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  1. If you don't ask, the answer is "No".

    If you don't enter, you will not win.

    I am a very average player.  I entered the contest over the weekend for a chance at the camouflage.

    I have an epic battle in my Lightning to get the last of the 7 achievements needed for Exeter.  The rest of the elements of that marathon were best run in Co-op for me, so there I went without another thought.

    Getting the damage wasn't too bad, but getting the third kill for the penultimate element turned out to be a chore and took me a couple days.

    It also took me a couple days to accumulate the 20 citadels needed to complete the marathon.  I did that tonight.

    This is when I got confused.  I added the ship to my notes.  I updated my captains list.  Then I was summarizing my status.  That was when I found that I had an extra Port Slot that I could not account for.  Looking through my notices, I found the addition of the Slot, a Captain, and 9,600 doubloons.  (I hadn't noticed the extra there as I had not expected it to change, so I did not look.)

    Apparently, that epic battle was in the Top 10 of participants in Tier 8 DDs.

    Results of the battle mentioned: