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  1. Hapa, You have to look at a couple of things. SIMM as it most commonly called was implemented in another game and the battles did improve end results. Now here come the second complaints. How it was unfair to the skilled player's and it gave low skilled player's a false 50% win rate. Get what I am saying? The biggest known issues for years is that people use a already broken stat system in place to judge or attack others in game. Then on top of that you factor in very little team play in pubs due to people who wont risk doing something that may put them lower in the results of where they place in the battle. All they care about is keeping their stats up and being on top or at least top three. among many other factors.The point is till everybody works as a team no matter what their skill level is, things will continue as it has been. It is what it is.
  2. motleytanker

    Game is going to the dogs!

    Yeah. Make it where DDs have to come closer to spot. No more unseen DD s with the wall of skill play.lol
  3. motleytanker

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    Instead of boycotting a game mode or game its self, Why not take your deep pockets and design a Warship game you want and desire? You have already said the game is horrible and hasn't been fun since 2018. Why are you still here or are you barely here playing certain modes while complaining......Heck not only can you have the game you want but get paid for doing it. WG did that and they have continued to bring new ships and events to the game. I'm all for allowing them to continuing to grow and allowing all classes to be a part of any event to clan battles. I'm betting that there is a lot more of casual/ semi-competitive players who drop their money into a game they enjoy just like you. I would even go to boot that it exceeds all of you combined. Why should you be treated better or any different? If you are truly skilled player's, then you would learn new way's to get the win. The boring excuse is that you cant jump to the top and go play another game like you have done in the past. You have to work to get purple now and some of them cant get past Storm now, so you are mad. Claiming to be competitive is one thing but when you cant get past a point due to limited skills that stops you in a spot. It's not the class of ship in game but that maybe you need to improve your game to climb. Other clans have continue to make it. whats your excuse? Removing that class isn't the answer. I'm sorry but threaten the game owner with demands and boycott's and money makes you look bad as a person. It also makes you look very spoiled and immature. I can only hope that Wargaming doesn't give in and continues to expand the limits of this game.
  4. motleytanker

    Boycotting CVs in Clan wars

    BOB, The Boycott of Babies.... People who claim to be competitive but cant handle a class in battle so they petition to remove it instead........ WG gaming needs to explain that ALL class have the same right in battle and stand behind their game and run it as it was designed. Funny thing is that clan battles we're kicking every night and we had some with and some not with CVs. If you cant handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen I'm sure this is the same type of people who whined over Artillery claiming they are a broken class. WOT clan wars are a joke now from what it use to be. Such competitive players calling the shots on whats best for the game . Are we going to have a repeat here? I sure hope not. Rather than Boycott. Why not just ask for two CWs event side by side. One with them and one not. This I'm sure will take some work but also make it where a clan can only run in one and not the other.
  5. motleytanker

    WG doesn't care

    Removing any class from non or competitive battle should never happen. Just let those who cant deal with it simply remove themselves.
  6. motleytanker

    0.9.6 PTS -- Needs more participation, more comment

    Test Server is a joke. Its name is just that and nothing more.
  7. motleytanker

    Question for Purples

    What the point if you are going to put a game out then pick and choose whats played? Again, here we go with the competitive and non competitive jive. The point is the game is a World of Warships game and that means every class plays its role in pubs to CB's. That would be no different than having other countries say its not fair any country to have CV's in wars. Yes, this is a game but that doesn't excuse or warrant you're argument. The problem isn't the class but the class of players who either cant handle them or just mad they cant have it their way. There is a simple solution to this. Simply either adjust and enjoy or play another game. The best thing WG can do is just continue to build the game and add more content and ships. The game still has decent numbers and more will replace those who leave.
  8. motleytanker

    Question for Purples

    Dude you make me laugh with you're return remarks. Thanks for the laugh. I will say I tried you're tin foil hat and it didn't fit.
  9. motleytanker

    Question for Purples

    You do realize that 8% isn't really something to brag about right? re rolled accounts is the only way some can get better stats since their main account is already a damaged product.
  10. motleytanker

    Question for Purples

    Statement is not wrong and we both now those new clans you speak of are nothing more than people having several accounts in game. most of your top clans are just a mixture of the same group of people. ( I really don't care they do this. Its their money to spend for a video game) We seen this for years in WOT and they killed clan battles there. I just hope the same doesn't get repeated here. As to the video. We both know you have seen it so why should I have to find it? You already knew the video I spoke of and it was a mixture of very clans we speak of. Look at the bottom of the video at who was in private chat and the clans invovled with that video. It couldn't be anymore clear.
  11. motleytanker

    Question for Purples

    Are you speaking of the video when they giggled like school children?
  12. motleytanker

    Question for Purples

    Funny thing is that I don't remember you or you're clan complaining about the dd abuse that was well known in CBs in the past?
  13. motleytanker

    Question for Purples

    This is a argument that will never come to any agreement. CVs are going to force players to change constantly in game by spotting ships to force them to work for a win. The once easy wins and climb to the top has changed a lot for those who once use to get there quickly are now struggling. I don't have any issues with them and I feel every class should have the same opportunity. Wait till subs get settled in the game.
  14. I agree but to be honest. Win rate is nothing but a number in a video game. People who have to cheat good or bad makes me pity them for they really must not have a life to impress others in a game. Just play the game and enjoy.
  15. motleytanker

    A Thought on Subs vs DD Concealment

    No offense but when they had free roam to dominate the matches, they never complained but now they have to play their ship with better chances of being out spotted, all they have done is complained. I have heard so many times from these types of players telling other learn how to play their ship. Well now that time has come to you. Learn how to adapt to the new changes in game.