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  1. Does it really matter at this point? They already either restrict or exclude certain ships they put into the game. Competitive side events are a joke. Pubs are played as usual with no real team play due to player attitudes. Ego's are joke but people have ti find a way to degrade other's just to feel better about themselves. Most games today are not even the same as the day they were developed. Always some crying the are op or garbage. I personally just play the game for my own enjoyment if it gets too bad, then I will find something else to play. Clan battles will continue to lack luster as they did in WOT to only a handful of teams will be left. Coat tail riders who don't do anything competitive for the clan but run around talking crap about others in game because they are in those clans. What was term used. Oil slaves....... The best thing you can do is play or leave. Its as simple as that. Good luck.
  2. Its just so sad to see another ship class get snitered on due to players who like to whine because they cant handle them. Its not right for those who play all classes and not just certain lines. They did the same to artillery in WOT so I am guessing it will repeat here? That game has lost what use to be a good player base so I'm sure if crap like continues, its a matter of time before the numbers drop. They have a lot to loose since the number are way below what WOT has dropped to these days. I will continue to play all classes but how much I play over all will be a question mark. I stopped dropping money into this game awhile back due the constant changes for people who have these top win rates but cry more than most average players do. They either blame other players or the Developer or both. Its not like if I stop playing it will make any difference anyway. Life far more important then any video game to begin with.
  3. They should have named it wet eye for the tears fell when BBs got some good dispersion back. They were never meant to be used up front to begin with. The funny thing is the very same people who used Cruisers from close the same distance doing the very same thing were the ones who whined the most I believe. You have DDs who have the range to sit back in smoke and burn ships down with spamming HE but you didn't hear those people feel that was unfair to the other ships. People will never accept a game as its designed because they don't know how to adjust I guess or play certain types of ships?
  4. motleytanker

    Clan Battles: Tears of the Desert Season

    The real dream would to ban the cry babies who want to limit or exclude any ship class in battle. What the point of competitive play when you can ban or exclude a class? Then we have the fake version of e sports which we already have.
  5. motleytanker

    WG, it's time to get rid of the Karma system

    Second, karma does identify your better players. What division do you want on your team, Division A with combined karma of 600+ or Division B with combined karma of 10. Seriously, which? You see the guy or division with high karma and you KNOW they know what they are doing. An asset for your team ...or...a serious threat on the other team. I seriously had a good laugh after reading this line. Karma was meant to give good or bad opinions from player's but your trying to throw out that that having good Karma means your a good player..... Its well known that certain clans / players will abuse the system with the I'm going give either my buddies good Karma every time we play no matter how good or bad they play. People have done and will continue to abuse any system in place. Its just the way they are wired. I have watched well known streamers at the very beginning of a battle go straight both CVs and report them giving negative Karma. Lets face it. We live in a world of immature people who simply cant handle certain things and life so they whine, complain or quit. The only difference is in the past you either learned to play the game as designed or play another game. With today's games is they have mods and cheats that can be implemented with small chance of detection or they cry until the developer gives in. People are always looking for the easy button. Karma the same way, some people cant live with out it so they get their buddies to work together to give themselves good and give ships or players they don't like bad karma. Either way, its a joke system that give the childish mind relief I guess. lol
  6. I get your pain but don't blame them. Blame some of these top players showing them how to achieve this. Hell I was in a BB only to have one of the well knows KOTS announcers sat behind me in a CR the whole battle telling others what to do and didn't even try to move in till the last ship was about dead on the enemy team. These players know how to abuse the very system WG put in place to determine where you rank in each battle. Anybody who has played WG games knows how it was in WOT and will be the same here. Just play the game and enjoy it. If not, then maybe look for another game? Not being rude but in the end, this is nothing more then a video game.
  7. I find it funny as hell when people like yourself use the very broken win rate system to make any points. The very same thinking player reject any type of Skilled Based Match System claiming it gives false 50% win rates out. The truth be told, SBMM would bring out real skill levels of players who chance it and the others who know the bloated their win rates would avoid that system like the plague because it would bring down those win rates in a matter of time. Unlike team events, this Raked system makes you learn how to play with others and try to work as a team, where team play means you can get with a few of your buddies to compensate each other good and bad moves. Divisions is where most ( Not all) build their win rates from. Ranked to my opinion brings out skills but it also promotes selfish game play for those who know how to get the most but of a match even though they did very little to support their team. Its easy to point finger and blame other player's for a loss even if maybe it was the fault of your own game play. People just whine way too much in a video game to begin with. I think it funny as hell to be honest.
  8. motleytanker

