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  1. flyingpig_fp

    German destroyers in the Armory

    Am I missing something. I got through the first set of German Token missions, got my 700 tokens. There does not seem to be a way to get more tokens to get more bundles. I don't really want the first bundle. Do I have to get it to open more missions?
  2. flyingpig_fp

    Disk Space

    I got 156gp with WoWS, WoWS PT and WoT. And my 255gp SSD is full. I have to move something to my other drive. Any idea how to move these files to the other drive?
  3. flyingpig_fp

    The Next Chapayev Captain Skills

    I have a 12 point Captain on my Chapayev with 10 points assigned as below. Where should I put the next skill points? Priority Target Adrenaline Rush Demolition Expert Concealment Expert
  4. flyingpig_fp

    Public Test 0.9.8

    Asymmetric didn't really work, low tier always wins. Probably would have been smarter to test several options like 7 v 4 and 6 v 4. You could have run all bot battles to figure out the possible configurations before sending it to test. I like Epoch because it gives a reason to play lower tiers which are fun but since all the rewards are for tier 5 and higher there was never a reason to play at these tiers. Lastly, you are testing too much at once an thinning an already small test population. Be more focused if you want good data and people to come back to test. Being the only player against all bots is not going to keep me coming back (yeah you can tell I'm not playing at prime time).
  5. flyingpig_fp

    Bots in Random matches??? really??

    I don't mind a bot or two to reduce wait time. I don't like playing lower tier anymore because all the battles have two CVs. 1 CV is fine but two makes it unfun especially for DDs. Low tier battles should limit CVs to 1 and bots to 3.
  6. Thanks for the Scrooge contest:  Got me JollyRoger6969

    scroge kill DR 20181225.jpg