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  1. USS_Taylor_Swift

    More and more the few punish the many

    know what? That the figure is probably pulled out of thin air or that the majority of players dislike CVs? If the latter, I know this simply from the general and common complaints in game and from people I know who play the game. It's very obvious and plain to see.
  2. USS_Taylor_Swift

    More and more the few punish the many

    So if a ship ever existed historically in the era, it should be part of the game because of the title of the game, despite if it makes the game a worse experience? That is the weakest argument I've read on here in a while. You think subs will be a good edition to the game too then, yeah?
  3. USS_Taylor_Swift

    More and more the few punish the many

    But we weren't discussing whether or not they are historical. What does that have to do with anything? Very little at all about this game is historical. What's silly is pretending this game in anyway depicts historical naval warfare.
  4. USS_Taylor_Swift

    More and more the few punish the many

    I would know based not just here the forums, but my own experience, the opinions of most people I've been in clans with, and the common opinions/complaints of people in game.
  5. USS_Taylor_Swift

    Shatter Tatics 101

    his symbols? They're the standard ship identifiers from the game. The only other symbols are the yellow arrows which he did explain via legend at the bottom.
  6. USS_Taylor_Swift

    More and more the few punish the many

    90% is probably a number pulled out of thin air, but it's certainly the majority of players.
  7. USS_Taylor_Swift

    More and more the few punish the many

    maybe they were less of a big deal, but would you rather play with them as part of the match or without them? For most people, they just make the game frustrating and less fun.
  8. USS_Taylor_Swift

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    Is your life really made miserable from losing meaningless karma points in a video game? My karma is chronically 0-10 and it impacts me none.
  9. USS_Taylor_Swift

    WG Reverting to their Old Ways

    how do you pay to get steel easier?
  10. Well, it's the same playerbase that manages to put Des and Salem in the bottom 3...
  11. USS_Taylor_Swift

    IFHE, skill is inefficient

    If you're being HE spammed hard, the best thing to survive is to be able to drop detection and kite out. You're always going to be spotted in the Hindy with legendary mod.
  12. USS_Taylor_Swift

    IFHE, skill is inefficient

    No, technically it doesn't because it adds no HP to your ship at all and is only relevant to situations where you're constantly being set on fire, which usually isn't an issue for cruisers. Any AP or HE that isn't setting fires hitting you is unaffected by BOS. Does anybody actually use the legendary mod for Hindy? I think it's one of the most worthless out of them.
  13. How did they nerf its torp concealment?
  14. USS_Taylor_Swift

    IFHE, skill is inefficient

    First, BOS doesn't give you extra HP. Second, are you seriously suggesting SE for a cruiser? Lol wow
  15. USS_Taylor_Swift

    done with ingame chat

    Let me guess--you're one of those baddies that sets your ship at full speed and sails right into the enemy and dies in the first 5 minutes and then goes off in chat about how you had "no support" and the rest of your teammates are "cowards."