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  1. it will get figured out and thanks to all the suggestions from everybody in this thread.
  2. Why is it only with WG though? Like I said my wife uses it constantly buying things outside the US, [edited] near every continent and mixture of several countries.
  3. It doesn't even show up on the PayPal activity page like PayPal never saw the attempt. I have to use Amazon Paywall for purchases here.
  4. I can't use PayPal either, the weird thing is my wife can buy stuff from all over the world with it. WG=nope, Rest of world=no problem.
  5. Or when 8 players are in C hanging out while everybody else is working (like street crews).
  6. Cheating

    Not being facetious or anything but a tip if unaware: alt+prt sc will capture just the active screen you are on. Hope that helps anybody that didn't know.
  7. Foghorn Leghorn....that is all
  8. The Long Update

    That stinks, hope it speeds up soon for you. I have the upload speed set to unlimited in my launcher, I figured it would help somewhere. Does anybody know If I have to actually have the port open on the router for it to upload?
  9. The battleship was never built as far as I know. A 4 were canceled and the last was converted to CV from what was already laid down. Yes on paper 28-29 knots was possible. I just read your source and it says pretty much that.
  10. Time to remove super containers?

    And? Also I never said I had kids, quit assuming. Also, no you don't have a right to it, you don't even have the right to wake up to sunshine the next morning. Attacking people does not prove your point. You know nothing about me or anybody else on this forum. You have no entitlement to assume anything.
  11. Time to remove super containers?

    If you are pointing at me, no, I have no sense of entitlement. Nowadays just implies that it is getting worse. Hell, they even teach it to our kids.
  12. Time to remove super containers?

    That is not an entitlement, that is earned. Entitlement is you, in fact, have a right to it, it can be taken away at any time. You don't control it so you don't, in fact, have a right to it. No, entitlement is not a good thing, it is part of what is wrong with society nowadays.
  13. Time to remove super containers?

    Misunderstanding there bud, and it is only getting worse. When I was growing up it was taught that you earned what you had, nowadays it's "here is your trophy for participating".
  14. 10% coupon worth using?

    Yeah I can't find anything to purchase either. Got the coupon but can't buy anything.....makes sense. Just like when I go grocery shopping the store does not sell anything I have a coupon for. Kind of dumb.