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  1. zubalkabir

    italian cruisers are terrible and noncompetitive

    Looking at their stats in Wiki, I thought I would hate them, except maybe the tier X. But I got the tier V and VI in crates, so I decided to grind them anyway, in order to maximize the number of tier VIIIs and IXs in my port for the snowflake event. Just got the tier VIII, and only played a couple of games in it. Played the tier VI and VII in operations, since that's less painful than randoms in an unfamiliar ship. I wasn't super impressed, but I didn't hate them either. Every now and then the guns do massive damage. Still figuring out what I did different on those salvos than others. As others have mentioned, they do murder DDs, and are only held back by the ROF. They are also not bad against CLs. Against BBs, they do okay damage if you aim for the superstructure. But if you are looking for one-shot killing machines, these are not going to be your favorite toys. First time I took out the tier VIII I went into a coop, and found out rather quickly that you can't rely on the smoke. It might have been that I was too close, or maybe just that bots are really good at figuring out where a target is based on last known position.
  2. If I recall correctly, the plan was to make the standard HE pen on all gun calibers 1/5 instead of the current 1/6 (except maybe keep the 1/4 on things like Japanese 100mm). But then IFHE would only buff it by 20% instead of the current 30%. My guess is they figured out there are so many different gun calibers in the game they'd have to do a lot of special tweaking, similar to the aforementioned Japanese 100 mm, German secondaries, etc.
  3. Hmm. Reminds me of the old theory that 1,000,000 monkeys sitting at 1,000,000 typewriters hitting random keys would produce a script for Hamlet eventually, purely by chance. Personally, I don't think CVs are that bad most of the time. I don't play them myself. I didn't start before the rework was announced, and I figured there was no reason to learn until it was done, which it still isn't. Now, there were definitely a couple of patches that were bad, but those things have been mostly fixed. Nerfing CV alpha strikes and spotting (of both ships and torpedoes) went a long way toward making them less monstrous. I think a lot of the remaining problems are psychological. As a non-CV player, you shoot down 8 planes from an attack wave, but before those planes are out of sight you can already see the next wave (of a different type of aircraft) coming. And shooting down those 8 planes didn't stop you from eating damage. So it feels like your AA isn't doing you any good. People don't notice (or remember) that the damage they just ate is not nearly as bad as RTS, which might very well have amounted to an immediate sinking. And they don't see whatever juggling act the CV player has to do to keep planes in the air. They just know he has "unlimited" reserves.
  4. I've actually had pretty good luck with teams this season. I've been playing my Somers exclusively so far, and I've won 22 out of 34 matches, which is pretty good for me. I started on rank 12 because of where I ended last season, and I got to rank 8 yesterday. I've been playing a lot of ranked and clan battles the past year, and I've probably improved a bit. So that's part of it. But I think a bigger part is that my teams have not been wasting what I do for them, like spotting and capping. Even when I die early, my teams have made the red teams pay heavily for killing me, so it wasn't a waste. And when I get torps into something, my teams jump on those ships like raw steak dropped into a piranha tank. Maybe because it's still early in the season, and the better players haven't moved up out of my league yet? But, in theory, that would apply to the opposing teams also. *Shrug* Who knows? Of course, I didn't have a Somers last season either. For me, it's got the perfect combination of speed, stealth, and torpedoes. The guns are slow, but they are accurate and there are 8 of them, so that helps mitigate it a bit. Compared to the Gearing, having the torps divided among 3 launchers gives the ship a lot more flexibility. I'd almost prefer 3 launchers with 3 torps each than 2 launchers with 5 torps each. Also, when I first got Gearing, I immediately put torpedo acceleration on it, figuring 13.2 km was plenty of range. But I had to put more commander points toward my guns on Somers, so I kept the 16.5 km torps, even though they are slower. I think I actually get more hits with them. For one thing, I can blind torp the far cap at the beginning of a match, and I get hits more often than I expected. Plus those BBs that like to stay in the rear with the gear aren't quite as alert for torps, since they think they're out of range. And, as icing on the cake, I can launch torps from outside Russian radar range. I love it when the other team has a Stalingrad, since it doesn't have hydro, and I know it's going to sit in one spot and camp behind an island.
  5. zubalkabir

    Santa Containers Contents Details

    So, duplicates aside, are ships the only thing you can receive in the crates? Or is there a random chance of doubloons, free XP, flags, camos, etc. also?
  6. I misread the announcement, and for about 30 seconds I thought they were selling the Musashi for $26.
  7. I was playing my Somers in clan battles Sunday night, and I would have loved to be able to hear the other team's Discord channel. I launched torps at a Conquerer, and he spotted them at the last minute and turned. By doing so, he rammed his own team's Smolensk, which stopped it and caused it to eat two of my torps and sink.
  8. Lets see. For tier Xs I've got Gearing, Somers, Z-52, Shimakaze, Worcester, Des Moines, Zao, Minotaur, Smolensk, and Republique. So it looks like I'll just barely be able to pull it off. On a semi-related note, do we know when the snowflake event will start? It sounds like a New Year event, so I'm thinking January. I'm just wondering how long I have to finish grinding and/or repurchasing tier VIII and IX ships I've sold along the way.
  9. zubalkabir

