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  1. I got thousands of camos... some are worse than a perm camo (school bus....i mean you) and if the camo doesn't have 100% XP or better / 150% FXP or better / and 100% captain or better on the same camo... I might sell it at some point. I save some just because they look cool but I don't use em. Probably why I don't see the value of a perm camo for 8000 gold.
  2. Jitta77

    Is the Des Moines still good vs CVs?

    It could be a trade off. If you choose to control AA then you are leaving the AI in charge of driving you last given path/speed and guns are "on hold" while you focus on AA. Sometimes you'll NOT do manual AA because you are too busy dodging AP or torps. /shrug
  3. Jitta77

    Here come the Submaries - In Ranked.

    Yeah, but they are DDs that go 20kts. Their"speed" is going to be a real issue.
  4. Jitta77

    Here come the Submaries - In Ranked.

    Depending on the torp range and sub (some have rear torps) but others only have forward torps with large turning circles and 5.4km concealment. The moment a torp is seen (even if you hit), you position is known and you don't have the speed to move a meaningful distance "elsewhere". Without battery, it sounds like a sub turns into a 1-2 torp super slow DD with 9km HP awaiting its death. We'll see what the testing proves out but the old sub format was kind of boring and unrewarding so I guess we'll see what this version will bring.
  5. Jitta77

    Here come the Submaries - In Ranked.

    Not a big CV fan but at least a CV with 3-4 planes in a squad has a shot of doing "some" damage. I think they'll end up having to offer some way to get battery regeneration so just like CVs they can't/don't run themselves useless (w/o dying) in the first 10 mins of the match.
  6. Jitta77

    Here come the Submaries - In Ranked.

    I am cautiously pessimistic as well to be honest. If a sub w/o battery is left to fight a half dead BB, the sub is playing as a crappy slow DD w/o guns. BB (especially french) will just run em down and drop him with 1 volley. gg
  7. Jitta77

    Here come the Submaries - In Ranked.

    Running the test in a game mode that gives steel is probably WG's best chance to get "real data" on how subs are working because everyone will be working strats to counter them while sub-fans will be working out strats of their own to survive and be useful. As for the sub changes, I think subs super slow speeds, low alpha, and all or nothing torp runs at 6-10kms are going to require a higher skill ceiling than DDs to get any results. If a sub goes to the "wrong" position in the first 3 mins of a game, it will take him the rest of the game to get somewhere useful. The number of subs that finish games with 10-16 mins of cruising around with no damage to show for it should be tracked.
  8. Technically a good point but they also only get 1 rack of torps. The TRB keeps everyone thinking if they see 1 wave go out and consider charging the smoke cloud puking fire. The Kitakaze also handles better than the Harugumo which is odd for most T9s (that suck).
  9. My issue is how the aiming camera seems to respond to the target's movement/damage.
  10. I guess i'll be getting a T10 CV before I can buy the Black ;/
  11. I think WG could burn more coal by putting Black out than waiting for Christmas crates to be honest. least for me, I have over 400 ships in my port so putting ships into santa crates is actually a huge discount for me. /shrug
  12. I guess we are still in the "or later" part of the 9.3 patch notes statement: From the 9.3 patchnotes: “For a number of reasons, IX Neustrashimy, VII Flint, and IX Black aren't currently highly sought after in exchange for Steel . Because of this, we'll temporarily remove them from the Armory. They will return and be available in exchange for Coal  in 6 months' time or later.” Update 0.9.3 - Global wiki. Wargaming.net
  13. I agree. The Black doesn't operate in an environment free of risk.
  14. I've been messing around in Bronze league for my 9 wins per sprint in my Benham. It can be fun. :) I'm just a little pissed after saving 600,000 coal not being able to buy Black "as promised". If they told me they were pulling it w/o a return for coal, I would have bought it for steel when i had the chance. ;/
  15. 4 months ago 2 ships which were the first steel ships went up for coal as announced 6 months before that (Nuet and Flint). Flint got nerfed to the ground in the captain reboot so they might as well as put it up for credits but that is besides the question. What happened to the T9 DD Black? I spent the better part of 2020 saving up coal for these ships and only 2 of them were delivered. Did I miss an official statement about the Black somewhere?