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  1. This is a REALY GOOD, EASY TO IMPLEMENT FIX that bears repeating to get more attention.
  2. I did 20k plane damage in an AA-spec Grozovoi and got ZERO planes. The CV killed me from 100% to 0 without returning to the ship. Completely broken.
  3. n00bot

    Best CV complaint ever!!!

    Shocking that you don’t have trouble with CV’s. Try getting a DD to Tier X with > 50% WR then we’ll talk.
  4. In my spawn at the beginning of the game! Even speed boost can’t get you somewhere fast enough to avoid being spotted right from the beginning of the match. Sometimes you get lucky and the CV scouts the other flank first, sometimes not. If it’s Tier X and they send bombers, your DD now has 1/2 health to start the game, and everyone knows where you are.
  5. n00bot

    Best CV complaint ever!!!

    1 out of 5?? Most games are double CV’s unless you’re at Tier X. I’ve only had one non-CV Random game in the last week.
  6. n00bot

    Best CV complaint ever!!!

    I can’t agree. Sometimes you couldn’t dodge a triple-drop but for the most part the planes had to fly away after the attack. Post 8.0 it’s like like the flying monkey swarm from Wizard of Oz.
  7. n00bot

    Best CV complaint ever!!!

    The cohort is NOT SMALL as evidenced by recent payer numbers.
  8. He didn’t die, and even with the Mino there were “only” 3 radars which is pretty typical. Looked like a pretty normal post-8.0 game to me. Actually now that I think about it, Flambass certainly could have had it worse. He was alone during the first plane runs and the CV let him off the hook by going after other ships. A better enemy CV could have taken 1/2 or more of his health before minute 5, forcing him south back into his fleet and spawn area. Lol?
  9. I play WoWS precisely because it’s NOT TWITCHY. There’s plenty of twitch games that are wayyy better than meth hamsters mode. This mode just reveals how desperate they are to find something fun again.
  10. Wow, do they really think they can save their crap game with Soviet-style censorship?
  11. TLDR: super-unicum DD manages 30k damage in an incredibly boring game where he’s mostly useless. Honestly, he was lucky with flak to even get 10 planes. Normally that kind of game would net you 5 planes or less.
  12. n00bot

    How often do CVs die last, or at all.

    Part of the problem is that DD’s can’t kill CV’s for the most part. You’ll be spotted before you get there and there’s no way to close the distance to a running CV before it kills you. I spent a few minutes lobbing HE into the armored deck of a Midway and only did 1/2 damage before he offed my AA spec Gearing. Whatever. It’s completely broken. The only thing CV’s have to worry about is not doing enough damage. Awww so sad
  13. You actually think it’s balanced when one side is dead and the other side merely does less damage? That’s balanced???