    big CV balans

    This game is a warship game which includes all classes of ship. Either except and play or simply leave. All this op crap on any ship is nothing more than someone opinion. The only thing that is broken in any game is those who cant handle it not being their way to they take home their ball. I often found that games were better after people like that leave.
  9. motleytanker

    Weekend spree

    That's funny, From stat's above ship of player's most I have seem have stats 55+ who gang up behind other's. Hell even one your own clan member's was in a cruiser on the line behind my BB telling others to cap and didn't move towards cap till one ship was left that was half dead. All this trying to blame potato's for everything is such bull. The problems in this game is done from all skill levels of the player base. Players are simply trying to mimic from others and now its become a mess and the easy way for some is trying to lay the blame on others for doing the very same thing they do by using stats as their excuse. People need to open their eyes.
  10. motleytanker

    King of the Sea XII—$30,000 in Prizes

    I would say after looking at your account, You cant even lie good but hey, its your money. lol. Highest battles around 68 in ship lines with a 2016 account with only little over 6,000 battles. Just in the Brit BB line 7 battles in a Lion to ConQ tier 10, Can we say a lot of free ex grinding in play? Again, I'm not dogging but from that grind, its wasn't cheap. I would say your close or even a whale. lol I cool with those like a competitive play they can control play to claim skill but Playing a game as it has been developed with no banning of ships, no class restrictions, no mods would be better to watch and enjoy. KOTS is a watered down wannabe E sports to me.
  11. motleytanker

    King of the Sea XII—$30,000 in Prizes

    I wished they brought a real skilled game event and not these type where ships can be banned or excluded. I quit watching KOTS since they are mostly boring. I guess keeping the whales happy means more than the over all player base. WG didn't learn in WOT how clan wars evidently died of so I guessing they wont here as well. Mercenaries brought in the Clan battles makes me question if its already dying off?
  12. motleytanker

    Illegal Mods and Cheat Programs

    I cant say yes or no ti illegal mods but they are out there, Its a money making market. I personally don't care either way since it just a video game. Maybe to some people have to be top dogs to feel better about themselves?? I have watched some of these streamers from upper clans act more immature that a 10 yr old. Its sad to see what is suppose to be a young adult in college acting out on a video game.
  13. motleytanker

    Should ranked play be completely scrapped and redone?

    What you're speaking of is called SBMM. The very thing most skilled player's( or as they claim) don't want in the game. I seen it done in another game that brought blow out's down and made battles closer. Funny thing was that it lasted one patch, then it was removed. Guess who where complaining the most? Top player's claiming it gave false stat's to trash player's. In other words the players who pad their stat's to look good, knew that placing them up against truly skilled players would expose them and their real skill level. Trust me when I say there was a lot of them and they removed it by the next patch. Ranked this round is full of players sandbagging to avoid moving up while they continue to collect rewards. Remove the save a star system and then you will know who deserved to move up. Player's talk trash about others over a broken stat system make me laugh. Seen many of times these top stat player's get their a__ handed to them by a low stat player one vs one. Most achieve these stats in divisions but alone is where the pudding is. lol
  14. motleytanker

    How's you clan doing with Division Star?

    Now there are 2 avenues of recruitment I will not do nor allow fellow recruiters to make : 1. Sniping from other clans. Unlike some of our competitors in Typhoon and Storm we have never done that and will never do that as long as I have a controlling stake in things.  Seen that happen a couple of times in a old clan I was in. Its not right but also the blame lays on those who left with them. Its a power/control thing from WOT and other games I'm sure.I have my own thing going with no stress. lol
  15. motleytanker

    How's you clan doing with Division Star?

    It's not the the Division star that the problem but the players themselves. Most join for benefits of the base. What do they care if kicked? They can just join another one.