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  1. as far as this type of bossieness goes its usually someone just trying to cover up their own mistakes.
  2. And I though my luck was bad
  3. If you click on your profile it shows your responses
  4. you can use any ships they don't have to be British as long as they meet the tier requirements I used Tripitz
  5. My smoke counter is not displaying (the one from settings). Turned it off and back on again still not displaying. so enabled aslain's smoke counter
  6. the problem I've seen lately is more like no one going to the cap at all just sitting back about 10K and waiting on the enemy. If your in the DD that tries to cap you get blasted out of the water by 2/3 of the enemy team. even though your spotting them your team is to far back to shoot at them and hit them. This is in Domination mode. In standard battle its just the opposite can't get anyone to stay and defend the base. they all rush forward and die leaving you and maybe 1 or 2 other team mates to try and defend the cap from 8 or 9 enemy ships. (just my 2 cents on what its been like this last couple of weeks)
  7. would vigilance help detect the mines at a longer distance?
  8. thats what I thought. thank you for the info.
  9. do you still get steven seagal with the Mo?
  10. go on YouTube and watch notsers aiming tutorial (it might be ichasegameing)
  11. This morning almost al my AP overpened, pened and did no damage or bounced. But seems to be okay in my last games guess it's was just RNG time.( RNG such a fickle beast)
  12. If you really want a good idea of which 1 to buy check out "Little White Mouse" World of Warships ship reviews on reddit. I know she did 1 for Gallant. I think there's a forum enter somewhere in here.