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  1. Thanks for an interesting and useful peoration. I'm just a humble average player and may never reach T10. (T8 Cleveland is my highest ship.) I do drive Belfast a lot and I think much of your advice will help me. I wish you would write a similar document for Atlanta.
  2. My worst ever Belfast - you see this ever?

    I have Capt Jack at 19 pts in my Belfast.Lots of fun. My style is to first support DDs capping using radar. Then I fall back to smoke for BBs and set enemy BBs on fire. I try to save one radar for any DDs that sneak behind our lines. Stopped using IFHE because of lowered fires on BBs. I don't care that much about total damage scores -prefer to support team. My max damage in Belfast is only 105K.
  3. I Think I Just Made Some New Friends

    My first minus karma was from a DD teammate who sank me by firing torps behind me. He complained that it was my fault he turned pink because I should have kept going in a straight line instead of turning.
  4. Game Will Not Load

    same problem. so far support suggestions have not worked. plus they are slow to respond to my replies.
  5. same error since Friday. So far support suggestions have not worked, including reloading DirectX.
  6. Tier levels in battles

    Thanks for the advice and encouragement. Just got a Furutaka and started playing against robots while I learn to handle it with my 3 point captain. I left my 11 point captain in Kuma. I like to kill sneaky destroyers but the slower ROF makes this harder than in Kuma, although if DD is broadside one volley is enough. Also the slower rudder makes it more difficult to avoid torps. But I assume I will improve with practice. My stats are poor- 47% lifetime. I judge my improvement by looking at my best games. Have gone from a max of 0 ships killed and 0 damage to a max of 6 ships killed and 75K damage in T4 cruisers Kuma and Phoenix. I drive Murmansk in T5 random games and can now aim using the spotter plane but still do better in T4.
  7. Tier levels in battles

    I've been playing for 4 months and still have a lot to learn. While I am improving (1 Solo Warrier and 3 Krakens), T5 is my highest level and the least amount of fun. I think both sides are correct. If you are an accomplished player you can manage +2. If you are an advanced newbie it can be tough. I have greatly improved my long-range aiming by playing against T7 and that is a big plus. But right now I don't know if I will want to progress to T6 and higher. It's just more fun at T4. I would be happier at T5 if T7 showed up only 25% of the time instead of 50%.
  8. Solo Warrior and ship class?

    I've only been playing 4 months so I have just one SW in a T4 CL. Probably beginner's luck. Our team was slightly behind on points and a DD and my CL recaptured B but the DD was sunk leaving me as our last hope. There was a running gun battle (me running) until time ran out and we won on points. Lots of advice and encouragement from my team, hoping I could survive.
  9. Thank you for the very helpful and thoughtful replies. I was just about to transfer my 15 pointer to Omaha when an urgent question came to mind. If he gets homesick can he return to Phoenix without a retraining penalty? My initial efforts with a basic Omaha have been discouraging because I tend to get wiped out by a Tier 7 ship. I'm hoping a better captain will improve my odds. I guess I should also upgrade some modules. I 'm trying to decide between IJN and Russian cruiser lines. I really like the high ROF in St Louis and Phoenix because it allows me to ripple successive shots along a guestimated path. I seem to do better with this than with broadsides. Is there a difference in ROF between IJN and Russian cruisers? I appreciate that you are willing to share your extensive experience with a newbie.
  10. Thanks to those generous folks who post tutorials and videos I am no longer at the bottom of my team list. Now I'm about the middle and once in a while make the top of the list. I would appreciate your suggestions for how to continue learning how to drive cruisers. I mostly drive the Phoenix and enjoy killing sneaky destroyers and torching fat BBs. While the Phoenix is fragile, I regard that deficit as a learning aid sort of like learning how to kayak in a tippy boat: when you make a mistake there is immediate feedback. Phoenix is a free premium IV cruiser. Its Captain just got promoted to 15 points. Also have St Louis with a 10 point Captain and Omaha with a 3 pointer. Should I leave the 15 pointer in Phoenix and hope that he eventually becomes Elite or is it better to transfer him to another ship? Should I work my way up the US cruiser line or start a different nation's cruisers? If so what line do you recommend for higher level play? Thanks for your advice.
  11. Almost dead

    When my ship is almost dead is it better to run and hide or to die gloriously?