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  1. I just realized I haven't even fired up the game for the last two nights.

    This is the first time in years that I did not play on a night I was home.

    With the coming nerfs and the current chaos, I'm seriously considering a vacation.  I will finish the mission for the PA commander as I will want him when I return.

    I see much Co-op and Ranked.

    I also expect I will go ahead and sell back the current carriers while I am at it.

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    2. YeOldeTraveller


      Thanks, Fair Winds and Following Seas to you as well. :Smile_honoring:

    3. dbw86


      I truly hope your sabbatical from WoWs will be short, but also refreshing and recharging your love of this game.   You have contributed a great deal to countless players, new and veterans, when others, including WoWs, either failed to respond to their questions, ridiculed them, or ignored them entirely.    You certainly assisted me when I was an infant crying in the woods.    

      Recently I went into a brief period where I went off by myself and just did what I wanted to do with no Clan duties at all.    It really did refresh and reinvigorate my own enthusiasm for this great game and I returned like a little Chickmumk, moving rapidly with my tail once again sticking straight up as I darted around in sheer joy of the game and my fellow players once again!

      You will be missed by many of us so hurry back when you are ready.

    4. YeOldeTraveller


      Thank you for the kind words.

      Maybe spreading my game-playing time around to other games will help.  I've been exclusively playing WoWS for the last two years, so it is past time for some diversity.

      Time will tell.