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  1. Had a fantastic first battle in Gearing, and a disastrous second battle;  so things are still normal there.  I did enjoy the ship and am looking forward to getting more reliable in her.

    I completed the mission for the Tachibana Lima.  I did not keep it as the 700K credits are much more useful than a duplicate ship with better looking camouflage.

    Tirpitz and Bismarck saw a few battles in honor of @dseehafer.

    Currently, I am focusing on finishing the Honorable Service campaign.  I have 3 stars (of 10) on Mission 4.  I'm repeating the damage to German ships Task for 1 point each.  I have a couple others active, but they are rare events for me.  (I have progress on both, so there is still hope for a faster finish.)

    I expect the US Cruiser Split to drop Wednesday.  I am as ready as I can be.  I have Free XP, Elite XP, and credits ready to prepare the ships to my liking after the dust settles.