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  1. thanks for the input. I already have the HSF version but the campaign sounded like it was fun and I missed it by about a month and would like to have played it. Also, be nice to add it to my collection. I'd buy it if they will sell it.
  2. Question for all you people in the "know" with the developers. Are we going to get a chance to do the Graf Spee campaign this year to earn the "real" Graf Spee?
  3. Started WoWs almost 9 months ago with the first goal of having all tech tree ships in my port. Finished it this morning with the purchase of the T-10 IJN CV. Now just have to get it to elite status. ( I like to have options)
  4. Animal House
  5. only thing from the tech tree im missing are the 2 t-10 cvs and zao. everything else is in my port for 198 ships. i like to keep all my option open. only missing some of the premiums. .
  6. Using CA's or a CL is a good idea. But it will not guarantee that an opposing CV will be in the battle. where as if you enter in a CV there will be 1 on the red team. Langley is a good choice for what you need to do and isn't to hard to get. Plus at T-4 you don't have to worry about having your fighters strafed out of the sky by Femmenally.
  7. best game I've had, HMS Conqueror, over 212000 damage 3 kills all BB's, big fat loss. I feel your pain.
  8. had 2 games like that recently. shima 187000 damage 4 kills 1 oops and a loss. conqueror 212000 damage 2 kills and a loss. ( first game over 200000 damage)
  9. still waiting for "the real" Graf Spee and the Anshan to be sold on the NA server.
  10. got mine yesterday
  11. Got 1 then was helping other people get theirs.
  12. Thanks to all you Capt's who played Corgi's this weekend. It was (literally) a Blast. Excellent event.
  13. Lowest I've had was 5 vs 5 on t2. I ended it with a Kraken.
  14. going to be in the mid to low 60s F in bama tonight cool for this time of year here.
  15. I think it was 232 but i'm not sure.