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  1. Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    My antivirus/firewall/HIPS is asking for a file sed.exe to execute conhost.exe and trying to obtain elevated privileges and trying to create new directories. The path for the file shows it is in the World of Warships folder but it says it can't be found. I have searched my PC for said file and can't find it.
  2. Please fix the MM

    MM is fine, it's the population that can be the problem....like 8 people sitting in one cap over half the game while the other 4 try to accomplish something. I am not very good at this game but I can see the problems and one of them is not MM.
  3. When will the worcester arrive?

    Or prison.....
  4. People

    Yes it is GEICO, my bad for not being serious about it.
  5. People

    Right sir, the misspelling was intentional but thank you. That's a cool looking little guy though.
  6. T8 Cleveland Appreciation Thread

    I'd love it more if I could hit something with it lol, working on that.
  7. People

    Lol on the sticky note, but I don't pay attention to chat other than to see the dumb things so I can chuckle. I'm ex military, worked in law enforcement, and worked in the prison system for 17 years, these people don't know what toxic is. Thanks for the heads up though, love watching your replays btw.
  8. People

    Oh I am having fun and it's not people being posterior hats. I'm not sensitive, I died a long time ago. I love this game and I'm not great at it, I know what to do and not what to do it's putting in into practice that's the problem but watching others do asinine things and justify in chat how superhuman it is, just makes me laugh so hard I can't play.
  9. People

    I hear ya there mouse and I agree. There is more to it but I shall not be negative and move along. Thanks.
  10. People

    I am really beginning to dislike playing this game. Not because of the game, it's the people. Stats, winning, losing, whatever has nothing to do with it. I enjoy playing but my goodness, the people. I don't think most people irl could advance from fry cook if they had to. Anyway, on a positive note, I saved a ton on my car insurance by switching to Gekko.
  11. Been on the receiving end of a few tonight. I've noticed some people just goofing off though. No biggie, just an observation. I am still having fun regardless and doing my best to be a team player.
  12. Arsenal will not open, just a spinny thing in the middle of screen forever.
  13. Can't get into operation, says server overload.
  14. To All Those Who Served...

    Thank you and to you.
  15. Of course, but it doesn't change the fact that downvotes should count (of course my opinion). Everybody has a voice, but those voices should be filtered in some way and the easiest way is utilizing downvotes. Look at reddit, the numbskulls on a thread are in the negative and for good measure most of the time. Albeit one of the negative effects is if someone just has an unpopular opinion which is actually credible gets downvoted. I would believe that generally people with higher rep, with downvotes enables, would be or appear to be more sensible. Nothing is perfect but the system now is useless.