    PT Gun Boats

    ^^^This. I don't know that anyone would want to actual play a PT boat / E Boat / MTB. They were kind of fragile. Unless maybe they operated as a squadron of 6-8, kind of like torpedo bombers? Edit: Now that I think about it, maybe it could be that the ship you actually purchase is a PT boat tender, which launches a squadron of PT boats, kind of like a CV does. They launch torps, and survivors return to the tender to reload, repair (over time - not instantly) and fill out losses from a limited reserve of spares. They'd have to be stealthy, and have fairly short ranged torps. To keep them from becoming stealth spotting monsters, make their ability to detect ships have a fairly limited range, which could be somewhat justified because they don't have spotting towers 8 ft high. Fast, of course, and maybe with an extra dispersion penalty when ships are shooting at them. Minimal to non-existent AA, and guns that can only damage other PT boats. Maybe depth charges too?
  10. zubalkabir

    STOP RUINING COOPS FOR US again 9x9 joke

    Hmm. I almost never play coop, but I'm considering it to grab some quick steel during the snowflake event. I plan to buy back some tier VIII and IX ships I sold along the way, and finish grinding some other lines to tier VIII and IX to maximize the amount of steel I can get. Assuming, of course, they let you use coops to knock off the snowflakes. I don't remember reading about it one way or the other. I'm thinking if I play these ships in coop, I can do it with 0 point commanders and not bother with upgrades and modules. Here's a thought, and I'm not sure it will work, since I don't normally play coops: could you have your whole team agree to let the bots take and hold a cap, or mabye two caps, and then go on a killing spree? Would that make the reds last long enough to actually finish them off?
  11. Things have actually improved for DDs recently in some ways. Yes, 12-18 months ago things were extremely bad. The U.S. cruiser line split meant non-stop radar spam every single game for months. But eventually other ship lines came out, which meant U.S. cruisers were no longer the new shiny object, so their numbers reduced. Then WG changed radar spotting so only the ship mounting the radar could see you for the first 6 seconds. That actually helped more than I thought it would. Carrier rework was pretty challenging in some updates, but I never found it to be quite the apocalypse others described. The AA went on a roller coaster ride, alternating between being completely useless and creating impenetrable no-fly zones. It probably still needs some work, but since I hear complaints from both sides, it's probably fairly close to being as balanced as it will ever be. For a while it was almost impossible to land a torpedo hit, unless you charged in and launched from 3 km. Between hydro, RPF, radar, spotting by carrier planes, and spotting by catapult planes, the big fat juicy targets always knew where you were and from which direction the torpedoes were coming. But at least planes have been toned down a bit: Can no longer spot torpedoes. This was a big one. Removed RPF from planes. Reduced the distance at which planes can spot ships a bit. If you have the steel and liked the way DDs used to play a couple of years ago, I'd highly recommend getting a Somers. No, you can't just charge into a cap and run around undetected. But if you don't take the torpedo acceleration skill, you can keep the torps at 16.5 km range. Yes, 13.2 km is generally good enough, and the extra 5 knots is sometimes useful. But at 16.5 km, not only can you launch from outside Russian radar range, you can occasionally catch those Yamatos hugging the map edge napping, thinking they are safely out of the danger zone. On numerous occasions I've launched a single spread and hit multiple targets camping inside their woobie cap. You can do the same with a Gearing, but the extra speed on a Somers, combined with the torpedoes being spread among 3 launchers instead of 2, gives you more flexibility.
  12. zubalkabir

    Snowflakes are coming back

    Looks like I will be repurchasing some tier VIII and IX ships I sold when I moved up to tier X, and finishing some grinds that are pretty close.
  13. zubalkabir

    Clan Battle Participation

    My clan has 50 members, and our commander regularly recruits to replace attrition. We have a mix of really good players, average players, and others who still need some experience. We haven't had a problem most nights coming up with 8 players, and we often have more than 8 lined up in Discord. When that happens, we be sure to rotate people through. We're currently in the second league (Whatever the silver one is. Squall, I think? Can't remember), and those players who've already got their maximum 2,000 steel for the league usually rotate out when someone else wants in. When we get closer to hitting the next league up, we'll probably keep our better players in for a few matches, until we get across the threshold, and everyone can start earning steel again. Having voice comms is a great way to train people.
  14. zubalkabir

    Can we make flooding an actual threat again?

    Hmm. Reading this kind of got me thinking about why I don't play my Z-52 as much anymore. I played it a lot in one of the ranked seasons a few months back, and noticed it has an issue dealing damage. The guns have a decent rate of fire, and I can hit things consistently. But they just don't seem to do a lot of damage, even to other DDs. I've tried switching between HE and AP, and it doesn't seem to make a difference. Same deal with the torpedoes. They've got a great reload speed. 10.5 km is fairly standard for tier X, but radar, hydro, RPF, etc. make it tough to land a lot of hits. And when you do, the damage can usually be shrugged off by anything other than a previously damaged DD. I torped a Montana at 3-4 km a few weeks back who was rushing my smoke in a cap. He was down maybe 20-30% of his HP before I hit him with all 8 torps, and he still survived. I don't think it was a damage saturation thing, because he was hit broadside at a fairly perpendicular angle, with the hits spread all along the length of the ship. I know Montana has good torpedo protection, and Z-52 torps have low damage to compensate for the fast reload, but wow. Flooding wasn't really an issue, since my team mates finished him off with guns very shortly after the torps hit, so I guess this is a bit off-topic. Still, it seems the flooding nerfs have contributed to a power-creep nerf for at least one DD, throwing off the initial balancing from when the ship was released.
  15. zubalkabir

    Italian boats player verdict?

    I seen comments from playtesters that the line is similar to French DDs. They are crap until tieir IX, and the tier X is fun. I got the Mt. Coochie and Trento. I've only played a few games, but they seem okay. I haven't noticed the damage saturation yet with the SAP, but that could just be that I wasn't paying attention. I'll have to look next time I play. They seem like they'd be pretty good at kiting. Good speed. Reasonably flat trajectories. Smoke, if you get in a bind.