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  1. Each -10% to service fee is converted into +5% credits.
  2. If you open the calculator found here (Separating economic bonuses from visual customizations: more details - Development blog BETA (worldofwarships.com)) the 3rd tab is the compare systems tab. The legacy has the open to add the daily 50% and the new system has all 3.
  3. This is correct based on several mod posts.
  4. Sounds like you got a lot of DC equivalents to shatters/overpens... If you are hitting a sub with DCs 600-800m away then it is going to take a lot more DCs to finish the job (unless he burned his damage control and ends up flooding for a full period).
  5. They did mention it in the Dev Blog but that feature is currently not on the PTS. Question was forwarded to the Devs.
  6. Agreed on the credit and exp T4 boosts. There will be information in the future on them but even if there wasn't it would be a bonus level not available today. My issue is that the T4 for CXP and FXP ARE available today without using Mosaics. Just fairly available Type 59s and full dragon flags/basics. The new economy seems to be moving the "pieces" used to get that T4 result out of reach from the level it exists today. This is the first real hiccup i've noticed (other than the first message about special perm camos) in the new system.
  7. One concern which i am sure others are picking up on is that while my conversion says this: We are being told that CXP and FXP boosts from the Gift containers (dragon flags) will be T3 boosts. This means I get a total of 467 games boosted to about the same level as I get in the game today (T3, T3, T4, T4) with no clear way to earn T4 CXP or FXP boosters that I used to accumulate from dragon flags and some Type 59s. I can understand the credit and XP boosters for T4 being undisclosed since that level of bonus has not been in place before, the T4 CXP and FXP are fairly available today but we have no clear understanding of getting them in the future. So while the conversion will be very fair, the drop in access to T3 in those two areas is in stark contrast to a similar economy.
  8. T3 bonuses will be similar in rarity as dragon flags are today and everyone gets 3 gift containers (a month?) for playing along with special missions, etc. We will see T4 bonuses about as often as you see Mosaic camos given out.
  9. T3 bonuses are akin to dragon flags and you will earn them at the same rate/ways you do today. T4 bonuses are akin to the rate you earn +400% EXP camos (Mosaic, Spring Sky, etc) and you will earn them at about the same rate.
  10. Jitta77

    Special Signal Flags and Economy Rework

    Separating economic bonuses from visual customizations - Development blog BETA (worldofwarships.com) Separating economic bonuses from visual customizations: more details - Development blog BETA (worldofwarships.com)
  11. Find the profile folder and then the profile cache folder and delete the contents. Has been working each day for me but requires me to enter the game..then exit...delete cache..and reload to get it to work.
  12. Got the following when exiting to port after a COOP game where I died earlier than the end of the match. I didn't rush to port as I didn't exit for a good 10-15 seconds after I was destroyed.
  13. I do not disagree. It will take less than a year for them to sell special ship bonuses with new ships, NO doubt.
  14. I'm confused. You can now and in the new system choose to set the ship to NOT buy items when they run out OR you can de-equip them. It is shown where the default is to NOT spend dubs.
  15. There is some credence to them nerfing maximum attainable captain exp and free exp but base exp and credits have been buffed. Recommend playing with the calculator. A lot of your camos with 150% EXP buff on them are being turned into 200% BXP.