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  1. You need at least 100 games, probably more, to get statistical significance on your WR. Also, other common metrics like damage dealt and K/D affect the battle outcome much less than people think. It’s quite possible to get better at dealing damage, for example, but ruin your win rate, because you’re shooting at BB’s instead of DD’s. You can also boost your damage by staying alive until the end, but did you help your team win or did you just sit in the back letting everyone else tank (and die) for your vanity stat? Do not believe that more damage = better or that K/D = better and certainly not PR = better. PR is a horrible metric IMO. You can boost your WR without ever firing a shot. For example, if you’re on the “weak side” and you can troll the reds into firing at you (and missing or at least not killing you) then go dark, then repeat, you can slow down their strong side, give your strong side time enough to flank, then win. Every time the reds aim at you, then you go dark and the aim at someone else, then you appear again and they aim at you, they have wasted time rotating turrets and wasted volleys trying but failing to kill you. I’ve had huge impact on flanks this way while doing very little damage, but my WR went up...
  2. Everything in WoWS is made up. None of it is remotely real. Time how long it takes your "30kt" ship to cross 10km, and you'll see what I mean.
  3. They need to remove rockets from the game. T10 CV’s basically get F-18 Hornets...
  4. n00bot

    Ranked 1 v 1 and Tirpitz

    I landed 7/8 LoYang torpedoes into a Massachusetts and still couldn’t kill it. He blapped me for the win. So dumb. Maybe the Tirp has weaker torpedo belt or less health? But LoYang was no win condition. 1v1 was just silly. I quit the mode after 5 games.
  5. WG: How can we get players to burn flags faster?
  6. n00bot

    should I give up playing WoWS because I used Comcast

    If VPN works but regular connections do not, it's a routing issue that should be resolved by the ISP's and backbone providers. Don't go get a VPN to play WoWS. This should be fixed soon.
  7. n00bot

    should I give up playing WoWS because I used Comcast

    Heck no. You think WoWS does anything below the TCP layer? No way. That would affect other providers as well. Have you isolated it to the peering points?
  8. n00bot

    should I give up playing WoWS because I used Comcast

    For those of us who do know what they’re talking about, do you know why the connections are being dropped? It doesn’t sound like a DNS issue, so if they’re dropping connections... wasn’t it Comcast who took heat for forging reset packets when they didn’t feel like sending the traffic? Perhaps a new traffic shaping rule that tags WoWS as p2p or something? Losing a peering point? Have you done any diagnosis? Internet in the US is a complete scam, people. There are lots of shady backend things they do to save money and not deliver on their “up to XXX” rate claims...
  9. Uh, no. This mode is antithetical to any kind of team play. Getting better doesn't have much to do with 1 v 1 situations. BTW, you need RPF. Completely overpowered in this mode.
  10. Dumbest Mode Ever WG: "How can we make players burn flags faster?"
  11. I dunno, doesn't seem that way to me in most camp-fests. A long line of Gearing smoke hiding many ships or their traversal still seems pretty good outside 12k.
  12. First, ditto this ^^^^ Second, completely ignore this ^^^^ in CV games :( Third, Kuro barely mentioned smoke in his assessment of Somers vs Gearing & Shimakaze, which seems negligent. I just got Somers, only two games so far, but having American smoke on a torpedo boat with decent concealment seems really nice. Smoke up your teammates then go off to the flank or wherever to spot & torp. In Shimakaze I usually find myself with smokes remaining at the end, because I'm rarely spotted as a torpedo boat. In Gearing, I hesitate to smoke up teammates since you can't smoke & shoot for yourself when the opportunity arises. American smoke on torpedo boat is quite interesting IMHO.
  13. It’s all the same thing. WG has repeatedly nerfed the entire class—at first because they were OP but later on just to cater to BB players—and they won’t fix any of the power crept destroyers for the same reason. But ok, to be specific, WG wants to keep torpedoes and smoke suppressed. The Z-52 can reduce its torp reload time to one minute. Not gonna get a buff. The Gearing smoke lasts 2 minutes. No buff. Shimakaze... we’ll do I even need to say anything? NO BUFF FOR YOU. The newest DD line has poor concealment, no smoke, and only 8k torps. No surprise at all.
  14. It’s actually under 5%. About 1 in 20 torpedoes hit. That’s around 4-6 racks to land one hit. Even if the destroyer has three racks, that’s one torpedo hit every 4 minutes. DD’s with 2x4 racks will average one hit every 7 minutes, or just 2-3 per game, which is not enough to sink a battleship, even if they all hit the same target.
  15. So your argument is that even though DD’s main consumable was nerfed hard in terms of its usefulness to the team, DD’s actually “came out on top” because it didn’t nerf DD’s own detection? Strange logic you have there. Also, if you are getting hit by “every single torp that is dropped against you” then you must be playing a different game. Even if a BB charges smoke, (and why are you doing that?) you should only take 1-2 on the nose. Hit damage control then and repair, then laugh as you blap the DD with H.E. The best a DD can do in this situation is wait until the BB is very close, then rush out of the smoke to gain the BB’s side. Then you can land enough torps to (maybe) get the kill. But again, this is the ideal situation for DD vs BB and why would a battleship put themselves in this situation? You deserve to be crunched for that move. Unless you think that even when rushing a DD in smoke, a battleship should still come out on top? Typical BBaby