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  1. I'd like to participate. I was in the last Corgi event, and this is the first similar event that I have been able to make due to schedule conflicts.
  2. It's been awhile.  I guess there just wasn't anything worth saying.

    Early tonight, I got waxed by @Lert in a Friesland (with some assistance from a Daring).  As an American of Dutch ancestry, I am quite happy to see this new ship.  I know Lert has been advocating for such for some time.

    Later in the evening, I had an absolutely epic (at least for me) battle in Le Terrible:


    This was also the first battle that I survived in this ship.

  3. YeOldeTraveller

    PSA: Naval Training Center Update

    My response is not here either. Guess it didn't meet editorial standards.
  4. YeOldeTraveller

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    Well said, and I agree. The only difference is you have been playing for 2 more years than I.
  5. YeOldeTraveller

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    Pretty much any performance buff from this NTC will kill your game. There is a difference between be able to afford to continually play high-tier, or get there faster, and giving a player a demonstrably better version of the same ship. The best comparison I can provide is camouflage. With the exception of the Type 1 and Type 2 camouflage, all of them give the same performance increase. Everything else is economic and has no impact on the battle itself. This is like Gold Camouflage that gives even better dispersion and detection benefits. If you do these things, stop calling your game Free2Play. The only thing Free players get is the role of cannon fodder. I also think increasing the divide that new players have to cross to be competitive is only going to slow, or even stop, any retention of these new players. Finally, I am not the strongest player. I accept that I can be out played. At least we are using the same tools. I finally have Tier X ships. I'm still learning to use them correctly, but they are, at least theoretically, balanced against the rest of the ships. I do not mind that another player has better skill and experience. That is the nature of a fair game. The better player is due his advantage due to his skill. But you are now going to give him a better ship. It is easier for a better player to grind anything. The best ships will be in the hands of the best players. This will make it harder for the rest of use to accomplish the same things as we get bounded into oblivion by our betters. If this comes to pass, I predict a mass exodus from the game. Whether that happens or not, I will be gone and no longer care beyond lamenting the loss of something I used to enjoy.
  6. Just leaving, likely. Not spending any money, definitely.
  7. YeOldeTraveller

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    This will allow me to free up time for other opportunities.
  8. YeOldeTraveller

    Final Tally Friday - Ranked Battles Season 12

    I played long enough to get the Steel I needed for Stalingrad. I found I had reached Rank 10 with the 10% Flag. I decided that keeping the 10% was more important to me than a chance to get more. I stopped playing at that point. I went back to grinding lines.
  9. YeOldeTraveller

    DD candidates for Tier 7 Ranked Sprint

    Leningrad was a strong counter to Belfast in the last Tier 7 Ranked season. The Tier 7 DDs are fairly effective when they do not compete with Tier 8 DDs w/Concealment Mod. Haida will be strong in the hands of those that know how to leverage its strengths. Thanks for the videos, they have been quite useful in demonstrating possible application of each ship.
  10. YeOldeTraveller

    Seal-Potato Part 3: My (USS) Hill to Die On.

    I'm not sure I will have the time to complete some of the later Directives. I am not currently playing CVs, and I would rather avoid Savage Battle. A Tier 5 DD is just not worth much extra effort for me. I will look at Commanders and see if I have any gaps that need filling, but I am disinclined to spend my limited credits on them.
  11. YeOldeTraveller

    Fuel Token Earning full breakdown

    I totally forgot about Directives. That would explain the missions I was getting progress on that I could not find elsewhere. I looked at the items on offer in the Armory and decided to give this entire event a pass. I'll have to check if there are any Tasks that have useful rewards when I get home from work.
  12. YeOldeTraveller

    PSA: Yoshino is in Armory

    I'm giving both a pass. If one turns up in a supercontainer, I'll keep it. However, I am not spending limited resources on either of them.
  13. YeOldeTraveller

    Looking for advice on premium ship for PVE

    @HazeGrayUnderway Mutsu and Kii also have torpedoes. I concur with the suggestions for Scharnhorst for BB. She hits the sweet spot in earnings in Co-op. Atlanta or Sims are other good choices for those ship types. Atlanta is my best net earning ship in Co-op using Premium Time.
  14. YeOldeTraveller

    Weekend Highlights - Ship Coupon Reset

    That makes as much sense as anything. I had not considered that angle. I'll be delaying that purchase as well, because I really wanted to drive Stalingrad this weekend. Likely, I will not have significant time due to other obligations for a month or two.