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  1. zubalkabir

    Neptunes and Minotaurs completely gone

    I liked the whole RN cruiser line, and was really looking forward to Neptune and Mino. I finally finished the grind to Neptune, but I found I don't do as well with it as I did the lower tier ships. Not sure why. I know it's thrown in to tier X matches all the time, but so was the Edinburgh. I probably just need to play it 2-3 matches per day for a week or so.
  2. I hope you're not expecting a super flying rainbow unicorn that shoots Skittles out its butt. PEF is not nearly as horrible as some have made it out to be. It can be played effectively if you're careful, and know when to dodge, when to close to secondary range, and when to hide behind islands waiting for a good shot. But you can't just start off in brawling mode, because it hasn't got the good German armor. And you can't snipe, because dispersion and sigma make it hard to hit anything, and even when you do, the main guns usually don't do a lot of damage. As long as you know this going in, you can work around it and still have some fun in the ship. The secondaries are decent, and the AA is good, at least until the CV rework goes live. Don't know what they'll be like after that. It also feels reasonably maneuverable for a BB.
  3. zubalkabir

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich is utter garbage

    I get what the OP is saying. The main guns have poor penetration with AP, and the HE is mediocre. So, in order to do any significant damage with the main guns to anything other than a broadside cruiser, you need to get a lot of hits. And the dispersion and sigma have been nerfed to such a point that getting a lot of hits takes many more salvoes than it should. And, while you can close the range to increase accuracy, this ship lacks the turtleback armor that makes other German BBs good at close range brawling. Despite all this, though, I've had some decent games in this ship. I don't know what it is exactly, but it seems to suit my play style reasonably well. I had some good games with it in the tier VI ranked sprint and some missions/scenarios that require tier VI. Maybe when you start a match with less than 12 ships per side, so you only have 2-3 BBs per team, it does better? On the plus side, AA and secondary guns are good, and the main guns at least reload fairly fast. It's also reasonably maneuverable. So I guess focus on dodging shells, and just getting in your licks when you can. Stay alive long enough, and you'll eventually get a decent shot at a cruiser, or maybe get to knife fighting range of a low HP BB, where your secondaries can supplement your anemic main gun damage.
  4. I don't doubt there was some effect from the appearance of 4-6 radar ships per side for a few months there. It's starting to even out, and I'm seeing 2-3 per side now in a typical match. But it's very rare to see a game that has tier VIII+ ships and not have any radar. Annoying, but not ridiculous. Just means there are fewer DD vs DD cap fights in the first few minutes of a game. Still, there are a few other factors that are probably at work to explain the chart above: 1. Yugomo and Shima - old toys. People have had a chance to play them quite a bit, so they're not as shiny as the new toys. Also seen some nerfs to torps (although that's not really recent), while still retaining the same slow firing, slow rotating guns (even though Shima got a recent concealment buff). 2. Kitakaze and Harugomo - new toys, and possibly OP. So they're going to see a lot of play for a while 3. Z-46 and Z-52 - also old toys, and, although not actually nerfed, they are seeing nerfs in a relative way, in the form of power creep from newer toys. Also, radar can nullify the advantage of their hydro in some situations. 4. Yueyang - nerfed. 5. Russian DDs - probably also old toy syndrome, since they are affected by radar less than other DDs because their concealment was (mostly) gavno anyway. 6. Gearing and Fletcher - combination of old toys, power creep, radar, and a shortage of CVs at high tier. This may reverse after CV rework, assuming AA for DDs is fixed before release. So my guess is it's a combination of: radar new toys to play with at tier IX-X new toys to play with at lower tiers, meaning fewer high tier players ranked sprint at lower tiers lengthy Halloween event that was really fun, and gave an opportunity to rack up massive Elite Commander XP Still, I'd be interested to know if there was a similar decline in tier IX-X play in older BBs, CAs, and CLs in favor of newer toys.
  5. Just got Ashitaka in a super crate last night. Only played two games in her, but she seems decent. The guns actually hit and do damage, without having to jump through a bunch of hoops and get your positioning and angling just right, and lining up your shot during a full moon on the second Tuesday of the month during a leap year. At least that's what it seems like so far. I'm wondering if that's a function of having tier VIII guns at tier VII? Anyway, the only BB lines I've climbed are German and French (although I also have Massachusetts). Is this ship representative of what Japanese BBs play like? Or is it just a tier anomaly?
  6. zubalkabir

    Auf Wiedersehen, PEF

    Yeah, she's not completely unusable. It's just that if you need a tier V cruiser I can't see any reason to take her over, say, an Omaha or Konigsberg. Even the gimmick of being able to use BFT and AFT for her main guns doesn't really do much. Certainly not enough to make up for the lack of speed, short ranged torpedoes, low HP, and everything else. It's not that the ship can't function. It's just that every other cruiser at tier V functions better in every category except turning radius.
  7. Hmm. On the flip side of this, I might actually end up using my Atlanta for its intended purpose of protecting CVs. Of course, in randoms, you generally don't know if the CV players on your side are worth protecting until several minutes into a game, unless you division with them.
  8. zubalkabir

    Auf Wiedersehen, PEF

    The only reason I'm keeping that Krasny Krym, which is so far the only ship, apart from Monaghan, I've received via super container or Santa crate
  9. zubalkabir

    Proposed buff for the Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    I've had mixed results with PEF, but overall I like it. I try to think of it more like a CA with more HP and a repair party. It's a bit slower than a CA, and the main guns fire more slowly, but the secondaries can take up the slack somewhat while you're reloading.
  10. zubalkabir

