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  1. Although take all my advice with a healthy dose of salt. I'm not exactly calling for Hurricane clans here, and don't have the connections to give you the inside scoop on what the best of the best are thinking. I'm just a guy who plays moderately well, and likes thinking about these things. It's the most enjoyable part of WoWS for me. I'd like to think I'm good at it, but my inability to drag my clan up to the big boy tables probably tells you something. WoWS ever changing meta is an amazing puzzle than never ceases to surprise me. No doubt there are things I've said that more experience people will be able to challenge.
  2. Moskva and the Stalingrad have decent enough AA + can take DFAA if thats really what people need them to do, but they really, really, really don't like getting spotted early. It prevents them going where they want to fast, as they need to angle like a BB under fire. They can't do the wiggle and kite thing all that well with their big citadels and poor handling. You can bunch them up (2+) and rely on their great AA range to cover themselves and other ships, but playing island waifu is a trap with CV running around. You could mitigate it by having your CV play babysitter with planes, but that starts to stretch a lot of focus and resources into a ship. Something like DM with legendary mod starts to look attractive at that point. It does the smoke firing thing better, and has more reactive maneuverability to allow you to not get AP cit from bombers or torped from planes (it will still eat damage from a good pilot. No ship is CV immune.). Neither Moska nor Stalingrad is a bad option still, as they can sorta pretend to be a BB as long as you give them AA support with planes or another ship, but they won't be as dominant of a choice IMO. Out of all my calls meta wise, I'm most apprehensive saying the meta will shift out of a stable of 1-3ish Russian radar boys. They seem to always be more meta-proof than they first appear. Hindy isn't good. Lutjens doesn't proc his talents in CB, the ship doesn't have the AA power to stop a CV, it's slow, is not maneuverable, and doesn't carry enough DPM to make up for this. It also doesn't like the new meta that can bring a lot of improved-angle AP to the field. In prior experience a Hindy in theory should be a good matchup into a Stalin for instance, but in practice I found it much more difficult because of angling issues. You need your guns to make a dent in time, but if you get them into action the Stalin can pen you. That's a dangerous game to be playing, especially with a CV around that can also dunk on you. Venezia does 90% of what Hindy does but comes with spotter plane, panic smoke, an even better armor scheme, and the maneuverability/speed Hindy lacks. It doesn't kill a RU cruiser in the same time without preferential angling, but its much safer at creating those angles you want. I doubt Smalland or Halland will be chosen, but they are for sure the wild cards of the season. From what I've heard their AA is really close to being good enough to make a CV pass, but the lack of smoke makes the option really, really sketchy. They need some combination of insane air detection, speed, or smoke on top of great AA to make them a solid choice in a CV meta, and I don't think they got enough. If either of the ships gets picked I would put money on the Smalland, although if radar on a DD was enough to make it playable we would see Yueyang getting played. We don't, so I kinda doubt slapping a bit more AA and a heal on a similar platform in a CV meta is going to push the edge, although it is certainly tech worth giving a test whorl or two. I don't have experience on either Smalland or Halland. I don't think it's going to be a repeat of Kleb though, where the new ship dominates an entire meta. Hak is played because of the AP bombs. Burst damage is key in CW. Being able to derp off stupid chunks of a cruisers HP is worth a whole squadron if it secures an early kill. Especially on something like a radar ship. Midway in a drag out fight looks interesting though. Midway can make good use out of every part of its arsenal, whereas Hak wants to avoid its rockets if it can. Buffs have closed that gap. On the other side Audacious used to be a safe option with its very forgiving torp bombers, although I have no clue what recent changes have done to that ship. All the CVs have suffered a bit, so it's less clear to me any ship is the far out choice. Bets on Hak or Midway though.
  3. Sou1forge

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    Because I kinda doubt he's played 7k games. I remember someone at one point pointed out that there is an interesting discrepancy between how well he was doing a few months ago, and how he seems to be doing now, and they claimed to know the person who owned the account. Like it was someone else playing the account or something. Maybe. Perhaps. What do I know though. Can't prove nothing. Just looking at stuff that looks... you know.
  4. Cant run Thunderer and CV at the same time, so Thunderer is out. Grozovoi doesn't have the AA power she once had, so while I love the ship I don't think she beats out just sliding in another cruiser or taking an American DD for its smoke. Gearing and Groz have comparable AA power last I checked, and at least by the numbers Gearing beats it out. Neither is a threat for tier 10 planes on a competent CV pilot. Groz lasts longer is a drawn out fight because of its heals and more disposable smoke, but it also doesn't do anything for you compared to gearing smoke, Legendary Mod detection, and 16km torps. IMO.
  5. First thoughts: Always run CV. Hak is probably the pick, although any of the three can perform, and I would not be surprised to see any of the three as the eventual winner competitive-wise, if any winner emerges. What I really hope it doesn't devolve into, but might devolve into, is a Puerto Rico season. PR fulfills the AA ship role while being tanky (as in it's movement isn't restricted to rocks or by CV), has the potential to punish broadsides at range, and carries radar. You don't want to island hump with CV running around, so things like Stalingrad, Des Moines, or Moskva lose some of their meta relevance. Venezia is still a fine kiting ship I think, as especially if the CV pick is Hak Venezia has the tools to not die for a long time on a flank with it's panic smoke and insane manuverability. It could be a choice, but that's going to be a late stage meta option, when we know where ships want to camp. Not sure how well it performs against a Puerto Rico. The SAP on Venezia is odd. Worc or Mino are interesting picks, but I don't think either will be a pick without a clear plan on every map for them. The IFHE nerf has neutered Worc from being an obvious pick, and Mino is Mino, and tends to explode on you at random intervals. Smolensk is a good 1 off option as always, although its less scary now. DD you are going to see american smoke ships or Daring depending on how people are using a DD. A smoke comp using Gearing/Sommers is interesting, especially if the Russians get pushed out a bit, but may leave you low on firepower. Daring is a good tool if you want to try a defensive early cap game, where you cap aggressively to start, then try to hold that advantage until it forces the enemy to make a poor move, but it lacks the utility or flexibility of other DDs. Shima isn't the worst pick ever due to its air detection, but... yeah. As a tool to force people out of smoke if we develop some sort of smoke meta? I don't think its going to see more play than it did before at the very least, as its main utility as a spotting stick is hampered big time by CV communication. That's about all I can think of right now. Granted things will change, but those are my early picks for solid bets next CW season.
  6. Sou1forge

