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  1. Yeah, I tried that out myself in the first battle of the day, but after that, it's kind of meh. I already have all of the US tech tree cruisers. What is the incentive to play them with no gain other than some flags?
  2. Yeah, I was looking for re-tiered ships. What are we testing?
  3. New Game Modes ARE Coming!

    I understand where you are coming from and I don't disagree, but I would at least like to try it. Let's see what happens, a lot of people in this game are strategic magicians, we'll see how it plays out.
  4. New Game Modes ARE Coming!

    I see the incentive as get it done before the ring shrinks.
  5. You are crying about the usage of the language yet you use it atrociously.
  6. CO-OP penality is a terrible idea

    No, it's not, it's a great idea. I've been pink a couple times and where do you think I went on my own? PVE, that's where to scrub off the offending color. Bear in mind that I actually started playing some Co-op again here and there just for reasons. Things happen sometimes and I am sure WG realizes this and has made or will make accommodations in their software for people that are not habitual TK'ers. People that are numbnuts will eventually find their way out the door on their own. Don't fret over it, it's not really that bad, plus it's not on the live server yet so we don't have real-world use cases yet to make a determination and neither does WG. Let it play out and see where it goes and let WG make adjustments that I am sure will need to be made. You can't succeed or make things better if you don't try, the only failure is the failure to try. Guess I ruffled somebody's feathers. I was trying to be positive, I see that negativity rules around here....sad.
  7. Lag

    Same here, brief screen freeze or stutter.
  8. My last one was on 12-16 last year lol. Oh well.....
  9. I always play in windowed mode. What are you on about?
  10. Submarines maybe?

    No.......Did I say no?
  11. I participated, give me something now! This is what is wrong today, a trophy for participating. That is not how it is supposed to work. You earn it, not get it for being there. It ruins the younger generations outlook for the rest of their life, constantly thinking they are owed something. Go earn it, this is disgusting.
  12. A Thank You to (some) BBs

    I agree, there was no hate involved, OP thinks it's funny I believe, he just wrote it out in a more cynical way.
  13. The weekends, what can be done?

    Yep, just installed a new fuel pump on my bike and my son will be here this weekend on leave with his bike....so, yeah, gotta love it.
  14. It's not always fun but the game is fun. How many WWII era warship games are on the market right now comparable to WoWS? The game is attractive for a lot of people because of what it is. Even if they, myself included, lose more than they win, they are still attracted to the game for what it is. I myself love this game and it is fun. There are many different perspectives people have and that makes it interesting. Sometimes it is beneficial not to have blinders on (not pointing at you or anybody else) and see the diverse community for what it is; diverse. If we didn't have that, it would be like robots going to work and would not be fun and engaging. Just my thoughts, no offense to you or anybody else.
  15. What is Nerfing?

    And lawn darts, I loved those things.