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    IJN Unryū during her sea trials Greetings! I hope you are having a good time~ Personally I'm very interested in the Unryū-class carriers, built after the major IJN defeat in Midway and after the sinking of Taiho, with their design based on the rich experience the IJN had in operating aircraft carriers, I think these unique Aircraft Carriers deserves a place in World of Warships. I propose to place the Unryū at tier 8, with many ideas similar with the idea of Saipan--trading aircraft quantity for quality. IRL Unryū doesn't lack hanger space, but due to the shortage of aircrafts and pilots she never received a full suite of aircraft she deserves. Therefore in the game we can sort of "neta" this fact and give her a limited hanger space, perhaps even more restrictive than Hiryū, but give her some of the most advanced aircrafts in the game. IJN carriers in World of warships are always famed for their balanced and versatile air groups, and I propose we change it a little bit for Unryū, since IRL such a carrier would either carry out focused air defense duties or suicide strike packages, and I propose two types of flight control, with the Air superiority package packing 4 fighter squadrons and 1 squadrons of torpedo bombers, and strike package packing 3 torpedo bomber squadrons and 2 dive bomber squadrons. Overall she will possess 1 less squadron then the Shokaku, her tier 8 comrade, but having superior aircrafts of tier 9 even 10 may neutralize this disadvantage. Thanks to the lesson learned about flaws in damage control and design defects, Unryū class IRL was bestowed with enhanced survivability and additional aircraft servicing efficiency, and therefore in World of Warships she should see a small increase in hit points and a boosted rate of aircraft rearm... Comments?