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  1. nightrider760

    STATE OF THE GAME: CB influence

    IDK, but it seemed to me, when wg started limiting/banning specific ships. The KoTS matches got a lot more interesting. Especially when some teams had to play without their crutches.
  2. nightrider760

    Operation Lifeboat: Why Theodore Chandler?

    Still waiting for Evans
  3. I know everyone is upset about the PR grind. But what about the fact that you don't get any steel for a win on your T10 ship just a container that doesn't even have a chance at giving any steel? Is no one mad about that?
  4. nightrider760

    Italeri WoWs kits (codes)

    Yes. I believe it was. Got it squirrels away for after I retire. (Very soon)
  5. nightrider760

    Italeri WoWs kits (codes)

    It worked for me 2 years ago.
  6. nightrider760

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    313 with addition of friesland
  7. nightrider760

    Are there known cheats/hacks/exploits?

    someone probably fired their torps as an area denial salvo.
  8. nightrider760

    Keyboard not working in game

    Happened to me twice, both times I hit esc. and return to game. Unlocked KB and returned to game. Both time it happened I had just finished typing in chat. Thought I was the lone one this was happening too.
  9. nightrider760

    One of these is a Canadian fact

    you can learn so much interesting trivia by reading these forums.
  10. nightrider760

    What's the highest Karma level?

    it has been my experience that players are more likely to give negative reports then positive complements. 1 bad game minus 3 karma. have a 182 k ,4 kill game and all you get is the sound of crickets.
  11. nightrider760

    Tier VII USN - decisions to make

    Helena is a very fun ship but she's much better with a 14 point capt cause you will have if he and ce
  12. nightrider760

    Kahab Detonations

    Ive been detonated more times (5) this week then in the last year. so I feel your pain
  13. Renown and Repulse
  14. you could download aslains mod pack and enable the extended tech tree
  15. nightrider760

    Missing ships for Twilight Battle

    did you try logging out and then back in.