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  1. Brhinosaurus

    Did WG change Detonation's again???

    Thing is, WG announces the changes they make. Changing a particular ship's stats, like the accuracy or reload rate of the guns? They announce that. Changing an overall game mechanic, like how AA or detection in smoke works? They announce that. So a player that keeps up with all the news should be equipped to answer these things... unless you think this is the one time WG made a mechanics change and didn't announce it.
  2. Brhinosaurus

    Kagerō 16 torpedoes

    I figure you gotta run TRB on Kagero. Kagero with smoke is just a bad Benson. Kagero with TRB is a unique ship. Sucks when a carrier finds you though. Strange that OP has almost 70 Kagero battles and never checked out his consumable options. Up next, we tell a Des Moines player he can equip radar!
  3. Brhinosaurus

    Rescinding Nerfs?

    yup, I pointed that out in my later post once I understood exactly what methodology we are using. Zao has the biggest alpha strike potential in the game.
  4. Brhinosaurus

    Rescinding Nerfs?

    Okay, I understand your methodology, and I agree that using that method DDs have higher alpha damage than battleships, with the caveats as you mention. I was trying to figure out how you were claiming that the Shima had 10x more alpha damage than any other ship, but I see you're walking back that statement. Plus you're comparing it to battleships, not to other destroyers. By my figuring, Benham can do 68% of Shima's alpha, Somers and Black can do 60%, and Ohotnik somewhat hilariously comes in at 46% of Shima alpha capacity. A grey area might be the use of torpedo reload booster. Granted, that's not a true alpha strike, but being able to fire torps again 5-8 seconds later is close enough to count in my book. If you count torpedoes fired with the immediate benefit of TRB as part of the alpha strike, then Kita and Harugumo have 80% shima torpedo alpha power, and Yugmo is your true DD alpha champion at 107% Shima power. But none of those are your true alpha champion, nor is any other destroyer... Zao is! Zao has 20 launchers split between the two sides, so it can put 33% more of the same torpedoes in the water at the same time shima can. Granted you need targets on both sides of the ship to accomplish this, but given the hypothetical nature of the exercise I see no reason not to count it. Many of the other cruisers have similarly impressive torpedo alphas, but I don't think anything beats Zao.
  5. Brhinosaurus

    Rescinding Nerfs?

    Curious about your math on this. I assume your "potential burst damage" refers to a hypothetical situation in which Shima launches all 15 torps, which all hit for their full rated damage against targets. Is that right? I wouldn't doubt that Shima can put out the highest number with that formula, but the "all other ships are 10 times less" is the one I'm struggling with.
  6. R-F has 7,900 steel in the treasury plus a lot of coal. 8k steel divided among all the members who helped earn it would be a useless amount per person, but if given to a handful of people it would be a noticeable perk. Our officers tried to decide what to do with it a month or two ago and couldn't come to a consensus so it remains unused for now. It's not even like somebody wanted to do something unethical, it's just that we wanted to do something fair but couldn't agree what that would be.
  7. The clan treasury is a seriously underutilized feature of the game. Although given the potential for drama, perhaps that's for the best.
  8. Brhinosaurus

    Too Much Smoke in the Higher Tier games??

    Smoke is simply a tool that is useful in some situations and countered by some other tools. Ships that have it are balanced around having it. Are there a couple ships in the game right now that have smoke that are overpowered? Yeah, probably. But that doesn't mean the whole mechanic is wrong. OP, you've got a lot of battles but they're in a pretty narrow range of ship types. You neither frequently play ships that make best use of smoke nor frequently play ships that best counter smoke - although your German hydro on your cruisers and Bismark does a pretty good job in certain situations. If you want to really have an informed opinion on what's balanced or not it's best to have a more balanced base of experience yourself. You could try something like British cruisers - there you have an intriguing choice between equipping smoke or radar. You can play both the user of smoke and the counter to smoke and see how you like it. Just a suggestion.
  9. Brhinosaurus

    An early assessment of Clan Battles

    OP had a nice KOTS thread like this too. He even straight out says he's watching streams of other people playing, he's not basing any of this from his own experience. Either he's a complete outsider or he's trolling with an alt account, either of which should result in his threads getting absolutely zero attention. And yet, here we are.
  10. Brhinosaurus

    How do you get rare ships like musashi?

    If you really want to whale it up proper, you need to buy up as many of the other premium ships as you can possibly afford. Some of the things like Santa crates have logic something like: 1. See if crate awards a ship 2. If so, pick from this list of ships: (mehboat1, mehboat2, mehboat3, Missouri) 3. If user already has that ship, pick again. So if you buy mehboat1-3 from the store, when you get that Santa crate you're more likely to get the Missouri. Hopefully it's apparent that this is a horribly expensive plan, but I know some people do it.
  11. What's your source on that? http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/cvc/season06/info07_na.html By the end of last season, 823 clans in North America had played clan battles, and 12,610 clans had not. So that's 6.5%. Not everyone is in a clan, and not everyone in a particular clan plays clan battles even if that clan does. Given that, his 5% number seems realistic to me?
  12. Brhinosaurus

    Did something change?

    Any changes to ships or game mechanics that would affect your ability to hit targets with one or more ships is something they would announce when they made the change, and there have been no such changes recently apart from a few specific ships like some of the russian battleships. Swings of seemingly good and bad fortune are going to happen as you play battles against opponents of various quality. I'd want to see the replay of your 4km miss though. Either you did something very wrong or you're not remembering the details of what happened correctly. Could be a good learning opportunity if you're the type of person who's open to constructive criticism (a lot of players aren't, and those tend to be the ones who never get better).
  13. Brhinosaurus

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report

    Same for me. Furthermore, attempting to start WOWS when it is in this state yields the message "Warning. Application 'World of Warships' is started." and no other effect.
  14. Brhinosaurus

    DD concealment is ridiculous

    "there are 1,000 things about this game that are unrealistic or historically inaccurate but these specific handful got me killed so please fix them!" ... "keep all the ones that benefit me though please"
  15. I tried out the Tier 5 in a few games over the weekend and the results were extremely underwhelming. the SAP rounds seem practically worthless. I averaged about 500 damage per hit with them across all classes of targets. 500 per hit would be okay for something firing hundreds of rounds per minute, but with her rate of fire it's a pittance. I set up a couple solid ambushes of enemy destroyers only to watch them sail away with only a minor chunk of health subtracted. I was able to use her speed, maneuverability and smoke (I took premium consumables superintendent so I could have 3 charges) to survive for the majority of the battle, but I just wasn't racking up any damage. Maybe the line gets better when you swap the 152s for 203s?