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    Pretty chill dude have an interest in soccer and ww2 history and I'm Bolivian yup chill dude lol
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  1. I would love to do one more ship prise the HMS Hood that would be awesome
  2. yayayayayyaayay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
  3. This is my creation
  4. Here's my creation I tried lol yay
  5. and your the only one so far wow!!!
  6. i love the contest cause it gives me a chance to win a nice looking ship but also because you get to have the community all come together and show off all of our talents :D its fun i think maybe a little more variation i guess and it would do the trick, or maybe some more info to spread around, to everyone in the community!!!!!!!!
  7. couldn't agree more bruh XD
  8. I trying to make my profile from a pic I took on my iPhone 6 but it's too big how do I make it fit
  9. I'm a kid bruh or teen so ya also does anyone know how to add a pic on the forum profile