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  1. There are a few tasks in the Indianapolis Marathon that I deemed as unlikely.  The current task (sink 1, live, and win) is one of those.  I win less than half of my battles, and I survive much less than that.  I also cannot count on getting a kill, even on average.

    After a few terribad battles trying for this task, I just decided to give it a pass and focus on the other Missions available.  I'm at least making progress there.

    Anyway, I just had a great battle in Nelson just trying to do the best I can.  I get to the end of the battle with a ship that is still floating, with the win, and having gotten First Blood earlier in the match.  I was even Top of the map for Base XP.

    This Marathon is still not done, but the likelihood just got better.

    1. Rolkatsuki


      Nelson's a monster when top tier one battle I got kraken when pushing a flank virtually alone.

    2. YeOldeTraveller


      Luck was with me on this one.

      was top tier and I had a Belfast for most of the match helping with AA.