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  1. n00bot

    "Ranked", is it a rabbit hole?

    Not my experience. 5-2 had plenty of YOLO morons. The only difference was the good players were even better, so the games were just as lopsided.
  2. Doesn't he get paid? WG should be the ones giving him a shoutout. The community was not begging for subs. WG management needs new lines to release.
  3. I'm keeping an open mind. I got the sub container and played about 5 games last night. Seemed boring at first, but maybe there's potential. It will take some time for the meta to settle and for players to figure out the best approach. Honestly my first games were pretty poor; a couple with 0 damage whatsoever. It will certainly change the DD role but not sure how. Less pressure to cap. More pressure to hunt subs. Less effectiveness of stealth torpedo lines, like the IGN DD's needed to be powercrept even more FFS. That being said, it seems hard to balance when CA's, BB's, and CV's have zero counterplay to subs. It smells like the CV debacle all over again. But I will wait to pass judgement.
  4. It really depends. If the CV chooses you, and you're not hugging your fleet, you're dead. Being "not-a-potato" isn't good enough. You have to be quite good at destroyer to simply survive. And often you have to abandon your DD duties to do so. Anyway, as a SUB I found it advantageous to simply sit in the open in the middle of the map, spotting easily and launching torps in every direction. If you have a CV who cares, they can quickly blap any DD that dares approach. If the enemy CV comes along, just dive. The OP's comment that CV + Sub is powerful looks to be true, based on my few games so far. DD's already have too much to do, and are often the first dead. Once players get good at subs they just may never die. Please do not take this as an invitation to drop depth charges from planes FFS unless you're going to remove missiles rockets.
  5. Harekaze is better IMO but not sure if they sell it still? It’s like a Kagero but you can build it as a torp boat or a hybrid with the Akizuki guns. Has torpedo reload booster for maximum lols. Otherwise what about T6? Shinonome is available through the campaign, great bote. Also the T-61 is a premium to consider. I have Asashio but rarely take it out. Hard to carry with it. One trick pony. Your will rate will suffer. It’s also true that the inevitable release of subs will reduce the BB population. Can’t really recommend Asashio at this time.
  6. Don’t name and shame! Plus Yegorov already has a big ego
  7. n00bot

    Ranked grind

    Let's face it, Ranked is about Saving a Star. It always has been. You cannot get a high win percentage in 5-2, but you can sure farm damage and let the other fools die. If you can save a star twice as often as random, that is 2/7 times, it gives you a 2/7 * 1/2 = 14% boost to your star-gaining rate. Saving a star is simply way more powerful statistically than trying to win.
  8. n00bot

    Ranked grind

    5-2 seems just as bad as 10-6. Roll the dice to see if you lose 1, 2, or 3 ships to yolo'ing in the first 5 minutes. Try to carry 4v7
  9. n00bot

    What happened to this game?

    Yes, it's just blowout after blowout now. Not so much fun. Assuming WG didn't actually make matchmaking worse in order to shorten games and increase flag consumption... it's possibly because all tiers are now full of both noobs and unicums. Without skill-based matchmaking, it's just gonna be a roll of the dice. Most matchups will be imbalanced. Every other freaking game on the planet uses skill-based MM. WG should really fix it.
  10. n00bot

    When Will Sinop Be Nerfed And How?

    “Never” and “not at all.” That doesn’t mean they’re not OP....
  11. n00bot

    Which Destroyer LIne

    None of them.
  12. n00bot

    STATE OF THE GAME: CB influence

    Venezia would be OP even without smoke. Hakuryu is worse.
  13. n00bot

    So, ouch

    Plus the engine and a torpedo tube! But how much damage did he do back to you?
  14. Wow, <o Oh how I love the Massachusetts. Most fun battleship in the game.
  15. n00bot

    I just want a fun ship

    Gneisenau is definitely fun! I don’t like Bismarck so much. It’s unmaneuverable and gets crapped on by T10 CV’s. But I wouldn’t say Gneis is “easy.” Pushing in is a skill of timing and reading the game. You can easily melt if you make a bad decision. ”Easy” is probably the IJN BB line. Just sit at long range and pick your targets. But I don’t personally find that “fun.”