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    Submarine Testing

    I don't do A lot of testing myself. I don't have the time with all the moving and government work. but i would like to know what this TST server is? and why it's not available in the game instances for me? is it a server exclusively for super testers?
  2. Dragonlegit_Flyer

    0.9.10 PTS Bug Reports

    Hello I'm having an Issue where the sound quality becomes rather poor after a few hours of key battles. getting close to other players and or the portal makes a lot of interference noise. this has only occurred in key battles.
  3. I know this is a popular topic but couldn’t they reduce visibility in smoke to the ships detection range? Wouldn’t that solve the whole issue of “he just camped in smoke and spammed HE the hole game” they already do it for typhoons why not apply it to smoke?
  4. Dragonlegit_Flyer


    The flagship is chosen randomly from the High tiers but would most likely be a CV or Battleship.
  5. Dragonlegit_Flyer


    this Idea I acquired from a free to play on steam called Steel Ocean. Their is a game mode called Flagship where a high tier ship is chosen to be the flagship on each team. As long as the flagship is alive his allies can respawn (with a spawn penalty timer of course) I loved that game mode does anyone think wargaming could make a game mode like that?
  6. I’m sure this topic has come up before. But I think it would be cool to have the ability to rename our ship commanders In game without modding the Global.mo file