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  1. Noob DD has no Camo!

    Ships without camo are almost always easy targets. Does camo make a huge difference? No, just a little one. But good players tend to take every little advantage they can get. The same player who isn't running camo (even one of the cheaper ones that pile up by the hundreds) probably isn't running signal flags, premium consumables, or a high level captain. Put all that together and you've got a significant decrease in capability.
  2. who knows what, and who knows WHEN. Haven't the carrier changes been in the works for a year and a half or something?
  3. Rather have a good division on the other team and potatoes on my own than have a competent carrier on the other team while the one on mine has a 30% win rate. If we're worried about fixing balance concerns I say deal with carriers first.
  4. Swiss CV leaked

    If you look closely at the screenshot, the player is unable to join a battle, getting an error message that "Switzerland is Neutral".
  5. EPIC lack of support for our 2 dds

    So your title is meant to be sarcasm then, right? Anyone still in the tier 8 portion of ranked play either doesn't play very often or isn't very good, so you've got to expect a lot of tomfoolery at this point.
  6. Submarine Watch - Update

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Ships_sunk_by_submarines Many, many true warships on the lists. It's true that a lot of them were sunk while attempting to transit from one location to another rather than in a pitched naval battle... but then, how many pitched naval gunnery actions as depicted in World of Warships actually took place in WWI and II? Only a handful.
  7. Was This Charge a Mistake?

    I would have either fired the first spread directly at him (pretty safe bet he's going to turn head on to you) or wait until point blank range. You had to survive for longer waiting for the second reload. But it worked out just fine, so it's hard to be too nitpicky. I dunno. If their DD beats yours, they maintain A cap and get a temporary points lead, BB is taking B, DD will head to C. Pretty soon you're stuck in the middle and they've got a 3 to 1 cap advantage. I think you have to beat one of the two remaining ships to win in that situation. As it happened, as soon as your DD beat theirs you earned the win. Didn't matter what you did, so why not go for the glory? Curious why you're asking - did someone complain to you after watching you do this?
  8. I don't have it but I've been meaning to look into it. I'm in my Minotaur. I'm going to approach close to a cap, following a destroyer. I'm gonna smoke and start dropping bulk quantities of AP shells on any targets I can find. So... is that destroyer in front of me likely to keep himself alive and maybe even spot targets for me? Or is he going to yolo, get killed, and leave me blind? I can make better plans if I can predict this better.
  9. Isoroku Yamamoto

    He's travelling up my cruiser line. I'm not much of a BB player. Only managed to activate his Kraken talent once so far but it was awesome. I was nearly dead and the heal brought me back to fighting shape. Ended up getting two more kills.
  10. Don't know what everybody's complaining about. For the record I always buy signals containers.
  11. What Ships Is IFHE Viable On?

    Correct! That's a pretty unique ship though, isn't it? I've played USN/Pan Asian DDs, and IJN DDs on whatever you call the branch of the tree that ends with Shima, and I've never seen IFHE recommended. I've played germans and russian DDs less but it doesn't look to be recommended there, either.
  12. What Ships Is IFHE Viable On?

    I've never seen IFHE called "mandatory" on a destroyer build... at least not from the nations I play and read up on. It could be useful in some situations but it's not generally worth the points cost. I have seen that it dramatically increases battleship secondary damage, if you're playing a secondaries build.
  13. Cruiser terminology to use

    If it goes "pew pew pew pew... pew pew pew pew... pew pew pew pew!" It's a CL. If it goes "BOOMBOOM! ... ... ... ... BOOMBOOM!" It's a CA. If it goes "pewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpew...." it's a Minotaur.
  14. But I've got my morning coffee. I always have a morning rage while I drink my morning coffee. Don't take this away from me!
  15. DoW3 went into my Steam wishlist as soon as it was announced. But once I learned more about the game, it stayed there. Every now and then I get an email that it's on sale, but... just not interested. You're right though. Not everything is an esport, and not every fanbase is an esport crowd. This is a game mostly enjoyed by an older-than-average crowd, who enjoys the fact that you don't need an adderall prescription to be competitive. Please don't take that away to pursue some imaginary playerbase of esport fans.