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  1. T1mb3rWo1f

    PTS is just broken

    Not those at all, nobody plays on the PTS is the more correct answer.
  2. T1mb3rWo1f

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    Yep, took Balti out last night and by the one minute mark, I lost 10K from rocket planes and only shot one down. I lost a quarter of my health and no reds spotted yet, kind of dumb.
  3. T1mb3rWo1f

    Is it me or ?

    Kids and booze and not necessarily a combination of the two. You can also tell when the kids are in game, they talk to people like they have never had their wig split before. In due time they will be humbled.
  4. T1mb3rWo1f

    Somebody Gave Me a Massachusetts!

    That is fabulous, congrats sir, I applaud your donor for their selfless act.
  5. How about I give you one instead.
  6. The problem is that they don't seem to care too much, WG that is.
  7. +1 for the positive remarks and the boost. I may have been a little negative in my post.
  8. From what I have been seeing skill has nothing to do with it. I am not good at this game I here lately have been finishing at the top of the team a lot. Where is the skill I ask? For example had a Vlad turn towards the back of the map and then reverse out on the very edge of the map doing not much of anything. In which skill level do those shinanigans lie? I can almost pick the wins and losses now based on behavior in the first two minutes. It is not skill, it is behavior, utterly childish and retarded behavior.
  9. T1mb3rWo1f

    Gonna take a break

    You mean FOX?
  10. T1mb3rWo1f

    Gonna take a break

    If you don't have one yet, buy a motorcycle even if just a cheap used throwaway. They make the world a better place. They have therapeutic benefits.
  11. T1mb3rWo1f

    Save tier 8?

    Oh, I understand your frustration, I feel it too at times. I wasn't saying that it's ok, was just saying I deal with it differently than others I guess. I don't have any T8 premiums because I don't want to spend money to get crapped on. But, I don't have a problem playing T8 at all. If they don't fix it then ok, if they do then BONUS!
  12. T1mb3rWo1f

    Save tier 8?

    That might be true for some folks. I like the +2/-2 and I'm not even a good player. I play T8 quite a bit and actually seem to do better there than in T9 or T10. I see T10 a large majority of the time while in T8 and that is fine with me except for those dastardly CVs in T10. I will say that I find T8 is up tiered for me pretty much most of the time.
  13. T1mb3rWo1f

    Seriously, WG? [rant]

    This, I had this same problem for two patches. I uninstalled the mods, uninstalled the game (not delete it like most illiterates do), then delete anything to do with WoWS from file explorer. After that, I ran CCleaner and removed everything it found left in the registry. Then completed a fresh install of the game, restarted the PC and logged in. It has been a smooth ride ever since.
  14. T1mb3rWo1f

    NEW Random players please read this.

    Replay or not, that happens more than it should. I play cruisers mostly and when I think my backup will help, they leave.