most situations, which is far from the case with USN DDs. However, if you can get yourself in an optimal situation, an IJN DD can wreck a fleet of enemy BBs more efficiently than a USN DD can.
  5. The Aigle series

    You only get one mission in the series at a time, and you have a couple days for each mission. I believe the 3rd one is available now. They're generally pretty simple - this one is to win 4 battles. There will be 26 missions in total ending at the end of March. You need to do 18 of them so you can afford to miss several if you don't play every day.
  6. DD Question

    Kind of sounds like you want to stick with the USN DDs to me. Of the two nations you're trying now, you may like them, but you need to move a lot further up the trees until you truly get into the "national flavor". Pan-Asians are all over the place as you go up the tiers, until you reach T8-10 and they basically become USN DDs with better smoke and deep water torps. So that's an option. Germans are pretty good all-rounders too. Maybe not the strongest in most areas but they make up for it by having hydro. Russians are long range gunboat/mini-cruisers, and IJN and sneaky torp ninjas that don't want to get into a gunfight if they can help it.
  7. Deep water torpedoes have a different icon depending on if they're a threat to your ship or not. Triangles will hit you, little circles won't. Still get a moment of panic every time I'm in my DD and they suddenly show up, though. The last time, they made the torpedo alert noises... which I thought they were not supposed to do.
  8. TK Scenario

    I had some jackhole have the nerve to ask me "How did you run into my torps?" when his cruiser in the second line of battle fired them into the general area my destroyer was dueling an enemy DD in. I didn't run into your torps, moron. You hit me with them. It is a difficult thing to ask players to be aware of torpedoes coming from the rear when they are engaged in a heated battle to the front. Pay attention to your torpedoes, and, if there is any doubt that they could be a threat to your teammate, get on chat and ping the map and let them know.
  9. If I hit you from more than 12 km with my torpedoes, frankly it's your fault. It means you're being so predictable that I was able to guess where you'd be nearly a minute in advance. At that range, if you modify your speed or your heading by just a little bit, those torps that were aimed at you won't come anywhere near you. Give it a try sometimes. With that said I do now and then hit a target that I didn't even know was there at the tail end of Gearing's 16 km torps. That's always fun.
  10. Farming solo warrior...

    The interesting thing is that a team kill may make strategic sense in certain situations. When a red player kills a green ship, the red team GAINS points and the green team LOSES points. However, if green kills green, green LOSES points but red gains NOTHING. Therefore if death is inevitable for the green ship, a team kill is strategically preferable. Ethically highly questionable though.
  11. Farming solo warrior...

    Can't imagine why not. Of course you're a horrible person for thinking of it, but... should work.
  12. CV Hiding Places-Sniping Made easy

    If you check out OP's post history, it's 95% trolling. He is not entitled to the benefit of doubt at this point.
  13. how does one have 24% WR?

    I believe a 40% WR when AFK would apply to a non-carrier. The team can carry the load a lot better down a battleship or cruiser than it can dealing with total enemy air supremacy. I would imagine a carrier that goes AFK every game would have a truly abysmal win rate. With that said, the 25% players are probably bots or dual-account setups boosting someone else's win rates.
  14. DD invincability cloaks

    First of all this is a two year old thread why are you reopening it? Second of all, if DDs are so overpowered why are you so bad at them? Have fun with War Thunder.
  15. DD Players-Time to Strike!

    This is a troll post. OP is a troll who makes troll threads. Please do not feed the troll.