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  1. Small sample size. According to your sig in the last four days you've got the rating of a good player and the win rate of an AFKer. These things happen. Get 50 battles or so in it and then see where your win rate's at.
  2. I have enough reserve slots that I could have three captains for every ship I own. Does seem a bit out of balance.
  3. Des Moines has a sort of steep learning curve. You can and will be dropped from 100% to 0% health from a single battleship salvo if you position yourself wrong. You have no smoke or heavy armor or large HP pool to allow you to make a mistake and keep fighting. My first several battles in it were abysmal but I'm gradually getting better.
  4. What about real-world equivalent, like trading card games? If you buy a booster pack for Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon or whatever, you could wind up with a card with a resale value of much more than what the pack cost. More likely you will get nothing of significance, though. Is that gambling?
  5. Just keep torping. Most of the time you'll hit somebody with DCP ready or you'll devstrike and floods won't matter, but sooner or later you'll hit that BB that repaired one fire at full health and it'll tick for 40k. Couple of those and you'll be good to go.
  6. Four tries in the Gearing: two battles with more than 20k torpedo damage, both wins. More than 1900 but less than 2000 flooding damage. two battles with 100k+ damage, including plenty of torpedo and flooding damage, both losses. Got it first try in the Fletcher, just barely. Charged a Montana and hit with four torps before he and the rest of the red fleet killed me. Definitely would not have tried that if not for the mission. Flooding is very situational. You have to hit somebody that doesn't have damage control party available AND has enough HP that you're not going to instantly kill them. Some games you can get 40k flooding with a single torpedo, but not very often.
  7. Because he's having trouble convincing two destroyers to go on a fool's errand around the edge of the map with him while the other 17 (???) players on his team try to hold off the more focused enemy.
  8. Are we even sure OP is playing World of Warships, and not some other game? Maybe a tabletop RPG naval simulation or something?
  9. Regarding the Stoplight Mod: Yes, you can get the same information with torpedoes... if your ship has them. Obviously not all ships do. Also if you're in a gunfight and you switch to torpedoes for the sole purpose of determining direction, you're wasting a little bit of time that the person with the mod doesn't have to. It can be very hard to tell if a ship is moving, and if so how quickly, at long range away from landmarks. I particularly have trouble with battleships doing long range shooting. Very few battleships have torpedoes, and the slow reload time means if I have to see how my first shot falls to know where to place my second and you don't, you're at a huge advantage. Hard to see how Stoplight isn't considered to provide an advantage.
  10. If you're going to nerf radar you'd have to buff USN cruisers. They're dead last in damage output from T8-T10. The only way they make for that is utility - radar and AA.
  11. To be honest, I wouldn't mind trying a game like that now and then, to be different. I assume the battleships hung out with the carriers mainly to provide additional AA? It's like matchmaker accidentally made a real WWII battle.
  12. If you look up the enemy carrier player, he's actually got really good stats, including in that Enterprise. He just reaaaally wanted to throw planes at the Edinburgh for some reason.
  13. I really don't understand clear skies, except when a carrier player earns it. It pretty much requires the enemy captain to say "golly, that ship just ate thirty of my fighters... better send in the rest!" Personally, if you decimate my first attempt to come after you, I'm going to spend the rest of the game looking for someone easier to hit.
  14. Giving all ships POTENTIAL access to radar would make high tier DDs completely unplayable, except maybe the khab. Coming within 12km of any enemy ship would be too deadly to risk. Kind of like Clan Battles are for DDs right now I guess.
  15. World of Warships already features much shorter ranged combat with much more gun accuracy than realistic naval battles. Giving ships realistic acceleration/deceleration would ramp up the pain even further and make people even less likely to attempt bold maneuvers. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure if you gave battleships realistic acceleration they'd never reach top speed by the end of the battle.