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  1. Gokart_Mozar7

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    As it stands now, I will be hanging up my keyboard when this rolls out. The only people that will benefit from this are the people that already dominate anyway. I hate to say it. But I'll be done with WOWS
  2. Gokart_Mozar7

    Uh, You Do Realize That We've Won This, Don't You?

    The quality of personalities in game seems like it's going down lately
  3. Gokart_Mozar7

    Naval Legends: HMAS Castlemaine

    Does this mean it's getting in the game somehow? Convoy operations or something?
  4. Gokart_Mozar7

    How to Charles Martel (Tier VIII, French Heavy Cruiser)

    God I hate that. Is there some way I can hide my player history? I REALLY hate it when people tell me to go watch Flamu. I can't stand most professional gamers/streamers, and I find him particularly irritating. Jingles is about the only one I enjoy. Him and Jive Turkey. Watching pros doesn't magically improve my RNG. And yeah, maybe if all anyone saw was my best game out of twenty played, I'd feel a little better about my performance. I don't have friends in dds, because no one I know plays this game. Also, yes, I am terrible in basically everything. Except the Fiji. And oddly the Orion. But my point about the CM and the Emerald is that I am particularly poor/unlucky in each. Even in games where I followed every "pro tip" as closely as I can, my game has been middling at best. And on the rare occasion that I have a good game, land those cruiser cits, torp ambush BBs, etc. I somehow end up with a team that is, amazingly, worse than me. TLDR: I know I'm a particularly crap gamer, but I am particularly unhappy in this ship.
  5. Gokart_Mozar7

    What ship do you s#ck in that has a high win rate?

    King George V. I am probably the worst player out there in that thing. Everyone says it's great, but I am completely worthless in it
  6. Gokart_Mozar7

    How to Charles Martel (Tier VIII, French Heavy Cruiser)

    This is feeling like Emerald 2.0 for me. No matter what I do I die right away. It seems everyone in T8+ matches knows it's made of paper mache so as soon as I fire, I have 5 reds ked on to me. And what do I have to do to actually set a fire in this thing? I've landed 40+ hits (on superstructure) and get maybe one fire out of it. And no, they aren't already burning, unless it just isn't rendering for me. I really just can't be effective in this thing at all
  7. Gokart_Mozar7

    HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    I'm so happy to see her finally added. I just wish I was good enough to make her worth buying. That being said.... WHERE THE HELL IS THE MAPLE LEAF ON THE FUNNEL?!?!?!?!