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  1. AFKs Ruin Gameplay

    I do not understand how you could farm xp and credits by leaving the game. What does alt tab do? I must not understand the game that well.
  2. The Philadelphia Experiment was several degaussing experiments which had the effect of making a ship undetectable or 'invisible' to magnetic mines. It was a complete success so the navy keep it top secret. All the info was used to make better subs and magnetic anomaly detectors. All info has been released, so why is it still a big deal? Several of the crew did get sick from the unshielded equipment.
  3. The last several games started with out me. I was still in limbo when the game started almost 5 minutes before. I have the fastest internet in the nation. WOWS is the only thing I have a problem with.
  4. In Praise of Pre-dreadnoughts

    Roberts class of monitor , t1 maybe?
  5. In Praise of Pre-dreadnoughts

    Battlecruisers first, T3 to T7.
  6. AFKs Ruin Gameplay

    4.07 Does not cover what we call AFK and passive playing is not being passive and using a bot or some other form of system to auto pilot the game. If some one is using a bot to passively play the game then they would not be AFK to any one watching.
  7. AFKs Ruin Gameplay

    I did fight and have won under simular TOS and EULA with the exact same arbitration board and nonbinding agreement. It is normally the time limits that get most people. I would simply just have to go to Atlanta and file. Just like last time, I will simply just present myself and all my receipts. They have 72 hours to respond. I have ten business days to file plus as soon as I am aware of the theft I have to fill out a police report. WG will not open up such a can of worms. You still have not covered where afk is covered in the rules.
  8. AFKs Ruin Gameplay

    13.2 is invalid under theft of services laws. In my state you have 14 days to file. The TOS is not an enforceable or legally binding agreement ."Enforceability is found to be unenforceable or if the entirety of this Section is found to be unenforceable" is in the TOS.. I can find no reference or references to support any claims of a ban. EULA section 14 is invalid. Section 22 of the TOS covers this. TOS and the EULA cover: If you are under 13 years of age or other minimum legal age where it differs under local legal requirements, please ask your parent or guardian to review and approve this EULA on your behalf. If you are under the aforesaid age, you must not use or access the Game without a parent or legal guardian supervising you. The "for no reason" ", with or without notice to the owner of the account. " is expressly limited by state and federal law. The civil code states that if my account or services are denied , all money will be refunded, plus interest compound daily.I am to be notified with in 14 days of any changes in paid for service and it will be by mail in hard in my hand paper. If you play with out money changing hands then most of the TOS and EULA would apply. This section of the EULA is illegal: 1.04. Wargaming.net may suspend, terminate, modify, or delete accounts at any time for any reason or for no reason, with or without notice to the owner of the account. Every thing in section 2 of the EULA I see on a daily bases and the people are still not banned. As far as letting some one else use the afk platform in game. It could benefit both players( the afk and the respawned player) if this system was modified correctly.
  9. AFKs Ruin Gameplay

    TOS is invalid any way. Even in the TOS there are several words to give you and WG a way out.
  10. AFKs Ruin Gameplay

    I do not think War Gaming will take the chance, over people being afk, to open Pandora's Box.
  11. AFKs Ruin Gameplay

    Section 22 of the TOS is invalid any way. American Arbitration Association was sued in 2009 and lost. The class action clause is invalid on the face of it. Arbitration is null and void by law if they keep any of your money. Play Cafe tried to use the American Arbitration Association and lost. They banned people and groups, obviously they thought they they could ban people because they thought the terms of service protected them. When people pay to play and then pay separately to support "clans" the punitive damages could exceed four times the original cash out lay, very easily. I had paid $230 for one year of service. I was out of town , never got to use the new membership because my group was banned. The company went bankrupt and I got a check for $1700. The lawyer said the TOS and ban were irrelevant. The simple fact of the matter is if you go to a place and they refuse you service they have to refund your money in full. I paid for time and for ships. If I get banned for any reason I will simply file for fraud and theft of services in my state.
  12. I was very successful with them on the test server. 100% win rate with the ship and very consistent damage. First game , first launch , I sunk one and hit two more. I am considering skipping the other tiers and just playing the IJN t10.
  13. I can't play an enjoyable game in my high tier battle ships until I eliminate the DDs. I now have a timer set to tell when to zig zag based on reload times of the torpedoes. DDs are way over powered.to much stealth and 20km torpedoes.
  14. They just need to leave to ships alone. People will just have to change there game style.
  15. DDs threaten BBs, BBs threaten CLs and CLs threaten DDs. 1v1 balancing would ruin the game!