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  1. zubalkabir

    ZF-6 worth the grinding or to buy?

    Also, turret rotation is sloooow (although it's at least a bit faster than Z-44, which is extremely painful), it it has 2,900 fewer HP, and the ship itself is slower. As far as I can tell, you need to make the most out of the extra stealth and the speed of the torpedoes to make it useful.
  2. Nurnberg wasn't mentioned. It used to have a C hull that traded half the torps for better AA. Omaha had something similar, but traded a couple of main battery guns. I'm wondering if the plan is to bring back the better AA without having to give something up?
  3. Looking at the stats, I'd say you have to play them like CL's with smoke and no citadel. I haven't got one yet, so I don't know how well that works. I'm wondering how far off they are from, say, Belfast or Smolensk in play style?
  4. Or even as you fire more salvos at the same target. Your gunners see where the splashes land. First salvo long. Second salvo short. Third salvo should be closer, etc. Could do this for secondaries also, particularly if the target is selected as the primary target, and stays in range, so dispersion would gradually decrease with each salvo.
  5. Okay, if WG doesn't like automated secondaries, then give players control. Press 1 for HE, 2 for AP, 3 for torpedoes, 4 for secondary guns, and 5 for tertiary guns (since they have a different reload time and penetration than secondaries). More micromanagement is fine with me, especially with BB's, where you have a 24-30 second gap between main battery reloads. They'd probably have to do something for DD's to compensate, like extra HP or a buff to rudder shift and turning radius. I play DD's more often than BB's, and secondary guns have never been a major threat that keeps me from closing the range, even before the secondary nerf, unless I'm already under 3k HP or something. While they're at it, maybe let players manually control AA and choose targets and aim when they hit the O key. That way you can focus your AA on the 2-4 planes that are actively attacking your ship at that particular moment, and have some control over where the flax bursts go, so they are not so predictable. It's more micromanagement, and not everyone would be able to pull it off effectively. But it would add another element of uncertainty to CV game play. You'd have to figure out which players on the red team know how to use AA, and which ones don't.
  6. zubalkabir

    So how does secondary accuracy really work?

    Okay, that sounds a lot like what the guns feel like they're doing. Thanks for the in-depth explanation. Basically, anything less than 5" is pretty useless at anything except arson due to lack of pen (except some German 105mm). A bit disappointing about all the 150mm and larger useless secondary guns. I didn't play BBs much prior to WG converting all the secondaries to HE only, but I'm wondering if 6" AP secondaries actually did better.
  7. My assumption is that secondary accuracy basically starts out at 100%, meaning the AI will aim at the perfect spot to hit a target based on its current range, course, and speed at the time the gun is fired. After that the accuracy is impacted (heavily) by dispersion, sigma, and any maneuvering or speed changes the target does. Or is there also an accuracy penalty baked in that simulates gunners not aiming straight in the first place?
  8. This makes sense, I guess. Although, while I haven't taken DeadEye into consideration when building out any of my other ship classes, there might be a few people out there who have. But WG is also doing a free respec for everyone in the Fall.
  9. zubalkabir

    is there penalty for hitting enemy afk player?

    This. Plus, there also might be useful reasons for killing it. It might be providing spotting. It could have gone AFK inside a cap. They still have secondary guns and AA that will fire automatically. And, as others have mentioned, he might still join late, when the game is down to 1-2 ships per side, everyone else is damaged, and now you have a ship with full hit points that just joined the red team.
  10. zubalkabir

    Autumn skill reset means

    Not an unreasonable guess. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it turns out very close to this. I just hope they do something about sub speeds while they're submerged. They were ridiculously fast in the testing/preview event. Of course, DDs going 50+ knots is a bit out there too. The Italians were probably the most speed obsessed navy on the planet in the 1930's - '40's, and I think their fastest DD's could just about hit 40 knots during speed trials for brief durations under ideal conditions.
  11. zubalkabir

    If it ain't Dutch it ain't much!

    I'll be interested to see if the armor is actually decent. Also, aren't some of the CL's supposed to have torpedoes?
  12. zubalkabir

    0.10.3, Axis vs Allies event

    Would have been cool to combine it with Asymmetric Battles, tier IV - X. And maybe have two versions - one that could include paper ships and another with only ships that were built, commissioned, and actually sailed. Maybe some Operations with actual historical battles where both sides are played by humans. If one side is at a decided disadvantage in numbers, throw weight, etc., then give it a victory condition that is at least possible to achieve.
  13. zubalkabir

    Possible upcoming tech line

    Well, unless they do more line splits, there aren't a whole lot of options. Italian DDs are an obvious choice. And they could add some Dutch ships to the European line. A few DDs, maybe 5 CL's, one BC, and one BB, if you want to include paper ships.
  14. zubalkabir

    Math behind secondaries nerf

    Well, it's not such a bad trick if you can continue to exist inside of secondary range long enough for them to do more than token damage. When I'm playing a BB it's really annoying to have what feels like a 2 second delay before the first secondary shot goes downrange, which usually means one salvo before the DD pops smoke, ducks behind and island, or runs out of range. And when I'm playing a DD (which is more common), secondary guns have little to no effect on my tactical decisions unless maybe I'm under 2k hit points.
  15. zubalkabir

    Math behind secondaries nerf

    I tend to play DDs more than anything else, and the possibility of taking damage from secondaries has never impacted my tactical decisions in any significant way, either before or after the nerf. Even doing a YOLO charge, if you dodge a bit, you can avoid most secondary damage, similar to how planes can avoid flak. And you can usually pop smoke, jump behind an island, or get out of range before you take any significant damage. About the only time secondaries are really dangerous is if your DD is low on health, and you are caught at low speed well inside the range envelope with no option to break line-of-sight (like radar or hydro narcing you out in smoke). And BBs need something they can use while the main guns are reloading, even if it's not super effective. Personally, if I'm playing a BB, I'd like to be able to control the secondaries instead of just having them automated. Maybe if we had something like that, we could also have useful secondaries on cruisers. Might have to beef up DD hit points or something if we did though.