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  1. I have just acquired Iowa.  I need to sell some surplus equipment and I can finish the Upgrades and start the final grind to Montana.

    I also finished the grind on Omaha for some Ship XP in preparation for the US cruiser split.  I still have a ways to go on New Orleans, but I have enough Free XP to unlock Baltimore anytime I need to.

    Having completed Part 11, I am now fairly confident I will be able to complete the Aigle marathon successfully.  My play is not consistent enough to count on any "single battle" tasks.  The "any number of battles" tasks are usually a matter of have enough time to play enough rounds to grind it out.

    I received, and have completed, the missions for Bretagne, and Normandie.

    Part 12 requires 300K damage over any number of battles.  I expect to finish this as a side effect of my other activity.

    1. Rolkatsuki


      Congrats on the Iowa, this is embarassing but I never knew how to angle or bow tank in a BB until sometime a little while into grinding the Iowa.