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  1. T1mb3rWo1f

    Let's talk bb bias in wows

    Exactly, no guns, no torps.
  2. T1mb3rWo1f

    Let's talk bb bias in wows

    HaHa, I do that too in COOP, just hit W and let the secondaries do the work; the easiest way to get it done.
  3. T1mb3rWo1f

    Graphics Team - THUMBS DOWN!

    Of all the things to be bothered by.......
  4. T1mb3rWo1f

    Dying Game? Have more subs

    He never said it was.
  5. T1mb3rWo1f

    Best Method for Recording Replays

    OBS studio, easy and free.
  6. That makes zero sense, if it happened in public it's public regardless. Just like the court, the records are open.
  7. T1mb3rWo1f

    A. NEVSKY needs a nerf

    I was gonna say poor concealment, turns like a trash barge, crazy dispersion, and if you get caught out of position you are heading to the next game. It's fun to play though.
  8. T1mb3rWo1f

    Fix the damn subs WG

    And their enjoyment doesn't trump mine, stupid argument.
  9. T1mb3rWo1f

    Screen Recorder

    OBS Studio, you're welcome.
  10. T1mb3rWo1f

    Playing Operations Get Your xxxx Together Please

    There are a lot of new players in ops too, brand-new.
  11. T1mb3rWo1f

    My last thread about subs

    It's a game, not a job or the weather.
  12. T1mb3rWo1f

    Totally Twisted Tricky Tuesday

    No impact on real life at all, it's sort of an escape from real life. When I go buy a new motorcycle at the stealership they don't ask me what my current PR is in WoWS.
  13. T1mb3rWo1f

    Totally Twisted Tricky Tuesday

    Just play, the gitch in the matrix will clear itself up. I think I may have just gotten past my second lengthy two weeks or better bad runs so far this year. Losses for weeks are not fun, but I don't care anymore; I'm tired of trying and just playing now.
  14. T1mb3rWo1f

    1 tier spread

    I agree with this, you get so much variance with +-2 to keep things interesting. I think MM spread is one of the minor issues on the very bottom of a tall pole.
  15. T1mb3rWo1f


    It's fun for 8 of those people, the others don't matter much.