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  1. Brhinosaurus

    How exactly does Friendly Fire work?

    lol well since I was the one that ate the torpedoes I was very much concerned with receiving the damage.
  2. Brhinosaurus

    First Strike Fridays - Early Leads

    You actually see fairly often where an early lead turns out to be a negative. The green team takes A and B, destroying some red ships and forcing the rest to C. The green team has lost few if any ships at this point. But the good news for red is that they now have a concentrated mass of firepower at C. They're behind in ships but the green ships are spread across A and B and in between. The green players, rather arranging a coordinated push, or even agreeing that there's no need for a push, sail towards C in ones and twos and get eliminated by the concentrated firepower. And all of a sudden, red is running away with the game.
  3. Brhinosaurus

    How exactly does Friendly Fire work?

    I guess I should really dig the replay out and upload it if I want concrete answers. It seemed to me the first couple torpedoes did all the damage and the following ones did none. But as I said I don't think it was damage saturation because they kind of struck all over.
  4. Brhinosaurus

    What is the Point of Bridges?

    I have noticed a lot of the lower-tier ships are just loaded up with portholes along the hull. Look at Acasta: I'm sure they're there because it's historically accurate. I just can't believe anybody thought that was a good idea.
  5. Last night I was in my Fletcher. I was at full or nearly full health, accelerating out of my smoke cloud, when I suddenly found myself sliding into the path of a full load of Neptune torps. I ate six of them, which did a total of 9,059 damage and resulted in a disciplinary penalty for the Neptune (but not any reflected damage IIRC). The torps hit in a variety of locations along my hull so I don't believe damage saturation was in play. I was surprised to have survived and said so in chat. Somebody claimed that friendly fire is capped at half your health (half your max health? remaining health? And is that per volley, or per teammate, or...?). I asked my clan about it later and it doesn't seem like anyone is quite sure exactly how friendly fire damage is calculated. If the wiki has anything to say on the subject, I'm missing it. So does anyone here know exactly how friendly fire damage works? Or is this another one of those mechanisms where Wargaming says "we don't want people to know exactly how it works so they can't figure out how to abuse it"?
  6. Brhinosaurus

    Hero of Dunkirk + Raptor Rescue = Pain

    I am indeed mostly trying battleships, but unfortunately that is the class I'm worst at so I'm not helping the team as much as I could be.
  7. Today's set of Royal Navy missions includes, for the first time, one mission that can only be completed in scenarios: In spite of the Dunkirk reference, the scenario of the week is no longer the very doable Operation Dynamo, but instead the much more challenging Raptor Rescue. How challenging? I spent some time trying it this morning. My results: First battle - five above average players, two average players. Was going well until one of the final CPU battleships approached behind cover of an island and rammed the Raptor. Loss. Second battle - two great, one good, four below average players. Couple players went rambo and got killed early. Rest of us got out of position trying to deal with the CPU carrier and couldn't protect Raptor. Loss. Third battle - two good players, five below average players. Gradually bled players throughout the game, lost Raptor when we were down to one player left. Fourth battle - three good players, four average players. Three destroyers on the team which I thought would lead to a shortage of raw DPS but we won, with four stars! (didn't get the second carrier) Fifth battle - three great to good players, four average players. Felt confident about this group but we lost three ships in the first half and one later on, and the survivors couldn't stop the Raptor from Leeroy Jenkinsing into the final spawn of enemies: So... I'm not saying Raptor is IMPOSSIBLE when you queue up solo, but it's damn hard and you're going to need to luck into a good group to do it. Of course queuing as a division is a possibility but if you're going to do that you might as well play one of the other operations where the stars are a lot easier to come by.
  8. Brhinosaurus

    Daring will have Z-52 concealment level now

    Is it over-performing right now? I got smoked by one the other day but it was in the hands of a very good player, so it's hard to separate the player from the ship.
  9. Brhinosaurus

    Buff the Black please

    Is Black OP? My methodology: 1. Identify a random sample of players who own the Black via checking the wows-numbers leaderboard. Don't just pick top players, root around all over the range. Pick players that have played a lot of battles in it so their stats are statistically significant. 2. For each of those players, compare their performance in the Black with their performance in the Fletcher. Fletcher is a generally well-regarded but statistically pretty average DD of the same tier. 3. If individual players tend to do better or worse in the Black compared to the Fletcher, we might conclude that the Black is underpowered or overpowered. Weakness in methodology: players tend to get better over time. A player who has the Fletcher may have played it early in their career put up some rookie numbers, but by the time a player earns the Black they've already got their rookie days behind them. So let's take some samples! Of the 11 players I sampled, 5 were better in Black in both win rate and damage done. 5 others had a better win rate in Black but worse damage. Only one had a better win rate in the Fletcher, and he did better damage in Black. It seems logical that giving up torpedo quality in exchange for radar might result in a ship that does less damage but can better influence the overall outcome of the battle, so these numbers aren't too surprising. This is a small sample size and I've identified at least one potential flaw in my methodology, but based on these results I would say Black is Overpowered In conclusion: why the hell did I stay up late working on this instead of going to bed? I'm an idiot, honestly.
  10. Brhinosaurus

    Coop Troll induces a Team Kill

    Sims' torps go 49 knots, so that's a tough ask. Black's go 43. There are a few other ships with 44-45 knot torps but they're all low tier and nothing in that range is fast enough to catch them. Black's torps could legitimately be run down by Le Terrible (if it doesn't change when it gets released), Khab, and maybe a few others.
  11. Brhinosaurus

    Coop Troll induces a Team Kill

    How fast can Le Terrible go with speed boost active and a speed flag? Fast enough to outrun torpedoes fired by a Black (43 knots), right? So you're in your Black, you fire your torps, and Le Terrible chases them down and takes true troll friendly fire. Could happen!
  12. Brhinosaurus

    Secondaries Killed friendly, I got a warning.

    I got killed by a secondary shot from an enemy ship that was fired at my ally who was about 2 km from me. I had been undetected for quite some time.
  13. Brhinosaurus

    Acasta: Hot Garbage!

    Oh and I forgot the mention: The AA seems entirely hypothetical. Like... I don't expect a T5 DD to have much AA, but it would be nice to be able to shoot down the lingering float plane left behind by a sunken BB with less than a minute of sustained AA fire.
  14. Brhinosaurus

    Acasta: Hot Garbage!

    Hot take time! The RN T5 DD is useless. Torpedoes are too short ranged to be a torp boat. Guns are too weak and floaty to be a gunboat. Smoke wears off so fast there's no time to do any damage even if you get a good firing position. Thoughts? Anybody having success with the thing? I sure as hell am not.
  15. Play well and you'll get accused of cheating sooner or later, usually by somebody who doesn't understand game mechanics or certain tree's perks, like German destroyer hydro. "How did you see me in my smoke? you cheated!". It's not worth spending any of your time worrying about it.