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  1. zubalkabir

    ST, New Ships

    I'm trying to figure out why you'd ever load AP shells. There is probably some game mechanic I'm not considering, but it looks like for SAP shells: the damage is higher the chance of a ricochet is lower the penetration is the same there is no chance of an over penetration, and they interact with DDs the same as AP The only possible advantage I can see for AP, at least on the ship above, is 10 m/s difference in velocity. Or am I missing something?
  2. zubalkabir

    WNN 54: Italians!

    Aunt Maria, is that you? We missed your fig cookies at Antonio's son's christening party.
  3. zubalkabir

    the Benham

    Yeah, but did you notice that the regular camo has half the economic benefits? The XP don't matter that much, because what are you going to do with XP on a premium? Unless you want to spend a bunch of real cash for doubloons to convert to Free XP. But most folks probably have more than enough unusable XP scattered around on tier Xs and other ships they kept after buying the next one up the tier to do that. Now the 20% off vs. 10% off of post battle service sometimes makes a difference. But it's not as crucial as it is on a tier X.
  4. zubalkabir

    Georgia needs it's 2.0 SIGMA back .

    Well, if you want to know if it's a good ship that will surely be permanently removed from sale, wait until the upcoming tier IX ranked season. If you see a bunch of Georgias every game, along with the usual plethora of Missouris, Musashis, and Blacks, you'll have your answer. Oh, and this season will undoubtedly have at least 1 Benham every game, since it's new.
  5. Was it significantly different from the Zara? Or are you just interested because it did something cool historically? Personally, I'm hoping for a San Giorgio or San Marco at tier III or IV. No good reason. I just want to see how it would stand up against other low tier cruisers.
  6. If it's the ship I'm thinking of, it's a Capitani Romani class CL. But I guess you could also classify it as a really big DD. I think this class was designed to counter the French heavy DDs. It had eight 5" guns and 8 torpedoes (4 per side). And it was really fast for a cruiser. But pretty much no armor to speak of.
  7. zubalkabir

    The CV nerf was a indirect nerf of American ships.

    If the numbers drop as low as they were just before the rework, you've got a point, especially for cruisers, since they don't have torps at higher tiers. Not that they don't have other things going for them, however. I still play my Des Moines in clan battles where I know there won't be any CVs. I can recall not that long ago the complaints about radar were at least as common as the ping pong match between CV haters and AA haters.
  8. zubalkabir

    Karma - I have to laugh at this one...

    I'll see your 10 apathy points, and raise you 20 ignorance points. I don't even know how to check my karma
  9. zubalkabir

    I see the forum is back to normal...

    Wow, that's paranoid. Of course, I'm not saying you're wrong...
  10. zubalkabir

    change appearance of camo?

    Yeah, this basically. I don't care if it has some kind of camo. I just don't want something so garish it's distracting me while I'm trying to play. Also, I want to be able to view destroyed AA guns, although that's maybe not such a big deal on a DD. If you've got enough damage that it's visible, you're probably about to die anyway. Cool. That will work. Thanks, folks.
  11. This has probably been discussed somewhere before, but I must not be typing the correct magic words in the search box. I'm wondering if there is a setting I could change that would make a funky looking camo just appear "normal," so I don't have to look at it while I'm playing. I have 799 fuel tokens, so I will be getting Benham tonight, and I'd rather not be stuck looking at the savage battles camo all the time. Not a big deal. Just a minor irritant. Certainly not enough to forgo the economic benefits or throw down 4000 doubloons to get the regular camo. Thanks in advance if anyone has the answer.
  12. zubalkabir

    Smolensk vs Yoshino

    My thinking is Smolensk, simply because it looks like a change of pace from tech tree versions. Salem is very similar to Des Moines. Better repair party, but shorter range radar. Yoshino looks interesting, but I've heard it doesn't play very different from a Zao, unless you want to play around with the 20km team killer torps.
  13. zubalkabir

    About The NTC Reward Ships

    This. If all they wanted to do was encourage people to play lower tier ships again, all they had to do was introduce another snowflakes event for certain tiers, or maybe another tier 5 ranked. Or maybe get +300% captain's experience points for the first win of the day on tier ______ (fill in the blank). Or maybe be able to earn a free permanent camo by earning x number of base XP in tier IV-VII ships of a given line, that can be used on whichever ship of that line the player chooses. Give the camo good enough economic bonuses that you can play tier X ships with impunity. But the idea that they would be creating some form of "fun" by getting people to re-grind whole ship lines is bizarre. Playing lower tier ships - yes. I still play my Nassau, Kuma, V-170, and Omaha just for fun some times. But grinding tier-by-tier? Definitely not.
  14. Well, it's only 2 extra torps, but they are divided by 3 launchers instead of 2. So you can do things with them like you can with Akatsuki and Shimakaze. Finished off an Italian cruiser last night in ranked sprint by launching 6 torps from my Akatsuki. He figured they were coming, so turned away from them, which sent him into my last 3 fish. If your ship is fast enough, you can sort of do what CVs used to do by cross-dropping at 90 degree angles, so there is no direction your target can turn to dodge them. Edit: Just saw the post below by Brhinosaurus after I posted. Says pretty much the same thing: "I'm hoping it will be useful in competitive modes, especially if WG keeps excluding CVs (honestly I'm surprised CVs aren't in Clan Brawls though, I expected they would be as a further test to see if they're going to work in competitive team modes). I place a lot of importance on not just two more torpedoes, but also one more launcher. The ability to launch 3 sets of torps from slightly different angles lets you set up "no win" situations for your target where they can't avoid all of them. I'm a big fan of the IJN destroyers for that reason, and now we'll get to do it with torpedoes that can outrange any radar without the massive detection range that shima's torps suffer from."
  15. I'm looking the IFHE nerf, and then looking at the new ammo type, which is basically an HE round with better armor penetration, but a lower chance of causing fires, and my little pea sized brain is making a connection. My guess is WG wanted to tone down fires a bit, so the the IFHE nerf discourages people from leaving their HE on all the time. On the other hand, the new ammo gives ships with small caliber guns something they can use in its place that will at least do some damage, even if it doesn't burn ships to the waterline. Assuming the new ammo is not limited to Italian ships or something like that.