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  1. you also have a chance of getting them from the various collection containers you purchase in the premium shop.
  2. the reward ship for clan battles is supposed to be the Stalingard
  3. ideas for last 3 pts on yamamoto

    thank you guys I got it
  4. Just got my Yamamoto (commander) TO 19 pts. He is on my Yamoto. I have PT, PM, EM, AR, SE, SUP and CE. I'm not sure what to use the last 3 pts on. Any thoughts would be welcomed.
  5. To many time when I play a DD and I move to a cap, I'll be followed by 2 or 3 CA's and a couple of BB's. I run into a red CA and DD and wonder, since I've got them spotted why no one on my team is shooting them. I look behind me and my team has turned and is running in the opposite direction or hiding behind an island. Even though we out number them 3 to 1. I usually get shredded while I'm running for my life and we lose a cap to an out numbered foe.
  6. How does the referral bonus work?

    as I read it you get 1 big chest when your referral plays a game in a T6 non-premium ship. You can collect 1 chest per referral, up to 3 chests per account. I think the save the Texas bonus implies , that you get an extra 4 referrals per account, but that's just how I read it.
  7. Minimap Shooting Mod

    I've seen it used in several YT videos. I believe its called the X mod. What it does is places an X on the line where your guns are pointed at the distance you are aiming, that shows you where your shells are going to hit. but haven't found where the people got the mod or even if it's legal. If I remember, go to YT "world of warships X-mod". I think that's where I saw it.
  8. Located?

    u r being detected by rpf
  9. you can get them from the shop under customization by buying yamamoto crates
  10. New Jersey BB Video

    Before my father passed away, he told me a story about being on patrol on the coast of Korea, during the "police action" , when they spotted a supply convoy on a road that was on a hill. he said they called for an air strike, but the only thing available was the New Jersey. He said they fired one spotting round and it sounded like a freight train going over. The patrol corrected off of that. Then a minute or so later he thought the sky had fallen on them and the convoy as well as the side of the hill just wasn't there anymore. and they think where is no value in having gun support like that anymore.
  11. Yes thank you having a cup of coffee and relaxing.  I hope that works.  

  12. Dry Spell

    walk away for an hour or two, relax, get something to eat or drink then comeback when the tension level has gone down. Only suggestions that seem to work for me.
  13. ships in testing

    anyone know what ships are in testing now?
  14. rank play teams

    just played 4 ranked games, and wanted to say thank you to those 4 teams because it is so rare for me to play on 4 excellant teams in a row. you guys were awesome. thank you.
  15. Because its hard not to blame the CV when your ships been perma spotted by enemy planes and focus fired by every enemy ship in range. While the CV driver takes all his planes on a 5 to 7 minute trip around the edge of the map to try and snipe the enemy CV. Even if you succeed half your team is dead because they've been spotted the whole game.