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  1. I was going to mark the completion of my first year playing World of Warships, but I am a few days late.

    Tonight, I finished the night with a Random Battles Win-Rate above 50%.

    I've been grinding up all the lines since I started.  With the exception of CVs, I have unlocked and purchased all Tech Tree ships up to, and including, Tier 6.

    I was able to generate enough Free XP to unlock both Missouri and Nelson.  It is going to be a few months before I will be able to acquire Musashi, but I have no doubt that I will be able to do so as I continue to grind up the various lines.

    In addition to Missouri, I have two more Tier 9 ships, Neptune and Fletcher.  I expect to have either the Minotaur or Gearing in the next couple months.

    I am working my way up the USN Cruiser line in preparation for the upcoming line split.  I should have New Orleans by the end of February.

    Finally, I have completed one 19-point captain.  I am working on the next 19-point captain who is currently at 15 points.

    It has been a fun year.  I look forward to the next.

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