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  1. CaptainGadriel

    JB's Guns not firing?

    Same here, have being having this issue for mote than a month now. For me it happens only when Im using the reload booster.
  2. CaptainGadriel

    Question for you players who do not care.

    I have played the game on and off for some years now but on this return I decided to learn about the armor schemes of the ships, the range of the radar, torps, etc. And find more fun playing this way (also a little bit of frustration because it seems impossible to have a better win rate) because now Im really understanding how the game works. With that said, not all players do this and its fine. Even on games that are buy to play you will encounter people who play careless and dont try to learn even the basics of the game they are playing. This is more frustrating for people who took the time to learn the game and be better because it is team dependant. In a game like this as someone already said, that is free to play, its normal to attract a variety of players. And for me even if it can get really annoying to see people saling on a straight line in front of everyone and then complaining they didint have support when they get destroyed, its normal and part of the game and this is something you will have to deal in almost all games that pvp or that heavily relies on team play. My two cents! Have a great day guys
  3. Hello everyone, I have being playing this game on and off for some years now and here are my two cents. Sadly the playerbase who read and write on the forums are the vast minority. And this is truth on most games I have played. For many years I have seen people (myself included) writing about balance issues in games like League of Legends, Battlefield, etc. And to this day they continue releasing "toxic" elements to the game despite the fact that apparently the comunity as whole is not okay with the direction the game is taking. From my point of view the majority of the playerbase its okay with the gameplay or simply dont mind things like balance, CV games, HE spam, they just want to shoot ships on their free time. My personal experience with the game have been a rollercoaster, but nowdays despite the fact I dont like CV games or the HE spam I find myself playing everyday because there is no other game that give me the level of satisfaction that WoWs have. Whenever I score those juicy citadels or hit those torps because I predicted well, no game that I have played (pvp online) offer this experience and its amazing. Sure it sucks when a cv decides you are next, or even when angled a Thunderer decides he is going to bbq you to death, but overall I like the game so I continue playing. So my point is, after years of gaming, forums threads are not that important or taken in consideration for balance patches or changes that matter to the game. Ps. I wrote this while taking my coffee before work so sorry for bad english (is not my first language)
  4. CaptainGadriel

    Main Guns not firing

    I have only noticed the problem with the Jean Bart and specifically while using reload booster. But I will check the ping/latency next time it happens!
  5. CaptainGadriel

    Main Guns not firing

    You are not alone, happens to me with the Jean Bart while using reload booster, its really annoying.
  6. CaptainGadriel

    Testing the Shortlist theory.

    I bought 20 mega containers and got Duca Daosta and Ochakov... Along with some flags, coal and 2000 doubloons.. So yeah
  7. CaptainGadriel


    Thanks for the tips but my problem is with the lack of consistency of the guns, I guess the legendary mod would help as you said to tighten up those shots.. As I said I find more consistency on my other T10 bbs than in the Yamato that her strength are the guns. For example, when Im using Montana I know what kind of hit I would get, of course if rng trolls me it doenst or even with the kremlin I get more citadel hits or normal pens per salvo at 16km range, and Kremlin dispersion is "bad" at that kind of range, so my question is, its rng trolling me? or someone else feels the Yamato isnt consistent with her salvos?
  8. CaptainGadriel


    Hello all, After 1 year without playing I decided to come back to the game, have been playing the game for 1 month.. My goal was to catch up with some lines I had at tier 9/8 and get some of the new ships. After unlocking the Kremlin and Thunderer, I decided to grind the mighty Yamato... I think I build my expectations too high for this ship, I just cant make her work.. Ironically I did well on the Izumo but cant figure out how to do well with Yamato. I find Montana, Thunderer and even Kremlin more accurate and consistent than Yamato.. Maybe its just my perspective but every salvo I just land with luck 2 shells, mostly overpens or a random pen. I must admit I got some random devs strikes on cruisers but that was just luck and the other player sailing on a straight line showing full broadside to a Yamato. Anyway my point is I find Yamato really inconsistent, it doesnt have the armor to push, even when angled I receive too much damage, especially from HE so I try to maintain 15km- 18km distance but the consistency is not there for me. So after my litlle rant about Yamato, how do you guys doing with the Yammy? Any tips? Is just me that find her really inconsistent? I really want to hear your opinion and tips if you have some. Thanks in advance and wish you all a nice day!
  9. CaptainGadriel

    Kicked From Que for Techincal Reasons?

    Same here, cant queue up..
  10. CaptainGadriel

    Soviet Heavy Cruiser Line

    A little update after some matches with Riga I must say Im on the same page as you, 40-60K damage, I will continue testing her but as you said you are dependant on getting a flat broadside to deal damage. What caught my eye is that she is incredibly tanky if bow in and a little bit angled, yesterday I tanked a musashi and an Iowa 2 MILLION damage, thats incredible numbers for a cruiser but I just manage to deal 45K damage in return. Sadly my team didint come to help and a halland flanked me and torp me. On the other hand we won that match and I believe stopping the Musashi and Iowa for so long have someithing to do with that win. I wish wargaming would reward people not only for damage dealt, but for tanking or spotting.. but thats another story. And Im with you with ending the grind prematurely, but I will give Riga more matches to find the way to make her work consistently if not FXP like Tallinn.. Btw looking at Tallinn (not fun at all) and Riga (fun but really dependant on enemy mistakes), is Petro better?
  11. CaptainGadriel

    Soviet Heavy Cruiser Line

    Thank you for your replies. I ended up FXP the Tallinn and so far Im enjoying the Riga, now it feels like a heavy cruiser. I try to maintain the ship bow in and and angled and keeping and eye on the minimap for not getting flanked, its a fun ship to play. I actually keep my distance as a second line support ship and slowly push in whenever I see the opportunity.. On this russian ships I see radar as a defensive tool rather than offensive, so I dont play her like I play my Des Moines or Alaska. Hopefully Petro is fun like Riga is.
  12. CaptainGadriel

    Soviet Heavy Cruiser Line

    Thanks for the advice! last couple of matches with Tallinn Im doing between 40k to 60k damage so there is an improvement, not that trash as I first though. This really encourage me to continue climbing the line.
  13. CaptainGadriel

    Soviet Heavy Cruiser Line

    Well thats rule number 1 on any ship for me, not showing broadside at anything specially a BB. Thanks for the feedback
  14. CaptainGadriel

    Soviet Heavy Cruiser Line

    For me the issue with the Tallinn is that I cant get close at all, at least with the current matchmaking (a lot of tier 9 and 10) So I find myself shooting from distance and going dark when Im spotted or I get the notification that someone is aiming at me. It doesnt feel like a heavy cruiser at all.. well it doesnt have the armor. So by what you have said Riga doesnt get better am I right?
  15. CaptainGadriel

    Soviet Heavy Cruiser Line

    Hey guys, just wanted to know if Riga gets any better currently on the Tallin. I cant make her work and I feel every match its a waster of flags (dont have much flags) got some free exp hanging there (usually I save it to upgrade the hull of the next ship in line). I have a P. Bagration and I really like her and I dont feel useless like when Im sailing the Tallin.. So I need advice of how to play the Tallinn or just to free exp my way to the Riga. Btw Im an average player at best but always open to learn and be a better player.