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  1. You should research the Haru’s F3 torps.
  2. n00bot

    T5 CA balance

    We saw this in ranked sprints at Tier 5, with a typical 7v7 game having only 1 or maybe 2 cruisers at most. T5 Ranked was heavy on BB’s and DD’s because the T5 cruisers simply suck.
  3. n00bot

    Who got Missouri from Santa Crates?

    All I got from crates was a piece of string and some used chewing gum. Thanks, Santa!
  4. I don’t really snipe at 25k much and am anxious to try the mod out... If you’re mostly engaging under 20km, what’s the big deal? Border huggers begone.
  5. They can’t seem to get the Clan Battles timer working so good luck with the legendary grind timers.
  6. n00bot

    I shall stop buying

    Oh yeah, I forgot I have one copper that took me a 250+ game Ranked grind to get... one whole copper which can buy exactly zero items in the shop.
  7. n00bot

    Need to commiserate with my fellow dd captains

    Yah happens all the time. Hard to control the other flank to keep them from evaporating. If the other side dies even when they have 2:1 advantage, it’s just one of those 30% of games that are unwinnable.
  8. Cross post to the support section
  9. n00bot

    The most entertaining thing in WOWS

    Secondary builds with the ram flag!
  10. Me either... must I dig up a screenshot?
  11. n00bot

    How do you play the Cleveland?

    Seconded. T8 in a light cruiser is one of the hardest things in the game to survive. Find the nearest rock and use it to block incoming Yamato shells... Or stick to lower tiers until you get some more experience. T7 to T8 is a big jump in matchmaking difficulty.
  12. n00bot

    Mass vs FDG: P2W!

    Update: I bought a Massachusetts and it’s sooo fun. FDG can rot in hell even after the upcoming buff. I have both and wayyy prefer the Mass.
  13. n00bot

    Gearing, Why would i play this over anything else

    Whaaa? Are we talking about the same Gearing? Smoke is its strength, along with defensive fire and AA. It can also beat most other DDs in a gun fight, too, making it good for protecting your fleet against red DD that get in behind the lines. What’s not to love about its team play?
  14. n00bot

    Musashi: What could have been.

    IT’S SOOO FUN. I’m a DD main, but a secondary-specced Mass is my favorite ship to play right now. It’s the BB I always wanted. Even better that everyone has them, because then I get matched against n00bs :) My Mass is bigger than your Mass... Brawl at B cap! I should mention the Musashi in a Musashi post... It’s fun, too, but I dodge lots of Mu shells in the Mass. I’d usually rather have the wiggly T8 than the lethargic T9.5. I’ve beat up on Musashis with a Massachusetts, dodging shells on the way in, and maneuvering to get the Musashi’s broadside...