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  1. n00bot

    New Brawl Is Stupid

    Sad but true. Such a broken game mode.
  2. n00bot

    New Brawl Is Stupid

    CV vs no CV at T6 is GG from the start. I won't be wasting any more time with this horrible mode.
  3. n00bot

    Cruisers in ranked, surprisingly fun.

    nah Belfast is OP af. "Bringing a cruiser" is not quite the same as "bring the Belfast."
  4. Same. My first game in Satsuma was 270 or 280k dmg. Then I tried the Hannover and it was a struggle to even survive being farmed from the first second of the game. "Hey it has good secondaries-- let's make it slow and spotted from space so it can't get close to anything." "Hey it has big guns-- let's make sure the dispersion is so bad it can't hit anything." wth were they thinking for Hannover? Totally agree brawling is dead, which is super sad. It was the most fun this game had to offer (past tense)
  5. n00bot

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again

    OH GOD PLEASE NO. This game was more fun when you could sneak around and surprise people, or lay smoke for your team and spot. It's devolving into a sit-there clicker game. Press LMB to win.
  6. n00bot

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again

    Cries in Yueyang
  7. I'm a DD main but after playing Italian BB's I'm completely unafraid of them. They're trash against DD's. I would charge one no problem.
  8. I just shot at a DD from UNDER 5k and completely whiffed every shell. Absolutely atrocious. Are these BBs good for anything?
  9. n00bot


    All ships in WoWs are paper. You think this game has any realism whatsoever?
  10. Easily the slowest, longest, Ranked grind ever. "Sprints" are only a few stars shorter than the old Ranked seasons (assuming you started at R12), but now there's THREE of them. Yah, I'm burnt out. Is there anything in this game that doesn't turn into a tedious grindfest?
  11. The weighted averaging is merely a different kind of wrong.
  12. Matchmaking Monitor, as far as I can tell, doesn't do statistics properly. I think it just takes an arithmetic average of the player's win rates which is wrong and sophmorish. I set my profile to private to troll the stats ragers. Very few people who quote "stats" (can we just say "data" since there's basically zero analysis?) actually know anything whatsoever about statistics. First of all, there's not even a confidence interval for Win Rate... and don't even get me started on PR. The tool is wrong at best and misleading at worst, and I often have the same experience of winning with the "wrong" team.
  13. n00bot

    Not a Brawl..

    I never even saw my opponent. It was just a dance around the rings. Brawl? Ridiculously dumb game mode.
  14. I was just on the wrong end of an Elbing volley. Took half the health off my Smaland in one volley. wth. Angling did not bounce anything: it was still getting pens, but fewer shells landed on the slimmer profile.
  15. n00bot

    Smaland NERF in 10.0

    Smaland not nearly nerfed enough. WG absolutely buried the Yueyang then came out with a far better version in the Smaland. No surprise they have to remove it from the store now. greedy? moronic? probably both.