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  1. Yugumo's pretty good. I just have an irrational bias against DDs with stock speed below 37 knots. Other than that, she's a fun ride.
  2. I can't see how this is a problem. You play and stockpile a given resource until something is released that actually appeals to you enough that you're willing to spend it. I just bought the Bourgogne, and I got the Somers last August or September. There are no other steel ships I really want right now, so I'll just grind steel in ranked, clan, and snowflake events and stockpile it. Eventually something will be released that I actually want. And hopefully by that time I'll have enough stockpiled I can just buy it immediately. Until then, I'll just enjoy the game. It hasn't really changed my behavior. I stopped at tier 6 this ranked season, like I usually do. Rank 5 has no steel reward, so it's like having to grind 9 stars instead of 4 or 5 to get the next batch. Now, if I'd fallen just short of getting the Bourgogne, I might consider it. But more likely than not, I'd just wait for the next ranked or clan season. My clan usually makes it to the second level in clan battles, and then gets stuck there. We'll bang up against the next level, occasionally getting to the point where we have to win 3 out of 5 stars, and then get knocked back down. I'll continue playing anyway, just to help make up a full team, and because it's fun to play with people you know who can communicate via discord, instead of having to type. But I'll bow out if another clan mate wants in, and we have more people playing than we have slots, especially if I've already got all the steel I can get for that level, and others haven't. And eventually we'll hit the point where we bring all the newer clan members up in skill, so we can win with whoever is able to play on a given night. I get that this is a "free to play" game, and there has to be some sort of draw to get people to spend real money. I know programmers have to be paid, and there are zillion other expenses that go into game development. Fair enough. But it seems a bit crass to just try to frustrate your customers into spending money. There's got to be a better way. I personally prefer the old system, where you'd pay $30-$80 for a game, and then there'd be an expansion released once or twice per year, and you'd pay for that, if you wanted what was in it. It required a lot less in the way of psychological manipulation, head games, and figuring out how to tap into addictive tendencies. And if the idea is to push people to randoms instead of operations, maybe a better idea would be to work on operations instead, since that's what people want. Mind you, I don't believe that's actually the case. I believe WG when they say more people actually prefer to play randoms. But if that's the case, then why bother to push people toward the game mode they already prefer?
  3. It would be nice to have bots that are actually challenging. It would be nice if it could be done by making the bots smarter, as opposed to giving the bots knowledge or abilities that are not available to players (like dodging torpedoes the instant they're launched, even though they were launched well beyond spotting range, or 15 meter dispersion at 25 km with 3.8 sigma). But if the bots could just be programmed to make sensible decisions, that would be cool.
  4. Operations are a nice change of pace now and then. I hope they don't nerf the economy to the point that it actually costs resources to play if you have a mediocre game. I'd like to see some higher tier operations. Maybe let players select between a hard version and an easy version. The hard one gives you more resources for doing well, but has a lot more randomness thrown into the programming. So you don't know exactly what ships you'll be up against, or exactly when or where they'll show up. Let the operation follow a general outline, so you can have a plan. But not be so predictable that you always know exactly when to have your guns trained to starboard with AP loaded. Maybe this time it will be a group of DDs that appear to port.
  5. Or my torps blocked, especially by another ship who ends up getting killed 30 seconds later while doing his YOLO suicide run. And now his sinking hull is blocking the shot.
  6. zubalkabir

    Premium Ship Review #104: Massachusetts

    Instead of editing every review she's ever done, she put them all in a post pinned to the top of the general section. Below is the relevant excerpt: Tier VIII Amagi - Nope Kii - Her 100mm look SOOOO good, but their range sucks monkey butts, so they're not worth spec'ing into. Nope. North Carolina - Nope Alabama - Nope Massachusetts - It's only effective when she's top tier. Otherwise, the use for this falls off dramatically. It's no longer really good. Vladivostok - God no. Lenin - Leave these neckbeard secondaries out of it. Bismarck - Again, the 105s could use it but you don't NEED it. Use those skill points elsewhere. Tirpitz - As per her famous big sister. Monarch - HAHAHA, very no. Vanguard - Also no. Richelieu - Nope. Gascogne - MAYBE if you brawl often with Gascogne. Actually, it would be fascinating to meet someone who simply plays Gascogne often. Nope otherwise. Roma - Nope.
  7. zubalkabir

