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  1. USSRosco_P_Coltrane

    Rework vs RTS which is better?

    I don't give these clowns any more of my money, haven't in over 2 years. Constant introduction of OP Russian fantasy boats, lying about subs, CV rework and making stupid decisions like making the FDR a steel ship. Only way I can protest is with my wallet and it is permanently closed for them. I earn enough premium time and doubloons from containers and events to get things I need or want. Being a unicum CV driver in both RTS and current rework, I can say the RTS was more challenging and fun. I had more map control and I was able to directly counter the enemy CV. With this rework, I feel as if I am ferrying planes most of the game. Sure, you occasionally get the lone BB that you can get 3 passes on but usually its one drop and recall unless your planes can bug out to a safe area. As far as fleet defense, even if I had pre dropped a fighter over a ship, the enemy CV is still gonna get one pass, something that was preventable in RTS with a good strafe run.
  2. USSRosco_P_Coltrane

    V-E Day Fleet of the Winners Event

    I got 180 days posted today. I'm a RN and work 12-hour shift, I am surprised I was top 10 in CV for the event
  3. USSRosco_P_Coltrane

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    You have to purchase all the doubloon boosters (24k worth) then you get an option to complete the ship for an additional 35k. 59k doubloons is roughly $230.......
  4. USSRosco_P_Coltrane

    Update 0.8.7 - Bugs Report

    USS Dallas t6 American cruiser. AA sector selection is bugged. Instantly resets to yellow with no apparent increase in AA. Anyone else seeing this??
  5. USSRosco_P_Coltrane

    World of Warships is freezing everytime i play it

    I just built a new Ryzen 3800x gaming rig and warships locks up within 2 or 3 mins. Says critical error and asked to terminate the program. Is this what you are seeing? I have tested all the hardware and all checks out. Plays other games with no issues, just can't play warships.
  6. USSRosco_P_Coltrane

    Recent AA changes and the Data we really need to see.

    I am a unicum level CV player and I can tell you this AA is overpowered. Throw in the magical float planes that follow no aerodynamic principles then you can't get anything done. I am in favor of 1 CV per team regardless of tier and prep timer.
  7. Yes, if you hate CVs then this is the patch for you. Planes are just gone now so as a CV player, if you just like ferrying planes to a target to maybe get one drop then you will have a good time..
  8. They are incompetent at best. I mean really, the AA is more OP with this new buff in 8.5 and as a balance measure, they allow my planes to go even slower? T8 CV has virtually no chance in t10 match now. I realized long ago they were more interested in putting in OP Russian fantasy boats then making sure older premiums were competitive. Some of the ships I have purchased previously have been power creep'd out of competition. I have stopped giving these people any more money long ago.