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  1. nightrider760

    Missing ships for Twilight Battle

    did you try logging out and then back in.
  2. nightrider760

    Post game compliments

    As far as getting a compliment for having a good game, doesn't happen very often for me. But, have a bad game and "slam", "plays badly" x10.
  3. nightrider760

    please delete...4:20 moment

    I got my Salem for 180,000 coal after using the coupon.
  4. left over token's will turn into credits, I believe that's what they said
  5. nightrider760

    NA Random Games

    like your team has 2 Colorado's and a Warspite that decide to go on a wide flanking maneuver to attack the enemy CV in the back of the map.
  6. nightrider760

    how do you earn team tokens?

    for your loyalty points. and containers you can buy in the premium shop
  7. nightrider760

    NOT a Summer Sale: NUEVE and BOISE

    They are not on NA or RU server yet. but I did just get my Salem. They are on Asian server also.
  8. nightrider760

    How is this fair ?

    aren't beginner player supposed to start in a protected Que so thing like this don't happen?
  9. nightrider760

    MM and bottom tier percentage

    That is a good point. but this test was done before the campaign started. Please don't get me wrong I'm not really complaining, just curious. You have a high WP, how often are you bottom tier or top tier?
  10. Recently I played 100 games in numerous ships from tier 5 to tier 8 just to see what the break down of being bottom tier was for me. It always seemed a little lopsided to me. The results, top tier 15% of the time, mid tier 15% of the time and bottom tier 70% of the time. I'm just curious is it the same for everyone else, or is it just me? Feel free to respond with your break down, I would like to know.
  11. nightrider760


    I don't think you can gift an item to someone on another server. (i.e. giving a gift to someone on the EU server when you are on the NA server)
  12. Yes thank you having a cup of coffee and relaxing.  I hope that works.