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  1. YeOldeTraveller

    WG Launcher is GARBAGE

    The biggest issue I have had is that it now takes MUCH longer to recover from a disconnect. To the point that I have yet to get back to the battle in time to do anything but watch my ship explode. I also had an issue with it not staying paused on a download. When the download restarted on it own, it caused a disconnect from the battle I was in (see above).
  2. YeOldeTraveller

    Wargaming.net Game Center Feedback

    Not on me, but just uninstalling should be easy from the Control Panel in Windows. Getting something else to work with World of Warships requires the legacy launcher which I do not have a current link to. Good luck in either case.
  3. While possible, they have to actually have the 750K XP available to convert. Also, many, such as myself, have been accumulating Free XP in anticipation of the new ships. I'm going to see how they handle Alaska. Plan B will be to just dump all the Free XP into silver ships for those lines I haven't yet finished, and I could always use another 19-point captain.
  4. Noted, and thanks for the pointer. However, this whole thing is making me much less likely to be spending money. Note, that I can get any ship available for anything that is not Steel. I feel WG is going back (again) and statements they have made since before I started playing. Also, this is reducing the value of the time I've invested in acquiring Coal and Free XP. I can afford to buy this ship, but that reduces the value in terms of prestige. I have a Missouri. Everyone knows that I had to have played as least enough to acquire convertible Ship XP. Same goes for Musashi as there was no path that didn't require some effort. Anyone seeing a Jean Bart will at least consider that the owner just bought her. I am a decidedly average player. The time involved in acquiring Coal and Free XP is significant. If I had even more time, I might have enough Steel to matter. These recent developments are disincentives to spending more of that time on the game.
  5. This is so much how I feel about many things around here lately.
  6. So much for not outright selling a Premium higher than Tier 8. I mean, you could get Salem by a convoluted sequence of crates to Coal, but that yielded about a $320 price tag. If you really wanted to do that, you could. The argument used to be that the best content required actually playing the game. They keep chipping away at that.
  7. YeOldeTraveller

    Let’s Talk About "November Combat Missions"

    @TheURLGuy 18 NOV says total possible is 50K. Shouldn't that be 300K like the other similar days, or is there something special going on that day?
  8. YeOldeTraveller

    Salem or Musashi?

    While I agree, I see no reason not to hedge my bets.
  9. YeOldeTraveller

    Salem or Musashi?

    Currently, I holding Coal in case WG makes Alaska a Coal-only ship. Once I have Alaska, I will likely pick up Salem because having a Premium at Tier X is quite useful. (And if not playable, at least I didn't spend 'real' money.) Right now, if you want both Salem and Musashi (and can get enough Free XP), get Salem with Coal and Musashi with Free XP. Otherwise, Musashi is a good choice for all the reasons mentioned above.
  10. YeOldeTraveller

    Wargaming.net Game Center Feedback

    Game Center cost me another battle. The old launcher stored the token with the client. Therefore, you could immediately attempt to reconnect when disconnected. Game Center does NOT do this. I have to kill the client, and then re-launch the client to get reconnected. This happens every time. In the most recent battle, I was alive when at the ship list. I got POV on the ship just as it exploded. If I would have been using the old launcher, I would have been back in a fraction of the time. I would likely still have died, but I could have at least gone down shooting.
  11. YeOldeTraveller

    Royal Navy Event missions beginning 31 Oct 2018

    True enough. I was talking about the Scenario Achievements which I have yet to acquire any of. That was the Achievement that I got for the first of these Directives requiring same.
  12. YeOldeTraveller

    Royal Navy Event missions beginning 31 Oct 2018

    Most of those seem to require surviving the Scenario. I find that part the most challenging.
  13. YeOldeTraveller

    Royal Navy Event missions beginning 31 Oct 2018

    The only ones that I find challenging is the achievement missions. I play Random, but I cannot guarantee getting any achievements. All the rest are just a matter of playing enough. As to the specified Premium missions, you have to at least play them to get the credit. Part of the incentive is to have them seen in battle.
  14. YeOldeTraveller

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I know it has been a while since AT suggested this, but here are my numbers (I really should have waited for another 20, but I would likely forget about it anyway): Battles 980 Victories 960 (97.96%) Survived 691 (70.51%) Hit Ratio 40% Average Experience 555 Average Damage 45,146 Average ships destroyed 1.26 Average aircraft destroyed 2.45 Best Experience 1739 (Minotaur) Most Damage 205,406 (Musashi) Most Ships Destroyed 5 (Giulio Cesare, Minotaur, Perth, Maass) Most aircraft Destroyed 71 (Minotaur) Types Cruisers 374 (38.16%) Destroyers 369 (37.65%) Battleships 235 (23.98%) Carriers 2 (0.20%) Nations U.K. 351 (35.82%) U.S.A 143 (14.59%) Italy 128 (13.06%) Japan 87 (8.88%) France 68 (6.94%) Russia 62 (6.33%) Poland 57 (5.82%) Germany 55 (5.61%) Commonwealth 16 (1.63%) Pan-Asia 13 (1.33%) Tier 1 18 (1.84%) Tier 2 4 (0.41%) Tier 3 13 (1.32%) Tier 4 7 (0.71%) Tier 5 155 (15.82%) Tier 6 255 (26.02%) Tier 7 312 (31.84%) Tier 8 104 (10.61%) Tier 9 76 (7.76%) Tier 10 36 (3.67%) Average Tier 6.6 Most total ships sunk 104 Fiji (77 Błyskawica; 73 Lightning)
  15. YeOldeTraveller

    This game cost me 2 karma

    Nothing directly as far as I have been able to determine.