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  1. CalamitousIntent

    Suggestion: new Port: HIGH SEAS

    sorry I used some ambiguous language. I didn't mean your entire fleet all at once, i meant your entire fleet as an option it would be just like the old port mechanics where you see one ship at a time. But I do love the expanded idea that maybe off in the distance you can see your prior selected ship(s) or ships signalling through rain or fog.
  2. Suggestion. new port screen. Depicting of all ships in inventory under way at best speed in the worst weather possible. high seas and raining. I wanna see them boats bobbing and jumping. Also would like the container ship to do the same: bonus, crew of container ship holding on for dear life. stretch goals subs, able to submerge on home screen, also able to pint instead of just blowing horn cv's, would like to see active flight operations, take off landing going on while under way just a suggestion. New water physics are look great and what inspired suggestion.
  3. CalamitousIntent

    Johannes Meck-Layne

    They did this all wrong. this captain should have been American and the lines in English. lines: welcome to the party pal, multi pass, I was dead the entire time then they should have introduced the following other captains. Conan Crouchwagger - German Commander lines He wont be back, That Destroyer has been Terminated. It's not a toomah. Rocky Zamboni - Italian commander Your the disease and I'm the cure. I am the Law, live for nothing or die for something Adolph Greenlund - Russian comander I will break you. If he dies he dies,, I have the power Jean-Claude Van-bagget - French commander he has never said anything interesting. Gibson Rigggs - Commonwealth freedooooom (bravehert), Freeedooooom (the patriot), Freeeddoooom (release after DUI charge) Bond Connery - English commander Losers win about their death. winners go home and f the prom queen. Your the man now dawg, crude and slow clansman Wuhan Chan - Pan Asian Commander do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth, Ryu Wantanabe - Japanese Commander Let them fight, It is the perfect victory,
  4. It has DEFFFINITELYgotten much harder. The first three ships have had no changes in behaviors. the next two are SLIGHTLY more evasive. the next two are SLIGHTLY more evasive. the ships in the cove are highly evasive more effort is required to spot emplacements. you must get closer to the castle to spot it. Ideal strategy. The fastest ship on the left and the right will need to volunteer to focus on ship 3 group 1 (1-3) ship 2 group 2, and ship 2 group 3. The other two ships either side need to focus 1-1,2 ,2-1, 3-1. the two volunteers need to go around the back making sure to pick up spotting on that furthest pult, then making a b line right for the castle. no distractions. the ships in the in center need to focus down support ships as fast as they can to get to 19/20 sank. Rasputin counts as 20/20 once in this position. ignore everything else and sink the rasp. notes: the zipper is not completely useless. Just mostly useless. Not ideal for going around the outside. great at taking out the destroyers in the cove. enemy destroyers can help. they fire torps carelessly and can be used to help sink the rasp. no torps can touch you if you have dived 3rd depth. (1 being surface, 2 being scope depth). If torps are close, pop down to 3 just long enough for them to pass. Also. be good to eachother. that's just general life advice. Try to be the man Mr. Rogers thinks you can be.
  5. CalamitousIntent

    New Garbage A. I. Rebuttal Praise

    I like the fact there is a rebuttal thread to my point. I also like the fact the rebuttal is taking the same beating I took in my thread for speaking out. but as i said, I respect your opinion. i just disagree.
  6. CalamitousIntent

    New Garbage A.I. Round 3

    that's why I quit the other wow. (world of warcraft) sure they did a lot of change in terms of adding NEW content, but the changes to the existing core game and change for change sake just made is less fun. Also the number of jerkbags made it even less fun. PVP was cancer and PVE caught up.
  7. CalamitousIntent

    New Garbage A.I. Round 3

    This is the third time they reverted back to the new AI after having gone back. Each time I was hopeful the change was semi-permanent.
  8. CalamitousIntent

    New Garbage A.I. Round 3

    tedious: when the current bot logic is upon taking a hit, to retreat, cluster then spin in circles. At least with the brain dead aggressive bots, the fight would be over soon, I could move on to my next ship, on the next map on the next tier.
  9. CalamitousIntent