    Me no math good

    Ah. Now I remember seeing the video of the DD taking 6-7 torps and surviving. Thanks for jogging my memory.
  8. zubalkabir

    Me no math good

    Okay, I'm probably missing something. If I'm reading the number below correctly, something is off. Barring some bizarre coincidence, it looks like I did nothing but fire damage to Yamato. And I don't remember hitting it with a torp. As far as I can tell, neither Smolensk nor Kleber have any torpedo protection. So, since Somers torps do 14,400 each, Smolensk was killed by one torp, which finished off it's last 8,403 HP. That means Kleber was hit by two torps, which should total 28,800 damage. Why did it not sink? I'm guessing there is some hidden game mechanic of which I am unaware.
  9. zubalkabir

    moskva credit grind

    When matches start to go south, it happens quickly. The first team to lose a ship is very likely going to lose. And if the red team gets up by two ships, it's almost guaranteed. Not always. I've seen some good comebacks. But they're rare. Even more rare in randoms than clan or ranked, I think. At least from what I've seen. Which is a bit odd, since losing one ship out of twelve shouldn't be as big a deal as losing one out of seven.
  10. zubalkabir

    So someone in battle told me.........

    Well, plus player feedback. (Apologies if anyone was drinking liquid at the time they read that, and it caused them to snort it through their nose.)
  11. zubalkabir

    ST, changes to test ships.

    Okay, just for giggles, I brought up the wiki pages of the Moskva and the Petropavlovsk to compare them, and see why WG even bothered to come up with a different version. Mostly to see if it's worth finishing the last 95k XP to grind from Dm. Donskoi to Moskva before it becomes a premium. Below is a comparison. Better stats in Green. Read Petropavlovsk / Moskva. Hit points: 55,800 / 65,400 Reload: 13 seconds / 10.35 seconds Range: 18.45 km / 19.44 km Max dispersion: 171m / 167m (double green because this dispersion is for a longer max range) HE damage: 3,050 / 3,100 HE and AP shell velocity: 995 m/s / 985 m/s AP damage: 6,350 / 5,800 Secondaries (same guns): 12 guns at 5km range / 16 guns at 6.5 km range AA (just did max DPM to keep it simple): 317.4 / 285.6 Max speed: 32.5 knots / 34.5 knots Turn radius: 990 m / 1,050 m rudder shift: 12.1 sec / 10.9 sec Surface detectability (with max stealth build): 11.31 / 14.14 (by air: 6.52 / 7.36 ) So, reasons you'd take Petropavlovsk over Moskva: AP damage, shell velocity, AA, and concealment. Reasons to take Moskva over Petropavlovsk: durability, ROF, accuracy, maneuverability (assuming the higher turning radius is related to the higher maximum speed), and radar that lasts twice as long. This doesn't take into account factors not listed in Wiki, such as sigma and armor set-up. And I'm sure there's something else I'm missing. But I guess it's definitely worthwhile to grab Moskva before it goes premium, assuming you don't want to save 28k steel to get Stalingrad instead. Honestly, though, when I'm playing a DD, I'd much rather see a Stalingrad on the red team than a Moskva. No hydro, plus slower rate of fire. And even more sluggish at dodging torpedoes. Now, if I'm playing a cruiser or BB, that's a different story.
  12. zubalkabir

    ST, changes to test ships.

