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  1. A successful weekend.

    I acquired enough Free XP to get Kronshtadt.  Either of my BB captains would have been a  good fit.  I'm currently using my Imperator Nikolai I captain.  The fit for both ships is surprisingly good.

    I've now acquired 8 stars for Mission 5 of the Halsey campaign.  I am now more than halfway toward unlocking the Final Task.

    A Super Container received this weekend contained 7 days of Premium Time.

    I finished the first stage (of five) in the Personal Mission to acquire the Des Moines Legendary Upgrade.

    Tonight, I got my first win in Shimakaze.  I also sank my first ship ... a Fletcher ... using the guns. :cap_rambo:

    I am more than halfway through the grinds of AlsaceMinsk, and Shchors.

    Current efforts include completing the Halsey campaign, continuing to grind the next lines to Tier 10 (French battleships, Russian cruisers, and Russian destroyers (alternate line first)), rebuilding Free XP to accelerate the stock grind of these ships, and making progress on the Legendary Upgrade Personal Missions.