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  1. Looks like the Asian forums have your answer: https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/22220-does-de-ifhe-combo-work-on-us-dd/ Read it, but the takeaway is unless you are constantly spamming at cruisers (who don't have radar, can't German hydro you, and stay moving in a predictable pattern within 12ish km while spotted so that your HE rounds can actually hit them, and hit them in their bow or stern instead of their deck plating which I believe is stronger) then it's a waste of 4 points. Or specifically the Gearing. For everything else it's a sugar pill.
  2. What armor thickness does IFHE penetrate with Fletcher guns that it doesn't penetrate before that? IFHE isn't a RNG based skill. It's effect can be calculated and compared to average armor thickness of ships it encounters. Did you do that? I was under the impression the math was unimpressive for guns of that caliber, that you use IFHE generally on ships with guns around 155mm, and special ships like the Akizuki that have so little penetration that they need it.
  3. It's not that it's a jack of all trades ship. It's that it's a jack of all trades ship that also gets German hydro. And can't be citadeled at close range. And penetrates 50mm deck armor. And has high DPM. And has amazing range. And... Well you get the idea. On a meta analysis it has little to no counters, which is why it performs better than say, a Donskoi, which is also a jack-of-all-trades ship, but doesn't have the armor to tangle with its natural counter, the BB. The Hindenburg IS OP. It's the definition of OP. It's playing rock-paper-scissors with both rock and paper. It's just not "broken" in the sense that the Asashio is. It's not the double down model, where you are bad at some things, but so good at others that it doesn't matter. That kind of OP is easy to spot. That kind of OP defines the meta in obvious ways. The Hindenburg is the harder to identify model of "has no weaknesses, but also gets significant strengths". Oh yeah you bet it defines the meta just as much as the Asashio or Loyang. It's just does it subtly for most people at lower levels of play. It eliminates ships like the Moskva in favor of ships like the Des Moines for radar power because while it's shells make a complete mess of either at most engagement ranges, at least the Des Moines can "handle" it in specific ranges (until you get close enough to torp). Ships like the Zao or Henri, that wouldn't normally be seen as much, get pulled out to try and counter it. The Montana gets shelved (from what I've heard) in favor of the Yamato or Republique because they score better hits against it. It's not a small force, or a case of "when played well in most ranges it has a shot, but you have to be good and do X or not do Y and maybe...". No. It just dumpsters certain ships, while also being immune from getting dumpsters on by most if not all others.
  4. Wait, wait, wait, wait.. Inertial Fuses? You mean IFHE? Do people put that on the Chung Mu? It has Fletcher guns right? I don't think those need IFHE, and 4 points is REALLY hard to squeeze into a good DD build. I would say 10 points are 100% mandatory skills (PT/PM, Last Stand, SE, CE), and a DD at that tier without RPF is asking for trouble, which makes 14 skill points... Seems like not enough space for IFHE, if that's what you mean. I guess you could sub out RPF, as you won't need it for smoke/preventative DD torp traps along the indicator, but if you ARE playing with radar it's mandatory right? In other news I've been having the exact opposite problem in my Gadja Mada. Go to cap, spot stuff, smoke up/they smoke up, then sit around not doing much because I can't torp their smoke, and no non-DDs are close enough to torp. Then I play the roulette wheel of smoke torpedo dodging. I miss those normal torps sooo much. Otherwise I have to depend on the team to handle a DD in smoke and spotting instead of just rushing the fool with torps loaded if he really needs to be removed. I don't know man... The ship is fine, and eventually I feel like I'll have to go down the line, but I just feel hobbled without that 1km death trap and anti smoke tool.
  5. I'm not sure the Hindy "carries". It farms damage and provides a back wall that cruisers can't push. Basically a Zao that doesn't afraid of anything because it's armor scheme and high pen HE allow it to perform at all ranges and against that crucial 50mm deck armor. In that sense you don't really "carry". You prevent your team from losing and make winning extremely costly. Which makes it great at saving a star. No one wants to shoot it, no one wants to push it, and unlike the Zao it has a button besides reverse. I'm never unhappy seeing one on my team.
  6. Not in the sense of "is it possible". Yes, it's possible to rank out with nothing but a Grozovoi and a prayer. I mean is it probable. I'm at rank 8ish now, do above average in my Gearing, but I am concerned that the 5-1 grind (or 5-whichever rank it is that gives me that radar module) is going to be a bit of a mess when Yueyang/Z-52 players get their act together, kinda like trying to rank out with a Benson last season. Lets be real people who are at that level. If I queued up with you in my Gearing would you hate me for it? If so I'll find some happy rank to settle down at and farm up the Yueyang tree. I just don't want to spend my limited time grinding s near impossible task.
  7. Does anyone have any ranked tips?

