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  1. This was the weekend for new Battleships.


    I found the rental Scharnhorst in my port and did try to use it.  Decided to wait a bit when I found over 100 BBs in the queue.  My first several times out did not go well.  I was using my Gneisenau captain and figured it would play similarly.  Likely, my Gneisenau play needs work as this was not effective.  (It is possible that the Gneisenau works well enough due to higher alpha strike.)  I was rethinking my plan to get Scharnhorst for a while there.  However, my last two battles with her were quite successful, so it may work for me after all.  Certainly, it was effective enough that I will be getting one when the opportunity presents itself.


    I had my first time out in the Missouri.  The first battle was glorious resulting in plenty of XP but not the buckets of credits I was led to expect.  (I'm currently only running Zulu and the included camo.)  It did make positive credits even in the battle I exited really early, so there is that.  Other battles have gone okay.  I'm still learning what this ship can do, so I expect things will improve.


    The next day, I took Bismarck out for the first time.  That was an unmitigated failure.  Mostly I was overextended (as usual) and was focused down.  I am still learning high-tier play, so I also expect this to get better.


    In related news, Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya is quite the peculiar beast.  I have deleted DDs for First Blood in couple battles.  The nature of the dispersion is apparently quite effective at this.  I frequently end up with the even and odd turrets on separate cool-downs.  I have even been able to engage targets on opposite sides of the ship consistently for multiple salvos.  I have found it to swat aircraft reasonably well.  All that said, this ship really needs some support to be most effective.  I have not run out of Damage Control charges as I either do not need them or I die before having time to use them.