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  1. Jitta77

    Unique Upgrades ... More Details?

    That is the thing. I don't see how these UU's are worth 19K RBs (1/3rd of an Ohio) when they are just "side-grades". Why even reset and regind a line for side grades? Have both ships and 21K RBs now and don't see why I would sink 19K into the UUs at this point.
  2. Jitta77

    Unique Upgrades ... More Details?

    I just don't see how 2 side-grade targeted UUs equal the value of a Colbert.
  3. I don't understand the issue with using data to guide your decisions on balance either. So they use spreadsheets, many of us do for business. I'm sure they understand that the data doesn't answer all of the questions. Basing their balancing decisions on feelings would end up with people posting spreasheets of data calling the nerfs/buffs uninformed.
  4. Jitta77

    For those that still have the Moskva

    Hmm, how is that going to work for the regind? Will you get Research Points for grinding ships you didn't own? Just a concern.
  5. Jitta77

    Why Did WG Take Away My Achievements?

    Are they fixing it or just saying sorry?
  6. Jitta77

    Feels like Subs are lesser evil than CVs...

    I was murdering DDs on the PTS with my sub(s) by popping up at 1km range and nuking them with torps. If a DD gets an angle on you from side or behind, you are dead without backup so better to be front on with the DD and have a shot at torping him in the face. Did they change that? 2 subs on 1 DD wasn't free kills for the DD on PTS. It often ended with a dead DD.
  7. Jitta77

    Why Did WG Take Away My Achievements?

    Any update Hapa? Thanks.
  8. Jitta77

    I Sank a Sub!

    Subs ramming subs have weird results as well. I had several rams on PTS in a sub where I died and the other sub took almost no damage and vis versa.
  9. hehe, so you murdered their AWS ability with 4 kills (cruisers / DDs?) first but somehow one of your subs found a way to die. :)
  10. Jitta77

    Odin. Why?

    oh, I agree that detection is the strongest aspect of the game. (one of my gripes about CV spotting, a side) My comment was that a 600-800m difference in detection wasn't so distinctive that it would stand out all that much for a BB. Now if it had something like a 10.2km detection, that would turn heads big time. At 12km it gains a little more margin for error in positioning and engagement control but not a signification amount compared to a Bismark (Tech tree comp 12.02km vs 12.8km).
  11. Jitta77

    Odin. Why?

    First, thank you for the correction on the Full Pen versus Citadel risks that and mouse's comments help. Secondaries are a nice option as well. Why does it feel like Odin is a super cruiser in a BB slot? We'll see i guess. As for stealth, I think the 12.02km detection is good but not substantial enough to capitalize on the difference and It seems like Odin captains will want to use other survival skills over concealment. Concealment will be map dependent of course while fire damage mitigation will continue to be important. I guess another consideration is if buying into the 4,500 steal is worth it based on the current Steel T X IJN BB in the queue.
  12. Jitta77

    Odin. Why?

    primary weakness would be the smaller HP pool coupled with the 22% torp protection. Same as a Bismark but with less HP. The other items related to this would be harder to figure out without visual inspection of her armor layout that I don't have access to see. In this video Flamu suggests the armor layout provides enemy AP better chances to citadel you but I can't really investigate that information.
  13. Jitta77

    Odin. Why?

    Well, judging Odin just on videos (and trying to make sure it is the current version of the ship) has been challenging. The guns look to trade typical AP alpha for ROF and a decent sigma. Then they put it on a very fragile BB haul compared to her T8 counterparts. So, I agree with the original sentiment, I'm very curious how the ship falls in the comparison. I've seen enough to say that I like her guns (though her shells might be underwhelming).
  14. Jitta77

    Odin. Why?

    I think people are liking the rate of fire and it seems to have a decent sigma. However, the HP, rudder, and HE/AP performance are lower that other T8 BBs as well. The guns do not perform like russian BB guns and the AP alpha is the lowest of T8 BBs. Maybe this balances out the rate of fire and yolo torps but I can see how the downsides make it a hard ship to play to its strengths because being a 1/2 brawler and 1/2 sniper means you are really not strong at either.
  15. Jitta77

    Odin. Why?

    The real money grab is targeting the whales by offering 18x250 = 4,500 steel for doing the directives if you spend 29,000 dubs on day one OR 6x250 = 1,500 steel if you buy the booster for 8000 dubs and complete 18 directives.