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  1. A few milestones achieved tonight.

    I fought my 200th Random Battle in the Missouri.

    I completed the each of the Quests for the new Royal Navy destroyers.

    I also finished the first two Directives for the first week of the Royal Navy Event.  (I lack only one mission to have all currently available missions complete.)

  2. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    A truly exciting battle that I did not expect to survive: A Sims versus a Musashi at point-blank range usually does not go well for the Sims, and that was the second kill.
  3. Yet again, I was DC'd from the server. Since I use WGC, this is no longer a "1-click, get immediately back in" situation. I have to kill the client, click Play in WGC, then wait for the client to load, the wait for the connection back to the server. This is even having manually logged in previously when the same than happened, and clicking save the password. This is the most significant failure of the new Game Center. This is an extreme regression in the play experience. This increases the cost significantly of a disconnect. It practically guarantees that I cannot get back to the battle in time to matter.
  4. Does it say anything about where one buys Guineas as you will need to buy at least 2 to get Cossack?
  5. Just a counter example, I got a 20 pack and received all four missions. RNGesus giveth, and RNGesus taketh. I will also agree that the value was not as good as previous events. Finally, the value reported in the Arsenal should be what you will get if you buy now, If this changes, it should follow that change. I would be annoyed to not get what was described.
  6. Good job MM LOL.

    Interesting. I hadn't heard that part.
  7. Good job MM LOL.

    Types, not Classes. MM sees 1 battleship, 1 cruiser, and 5 destroyers on each side.
  8. Thanks for the info. I need to remember to spend the tokens I have before the patch drops. I'm still waiting for Alaska, but the rest looks fun.
  9. Why is WG pushing Tier 10 so hard?

    @LittleWhiteMouse, et al: I understand about the gambling aspect, but there is a significant difference (at least in 2017, may be less applicable to 2016) to the loot crates from other vendors: You know what is possible, and the worst case is still a decent deal on what you get for the price paid. I looked at the offerings and determined that, for me, I was still ahead if I got none of the "extras". Would I have been disappointed? Sure, but I still got resources I could use in game. (And they did address the duplications issue in 2017, so you would not get multiple of the same ship unless you had already cleared out the list of possible ships.) I think the mistake other vendors made was that you had a good chance of useless, or at least cheap, stuff acquired at a premium. As to #2, there was a reward of signals based on battles run in the Anniversary Event.
  10. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I just had one of my best battles ever in Duca d'Aosta. This included a nearly 1-on--1 with a Kongo in the Red cap. The explosion in the screencap is the Red Independence. It was a race between a sea mine about to hit the stern, burning down, or the shot from the Colorado (which did the last point).
  11. Alaska

    One of those CC's in an Alaska just sunk me. I'm looking forward to this ship.
  12. I'm glad to hear that, and it makes a certain amount of sense. I hope progress is retained when the year rolls over. I have 6 Tier X ships at this point. If there is no real deadline, I will have to rethink where I'm spending my time.
  13. I classed the Upgrades as A (likely to use), B (might use), and C (unlikely to use). I have 5 A, 8 B, and 5 C classed Upgrades. (I didn't even consider the CVs.) The Upgrade for the Des Moines is C4 in my list. Only the Pan Asian destroyer Upgrade is lower in my priority list.
  14. Thanks for this. I created a list and determined what it would take for me to acquire all of these. There is no way I could do that before the end of the year, even if I already owned all the Tier 10 ships. I have my list of the order I am trying to acquire them to get the ones that I think will work best with my playstyle. It is always good to have solid data for making decisions.
  15. 0.7.9 Public Test Bug Reports

    Don't know how I missed that one. Not a fan, but I can see the logic.