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  1. AkiyamaSaneyuki_2017

    If you could have your own mode...

  2. AkiyamaSaneyuki_2017

    Oh my god the DOUBLE CV GAMES

    Ice cold [edited]!
  3. AkiyamaSaneyuki_2017

    Capitan skills of this Admiral

    Enhanced Gunnery Skills: Spread -12%. Reduced Detectability: Detect Range -26.3% All Torpedo Acquiring range - 15% for Enemy Ships Survivibility upgrade: All ship HP +7% To balance it, captain skills only available during clan battle & only applicable to IJN ships & only activated when the team is using exclusively IJN ships.
  4. I'm looking for ones in the Asia-pacific region, Japan & US West coast, would be nice if I could join, nicer if we could meet! I'll punk & sunk your noobs who have only played like 2000 matches or so lol.
  5. And if that were the case, we know which ship to blame:
  6. AkiyamaSaneyuki_2017

    Can we have a tier 12 and put Harufkinggumo in it?

    Didn't go with hydro, AA buffs to counter profoundly broken CV game mechanics.
  7. Your avatar is an obomination.
  8. I finally had it. I tried to hunt it down using Zao. The little turd first spammed me behind an island , and after waiting my dispensing all my torps, actually ran towards me and torped me. IT's just [edited]. I thought tier X is going to be fun, not crazy. Also what kind of DD has a range of 13 km?
  9. This is WOWS. The game you are talking about is Silent Hunt 4.
  10. No way this game attracts only jaded dads in their 50s
  11. AkiyamaSaneyuki_2017

    Laughs in Naval Superiority

    Is there a "naval history circle jerk" section?
  12. Short summary: WG did not listen to any of it instead went on with planning on mine warfare.