    Another IFHE thread...Bring out the Gimp.....

    Yes, it was a nerf. It was intended as a nerf. When you take a skill that previously did two things at once, then turn it into a skill that does one or the other, but with no increase in performance, that is a nerf. WG did not like how CLs were performing compared to CAs and decided to mix things up.
  7. You mean Enterprise right? After I got the hang of it I smashed every GZ in the ranked 1v1 meta I saw in my Kaga. Enterprise on the other hand I couldn’t do.
  8. It would be, but I don’t trust our community to not abuse it. I remember back to a time where rank 10 was irrevocable instead of 12. What you got was horrible, horrible play all the way up to rank 5. People would intentionally throw, just because. People complained, and they dropped the irrevocables to 12. I’d imagine 5 or something would be even worse. I already came across all sorts of super salty people in the 5/2 bracket, people who threw intentionally. Giving them a spot to camp at higher up and troll for fun wouldn’t work. Unfortunately ladder systems don’t have a great mechanism to make everyone happy, and ladder systems are kinda the best I can think of.
  9. Per battles, yes. Per players no. If one guy plays 100 games and wins 60% of those, and ten others play just 10 games each and this is the totality of games played, then WR average over players will be less than 50%, as one player is "hoovering" up all the wins.
  10. Sou1forge

    Russian Bias out biasing itself

    The difference will be at ranges. One of Moskva's greatest strengths is being able to create crossfires like a BB at considerable distance. Petro is going to have issues beyond about 15km, where its guns still pack a punch, but dispersion kicks in and the salvos become unreliable. Its no Stalingrad. Its going to have a specific play style like the Des Moines, but instead of being able to farm via HE over islands, it will have to expose its nose to get shots in. There are other fancy stuff it can do, but the balance between wanting to be close in to get work done, and wanting to have breathing room to maneuver is going to make it challenging to get 100% out of. Not that this wont prevent people from claiming its the most broken thing to exist because one game the enemy team let them get 10km broadsides on their BBs all game. The other 30% if the games where they couldn't manage 80k wont be shown.
  11. Sou1forge

    Stealth Radar, Power Creep

    To be fair its not as big of an issue as it was when Worcester came out. Its a 10 second radar (so like 12 with radar module? Gives 20% right?), and 5 of those seconds no one else can shoot at you. As someone with experience trying out the DD radar on the Yueyang I can tell you 10-15 second radar is mostly a non issue. The ship can get 1 salvo in, and his buddies aren't going to get much else.
  12. Sou1forge

    Ship you dreaded seeing on your team in Ranked

    It also suffers from coal-ship-disease, where a significant proportion of the player-base isn't ready for the ship when they buy it. Answering the topic: Harugumo. Shima comes close for a baddie pick, it has a reputation for a reason, but Harugumo not only comes with some poor players, but also eats your spotter DD slot. Harugumo players also eat a lot of torps. What you end up with is a selfish option in a key slot that doesn't perform as well as it's played out to, AND frequently gives first blood. Not that its impossible to do well in it.
  13. Yeah I checked and edited, but it seems you were too fast for me.
  14. I'm not saying it doesn't. And if you meant Hot Spot instead of Shatter, then I was that DD. Edit: Yeah checked the roster and you weren't in that game, but that adds fuel to the suspicion that he is doing it most games. We are talking about the same guy. 17/200 Survival rating Midway. If it was once, big deal. 17/200 is not once.
  15. ...is that just fine. No names, but I just played against a guy in a Midway who literally full speed drove to the middle of the map. It ended predictably. He's played over 200 games in the ship, surviving 17 of them. 17/200 is what... 8.5%? So this isn't his first rodeo. Stats are similar for the rest of the CV ships I've looked at, and we all know CV doesn't statistically die in 91% of their games, no matter how bad they are.