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  1. HMS Lion is a very good ship. I like german ships, but Lion will force me to play out each british ship. I wish Lion had radar, atleast in the test I was in.
  2. There are two sides to every thing and I think if Dreadnought was given her torpedo tubes that would stand her out as the first of her type. I do not think it would hurt the game if she had them. Three german BB have them now. Why not Dreadnought?
  3. 1 As a t3 she would not enhance my game and is not worth the money. 2 Combat ability and both historical stats and game balance demand a game changer, which Dreadnought was. 3 Wargaming has the final say, true. 4 It would have to be a give away as a t3. 5 Her firepower (except for number of main guns), secondaries, and armor is easily on par with late pre dreadnought type ships. 6 You have not stated one logical reason for it not being a t2. If they decide not to do it that is fine. 7 What tricks would you give her at t3? Her stock 18 inch (450 mm) torpedo tubes? The only way I see Dreadnought fitting in at t3 is with her torpedo tubes intact.
  4. You have yet to give any supporting argument for HMS Dreadnought not to be a Tier II. If there is some unwritten rule about it then fine. As a t3, there will be no reason to buy Dreadnought. I have not heard one logical argument as to why it would not be a t2. She was designed to utterly crush any ship that wasn't capable of ambushing her with torpedoes from stealth. Any of the ships I mention could be traded for xp with out the outrageous out lay of hard cash, if WG could see the benefit. T1 Swiftsure class T2 Lord Nelson class T2 Dreadnought Battlecruiser line T3 Invincible-class battlecruiser T4 Lion-class battlecruiser T5 HMS Tiger (1913) T6 Renown-class battlecruiser T6Courageous-class battlecruiser T7 Hood
  5. The game changer was HMS Dreadnought. Why would it not be t2? How is a tier bracketed? Who decides?
  6. As a t3, there would be no need to buy it.
  7. It should be be set up to use it on items that you can buy. Doubloons should be able to be bought with the xp. The rate would be scaled to war gaming's benefit , I would asume.
  8. Lord Nelson class = The 12 inch guns were a new, more powerful, 45-calibre type. They and their turrets were the same as those carried by the revolutionary Dreadnought. Indeed, the completion of Lord Nelson and Agamemnon was delayed when their main battery guns and mountings were diverted to Dreadnought to expedite her completion in 1906. Armament: 2 × 2 - BL 12-inch 45-caliber Mark X guns 4 × 2, 2 × 1 - BL 9.2-inch Mark XI guns 24 × 1 - QF 12-pounder 18 cwt guns 2 × 1 - QF 3-pounder guns 5 × 18 inch (450 mm) torpedo tubes
  9. The Lord Nelson class was a two-ship class of pre-dreadnought battleships built by the Royal Navy between 1905 and 1908. Although they were the last British pre-dreadnoughts, both were completed and commissioned after HMS Dreadnought had entered service.
  10. As all ways a game evolves.People learn to play and use team work. After awhile the game runs the course set for it and dies with out using out side help. People vote with there money. After buying my nephew the Mikasa and playing it, I will never buy it for my self. Mikasa is not balanced at all. At the higher tiers , I can pin any dd or cruiser, 1 on 1.
  11. The release and tier set up confuses me. World of Warplanes and Tanks both suck bad. I thought World of Warships would be different. The fact that predreadnought and coastal defense ships are not included at tier 1 and 2 , blows my mind.
  12. Scharnhorst is ok. Hood is fun to play. At least the way I play.
  13. If a neft bat is used on Dreadnought, I can guarantee atleast 20 members will be less than willing to spend money and just play there accounts when other options are not working at the time.
  14. The Bellerophon-class design was a slightly larger and improved version of the revolutionary preceding HMS Dreadnought, with better underwater protection and a more powerful secondary armament. So Dreadnought is a good fit for tier 2.
  15. All pre dreadnought to tier 1 and 2, the exception being Dreadnought.