    Do yourself a favor and don't go in it the first time expecting to rank out. The difficulty curve is exponential. Do it to learn. Ranked, despite what people want you to do, is one of the better places to experiment. There is more of a "meta" when it comes to ship locations and tactics, so you will be able to get a grasp on what places work for what ships. Play it like a chess game if you can, and be sure to tell people what you are doing. It's a different mindset than randoms, where the goal is kill as many ships as possible. You should be thinking "if I was X ship where would I go", then attempting to utilize your ship in a way that counters that. As an IJN CA that usually means flanking around known radar cruiser spots and DD hiding holes to get angles where they are pinned by your teammates. Leave the BB killing to others, but as always if there isn't anything better to do, or all the good areas are covered, then whallop on those BBs. It's better than nothing. tl;dr Make mistakes, learn what you can and can't do, THEN focus on ranking out. You will thank yourself later when you know how to do ranked, and your teammates are still going to their same old spots doing their same old things earning their same old win rate.
  8. Ranked tier 10 and DD.....

    DD play at tier 10 in a ranked environment is an entirely different beast than solo play, and especially solo play at earlier tiers. Two ships in particular, the Des Moines and the radar Minotaur, along with the Z-52, just drastically change the way you have to approach everything. You can't rely on torps for damage. At all. People won't give you angles to torp, all the cruisers will run hydro, and BBs don't tend to do much besides now tank, making their profiles hard to hit even if you can get the marker in the right spot. Additionally you almost never can just head to the contested cap and brawl it out. A radar from a Des Moines/Minotaur lasts too long to ride out, and if they chase you you won't be able to escape in time. Z-52 is the same problem. So no capping until late, no reliable torpedoes until all the problem ships have been accounted for. That leaves you with two jobs, spotting and cap point rock humping when you have to. Neither of these give you enough xp to save your star. This leads to people who don't know better to ram their heads into the ground doing risky plays that might give them that xp, but usually get them dead, and people who do know what to do, but who can play other ships abandon the class.
  9. Moskva gameplay tips?

    I have some specific questions about this ship, particularly when it comes up to a ship v ship matchup. Moskva v Hindenburg: what do you do? It feels like a loosing battle. Am I wrong? In either way how would you approach this one. Is it worth angling for the third turret or should I immediately go into damage control mode and make my profile as small as possible. Is there a range that works better? I'm assuming the Hindenburg player knows how to angle and bait AP. Moskva v Zao: seems a lot like Hindenburg, but easier to live through as they have to sail further out to not get punished by AP. When dealing with a good Zao player, do I fish for AP pens or just give up and go for HE. Moskva v Des Moines: Is there ever a reason to shoot AP at a bow on Des Moines at any range? Aim for turrets? Just load HE and try and get out? Worth angling for third turret? Moskva v BB: When angling what angle are we looking for relitive to the third turret maximum angle? I figure this angle might be different versus a Yamato or a Kurfurst, but without just making a million mistakes when playing the angles it's hard to get a good feel for what this angle is. What BBs would you encourage a 1v1 fight against? I've had some success with Yamato players, but it feels like a lot of that is just them giving me a large enough broadside to start shooting AP into not damage saturated areas. In particular I'm having trouble finishing off BBs that don't give me those extreme angles because their superstructure gets saturated and I don't think HE can pen their bow or stern armor. These are the things I'm struggling with on this ship. On paper I love the thing, and people still sing its praises, but for me it seems like it just plays as a cruiser support ship that needs a buddy to force enemy ships to give you a flank to win and straight ship to ship duel with most of its peers. Is this just the way it works? Based on average damage numbers I would assume it's just me not knowing the above things and how to manage those engagements in particular that are keeping me back.
  10. Ranked T10 Win Rates