    So, if Russian cruisers have a radar duration of 15 seconds, and they can't share visibility of targets with their teams for the first 6 seconds, that means they effectively have 9 seconds where they can light up DDs for the whole team to pile on? Given their main gun reload speeds, that effectively gives the Russian cruisers themselves one salvo before the radar goes dark. Maybe two salvos if their guns were pointed in the right direction when they turned on the radar. As for the rest of their team, the number of salvos will vary, depending on reload time and how close they were paying attention to the mini map.
  13. zubalkabir

    What are DD AP shells actually good for?

    Was it a Donskoi? If so, that might have been me. LOL. I'd just finished helping a DD kill the red CV, and was heading to the middle cap when I go spotted by an Asashio riding the map edge, which allowed the whole red team to murder me. And, of course, my guns were pointed the other way when I spotted it.
  14. As far as DD advice goes, I think Pulicat is on the money. I got the Somers last August, and have been playing it extensively in ranked and clan battles. It works great for me most of the time, but it has some glaring flaws. I like it because: Speed. The difference between 38 knots and the 36 knots you get in a Gearing is noticeable, at least to me. I find I can get out of tight spots and dodge huge amounts of incoming fire because of it. Torpedoes. This is the big one. Having three racks of 12 instead of two racks of 5 is a lot bigger deal than two extra torps. Being able to divide them into three separate salvos gives you a lot of flexibility. And, given the ridiculous maneuverability of tier X ships, even those with over 50,000 tons displacement, and the paranoid use of WASD hax at higher tiers, it lets you cover the possibility of your target speeding up, slowing down, or turning, all at the same time. I'd probably trade 2 quintuple racks for 3 triple racks most of the time. And the range (I use 16.5 km torps with the speed module, which boosts them up to 69 knots) allows you to fire outside of Russian radar range. Also, you'd be surprised how many hits you can get by blind firing into caps, buffs, and choke points at long range at the beginning of a match. And those Stalingrads bow tanking behind an island often think there are no DDs within torpedo range because they didn't see one on radar. Drawbacks: The guns on Somers fire and rotate slowly for a DD. You don't want to go deliberately looking for gunfights in a Somers. The only DD I will deliberately go toe-to-toe with using guns is Shima. I'm not particularly scared of Gearing either, since the extra turret somewhat evens out his higher rate of fire. Daring and Hargumo will eat me alive, as will Kleber (if his reload booster is available). Haven't seen too many Khabas lately, but they are also dangerous. Most of the others tier X DDs will beat me if we both start off with similar HP and the gunfight goes on long enough, but I can generally hold my own for a while until I can disengage. Too early to tell about the Swedish ones, but I'm guessing they're bad news. Given all the above, I try to use long range torps, and be very selective about cap fighting, unless I have a really good idea where all the reds are. Don't get me wrong. I'll still move up and spot, and grab caps when I can. I just try to avoid getting committed to something I can't get out of, and always try to have an escape plan.
  15. zubalkabir

    0.9.3 - MM Improvements

    I don't play CVs, but they don't bother me much, at least at higher tiers. The past few times I've gone down to tier IV to play my V-170, however, I've seen a minimum of 2, and usually 3 CVs per team. That's a bit much at a tier with no AA worth mentioning. So this makes sense at tier IV-VI. At higher tiers there is enough AA that it's not as critical. As for the new tier restrictions, it's a mixed bag. It's nice to be able to play a tier VIII cruiser once in a while without being the only cruiser on the map without a repair party. But I kind of miss the mixed bag you used to get before they implemented class mirroring between teams. It made things a bit more interesting when one side would have, say, more cruisers but fewer destroyers. Up to a point, at least. It sucks when one side has 5 radars and the other has none. But if it's 4 vs 2, that's not the end of the world. And I hate playing against a team that has the exact same ship I'm driving. I played my Massachusetts last night. It was an all-tier VIII battle and there were a total of 5 Massachusetts between the two teams. It's more interesting (to me at least) when you have different strengths to exploit and weaknesses to compensate for.