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  1. T1mb3rWo1f

    The Best Advice I Can Give

    I watched Pulicat for the first time tonight. I love his commentary while he is playing and he seems very humble. If all of his streams are like this, then they are worth watching. Thank you @Pulicat for starting this thread and I hope myself and others can benefit from it.
  2. T1mb3rWo1f

    Do as i say not as i do.

    Get people interested in the game and invite them to keep the population growing. With more numbers come more opportunities and options to make changes.
  3. T1mb3rWo1f

    So what's up with the chat bans lately??

    My thought is don't chat. This isn't a team game so there is no need for chat. If you want to chat get on comms with somebody.
  4. T1mb3rWo1f

    Whaddayamean the PEF is bad..??

    I said something similar about defenders and got downvoted for it.
  5. T1mb3rWo1f

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    Right, most of what I was saying was in jest though, I don't feel you took it that way. I apologize if I ruffled a feather.
  6. T1mb3rWo1f

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    Yes, class of 92, very good. Yeah, I remember having many cassettes and making mixtapes, oh the days. Yes, I am a grunge fan. I listen to just about everything, nothing really sticks with me though. I am sporadic in my music listening, a mood thing I guess. Two things I won't listen to though are the 80s and country. They do me in so to speak.
  7. T1mb3rWo1f

    Discussion of +1/-1MM

    I can't complain about MM, I suck even if even all ships are the same tier. Sadly this would not change anything for me. I'm not a potato, I'm not a potato, I'm not a potato....while looking in my mirror.
  8. Didn't buy any, I know terrible.
  9. T1mb3rWo1f

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    I used to have all of the Dio albums on vinyl. Yeah, I hear ya about the g/f thing, if you messed with that you would have been playing hand simulator like the guy above lol.
  10. T1mb3rWo1f

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    I don't know your age, I'm 44 and was in high school late 80s early 90s and we listened to 70s. Nobody I was associated with listened to 80s at all. Kind of strange if you think about it. We grew up pretty much in the 80s but we all had a distaste for the music.
  11. T1mb3rWo1f

    Making the PEF not suck

    I'll let you in on a little secret in PEF tactics.....are you ready?......Leave her in port, no problems. I digress, from what I understand it should be played it like a slow cruiser, it's not a battleship even though the game tells you it is.
  12. T1mb3rWo1f

    Shouldn't Ships Actually be Anchored in Port?

    That happened when we anchored off France one time. Dropped anchor....literally. Took weeks for repair so we were in France for quite a while.
  13. T1mb3rWo1f

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    No it's like hell in a frying pan. I grew up hearing that nonsense. When my wife is playing that in the house I have to go ride my motorcycle or something. It makes me nauseous, not really but it's fun messing with folks about it though. 70s was cool, 80s went full potato, then things got back to normal after that.
  14. T1mb3rWo1f

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    I give people the works for 80s music, that what my wife likes and am always on her about it. Good times, good times....
  15. T1mb3rWo1f

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    ^ This...I have watched unicum players get devastated in randoms, it's crazy to watch. I play mostly solo and div with a friend but neither of us is very good at all so I run around 50% on average. If I am the shyyterr in your game i apologize now lol.