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  1. Ships you don't want to play

    @vonKaiser did this, though he is considering taking it out again.
  2. Best Credit Machine

    As others have said, a ship you do well in will generate credits (with some exceptions). A premium similar to that ship will do much better due to lower service cost and premium camouflage (and sometimes a boost in basic earnings). For me (and avoiding the Tier 9 ships), I find the following fairly reliable (and roughly in order of median net earnings with premium time): Nelson Lo Yang Kidd Tirpitz Montana Dallas Atlanta Other ships that do well, but that I don't have as many battles in include: Leningrad De Grasse HSF Graf Spee Dunkerque Alabama Prinz Eugen Arizona Other than Montana, I have not lost significant credits in any battle while driving these ships. I have been net negative on credits with the DDs in this list, but usually the next battle makes up for it (and more).
  3. Who have you seen in game

    Was good to see you. IIRC, I ran afoul of a Shimakaze while I was abusing your Fletcher.
  4. @dbw86, thanks for the information. I do something similar, but I have most of that same information in Google Sheets documents. I have one that summarizes all performance data and next steps. I have another that tracks all the captains and the next plans for those. I have yet another that I use to evaluate the various bundles. I agree with you on the issue with a friendly sailing in front of the guns while you are aiming the shot. I try to zoom out after every shot to keep awareness of the nearby ships. I'm still getting better with the minimap. This will likely be the next big improvement when I get that as an effective part of the scan. WRT team damage from incidental contact: 1) It is very hard to determine fault programmatically in the case of contact. 2) Rules of the Road require all ships to maintain separation. 3) At least the fines and damage are minimal.
  5. French BB: Currently on Alsace. Nearly done here. Lead captain is also being advanced toward 19 points. Russian DD: Currently on Minsk. Running the alternate line first. Russian CL/CA: Currently on Shchors. Grinding my Shimakaze captain to 19 points. Grinding several captains to 10 points in Co-op: Giulio Cesare Fiji Błyskawica Helena Duca d'Aosta Perth Leander Also accumulating Free XP against my next Free XP ship.
  6. Who have you seen in game

    I did something similar in Helena. Untrained captain, stripped of flags, and stock consumables in a Random Battle. I actually had a fairly good battle in that ship. I did not survive, but I took another ship with me.
  7. Update 0.7.6 Bug Report

    I'm getting an unusual crash. I'll try again tonight and generate all the needed data. If I bring up the list of Personal Missions and hover over the progress bar for the Des Moines special upgrade mission, I get a failure dialog from windows (I can only see that it is there in the Alt-Tab list. I cannot actually bring it up to see the text.) and the client freezes. Once I get that Windows failure dialog to close, the client will also close and I can relaunch the Launcher. Update: I was unable to trigger the failure this evening. Everything worked as expected.
  8. A decent weekend.

    I completed the last two Tasks in the Indianapolis Marathon.

    I completed the grind on a 19-point captain.

    I now have 5 stars (out of 15) toward unlocking the Final Task in the Halsey campaign.

    For the foreseeable future, I will be grinding a few lines to Tier 10, so I can unlock the missions for their special Upgrades.

  9. Congrats and thanks for a great thread. i took the Bastille mission as well, but I have decided to spend my effort elsewhere. I could do it, but I would not be doing anything else. I wouldn't even be making progress on the French lines as the current ships are just not fast firing enough.
  10. Server Issues

    Still No Joy. BTW, thanks for the quick response to the crash. Good luck with resolving the issue.
  11. N/A Server Crash 8:45PM est

    I was disconnected when I Exited to Port after getting sunk. Since then, I have been unable to get connected. Disconnect error. Server Unavailable message after I click Connect. Support Page still shows Green, FWIW.
  12. Marathon complete. I got close to the 2 fires, 2 citadels in a win early in the night driving De Grasse. I only had 1 citadel. I eventually got this one in a later round in De Grasse that included topping the team in Base XP and 2 ships sunk. Since there was a French main battery hits mission, I ran De Grasse and Aigle, with a touch of Alsace, Richelieu, and Algérie. This completed the 500 ribbons Task by the end of the night. I also did the periodic Indianapolis mission to get the crate. Wins were very hard to come by tonight.
  13. I needed 3 more wins for the current Task. I got a win in Des Moines, and then (after a loss in Shimakaze) I got two in a row (using Musashi and North Carolina) to complete the task. I also got the last of the July Daily Series goals for the Special signals. I also broke 500K Free XP. This will help the grind once I am done with the Halsey campaign and can focus on mid-tier ships for a while.
  14. Got 3 wins and over 100K Commander XP to get the first star in Mission 5 of the Halsey campaign. I expect I will be able to get the rest tomorrow.
  15. Loving the coal

    At the moment, I'm just accumulating Coal. I may eventually use it to get a ship. That will likely require supply and interest to align. Most likely, I will use it for Upgrades that really help a ship. (The Radar Upgrade nerf drops that below interest for now.) I did use the converted Coal from my personal Oil to get Smoke and Hydro for Haida. These seem to have really helped in that case.