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  1. Brhinosaurus

    PSA: 0.8.3 delayed a day

    @Radar_X or someone else, can you answer this? I know you guys have been letting us know that there were no clan battles for the 24th, but with the patch moved and battles on the 25th cancelled, are they back on for tonight?
  2. Brhinosaurus

    Neustrashimy for 20,500 steel

    I certainly wouldn't deny it! Part of it is the scarcity of high-tier premiums for destroyer players. There are so many T9 and T10 cruisers and battleships for whatever your currency of choice is - free xp, coal, steel, real money. For Destroyers, there is currently exactly one non-tech tree Destroyer available for tiers 9 or 10. Tomorrow, there will be two.
  3. Brhinosaurus

    .0.8.3 Patch - your reactions?

    Read the notes carefully. The only current way for the treasury to earn steel and coal is through clan battles. And only the best clans in the world are going to earn more than a couple thousand steel total and 10-20k coal.
  4. Brhinosaurus

    Neustrashimy for 20,500 steel

    a) because DDs and light cruisers are the only ships I enjoy and do well in and - in spite of several things I do not like about the current meta - the game is still enjoyable enough to play. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here at all. b) because I already have Black and Flint and have no interest in the steel battleships and large cruisers. The only use for my steel at this point is either Neustrashimy or a future steel destroyer to be named later, such as potentially Somers. I am very interested in Somers, not that we know when it will be released or what the currency will be. Certainly if I were to buy a Neustrashimy and then be locked out of Somers for a while after release I would have regrets. c) the 50% markup is disappointing but what are my options? A one-man protest against the steel economy by not buying anything with it? Again, there are very few things I'm interested in using steel for, now or in the future.
  5. Brhinosaurus

    Neustrashimy for 20,500 steel

    This is kind of circular logic, isn't it? We made things available for steel, so you wanted steel. So we gave and sold you steel, and now you have steel, and we have to raise prices because now you have steel.
  6. Brhinosaurus

    Neustrashimy for 20,500 steel

    Yes... wonder when they'll give us one of those.
  7. Brhinosaurus

    Neustrashimy for 20,500 steel

    well you and @Lert are making a pretty solid case. Maybe it's worth a try after all.
  8. Tier 9 Russian DD Neustrashimy will be available starting tomorrow for 20,500 steel. That's just a hair shy of a 50% markup over the game's only current steel destroyer, the Tier 9 USN DD Black for 14,000 steel. What does everyone think? I did pretty well in the Ognevoi and as such have some interest in the Neustrashimy as it seems to be a fairly similar ship, but that's a big steel gamble. What if I don't like it? What if I get it and then, say, Somers is a steel ship and I can't afford it for several months? Anybody getting it?
  9. Brhinosaurus

    How many FBs ya got?

    609 First Blood's in 6085 random battles... that's as close to 10% as you can get.
  10. I mean, there are ships in the game that have LITERALLY ZERO AA and those ships can see carriers. So... AA-death ships seems fair.
  11. Brhinosaurus

    Get ready for the most OP unique captain.

    The captain yells real loud "we're turning hard to port!" and then the ship turns to starboard. Very confusing for the enemy.
  12. Brhinosaurus

    Ranked Season 12

    It was already very difficult to do ranked t10 in a DD. Supporting your team properly does not award enough xp to be viable. Now you can take spotting, ninja capping, and surprise torpedo rushes off the table. See you all from my minotaur...
  13. Brhinosaurus

    Get ready for the most OP unique captain.

    The First Blood achievement is linked only to his first ability, the extra consumable. The second ability, "Will to Win", is not tied to an achievement and as written should automatically activate when your ship is reduced to 10% health. There is nothing in that description that indicates it would not work in non-achievement battle modes. Now, in a separate post iKami said it would not work in clan battles, so that's an additional source of information.
  14. Brhinosaurus

    Get ready for the most OP unique captain.

    Depends on if it stays that way through live or not. I did include that caveat in my first post. Don't know that we've ever seen them reveal and then nerf a unique captain, though. The fact that they say the talent won't work in Clan Battles is both good to hear and also kind of amazing. They're essentially saying "yes, we know this is overpowered in a competitive sense, but if you wanna go beat up randos with it that's fine." Imagine if they started tweaking other game balance items differently in clan battles and randoms. "hmm Henri reload booster is too powerful, we're going to cut its effectiveness by 50% for clan battles only".
  15. Brhinosaurus

    Get ready for the most OP unique captain.

    The fact that it has three facets combined is what makes it so overpowered. Yes, if you got yourself badly out of position and you're getting nuked this won't help you. But that rarely happens when good placers face off in competitive formats. What about a destroyer, though, caught on the edge of radar, running for its life as cruisers 15 km away try to finish it off (this happens all the time in Clan Battles)? Suddenly the engine is repaired, the fires go out, the health goes up enough to heal through the random stray shot.... which is all that's hitting, because suddenly the dispersion is way up. So it goes dark and spends the rest of the game sending torpedoes your way. What about a stalingrad, which poked out a little too far from an island, reversing now, but Henris have got it and they're burning it down? Remember how susceptible Stalingrad is to fire. Well, now the fires are out. And it's healing. And you're hitting it less. And now it's gone dark and you lost your chance to eliminate it. And just wait until the Russian battleships get here! That heal will restore over 8,000 health on a Kreml. And the free repair party is huge for a ship that has a limited usage of them. And the dispersion isn't going to make you miss the thing completely, but maybe you miss the citadel now for a little while and give it a chance to put one more volley into you. The other captain abilities on this level, like Yamamoto getting a Kraken or Hasley getting Confederate or Double Strike, are very rare and can only occur in game modes with achievements (which notably does not include clan battles or Kings of the Sea) "Will to Win" will happen to every ship he's in during every battle unless the ship never takes enough damage to trigger it or the ship gets nuked before it has a chance to activate.