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  1. Cannot Gift a Ship

    Have you typed his tag in correctly ( don't know if it uses gamer tag or e-mail address)
  2. Glitch on kraken

    most definitely. dont forget to submit the team score screen with it.
  3. coop PADD bots fire torps at DDs

    friendly bot z23 fired his torps at me last night
  4. ill go back to this after i have the vampire mission done and finish the pan asian line
  5. Love that Battleship Smell!

    Try the smell of a submarine after its been on patrol for 90+ days. First time my wife (ex) opened my sea bag when I got home she almost puked.
  6. Fix Fixes

    excellant logic. lol
  7. Forum Ranks/Titles

    Well said. That's hitting the nail on the head
  8. Forum Ranks/Titles

    I think maybe some people start running arguments to help run up their post count .
  9. If you want to freak 1 of your teammates out fire your torps under his DD to hit the enemy Ca or BB on the other side. it's pretty funny.
  10. If it was a 19 Point captain would it become elite commander XP?
  11. Just finished

    I got lucky. I ran into 2 BB that like to put out 1 fire before I hit them with Gearings torps. 29000 on 1, 26000 on the other. to bad it didn't count for my 2 kills, win and in top 5. just not going to get it done.
  12. Post your WOWS wishlist

    the real KM graf spee, and the Anshan sure would be nice.
  13. Get Ready for Pan-Asia stage 4

    I used my Shima. got it first try. ( Very lucky) was really dreading this one. Try using one of the KM DD's Fast reload low damage
  14. State of the player community poll

    I said no to toxic players because today was only the second time I've run into one. He (my teammate) shot my in the back at spawn and he was immediately DSed and sunk by another teammate. What comes around goes around. Thankfully we won the game anyway.