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  1. Yeah, I hate the idea of random Ops also, and for the same reason. It's kind of like my main problem with CV's: you rarely know for sure if you're going to be up against one. If you take a ship that is heavily specced for AA and there are no CV's, you just wasted the opportunity to have something useful - say, hydro intstead of DFAA, for instance. But if you take a ship that is not specced for AA and you end up in a game with 2 CVs per side, you are likely to have an unpleasant time.
  2. zubalkabir

    DevBlog 353 - Dutch destroyer Tromp

    Number of aircraft in attacking flight – 12. 12 planes on a DD? HFS!
  3. zubalkabir

    Won't access Armory or Naval Battles

    Cool. That worked. Thank you. But I gotta wonder why we can no longer access from in-game. Or maybe it's just me?
  4. Is anyone else having problems accessing the Armory or Naval Battles? I just get the spinning anchor all day. I can get to the armory by opening a web browser and going in that way. But not by clicking on it in the game. And I haven't found a work-around for Naval Battles. Just wanted to see if it's just me before I go into the tech support topic.
  5. Is anyone else having problems getting to the Armory or Naval Battles? I click on them and get an endless spinning thing.
  6. Someone probably already asked this, but can we still sell camos for credits? I don't particularly care what a ship looks like, and if there are no longer any economic or combat bonuses tied to the camos, I don't have a use for them, except maybe as cash cows when I need credits.
  7. zubalkabir

    Co-OP loses

    Well, as a general rule, if I'm playing co-op and half my team is AFK, I'd consider that a good thing. Less competition for the easy points.
  8. So, if I don't care about the visual effects, will I still be able to sell all my camos for credits? I'm perfectly fine with plain gray with rust streaks. I typically only use one-use camos when I'm grinding a ship to the next tier. I usually sell a lot of them around December to have credits to re-purchase tier VIII-IX ships I don't like just to get snowflakes. I'm wondering if I need to do that before this goes into effect to avoid losing the credits? I understand that if I sell them now I'll lose the economic bonuses associated with them. But, if I understand this correctly, any camos that have a reduction in service costs are going to lose that benefit entirely.
  9. zubalkabir

    Narai - no not that, relax

    I think WG actually did make some changes to make COOP harder a couple of years ago. But they nixed the changes because it actually got difficult and people were complaining. The problem is that it's hard to program the bots to play intelligently and use good, variable, unpredictable strategies, which is what players actually want. So "making the bots tougher" usually involves letting them use information a live player wouldn't have. So they'll do things like dodge torps the instant they're launched, when they are well beyond the range at which a torpedo can be detected. Probably something similar with dodging shells - exactly the right change in course and speed to minimize hits and damage. And there would be no such thing as hiding behind an island waiting to ambush something. Stuff like that, which does make it more challenging, but not in the way people want it to be.
  10. zubalkabir

    Narai - no not that, relax

    I played Narai a couple of times last night for the first time in months. I noticed the way people play has changed. The first game I was running a Lyon and going up the middle. One guy went left to kill the CV, and most of the rest of the team swung far right to kill the transports and then just ran straight for the red spawn point on the far edge of the map. That left me and one cruiser to deal with all the stuff in the middle. Not a big deal for the most part, but the cruiser got nailed by the Missouri, and its sinking hulk was blocking my shots, so I couldn't kill the Mo before it rammed one of the transports. The second game was very similar, in that several ships rushed the spawn and killed everything in the last wave as they crossed onto the map. I hadn't seen that done, at least to that extent, before last night.
  11. zubalkabir

    DevBlog 323 - Changes in Clan Battles and Brawls

    I don't like the Greece map in ranked because it's rare to have a team that will support you at the cap with the island down the middle. But in clan battles I love it, especially when I'm playing a Z-52. Fast loading torps and 6km hydro let me own that cap. And my clan mates pummel the reds if they try to flank me with overwhelming numbers. In ranked, you only get that kind of support occasionally. Most teams like to run to the "safe" cap on the other side of the map, presumably with some vague idea that they'll rush the red team's "safe" cap. But that never seems to happen. They just grab the one cap and try to hold it, letting the reds rack up points from two caps.
  12. Overall, this sounds like an improvement. It's annoying to scroll through temporary camos to find the best combination of bonuses for what I'm trying to do with a given ship at the moment. And I don't really care about the visuals. I'd be perfectly content if all the ships were just grey. In order to make camouflages an exclusively visual customization, their combat bonuses are also separated from them. The 3% detectability range by sea bonus previously present on all camouflages is now built into the default parameters of all ships. The 4% increase of dispersions of shells fired by enemies attacking your ship will be entirely removed; Hmm. Okay. Very few people play without these, unless maybe it's a coop game. So just including them both would have made sense. I wonder if rental ships will have the built-in 3% conealment bonus? And removing the 4% increase to dispersion, will ostensibly, "...result in a small boost in accuracy in general for the game on whole after the change." But the net benefit will be most advantageous to ships with relatively poor dispersion and slow firing main guns, like BB's, and most detrimental to DD's, particularly torpedo boat DD's, which tend not to use their guns as often anyway. So DD's will now die slightly faster on average. Probably not something you'd notice in a single match, but will likely show up when looking at stats of how long DD's stay alive over the course of hundreds or thousands of matches.
  13. zubalkabir

    Who have you seen in game

    LOL. So many torps have come and gone, it's hard to keep track. And anyway, you're right. A BB exists to use its HP to soak up damage, and if you're team's ahead, you might as well roll the dice and risk cashing some in to get better field position, put pressure on a cap, or maybe kill something in an even trade.
  14. zubalkabir

    Do NOT play Brawl

    Okay, I was reading through these comments and, although I haven't actually played one of these 9v9 brawls yet, I was thinking to myself the negativity was probably a bit overblown. But if it's allowing a 9-player division that has voice comms on one side and the other side are random strangers, that won't work. Apart from that I don't mind asymmetrical battles, at least up to a point. I actually get a bit annoyed if MM goes overboard and makes the teams an almost exact mirror image of each other. If I'm playing, say, a Kitakaze, I don't want to see a Kitakaze on the other team. I want to fight something with different strengths I need to avoid and different weaknesses I can exploit. And if one team has 2 DD's and the other has 3, that's not a big deal to me. I see stuff like that in clan battles all the time. The major things MM needs to do are: Make sure there are an even number of CVs of the same tiers on each side. If there is radar in the game, make sure there is at least one radar ship on each team. This one's not super critical, as long as it's not 3-4 radar ships on one team an 0 on the other. This is one reason the Axis vs Allies game mode that was being batted around a while ago would be difficult to implement, since Germany, Japan, and Italy don't have radar. It could still work, as long as the allies couldn't take more than one or two radar ships.