    New Garbage A.I. Round 3

    This is a gross mischaracterization of my argument. It hasn't gotten harder. It's gotten more tedious. My win rate is the same. My survival rate is the same. I don't like having to chase down bots. I don't like games taking 150% to 200% the normal amount of time. I enjoy the aggressive play style, the quick matches. Parts of it have gotten harder ESPECIALLY for my destroyers but that isn't my beef.
  10. CalamitousIntent

    New Garbage A.I. Round 3

    if that that's what makes it more fun, then why are you not playing Random instead of CoOp?
  11. CalamitousIntent

    New Garbage A.I. Round 3

    I respect your opinions and rebuttals. But I don't see if any of you addressed my key point. Let me ask you this. IS IT MORE FUN? If you think it is more fun then good on you. Share you dissent. If I'm wrong I'm wrong. if you think it is less fun, then good on you. Share your agreement. It's not like my opinion is an unpopular one. Many of the people who have engaged me on prior posts share my key sentiment. Each has there own perspective of why they feel it is less fun. Some enjoy it more. i respect that. But i don't think this is the common sentiment of pure CoOp players.
  12. CalamitousIntent

    New Garbage A.I. Round 3

    Dear WarGaming and anyone who agrees (or disagrees). In Prior posts, I've listed my many reasons for not liking the new CO-OP AI. those can be argued about endlessly. When it's all said and done, there is only one point that matters and that is; "Am I having more fun". The answer is no. It's not more fun. It's not more rewarding and it is nolonger providing the entertainment required to draw my time from other leisure activities. It's not like I'm capable of going cold turkey, but now playing these horrible bots is just painful. case in point;. I just got done playing my new russian destroyer (izzy). I had one of the best games I've had in it yet. I knocked off 4 bots. got a good piece of of a bb and was sunk. in most cases I would consider that a very good match, but it wasn't. i had to chase down and deal with all sort of weird Ai that just made it NOT FUN. COOP is supposed to be fast, carefree and yolo-ey. That's why the rewards are decreased so substantially. Thats why the groups are smaller. I'm going to be logging in every day like normal but just long enough to see if the AI has been restored or at least tweaked enough so the game doesn't feel like such a burden. in a lot of ways you've made the bots very good, but it's the kind of play style I would expect from human players and if I wanted to play against humans, I would chose random. Thank you for the last fun year I've had on this game, but If I can't get any more fun out of it, I'm just going to move on. Sincerely, CalamitousIntent.
  13. CalamitousIntent

    The new Garbage AI. round 2.,

    So you've done it to us again. I thought yesterday was an aberration but now the new AI is back in coop. If i wanted the feeling and Time investment that went along with playing humans, I would hit the Drop down, Switch from COOP to random and i would play against humans. sprecific reasons why I feel the new AI is garbage. 1. I'm tired of having to chase down retreating bots. aint nobody got time for that. 2. Battleships are still snipers. 3. Bots can dodge CV torps in such a way that if you don't have manual drop hitting them is extremely more difficult. 4. DD's with extremely short range are left holding the bag chasing down fleeing bots 5. DD's with long range torps are very unlikely to land anything with the extremely erratic behavior of all ships. 6. BB's are group up making later cruiser play next to unbearable. 7. CV just sits there, keeps it's fighters in reserve. Meanwhile when your CV is a bot, it still plays terribly. There is a huge difference between how well enemy cv and friendly cv bot plays. BONUS: The Acosta. just the worst. once this English even thing is over I'm selling it and going to thereapy for help forgetting it. ITS FAKE NEWS!. I play coop because I don't need the stress of PVP. Now I have to fight just as hard as i would in PVP but with no reward. I don't want the reward i just want my casual play back and not have to spend twice as much time per match. The amount of time I play this game is going to be in direct correlation to how much i enjoy playing it and friend. I am not enjoying this. Please change it back or at least re-tool the bots so they are bold. This chasing them down stuff has got to go. respectfully CalamitousIntent.
  14. CalamitousIntent


    wait.. DASHA ONLY SPEAKS RUSSIAN???? NO crap! I'm trying to get my head around the idea that someone doesn't understand voice actors can read in other languages with a bit of help.
  15. CalamitousIntent


    if your contribution to the world is confined to spellcheck, THEN count yourself more useless THAN a tip calculator. Strange though, everyone else seems to understand what I'm saying just fine to agree and disagree. maybe you just suck at reading comprehension.