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  1. iMiscreant

    Well, premium expired...

    My premium expired last week. But I continue to play for free, just avoiding T9 and T10 as too expensive. Enjoyed playing sprint ranked for the first time: T7 is my favorite tier. (Yes I got to Rank 1 but would have enjoyed it if I didn't rank out.) So uninstalling is not the only option for players. I hope that WG will solve the important issues raised in this forum and then I will renew premium. Until that happy day I am grinding less and getting better with my favorite ships.
  2. iMiscreant

    Has wargaming commented on this disaster?

    While I too am unhappy about CVs I lack the time and patience to read all these pages of comments (sorry).My own response to dealing with CVs is 1. play more co-op. 2. did not renew my premium account that just expired. I get less upset when playing for free. Thus, I have no desire to uninstall. I am looking forward to WG eventually finding a solution and hope then to renew premium. Until then I am playing less often and paying less often as well. I am now going back to play my new Russian captain and test his special talent by letting CVs bomb me until health drops below 10%.
  3. Thank you for an excellent suggestion. In the last two months I have played more co-op than in the last two years. I am now playing about half my games in co-op. I may have to unlearn some habits from Random to play co-op better. Also wish the rewards were larger in co-op.
  4. Some of us don't enjoy playing carefully and prefer to brawl which is hard to do when you are minus two tiers -you would probably die before getting into close range. Patience may be a virtue in real life but I don't play games to learn patience.
  5. iMiscreant

    Premium Ships Being Nerfed.

    Also Belfast did not get the radar buff. Does this count as a relative nerf?
  6. iMiscreant

    the rise of the very bad players.....

    I try to thank players who are helpful --provide smoke, AA support, etc-- in chat. Coaching by telling other players what to do seldom works.
  7. iMiscreant

    Dont get why people want to play t10?

    I have only one T10 ship and used to play it when I wanted to improve my character and learn patience. But now with the improved T10 cvs I don't need patience since I can get blapped early in the battle. Much more fun to yolo in a Scharnhorst.
  8. iMiscreant

    Lag spikes

    Been showing huge spikes on Pingplotter for over a week. My ISP is coming to change my router just in case.
  9. iMiscreant


    Sometimes I want the extra challenge of being low tier, say Cleveland in T10 (on ocean, of course). Other times when feeling less adventurous I'll pick a ship, such as Scharnhorst, that copes better with being low tier, or just play a T9 or T10 ship. My guess is that you are a better player than I since you don't have to think about this and cheerfully accept whatever MM gives you. But for me server population is the first item I check and it is annoying to have to press escape.
  10. iMiscreant

    Steering Gears Mod 2 Vs. Damage Control System Mod 2

    I go with better steering on cruisers and damage control on BBs because I tank for my team. However, I just got Republique and was so frustrated with its garbage steering that I changed back to better steering. Maybe if I learn to plan ahead better I can eventually not need good steering but for now, especially for French BBs with poor steering that I play like cruisers on the flank, I prefer to avoid damage by turning and kiting.
  11. iMiscreant


    I have 6K battles in Random. My casual observation is there is a greater chance of being low tier when the server population is low. So I plan my tier selection based upon server population.
  12. Does anyone have a video of an OP Belfast playing a T9 game?
  13. You are right about this -the fast acceleration of RN cruisers only works going forward. But I have not been able to figure out how to move back and forth in smoke without reversing. So is it better to sit still in smoke so you can go forward quickly or take the chance of getting torped even with hydro while reversing?
  14. iMiscreant


    You could eliminate the Premium shop box -can already go there by clicking on purchase doubloons. Or escape to Premium shop. This number is the first datum I look for before deciding if it might be safe to play T8.
  15. Yes. They can automatically spawn in battles that have more than 1 CV per team with special deepwater torps that only sink CVs.