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  1. I tried a long session this evening to see if I could still trigger the stutter issue.

    I was not able to get this issue to manifest, so I am hopeful that that particular problem has been put to bed.

    I was grinding out Free XP for Musashi.  I returned to port after one battle to find this:


    Of course, the next battle put me over the needed value.  I have now acquired Musashi.  I am still figuring out how to maneuver the ship and effectively use the guns.  Credit positive in spite of poor performance, so I am happy with things.

    I had a good round in Lo Yang which completed the current Aigle marathon task.  (I have only missed one of these so far.)


    Current Priorities:

    • Finish the personal HSF missions to maximize the related containers and Commander XP bonuses before they expire
    • Acquire Baltimore in preparation for the US cruiser split (less than 20K XP needed)
    • Complete the Yamamoto Isoroku campaign (just started Mission 4)