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  1. Completed the Battleship stage of Back to Basics is grand style!

    This was my best round ever.

    Colorado in Tier 8 match.  I survived which is a rare enough event (less than 10% of matches).  I was #1 on the map for XP.

    This was my first time over 2000 base XP.  With modifiers, I received nearly 20K Ship XP, over 10K Free XP, and over 42K Commander XP.

    This was my highest damage battle at over 142K damage.  (Previous best was 107K with Zuiho.)

    Final fight for me was with a Tirpitz.  I thought I was up against a North Carolina until near the end.

    Last challenge was a dive bomber attack from the Test Graf Zepplin, but I had just enough HP to survive.

    Wow!  I am just getting back to normal breathing.

    This is why I keep playing.

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      Sorry for having to repost this.

      I really wish I could just edit the entry.