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  1. Player_9953674122

    Why the twitch crates make a lot of sense

    My twitch online status keeps changing to away even while I am watching. Does this cancel my consecutive hour?
  2. I live in a rural area with very limited internet choices. So before playing I use Pingplotter to check my connection. If ping is bad I don't play. Also always play my first game in Co-op which is the safest internet quality check.
  3. Player_9953674122

    Why the twitch crates make a lot of sense

    How long do you have to watch to get one crate? Is there a daily limit?
  4. Player_9953674122

    Need some help with Jack Dunkirk

    You are not obligated to use all his special skills. I did use all at first in Belfast but now use only Jack of All Trades.
  5. Player_9953674122

    Looking for a T9/T10 Scharnhorst

    I'm still learning Alsace but my style of play seems to have developed three phases. Early game: go full speed to a flank behind a DD or cruiser using concealment to get off the first volley. Engage speed boost, turn and kite until the other BBs catch up. Tank for leading ships and use first heal. Mid game: mill around at distance like all the other BBs, sometimes making devastating strikes on unsuspecting cruisers far away. This is the most difficult phase for me, taxing my patience. End game: use boost to reposition and seek an opportunity to go into cruiser mode. I thought T9 would be very difficult playing against better players but I manage to hold my own in the middle of the leader board. Have learned the hard way not to rush in too soon. Most important, having fun. I might even eventually work up to Republique although it seems that 12 guns is better than 8 guns.
  6. Player_9953674122

    MM still not fixed

    I used to play mostly T7 when MM loved that tier. But after facing too many T9 I used free XP to get Alsace, my first T9. Now I'm only -1 which is OK. I save my only working T8 Cleveland for Coop when I need a win to get a few more points to finish a daily chain. I never played my T8 French BB with its zero point captain.The game evolves and I try to keep up with the changes.
  7. Player_9953674122

    too many overpens?

    Just got Alsace. Lots of overpens on BBs but its relatively small shells have high velocity.
  8. Player_9953674122

    360 Days of Premium

    It used to. Now I play against T8/T9 more than being top tier. There have been many negative comments in chat from T7 players in my recent games.
  9. Player_9953674122

    Looking for a T9/T10 Scharnhorst

    Thanks for your helpful suggestions. I decided on Alsace because I had an 18 point captain in Normandie to transfer and did not have enough coal for Jean Bart. I did mess up the commander training since it has been a while. My plan was to use some of 2.7 million elite commander XP I'm sitting on but after I selected the 50% training option when I tried to accelerate training my only choice was to pay 500 doubloons -I'm on the cusp between frugal and cheap and this is way too expensive. So now I have to train the other half of my Alsace caption. Not really sure what 50% efficiency means until he is fully trained-for example, is concealment now half of what it will eventually be? Will I get 3.5 fires instead of 4?
  10. Player_9953674122

    Looking for a T9/T10 Scharnhorst

    I mostly play T5-T7 CLs and have avoided BBs that often are fat and slow. But I want to expand my WoW horizon. Tried Normandie -it was OK. But I love Scharnhorst since I can play it like a cruiser. With a 19 point captain I can sometimes carry my team at T7/T8. But I suffer at T9 because the only way I have figured out to brawl without an early return to port is to ambush from behind an island, which is not always possible or requires more patience than is normal for me. Is there a T9 or T10 BB that plays like Scharnhorst - fast, sneaky, agile, and happy to brawl? Thanks for your advice.
  11. Player_9953674122

    360 Days of Premium

    Not yet. Too unhappy with current T7 matchmaking. But still have half a year of premium left to see how meta develops. Perhaps I'll improve and get used to fighting T9s. I did survive T5.
  12. Player_9953674122

    I was having fun with German line up until T7

    Ditto for me. I had not bought a new ship for 6 months being quite content staying at T7. Now I am having to reluctantly reconsider my decision not to play higher tiers. My only T8 is Cleveland which is fine if there is an island waifu but kiting only goes so far when kiting from a T10 BB. Not sure which T8 BB will do best against T10, especially since I prefer brawling. Will I have to go to T10? Or drop back down to T4 which I have not played for some time? Any suggestions?
  13. Player_9953674122

    Return of Belfast?

    It is easy for a BB to kill a Belfast by charging into its smoke. Belfast is great against DDs but very fragile. It is a support ship and is most dangerous when in a division. By itself in Random it is not OP without good team support. If they bring it back WG should add 4 km torps.
  14. Player_9953674122

    What to buy

    I like the Normandie but you should be aware it has poor AA defense -if a carrier really wants you it can make life miserable and short. Also has attractive cruise-liner camo.