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  1. Sou1forge

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    Here is my base problem with this whole thread. If no one wants to take anything else away its this: I don't think this is correct. (I'm quoting you not because of anything in particular you said, but because its a pervasive idea). The main issue with WoWS as I see it is the zero-sum nature of most of your engagements, not the fact that MM puts you in +2/-2, or that sometimes you get randomed into games that have a low percentile chance of victory. It's that losing feels bad. Not just bad, but really bad. Why? Because of how to optimally play the game. Most of the best ways to do well, to have fun, are miserable for your opponents. Sitting behind a rock in a Worcester creating a 15km death wall and radaring DDs out of a cap. Kiting around at 40+ knots in a Khaba dodging 80% of whats thrown at you and bouncing 50% of the rest. Bow tanking in a Yamato punishing players for maneuvering up to and beyond 20km. None of these are really fun to play against. Shelling a Yamato for an hour until it burns to death isn't fun. Getting burned to death in a Yamato isn't fun either. So whoever is having fun, you can bank on your opponent having a rough time. Worse still, engagements like these usually have very binary, and nearly out of control factors like fires or dispersion causing perfectly aligned shots to miss or score little damage time and time again. SBMM wouldn't change any of this. People will still take out their Harugumos, park 8km from your BB, and then shell you with unlimited HE rounds until you die no mater what skill bracket you are in. No there will be nothing you can do to stop it. People will continue to deny your DD entire flanks just by existing behind an island with their radar cruiser. Your cruisers will still take massive citadel damage from BBs miles away seemingly at whatever angle you play it at because they overmatch 80+% of your ships armor. That's how this game works. Not to say other games don't do this. They do. It's just that these are the root issues with why people don't play this game more. Losing almost never feels good in WoWS, you have to do it a lot, and a large amount of the time it really wasn't up to you when it happened. It doesn't have to be this way. I know of plenty of games that I don't feel nearly as bad losing in. Dark Souls. Battlefield. Magic the Gathering (although let's be real here, MtG comes preeety close on the "my fun is your torture" scale). When I "lose" or die in these I frequently don't get as frustrated. I can learn. I can get better. I can adapt my strategies. At worst I can chock it up to a bad matchup and move on with my life knowing whatever I do it's not my fault. WoWS is terrible at this. Its often not clear what the "best" move was, what was your fault or just RNG. Sometimes strategies that worked perfectly one time go horribly wrong then next for no reason. All that's left is to stare at that smoke cloud as the HE from it slowly but surely eats at your teammates, then you, spite growing in your chest from another Harugumo player you feel powerless to stop.
  2. Sou1forge

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    You don't know what the many think. No one does. They don't post here or anywhere in particular for that matter. You only know what a few forumers think. And the voices of the many don't mean squat if they are wrong. That includes knowing what's best for them. This doesn't exclude me. This doesn't exclude you. That's why we care about reasoned argument.
  3. Sou1forge

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    Essentially it is the same thing. The more you win the tougher your opponents get under SBMM. The point was that even with a form of SBMM people make the same complaints. The carrot in ranked is the rewards and the little number that you feel proud of when playing randoms. That's why people play it beyond the pure test of skill thing, and why better than average players don't begrudge its existence even if they don't really enjoy the ladder. No one here has put any reason for better than average players to want SMBB. They just want them to sit there and take it "because". That's not going to convince many people.
  4. Sou1forge

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    Alright. Good luck with that one. Im sorry you feel like you never can be good enough at the game to feel the negitive repercussions of this.
  5. Sou1forge

