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  1. T1mb3rWo1f

    Oklahoma - DOA

    I have not played for a while but I will pick this up as I am from Oklahoma myself. I don't care for events if this is an event ship but like you, I will do that event. I have been waiting to see if they would ever release Oklahoma.
  2. Maybe I misrepresented what I was trying to convey. Have a good day.
  3. Oh, the talk we could have, wrong time wrong place.
  4. T1mb3rWo1f

    WoWS needs WGC open to run

    That's called misinformation and assumption. Troll somewhere else.
  5. T1mb3rWo1f

    WoWS needs WGC open to run

    I'm plenty aware, very informed on technology and security. Don't make assumptions about people because all that does is make you look like the people you are trying to berate.
  6. T1mb3rWo1f

    WoWS needs WGC open to run

    I've been running launchers for games since their inception. I am still alive, my computer is fine, my bank account is still intact, my car still drives, my motorcycle still rides, and my dogs are still awesome. I don't see the problem.
  7. T1mb3rWo1f

    Why CV's suck, and why I do not trust WG

    That's actually a neat idea also. I would like to see something different and innovative pertaining to CV spotting.
  8. T1mb3rWo1f

    Why CV's suck, and why I do not trust WG

    It is a factor though, isn't it? Just the CV being in the game and not even doing damage is a detriment. The constant spotting is game ruining. CV spotting for all ships should be short-lived akin to radar and last known positions updated on mini map any other time. To me, that would be a more interesting way to do it.
  9. But you don't know that because you do not have that information to back that theory. Not scientific at all.
  10. Those are not wholly accurate numbers either. Players that have stats hidden will skew the results.
  11. T1mb3rWo1f

    Why would launcher need to be updated three times a week?

    You can look at it both ways I guess. Yes, software used to come out in a final version a long time ago but you never got new features or old bugs worked out. Now software is always in development during its life cycle to rid bugs and add new features. There are pros and cons on both sides. I would rather it be in constant evolution so it can get better along with bugs and security being taken care of. Nothing is perfect and never will be, it's man-made of course.
  12. T1mb3rWo1f

    Why would launcher need to be updated three times a week?

    Same as any other software that you run on your PC. Software is always evolving, it is never in its final state until it reaches end-of-life. At that point, it is no longer updated and needs replaced.
  13. T1mb3rWo1f

    Good Job On That Aim Bug Fix, BTW

    I wish I could blame it on that, ha ha.
  14. T1mb3rWo1f

    Free XP Ships

    In the tech tree.
  15. T1mb3rWo1f

    Daily Rewards

    Mine is missing too, it showed up once yesterday but only that once.