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  1. To take advantage of the Upgrades discount, I accelerated the grind for three ships (all I had credits to buy and upgrade).

    I now have Des MoinesShimakaze, and Monarch.

    I had enough Elite Commander XP to retrain commanders for the Des Moines and the Monarch.  I also had enough Free XP and credits left to upgrade from the stock hull on the Monarch.

    I had a good first battle in Des Moines including sinking 3 ships.  The second wasn't nearly as good.

    Shimakaze is going to have to wait for a bit of Elite Commander XP to accumulate before that ship sees its first time out.


    In other news, I have 9 of the Indianapolis Marathon tasks completed.  (I missed the third one.)  It is still possible I will complete this, but it is currently unlikely based on some of the task requirements.

    Finally, I am halfway through Mission 3 of the Halsey campaign.