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  1. motleytanker

    Total Games Played / WR Mod

    I read often people using win rates of player's as the reason for loss of battles. I have seen both sides of the coins to where there was better win rates on the side that lost. It's easy to blame others for your loss but that not always correct. As to having live monitoring is only going to bring more toxicity in the match and we have enough of that already. Any type of MM that goes by win rate will never been seen here.WG said that years ago in WOT. They claim it's unfair to the skilled player's...... SBMM was asked for in another game and was implied but removed by next patch because skilled players cried about it being unfair even though it cut down blow outs over 50%. They also claimed it gave players win rates they didn't deserve but I believe in time. It would have reviled a lot of players real win rates. In other words balanced teams would have good and bad effects to some player's who know how to boost one's stat's even though they may not be as skilled as their stat's say. either way. this is nothing more than a game. Why let it bother you? There is a lot more important things in real life to worry about.
  2. Personally don't have any interest in what is called competitive events that comes with limits and banned classes. Clan Battles and King of the Sea is a very good example in it's self. The game has grown with new incoming classes and ships with different strengths and weakness but yet we continue with the same frame of mind events. Yes, the Holidays do effect people time to play but the game but I think people are just tired of same ole game play with same results most seasons. Player's have ships they can't even play in such events. WG needs to open all these events up with no restrictions and let the cards fall will they will for a few seasons to see how it effects these events. Let the complainers moan but look more at the numbers to see what needs to maybe be changed if any. Smaller clans battle to keep active players but also have to deal with once you show progress moving up. Along comes players from upper clans on different accounts trying to lure your member from your clan to theirs. This has a negative effect to clans being able to grow in numbers. OP named one of those in the beginning of this thread. Unfortunately, this issue will never go away. People love the easy button. lol.
  3. motleytanker

    Are you bad or BAD!

    I will disagree with saying you can't play just for fun. Not everybody is all about wins or stats. Some of you have to understand this is nothing more than a video game. There are ore things important then how you play in a game. Players complain about playing with lower skill players but yet also fight against any type of SBMM that would keep players in the in their skill range because they wouldn't have anyone to blame when they fail to hold their own. I personally come here to play for fun win or loose so if you don't like that, Then all I can say is either have fun or go play another game since I have no intentions to stop playing the game.
  4. The only problem is people who complain about them. If your going to limit anything, then that would have to do the same to all classes. This means ammunition, everything from shells to torpedo's.
  5. motleytanker

    CVs cruel in 1v1 Brawls

    CV has a huge issue that most of them can't challenge a 1 vs1 so they have to depend on cover. Your problem seems to that you didn't keep an eye to a general location from were he was sending planes as well you can take a cap and seek and destroy your opponent. I don't have any issue with them being in the 1vs1 even with a BB. I just learn to dodge most torps. Yes, you will take some damage but once spotted, he pretty much dead with very little concern about him getting me first.
  6. motleytanker

    King of the Sea XIV—International Winners

    I couldn't agree more. It's not truly a "KING" but more to pretend event to select group of player's /clans who have a controlled battles. This is why I stopped watching KOTS a long time ago before WG took interest in it. To be honest, I have a lot of real life things that out weight a video game anyway. Let the minions enjoy their event. Life way too short to live behind a pc. ::)
  7. I disagree saying CV don't belong. It's a NAVAL game. I have seen many dd's take out a tier 8 CV on their own when played properly. Win, loose,live or die is part of the game. I'm sorry but your ship profile seems to say you don't own a CV. That gives me the impression you don't like them so saying this class shouldn't be in the game is more opinion then fully understanding them or how they play. Being bottom tier in most battles will always be rough but you just have to do your best.
  8. Come on now. these player's can't live without this program to have the opportunity to degrade other players. lol.
  9. Here we go again with another thread of what ship class some snowflakes/ego (unicum) feel shouldn't be in the game or mode. Sorry ladies but this is a naval war game so learn to deal with it or maybe look for another game you can have fun playing. I'm sure this game will continue on with or without you. I more than one class and I can say that even in a BB, I can still defend and kill a sub if needed. I for one feel it's good to see this grow and more classes brought in. Sorry for those who simply can't adjust. I'm sure some slack will come from this but who cares....
  10. motleytanker

    King of the Sea XIV—International Winners

    That very true for WG has to keep its deep pocket groups happy. I watched a few in the beginning only find out how boring they were so I found better things to do.:)
  11. motleytanker

    Tier 4 brawl w/3 players

    Piss poor??? People like to blame others for classes in the game rather then maybe how they are playing.
  12. motleytanker

    Tier 4 brawl w/3 players

    There is no excuse to remove CV. Playing as a team helps. Putting yourself in a position where you can't defend from CV is hardly WG fault.
  13. motleytanker

    King of the Sea XIV—International Winners

    That Sir is correct. To be the King of the Sea clearly means no restrictions of any ships.
  14. motleytanker

    Warship Masters Invitational

    I agree. WG will never learn. It's like watching the same movie over and over. Random teams, new bracket system with decent prizes would attract more player involvement which to my opinion would breath life into the tournament side of the game.
  15. motleytanker

    Warship Masters Invitational

    These type of events are becoming very boring to even watch. I would rather like to see events where teams are assembled randomly with maybe 3 to 5 days to practice ahead of event. WG could set up their Discord channel for each team. This would open it up to a bigger player base then select groups.