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  1. Jitta77

    So played the new CV's

    What if launching a squad had a "fire bloom" similar to 12-15kms for 20 secs? This would mean the CV would need to spend some time and consideration on ship location since each launch makes you highly detectable.
  2. yeah, mods with 0 HP left on them. I've seen the same. I think it is a general issue with high pen AP though. I've gotten many volleys in other ships where I get 2 pens, 2 bounce... 0 damage. I know the pen damage rule was pulled from the patch but we need some sort of fix that doesn't boost DD (low cal guns) while letting BB 400mm AP pen for some damage (even less than current "good pens").
  3. Huh? It honestly feels like T10 BBs are like NASCAR drivers anytime I have torps in the water. Oh, he's reversing...i'll put a volley on target and another infront for when he moves forward..... BB goes forward and torps miss by 5km. Oh, this is awesome...perfect broadside...8 torps right on target...ha..he's starting to turn into them to avoid...what..1 hit!?!
  4. The full video shows 1 squad of 12 planes going for 4 attack runs (3 at a time) so you certainly could stack DoTs depending on AA which would be stronger on one side of the ship or the other.
  5. Depending on the driver but after about 400 games in my Asashio I noticed that I could get idiots to "react" to my torps even though they were harmless. When i don't have BBs around to torment, I have used my torps to get cruisers to turn to expose themselves to my BBs or DDs to flee smoke. Doesn't work on smart people but at many points in the game, my torps are no longer useful. Still manage to average 80K and 59% win rate with it though.
  6. For ships with torps, this is good advice if you have no idea how fast they are going.
  7. Jitta77

    Nearly Everyone Has Abandoned Eagles

    As of 4PM PDT, the Top 12 Sharks each have more points than the Top Eagle and the top 39 sharks all have more points than the #10 eagle. It is clear that group think went Shark (water animal) and over the last few days cemented it as the daily container team.
  8. I had some odd games this morning. Took Asashio out and baited 3 radars between AB cap while my entire team parked north of A cap island humping. I had 120K spotting damage by mid game but after eating 3 radars i was down to 2k hp. I got a few torp hits on the BBs but couldn't really go anywhere because radar and enemies were all around me after the first 5 mins. At this point Red had 2 caps and A was still not capped. Game lost. I might have been able to effect the match better in my Shim but those torps can be seen from low orbit so maybe not. In short, it isn't just DDs that are being passive. I rarely see BBs within 15kms of the cap when i take my DM out. I feel like i have to do my own spotting at times when i take a BB out. Taking a smoke zuki or mino out is silly because you rarely have anyone spotting for you. DDs spend the first 5 mins trying to figure out where they can go without getting mowed down. I'm starting to wonder if the 16km Gearing torp / 20km Shim torp walls are a better move these days.
  9. Jitta77

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I would agree with this as well. Anytime i say i'm not going into the cap early in my Asashio or Shim, I get the "but you have great concealment". Yeah, my concealment is going to stop zero bullets if i don't wait to make sure there isn't a Whoreshire, DM, etc behind those islands first.
  10. I'm a DD driver for the most part so i know radar well. Radar is a consumable and maybe a mod choice if they want the extra 16 seconds or so. No captain skills are required to make it work effectively. You push the radar button and you see 9.9kms with your x-ray vision in all directions. AA spec just requires too many skills, mods, consumables and play changes even (still need to be near other AA ships) if you want effective AA protection and it only lasts for the first 10-12 mins of the game because AA mounts break like fine china. Are you telling me you LIKE the current AA / CV design? I'm fine with some ships being a little better at it than others but the whole design sucks. CVs get some ships with a rating of 2 on their AA and others with 100 that swat down their entire strike force in 15 seconds. It should be more strategic and tactical making it more fun for both parties. Instead it is either: A) HAHA, you came without AA spec....you die. B) Holy crap what happened to my TB planes? I had them right here a second ago. I don't want everything free. I would like the AA game to not require in-port design to make it useful. I want AA encounters to be determined by more skill and choices of the CV and players.
  11. Not speaking for Mofton but I am looking for the AA attack/defense game to have mechanics "in-battle" instead of "in-port" that decide outcomes. This might mean that all AA values need to be adjusted up/down and all ships get a DFAA like ability that boosts defense (maybe not DPS but dispersion). Maybe require a ship to not be shooting main guns for 20 seconds to boost its defenses? This will eliminate the crap-taco feeling you get when your radar/hydro equipped ship loads into battle and you see a CV. Why is AA defense the only major battle swaying defense ability determined in port? Why does it take captain skills, mods, and consumables to make it effective but not even guaranteed? Heck, even with all those skills you eat some HE and suddenly you don't have AA anymore. In short, i'm just saying the current AA design sucks and something more interactive and "in-battle" needs to be done instead of making AA defense a multi-area specialty that takes up skills, mods, and consumables while getting easily destroyed by HE. CVs should be able to suppress AA defense (maybe with fighters) and ships should be able to make choices to boost/attend to AA defense at the expense of shooting.
  12. I would say for about 90-95% of ships. Khabs don't need CE for example, incoming fire and speed.
  13. My issue with this line of debate is that if you run with Hydro / Radar - you become more effective at defeating DDs and IJN/RN cruiser torps. That impacts anywhere from 20-50% of the opponents on the other team in every battle. If you run DFAA, AA mods, and captain skills, you are prepared for the 20% of games that have a CV to protect yourself from 1 ship. Then peeps on the forum say this line like NOT speccing for AA was their "fault". This would be like BBs having to choose to mount a mod that lets them shoot at DDs or the one that let's them shoot at CA/L and BBs instead. They would complain, OMG a DD killed me but I was specced to kill BBs. It was said in the CV rework threads, all ships should have AA tools in every battle without having to respec captains, mount new mods, and take different consumables for the 20% chance you run into 1 ship. In balance, AA from a single ship shouldn't be mowing down 15 planes at a time.
  14. The list of items that make me not want to play CVs over T6: 1. The number of squads go from 3 (T4) to 6 (T7). I now have 100% more planes to manage and by T10 i'll have like 9 squads. 2. Salt. CVs get hated on for everything they do and DON'T do the whole match even if they are playing well. Chat abuse, reported, etc. Everyone wants the CV to park their fighters over them and protect them while they go solo off on a suicide mission crying for more AA support. 3. You might get an early strike on a DD but usually you don't have a shot at doing damage until 8 mins into the game while playing fighter ballet with your opponent. Things I would change: 1. Fighters: no manual attack (strafe) - can strafe boats reducing their AA effectiveness for a period of time and doing mod damage. single target attack other air units. 2. Limit to 4 squads - manual attacks can go if a way to TB smoke can be added.
  15. Jitta77

    Ultimate Damage Dealer UDD Contest

    I had an entry every day for 100K+ on a DD and a few Cruiser/BB entries. Not sure if they got me anything though. :)