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  1. AkiyamaSaneyuki_2017

    What makes Colorado T7 worthy?

    The whole ship is stupid. It can't hit squatt, it lacks maneuverability, it's armor is half-decent, and it gets spotted 3/4 a map away. Is there anything nice at all about the ship?
  2. And where exactly is that? Got a graph? I'll go with main gun barbelet. Just deleted a Tirpitz taht way. No cithit but I am happy with 3 rounds @ 13K dmg.
  3. I am sick and tired of perfect lead, midship waterline hit but only get 8000 or so.
  4. Where? Mid-ship waterline? Front Turret barbelt? Where?
  5. AkiyamaSaneyuki_2017

    Nagato shows the whole game is poorly designed.

    Last time weren't you saying Nagato is the best ship for her tier?
  6. AkiyamaSaneyuki_2017

    Nagato shows the whole game is poorly designed.

    Really easy. WG found their brain the same moment at the terminal phase of testing when some designer yelled ,"[edited]! Nagato is bashing the crapout of the rest of the ship!" "So how about we try to move it up a tier? And place Amagi at the premium slot?" "Are you [edited]kidding me? There's no time! [edited] [edited] [edited] never mind, let's just nerf the crapout of her spread, her armor, her engine and rudder, and get everyone to buy a new hull when grinding the line"
  7. Nagato is OP in T7. It should be a T8 ship. Instead of dedicating more effort in reasonably designing the IJN BB line, WOWS copped out by giving Nagato a ridiculous Armor config and blessed her gun with a set of [edited] RNG spread parameters. As a result, CAs easily knock out her rudder with HEs, and her rounds would be more accurate than Fuso at one salvo, less accurate than Tirpitz the next. Instead of wasting resources on 3rd person CV play and Submarine, WG should think more about making the existing apparatus more robust.
  8. AkiyamaSaneyuki_2017

    the bumper car flag isn't nearly as effective as you'd think

    And kept for how long?
  9. So I was in a full health Nelson trying to ram this half HP KGV... even though I got the flag mounted we both sunk. I was like dude are you trying to ram me? You have only half health left! Are you out of your mind? Turns out I was the one at the citty end of the deal.
  10. I seem to know which one, still I wanna know if it's just me being extremely unlucky or it actually is the ship. This ship basically gets lit in 2 places by DDs with a single salvo consecutively for twice, which is just ridiculous.
  11. So I was wondering, is it ever possible to show just IJN ships in Japanese names, with the rest in English? Also, can I modify the IJN flag to be the actual IJN flag?
  12. AkiyamaSaneyuki_2017

    Which tier 5 DD has 3 dual torp with an obscenely fast reload?

    So how do you actually get one?
  13. AkiyamaSaneyuki_2017

    Nagato's cardboard rudder protection... happened again

    If we are talking about a DD then sure. But a freakin BB?
  14. Looks like some sort of gift ship that can't be bought but must obtained by completing certain quest, which one is it?
  15. AkiyamaSaneyuki_2017

    This game is more about luck than anything else.

    Wrong. I played tons of T10 to know it's the opposite. You are driving Zao. Some noob with a lucky shot from Mushashi 20 km out using scout plane obliterate your when you are turning. Of the few times I did well, it wasn't that I had some sort of epiphany and upgraded, I was simply at the right place and the right time.