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  1. n00bot

    Tell me this isn't a bot.

    If you can code a WoWS bot, you can make more money doing something better than hacking WoWS.
  2. n00bot

    What exactly am I doing wrong with the Belfast?

    Radar at Tier 7 can be very powerful, so I like to push in the the DD’s, then drop to 1/2 power when close to the cap so I can smoke up fast when spotted. Belfast is sluggish so watch out for torps or take vigilance. I don’t usually have problems finding a target if I push in like this. Make sure you escape out of spotting range or tuck behind an island before your smoke is out. This shouldn’t be an instant reaction. Smoke is effective when you have a spotter and the enemy isn’t pushing into you. If you are being chased, smoke can hide your escape, but don’t sit there waiting to be rushed. Belfast can do ok kiting in open water. It’s not ideal but it’s better than sitting in smoke until a BB is within 5k. When uptiered you still have HE, and smoke is smoke no matter what tier. It’s true it can be tougher to get range but you do have decent concealment, better than any higher tier cruisers. You are a great DD support so like Octavian said, find a DD to guide you in.
  3. CLAN BRAWL IS UP WG gets our time wrong AGAIN WG gets our time wrong AGAIN WG gets our time wrong AGAIN WG gets our time wrong AGAIN WG gets our time wrong AGAIN WG gets our time wrong AGAIN WG gets our time wrong AGAIN WG gets our time wrong AGAIN WG gets our time wrong AGAIN WG gets our time wrong AGAIN WG gets our time wrong AGAIN WG gets our time wrong AGAIN WG gets our time wrong AGAIN WG gets our time wrong AGAIN WG gets our time wrong AGAIN WG gets our time wrong AGAIN WG gets our time wrong AGAIN WG gets our time wrong AGAIN @FemennenIy FFS this is like the 999th time our times were messed up by WG. Can you please just fire your timekeeper?
  4. I bet it’s 4pm and WG as usual can’t read a clock.
  5. n00bot

    WG want to encourage team play? try this

    How about no XP unless you ram?
  6. 3.5m FXP at 35:1 is 100,000 doubloons or 150,000 at 25:1 That’s a mere $400 at 35:1 or $600 at the current rate of 25:1 😂
  7. ROFL just that easy, eh? RB is clearly designed to suck FXP from those who have too much.
  8. n00bot

    How In The World Do You Play The King George V?

    trashbote, unfun. might as well be an HE cruiser. can't tank.
  9. n00bot

    Best credit maker ship?

    Aside from Missouri which is the obvious answer, If you’re good, premium T8’s in general give nice credits. If you’re not good, the uptiering may frustrate you.
  10. n00bot

    Help winning with Stalingrad

    I also suck in the Stali and haven’t quite figured out why yet. It definitely gets focused hard in randoms.... OH a STALINGRAD let’s SHOOT IT! Also, if you don’t have support, it doesn’t do well on its own. Hard to count on your teammates in randoms.
  11. I thought WG didn’t want experienced players at low tiers?
  12. n00bot

    Battleship Damage Control Key to Wins?

    Staying alive sure helps but I want to say sometimes it’s effective to die in a blaze of glory, if you can take down a couple ships or stall a push from completely flanking your fleet. Anyone can stay alive in J10 or parked behind the CV mountain. Non-action (hiding) is just like you’re already sunk. It’s a balance...IMO it’s important to read the situation. If you have a good matchup, press the advantage. If it’s unfavorable, flee. I see plenty of unicum players kiting to stay alive, BUT I also see them push HARD when they know they have the edge. It’s not about just surviving but also being a ruthless predator when you have the right matchup. Don’t let ships escape when you have them by the rudder.
  13. n00bot

    Guilio Cesare

    Unlikely to the point of “no hell no” Look at awiggin’s post about container teases: the GC is advertised alongside other never-to-be-sold-again ships like Belfast, Nikolai, Kamikaze, Kutusov, ...
  14. n00bot

    Battleship Damage Control Key to Wins?

    Not exactly true, and a common misperception. Damage dealt is only 40% correlated with win rate (Pearson coefficient) There are many other factors to a win. Even within the realm of “damage” we should distinguish between damage types for quality. 1 point of damage to a DD is worth at least 5 on a BB. Damage at the start of the game is worth more than late damage. Setting a fire on a ship that has super-heal (Conqueror, Minotaur) is near worthless. Citadel and torpedo damage is much more valuable. And of course all damage dealt to ships that don’t die is completely wasted! At that is where DCP and damage management come in. If you can get the reds to throw 2-3 million in potential damage at you, and you survive it, then you have effectively removed 2-3m damage from affecting the game. BB’s in fact NEED to tank and take fire off teammates. If you’re not burning all your heals during a game, or if you still have full health at minute 10, you’re doing it wrong. Utilize your health pool, which is THE major advantage BB’s have.
  15. n00bot

    Does ranked actually have any problems?

    Statistically speaking, the smaller 6v6 format is more likely to have imbalanced teams compared to larger team sizes. As WG has reduced the team size, luck (as in “variance”) has increased, but so has the relative impact of each single player (you). It’s not clear to me whether small 6v6 teams are any better than 7’s or 8’s in terms of needing to draw a good team. You argue that there’s good tech tree ships at T9, and that’s true-ish, but IMO Black is OP with its smoke+radar combo (Belfast was banned), and JB/Musashi/Missouri all have significant advantages over their tech counterparts. T9 is pretty crappy for balance actually. Allowing premiums in ranked definitely gives an advantage to those who own the above ships. You talk about motivation and comebacks, but more often than not I see an HE cruiser kite to the edge of the map, farming star-saving damage rather than try to take a cap and win the game. And what about that full-health Musashi camping in H2? TBH Star-saving is a big reason I play Kitakaze: it can farm the heck out of BB’s and DD’s alike and is one of the few DD’s I can consistently top the charts with. In a 6v6 battle, if you’re a 50% player and top the XP chart in 1/6 of your losses, that’s worth a whopping 8% to your star rate. How many people can adjust their WR by 8%? If you want to climb ranks, playing to save a star is simply a smart, effective strategy. Sorry team. Oh don’t defend their MM as if matchmaking is hard to do. When there’s 2 radar cruisers on one side and zero on the other, the fix is simple. And don’t pretend like a radar imbalance isn’t huge. It’s game-changing.