    AA increase on PTS - a concern

    I watched the video too, and it also struck me that the Gearing wasn't taking massive damage with any individual strike. However, it also didn't shoot down a single plane, despite having planes almost constantly overhead, using DFAA, and being a Gearing. So maybe balance it by making planes easier to shoot down, but give them higher damage output. Or perhaps a chance of higher damage based on the whims of the RNG gods? Not so much that a single drop takes out a ship, but more than now. Or maybe they can start off with the equivalent of massive dispersion and low sigma, but can increase their odds of hitting by slowing down and taking longer to aim while in the AA bubble? I don't think people will complain so much if they at least see planes splashing in the water every now and then, even if their ships are taking damage. And tweak the aircraft repair so the CV player has to choose between launching understrength squadrons or waiting a long time to bring them back up to full strength. It's unrealistic to have unlimited planes, but it's also unrealistic for DDs to have unlimited torpedoes (or to even reload torpedoes at all during a battle). So if they are getting unlimited planes, at least make them wait as long to reload planes as a Shima has to wait to reload torpedoes. Or maybe it already takes that long, and it doesn't seem like it to people on the receiving end, because they can launch a different squadron while the damaged one repairs?
  11. Well, WG is aware of the AA issue, and are working on it. Interesting that they increased AA gun mount survivability. I wonder if that also translates to dual purpose secondaries? Maybe they won't get stripped off by HE spam quite as quickly? Or did the HE spam only burn off dedicated AA guns anyway? I've honestly never noticed. Anyway, from the sound of it, there will be a window when this goes live where things are not quite balanced, and some things are not going to work correctly. Along those lines: From Operation Petticoat: "Lt. Cmdr. Matt T. Sherman: Where is Lt. Holden? Lt. Watson: When the air raid started they took off. All he said was "in confusion there is profit." So, how can an enterprising game mechanic exploiter take advantage while the fun lasts? Maybe take ships that have strong AA under the current system and all cluster together. If an individual ship is toast, and long/medium/short AA no longer overlaps, maybe you can still get overlap using multiple ships. If CV players who have been testing the new system are used to just strolling in without losing planes, it might catch them off guard, and force them to wait for excruciatingly long reloads of decimated squadrons. The downside is, if you're all busy cowering in each others' AA umbrellas, you're maybe not doing something else more useful. Anyone else have any ideas?
  12. zubalkabir

    What's the Attraction of the Free XP Large Cruisers?

    I wonder what logic WG uses when deciding whether to classify one of these things as a large cruiser vs. a BB. Might be better to just go ahead and create a BC class, in order to have some place to put them, along with Prinz Eitel Friedrich. Hood and Kongo were classed as BCs at one point. You could make an argument that Graf Spee belongs there also. (Sorta kinda). And the U.S. had plans for a Lexington class with 8 x 16" guns. I think they all got converted to CVs, IIRC.
  13. This is what I thought when they first explained how the rework was going to be. And you are correct that there can't be multiple squadrons in the air at one time from the same CV. Right now the limit is 2 CVs per side. If it stays that way, it might not be so bad. But there is conjecture that WG is thinking of increasing it. Now it's also possible the video Notser put out made it look worse than it is, since it looked like that particular CV player was either aggressively forward deployed, or the Gearing was deep in the enemy rear area. So the recycle time of new squadrons may not be so bad if most CV players follow the time-honored tradition of hiding in the farthest corner of the map from the action. "There cannot be as many airborne units in the game as there are now, and each unit must either scout OR attack; not both." If a squadron is over the target area, it is automatically spotting, regardless of what else it's doing. Compared with current play, a given squadron after the rework loiters longer, since: 1.) the whole squadron doesn't drop its ordnance at the same time, and 2.) if the planes tend to die less often due to weaker AA, they will also provide spotting for longer by simply staying alive longer. Will this be enough to equal or exceed the current ability to perma-spot a whole map by keeping fighters just out of AA range? We'll have to wait and see. Which was kind of my attitude to the rework in general before I saw the video. As for teamwork, I'm not one to scream about its lack in randoms. I expect no teamwork in randoms, because that's just the way it is. But I don't think teamwork between CV players is necessarily required to keep an airborne presence over key areas of the map. Each CV just doing its own thing can still have this affect if you have 2-3 of them.
  14. Essentially, this is correct. I watched Notser's video where a Gearing was being harassed constantly for over half a game, and it didn't shoot down a single plane. In a Gearing with DFAA. I suspect a lot of this has to do with only 2-3 planes breaking away from the squadron for each attack run. It seems like the rest of the squadron that isn't actively attacking takes less AA damage. And even if those 2-3 planes took some hits, if they didn't actually get splashed they head back to the CV and start repairing while the rest of the squadron goes on about its business dropping ordnance. So by the time the last planes in the squadron get back to the CV, the earlier ones should be mostly repaired. But let's say he did manage to shoot down enough planes in, say, the torpedo bomber squadron, to force it to wait on deck to replenish. That would still leave the dive bomber squadron and the rocket plane squadron that could launch immediately while the TB squadron got back up to strength. And if you have a game with 2 (or even 3?) CVs per side, the perma-spotting is going to be even worse than before the CV rework. That doesn't necessarily make the original poster wrong, but the adjustments to AA will have to be massive if that video is anything to go on.
  15. Oh, man. Just watched Notser's video with the Gearing. Up until the point I saw that, I wasn't too concerned with the CV rework, and was dismissing a lot of the hate as Chicken Little paranoia from people who didn't even have all the facts yet. And I was actually looking forward to getting some AA use out of my Atlanta and Nurnberg C hull. But if a Gearing with DFAA can't shoot down a single plane, despite being under constant air attack for at least 8-10 minutes of a game, then this is going to suck. I was looking forward to being in games where I wasn't perma-spotted the whole time, since CVs can only put one squadron up at a time. But after watching how fast that CV cycled through launching new squadrons and getting them over the target area, I'm not optimistic.