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    So you guys mean like ranked? That thing most people hate with a burning passion? The one a majority of players avoid in favor of randoms? I mean, I like ranked, at least in the stages before it becomes super stratified with ship types because of save a star. I'm pretty sure most people don't. And even in ranked you get equal or greater complaints about matchmaking. Unless you are willing to compensate players for being good and playing intentionally rigged games an equivalent amount then it's a non-starter. Other games that have tiers or other implementations of SMBB go out of their way to reward players with prestige and in game stuff for their effort. I'm seeing a lot of stick here and no carrot.
  6. The first couple days of the rework will be a mess at low tiers, with CV queues in the minutes. Top tier will be a bit of a pain, but not terrible. Players that are not new will stop their low tier grinds to try to avoid the fiasco. Tiers 4-6 will see 1-2 sets of CVs almost every game. The only consolation will be that most players will have no idea how to play them, so the fear factor will be much larger than the threat. After a couple weeks of mission sets incentivizing heavy CV play the population will make it to higher tiers, and lower tier CV play will be good enough on average to be a real neusance. Players will start dropping as they can no longer escape the pain by playing higher tiers, and frustration will grow among both the people getting plane dropped feeling like they are not in charge of their destiny unless they play a specific AA ship, and the CV players who will be frustrated by seeing an inordinate amount of Des Moines, Worcesters, Minotaurs, and every BB taking fighter planes. This will technically self balance the game (neither side will over perform), but no one will be happy except for the people who almost exclusively play those AA ships, who will carry on business as usual. DD players will moan the loudest in game and on the forums about how much the increased radar presence from good AA being attached to radar cruisers ,and increased presence of planes are messing up their plans. Unicum and high blue players will begin to prioritize DDs as they can not retaliate compared to the rest of the bunched up fleet, and represent the largest threat to their survival and the outcome of the match. Business will continue as usual as no one really cares. Eventually the forums will agree that the rework was better than before, mostly from the players who don't agree dying out from attrition. We will settle with a standard of 1-2 threads complaining about some aspect of the rework. 3-4 months from now the dust will finally settle back to a semblance of what it looks like now. CV population will be up, but still in last. Which CVs are spammed out and which are dumped for not being as good will be standardized. WG will have implemented a half fix for most things (except the UI which will still be buggy as hell) and will move on to other things like a console release or shiny premium ships that bring in the money.
  7. So essentially if I turned into a torpedo salvo I'd little to no damage. No. We don't need more reason for BBs to nose in forever, making safe plays (which this would do). We don't need torpedoes being even worse against DDs and CA/CLs because now even if they have to take a hit they can just turn in. Torpedoes are not the problem with WoWS. It's the grindy, one spawn and wait for your ship to get back, and plethora of zero sum/ lack of player agency situations the game produces when playing that's the problem. That said this isn't a simulator game, and making it one wouldn't make it better.
  8. Sou1forge

    The Stalingrad

    Zao is going to take FOREVER to work over the Stalingrad, and the Zao player still has to have some luck to come out of that one well. The Worcester isn't going to do it without friends to spot it. It's the fact that a Stalingrad on a flank means you have to focus it sort of like a BB that makes it OP. Sure, you can beat it. I'm not going to argue that. What I am going to argue is that on the curve of ship influence in a CW match its right up there with the BB. It demands an answer. Then again maybe I'm just a terrible player. I don't think I am, but based on what some people are saying about the ship maybe I am. All I know is if you need a better player than me to work around the Stalingrad... yeah.
  9. Sou1forge

    The Stalingrad

    Then you don't understand what people generally mean when they call something OP. OP does not mean it solo's entire teams. That's way to strong of a definition. Look at how LWM describes it, she got it pretty good. If its strong enough to warp a meta (the Stalingrad is), then it's OP. People are taking Henri IV's specifically to pen that 50mm deck they know will be in every game. Its a meta defining ship the Stalingrad. I don't buy for a minute when people say all you have to do is play well against it and it does no damage. It's like a DD. It's mere presence on a flank changes how you play. That's like saying a Des Moines needs a buff because you never pull high damage in it in CW. Yeah, its not a damage ship. Neither is Stalingrad really. Its a 3/4 BB that forces you to break 50mm pen to kill it efficiently. It punishes broadsides and angling to get your guns in the game without carefully timing against it. It helps neuter the enemy's dpm by forcing them to play by its rules. And then on top of that it pulls out a 11.7km no go zone for DDs. Yes the Stalingrad is overpowered. No that does not mean the ship can't be countered.
  10. Sou1forge

    The Stalingrad

    Not necessarily. Another factor of a ship being Overpowered is how hard it can punish mistakes versus how much effort has to be put into punishing mistakes. "Just play perfect and its fine" is an issue if playing perfectly is sufficiently difficult. Stalingrad treads that line.
  11. Sou1forge

    What is your Role in Clan Battles and do you enjoy it?

    Sometimes I Yueyang, other times I Yueyang. Every once in a while they tell me to play Yueyang, but only if I'm not playing Yueyang. Its not an uncomfortable position, but Yueyang its Yueyang. Yueyang? Yueyang.
  12. I wasn't trolling. Granted it was an overreaction. Sometimes you just gotta explain even a small bit of why something irks you, what exactly about a post triggers a billion flags. In the end it doesn't make much of a difference either way. Explaining really why I said what I said would take an hour or more, and it's not like it would do anyone good besides getting it off my chest.
  13. Can we not do WG's job for them advertising their crates? Two facts: 1) No one gives a hoot about what you open. It's like your grandmother talking about how she cooked the ham at Christmas dinner. Its just so... myopic to create an entire thread to talk about what YOU paid for in a Santa crate. At most there should be one thread in order to collect what useful information we can, which would be the stats on item rarity (however even then reporter bias is gonna be reeeeeal big in that sample). 2) WG is not rigging your boxes. It would take way too much effort to individually choose winners in some scheme to make money.
  14. However, when they did launch spotter planes the planes lasted about a minute, then had to refuel. Don't worry though, it only took a few minutes to launch again after landing right back on that maneuvering ship.