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  1. USS_Taylor_Swift

    Update 0.10.1: When does armory switch over?

    The amount of steel you'd save from what, 1 or 2 resource crates of coal with be negligible. I wouldn't risk waiting until the last second for it.
  2. USS_Taylor_Swift

    need a button to check if we want cvs in games

    I just think it's funny how often I see threats like "if I see you when I'm in my CV..." They're pretty common--I saw one in a match this morning. It's always from players who are bad in everything else.
  3. USS_Taylor_Swift

    need a button to check if we want cvs in games

    Why don't you instead learn how to do it in a real ship and not be a cliche?
  4. USS_Taylor_Swift

    need a button to check if we want cvs in games

    What you're doing here is taking players' dissatisfaction with and hatred of CV games, and trying to twist it into a false narrative that we just haven't learned or adapted to how the matches carry out with them in it. Then to top it off you throw this cheesy "go get em tiger" insincere positivity about "educating ourselves" and coming back with a winning attitude. It really just comes off as insulting and obnoxious. I am "educated" in what I can and cannot do when it comes to CVs, and how I can best mitigate damage (but let's face it, if the CV wants me dead I'm dead unless I decide to just park next to my own team's). I'm not a noob that just hasn't figured it out over the last 2 years. Myself and the plethora of constant "cv haters" are just fed up with it as a whole. It ruins matches, dumbs down the game, and makes everything less fun for everyone else in the match who doesn't happen to be playing their own little PVE mini-game. Know what is a common winning and positive attitude I see in game? When you load into a match without CVs and people are happy about it enough to comment on it in global chat.
  5. USS_Taylor_Swift


    Is there any source on this? I've seen this claim made for years, but I never notice any discernible difference in my score when I'm killing or damaging ships of a higher tier.
  6. USS_Taylor_Swift

    Season 2 of the new iteration of ranked.

    wish they would just bring back the old ranked. This is worse. More work, less reward, more frustrating matches with more players out of their league.
  7. Can you still post it? Salvos don't cause flooding
  8. EULA clearly states ships and the mechanics of the game are subject to change and you acknowledge and agree to the possibility of changes when you accept the EULA upon registering.
  9. USS_Taylor_Swift

    No bot OPTION

    Probably something to do with this Yes, friendly bots will torp you, even at almost point blank range while you're sitting in smoke, if you are between them and their target. You know a game is in a healthy state when it can't even get enough people willing to play to fill out a match.
  10. There is no legal issue to rebalancing a premium ship regardless if it was bought with real money or an in game currency.
  11. How so? It's not for sale
  12. Care to elaborate on how a ship can be "easy" but not OP? He's what makes the Thunderer "easy": 457mm guns with AP very capable of overmatching and deleting cruisers, but has very powerful HE salvos that on average will hit for around 10k with each shell having a 63% chance of starting a fire so you can rely on starting one on each salvo. Not only are the guns amazing, but they were given cruiser dispersion for some reason, so, the Thunderer has the most accurate BB guns in the game. 12.3km concealment so when things get a little heated up you can just hold fire most of the time and go dark. Sure, she doesn't have the greatest armor, but who really cares about that when you're flinging HE from the back of the map. You don't need to get in strategic positions. Your guns will ignore enemy armor and angling anyway.
  13. Yeah, I'm sure the T5 Giulio would have no trouble at all in T8 matches with its 320mm guns and 19mm bow. Unless they buffed it before making the change, the ship would have been a joke at that tier.
  14. Thunderer is a special ship, not a premium. And Ceasare is not even comparable to the broken state of the thunderer. As far as I know, Thunderer was never sold for money.
  15. USS_Taylor_Swift

    For players playing ranked.

    DDs smoking for other ships is so 2018