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  1. Thank you, sir, you honor me but following crazy girl is not always good idea lol.

    1. YeOldeTraveller


      I have my share of crazy friends, so I should survive the experience.

      I've been to Japan twice.  Once to Yokohama and the other to Yokota.

      I've also climbed Mount Fuji (most of the way.  I ran out of time, so I will need to go back and finish the job.)

      Good fortune to you and fair winds.

    2. MzFortune2001


      You are very kind. Yokohama is very far from here almost 18km. lol

      Lived here all my life never even thought to climb Fuji looks too cold. (apologies English is work in progress)

      Happy to understand you associate with persons whit mental illness this says quite a bit about your character. I am very impressed

      with you sir.


      not that, that is anyway important, I am nobody but still, you have made my day better. thank you