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  1. mac os wow platform dead

    yes patch please update and crash every time
  2. Mac Issues?

    Running 3 year old mac latest update on OS. Had major issues up until last update. freezing up or crashing every few matches then at match load screen. couldnt download installer then all of a sudden everything was fixed and game ran great until today. hope patch comes out soon
  3. Game Keeps Crashing

    Im running on a 2013 mac running latest OS and had major issues the last few updates. The game would freeze between the third and fourth match at first. Then every other and eventually at the match load screen. So I uninstalled the game completely from HD went to download installer and kept getting failed downloads on 3 different browsers. Finally i tried to download WOT or WOP and neither would download. So that was WG's system i would assume. I was directed by WG to contact codewaevers they handle the mac platform. I sent them info and system reports and they said that it was not with their system either. Neither side has answered any questions as to why the game was freezing and crashing. Then this past sunday I tried again and the game installed and ran almost perfectly the few days leading up to todays update. And now i cant even get the game to launch. Click play game crashes wth.
  4. Public Test for Mac?

    Will one be ready for mac in the future?