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  1. Brhinosaurus

    Why do I have to enroll in Naval Battles?

    If they automatically enabled attempts, you would have people using up their attempts on games that were unlikely to earn a prize, either because they're doing coop on an xp-based weekend, or playing a type of ship in which clanmates have already cleared several levels instead of something easier. So it's a good thing. If I understand OP's complaint, it's that, when you enable an attempt, you don't know if you're going to have a good team that will give you a good opportunity to succeed, or a bad team that's going to get steamrolled no matter how well you play. Which is true, but... it is what it is.
  2. Brhinosaurus

    Yes, game is rigged to keep people near 50% WR

    You really think one player out of 12 could hurt the team so badly as to lose 80% of the time with completely random matchmaking? Seems like a stretch to me. A few people guessed 40% but I'm going to say it's closer to 35%. You do see some players that are presumed to be poorly coded bots who average damage amounting to a few secondary hits per game, and one kill every 40-50 games. Those guys might as well be afk, and they're typically safely below 40%.
  3. Brhinosaurus

    Yes, game is rigged to keep people near 50% WR

    Funny, cause there's lots and lots of people with lots of games played and win rates well above 50%. There's even a technical term for them... "good players". You yourself have a solo win rate of 53%, that makes you a pretty decent player in my book. Do you honestly think if you keep playing this game the same way you have been eventually your win rate will fall off to 50%? The "you're only 1/24th of the whole match" is why even the best players lose a third of their solo games and even the worst players win a third of them. But it is absolutely possible to be good and maintain a solo win rate well above average (or be terrible and maintain a solo win rate well below it).
  4. Brhinosaurus

    Challenge - hit Rank 1 playing Torpedo Destroyers!

    Nice job you two. I'm going to give you both the second place prize. I know technically Smaland wasn't on the permitted ships but I most likely would have included it had I realized it would be out in time for the season. Not like there's a ton of other people eligible for the prizes anyhow. Dubloons should be on the way shortly.
  5. Brhinosaurus


    Really not a fan of these limited access mission codes. I guess this one came and went yesterday morning (closer to middle of the night for the west coasters) in about an hour?
  6. Thanks for taking an analytical approach to this. far too many people go with the approach of "THIS IS HOW I FEEL THEREFORE I AM GOING TO CLAIM SOME FACTS". I was wondering about this. OP, how did you handle hidden stats? The prevailing wisdom is that people with hidden stats are most typically below average, but there are bound to be exceptions. Over a large enough sample size it should smooth out of the data but 200 battles grouped into five pools (0, 1, 2, 3, and 4% difference in win rate) is maybe not enough for firm conclusions yet.
  7. coordinated clan members are only something to worry about if they're, you know... good. Given that one's rank 11 and one's 16... probably not the case.
  8. Brhinosaurus

    Smaland and stealth radar??

    A good point as well. Also, the radar change (only the ship using the radar can see the targets it illuminates at first), while a welcome change for destroyers getting targeted by radar, was a nerf to radar destroyers.
  9. Brhinosaurus

    Require battle amount to go to next tier ?

    Making people slowly earn their way up from tier to tier is the last thing WG wants because if you do it that way you don't have to spend any money. WG would much rather introduce a new player to the game, have them buy a T8 premium after 20 battles, use dubloons to convert xp and paid boosts to blitz up a line, etc. WG is never going to restrict the ability of bad players to play certain tiers and game types because bad players' money is worth as much as good players.
  10. Brhinosaurus

    these european DDs are trash tbh. they COULD have been good, but

    Which ones have you played? I don't have any yet but I'm expecting them to be super meh in the mid tiers and then become respectable to awesome in the high tiers.
  11. Brhinosaurus

    Smaland and stealth radar??

    People definitely used to complain about Black from time to time, claiming it was OP since it has smoke and radar. Not to the level that people complain about Smolensk or carriers now, but it was there. It wasn't a ship you saw very often so the complaints weren't at the same volume as they are against a ship you might see every battle. Funny thing is, when it went from a ship that you had to rank out 3 times to get, to one of the cheapest steel ships in the game, the complaints started to drop off. By the time it's available for coal people will probably be asking to buff it. But yeah, to OP and everyone else: Smaland has radar like a Yueyang or a Black. To maximize your effectiveness you need to remember what ships can do that and plan accordingly.
  12. Brhinosaurus

    Challenge - hit Rank 1 playing Torpedo Destroyers!

    Well done! You are the first place winner. I'll get those 2,000 dubloons on the way right now! To everybody else, there are still some smaller prizes available for the next five people that pull it off, so don't give up!
  13. Bad teams happen to everyone. With only 7 players on a side, the variance is going to be higher which means the odds of having a team with a critical mass of potatoes is even higher than in a 12v12 match. That's just statistics at work, not a matchmaker conspiracy.
  14. Brhinosaurus

    Challenge - hit Rank 1 playing Torpedo Destroyers!

    So how's everyone doing with this? Anyone having success? I got to R5 just now and I'm feeling good... but I'm not going to ruin it by playing the next league tonight. Expecting the brick wall to rear its ugly head and smash all my hopes and dreams as soon as I start that up.
  15. Brhinosaurus

    WG please give CV's some love and new ships.