    I don't play much BB so I couldn't tell you specifics. From what I've gathered from people who do its just easier with the higher caliber guns on those two BBs. Also the Conq wants to be shooting BBs instead of Hindenburgs who he might miss/ don't have to manage their damage control party as well.
  11. Ranked T10 Win Rates

    I don't think it's a problem with R10 ranked as much as it is a problem inherent to T10 play in general. Compared to something like T8 it's more difficult to hard carry a team. DD play used to be the sweet spot, but you can't do that because of radar and hydro. Cruisers still suffer from the "can't push because get citadel" problem so while they can consistently contribute more, they still are unable to force a bad team out of a bad spot. Usually you just want to either be a Des Moines and click the radar button to victory, or be a Hindi and abuse the fact that no other cruiser can take you on if you angle more than 20 degrees. BBs probably have it the best off, but unlike tier 8 or lower you can't realistically bully cruiser captains from HE spamming you as much. The key problem here is the Hindenburg. In my estimation the meta food chain goes something like: DD< Radar ships besides the Des Moines < Des Moines < Hindenburg < Yamato/Republic < DD As in you choose those ships in particular to stop those other ships from doing what they want to, with the caveat that the Z-52 pulls double duty as a radar ship, and both the Hindenburg and BBs don't really get countered by the person who should be countering them. This is of corse not counting just playing a CV which has no counter.
  12. Ranked season = tier X! yay!

    Remember this isn't Clan Wars. Without BB restrictions most games are going to be really, really BB heavy. Lots of Yamato. Lots of Montana. DD meta is going to look a lot like season 8 play did. Everyone with a Z-52 is going to use it (Loyang), and some people will run Gearing or Yueyang to support those with a Z-52 (Kidd/Akizuki). I expect cruiser play to be dominated by the Des Moines. A lot of people have it, and playing it is very routine. Find island. Shoot over island. Radar DD when cap goes red. The flanking, HE harassment play style just won't be as effective with the amount of BBs running around, and if you wanted to do it anyways the Conqueror does it better.
  13. For Those Of You With DD Elite Pins/Emblems

    You don't really have to change your play style to get those damage numbers. Contrary to popular belief DD play at tier 10 isn't all the caps. I get most of my early damage in my Gearing playing in contested waters spotting for my team and zoning out other DDs that can't fight me. That role is something teams need much more than another body behind an island in a contested cap most games. Really the trick to it is reminding yourself that you have to be doing things as much as you can. Any Ike you spend not throwing out torpedos or gunning down enemies should be considered wasted time in a way, while you try to do all the stuff your team needs like spotting or objective farming. Instead of hiding behind the island where you for sure won't die, but also won't do damage, play a bit riskier in the open ready to dart to safety if you need to. That kind of stuff. That's why it's easier to do consistent high damage in stuff like Gearing or Khaba rather than a Shima. Gearing and Khaba always have stuff to do when their torps are on downtime. Shima has essentially 3 seconds of play every 2 minutes or so. Play active. Choose a DD that can do that. That's most of what it takes.
  14. For a second there I thought you might have made some post about how to communicate with your teammates, or you know, other helpful stuff. Was ready to give a little thumbs up and everything. But nope, just another useless salty post. Good job OP. You added absolutely nothing.
  15. 12km is more than enough distance for most targets. If it wasn't the Fletcher with its 10km and change torpedos wouldn't be considered one of, if not THE best torpedo boat in the game. You don't need 20km torpedos to hit targets, you just need things like speed, maneuverability, low detection range, and good situational awareness to get in range. This isn't 6km torpedos on 7km detection range USN DDs we are talking here. Its really just the detectibility of the torps and the ship that was holding Shima back as the premier torpedo DD. Now it's got very, very good concealment. It probably doesn't also need 15 undetectable supersonic 20km torpedos to manage.