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  1. Sou1forge

    Harugumo Verses Other Destroyers Unfair

    That's why we use the buddy system. Don't give him a fair engagement. He's slow, fat, detectable, and doesn't have smoke or radar to force you out. If he smokes up spam out torps. Treat him exactly the same way you would a smoke Minotaur and you'll do fine, barring the ability to perma spot from safety of course. It ain't no pre-nerf Worcester. You don't have to stop playing because one might be on your flank.
  2. Or we can continue to ignore the fact that WG specifically said bulges take 10% from hits I guess... That's fine.
  3. Once again I'll question the basic assumption here that BBs torpedo belts are going to be HE penned for 33% damage. Reading the first portion it's clear to me that like AA mounts, fully saturated ship portions, and secondaries, torpedo bulges are only taking 10% damage. It's just that they are considered part of the hull instead of a seperate ship portion. Did we all miss that first part here or am I just insane for reading it that way? Im failing to see why penning you for less than a halfway saturated superstructure is such a huge nerf to BBs, especially when if I could pen that torpedo belt I could be penning your nose or stern anyways, AND you have to give me broadside to do it.
  4. However the first part includes bulges as part of AA, secondaries, and fully saturated ship sections. I think the last part was just a clarification and statement of what part of the ship a bulge is going to be a part of saturation wise. The way I read it instead of bulges giving you no damage pens, now they give you overpen damage like AA, secondaries, and fully damaged ship sections, and are included as part of the middle of your hull for saturation purposes. It wasn't clear if these are going to be fully considered pens or over pens. Initial reading suggests you will receive a pen indicator, but just do 10% damage.
  5. From your description of how you play that BB it's your untimely aggression that's getting you into trouble. It's a lesson everyone who plays BBs has to learn sooner or later. Lower tiers you can just rush down a flank and do moderately well because your competition isn't as good and don't have captain skills/ the ship characteristics to easily punish you. Somewhere around 6-7 is when things get rough. You start hitting the people who know all the ins and outs of ships, you get uptiered into stuff like Missouris and Musashis. Try less aggression. Shoot those DDs as you enter a flank, but do yourself a favor and count ships. Your plan should be something like this: Are there a lot of enemy ships and a lot of friendly ships? Stick with the largest bunching of friendlies (and especially friendly BBs). If all your ships run away just follow them. If they all charge follow that charge. If they separate into weird places and you don't know where to go just play it safe and stay in the rough middle. Are there a lot of enemy ships and not too many friendly ships? Don't tank. Just throw on your cruiser hat and kite away. Like 13+km form the nearest target away. If people complain that you aren't tanking for them ignore them. Are there a lot of friendly ships and not a lot of enemy ships? Push. Go bow on to their BBs and slug away. Be mindful of where your team is however. Try and make herd motion work for you. Be a little in front so people feel more secure in pushing, but not too far up that you get solo'd out as an easy target. If you don't know how many ships there are assume it's a mirror to your fleet and stick with the pack until you know. You don't have enough games to do fancy stuff and expect it to go well yet so sticking with the pack and learning cautiously is the best bet. You have to grow that intuition that tells you when things look good and when they don't. You can expedite this process by throwing in a few curve ball plays every once in a while to see what happens, but I would do it at a rate that lets you really absorb each odd play and what happened. Also tier 7 at 500 games is fine. People who expect you to play 1000 games before getting to your first tier 8 are forgetting how many games that really is.
  6. I frequently see much better players doing 10s than any other tier. Granted its a skewed distribution. You get a lot of 40%ers and a lot of 50%ers like any other tier, but you also get a higher than usual amount of unicums as well. I don't have the stat tool installed, but I watch for clan tags I know are good. You see a lot of them at tier 10. The issue is you notice the 40% players A LOT more. Lower tiers aren't as punishing. You can go broadside all game and people wont notice. You combine a larger proportion of higher level players and ships that can reliably punish bad plays and you get what we have, a lot of people noticing all of a sudden that 50% win rate isn't exactly the average player. If you don't like tier 10 though don't play them. I prefer the ships. They make me feel more in control. I feel less encumbered by poor ship qualities that lower tiers have. You know, the whole, "man this would be such a great (insert ship play style) except for (insert problem that prevents it from doing the role well)" problem. Its just more fun for me.
  7. Sou1forge

    Worcester vs. Des Moines

    Haven't played her, but I've played against good Worcesters enough to tell what seems to work. Game plan is, like a lot of people have said, remove a DD, then be an annoyance for as long as possible. This is usually accomplished by rushing a cap or a zone a DD is going to be in if they want to play aggressive, popping radar and spamming said DD while kiting out to avoid fire as much as possible, then doing a normal Hindenberg/Zao style game, but closer in. Use islands if you can because why not, but abuse the fact that no one can spot you without paying a price. Hopefully doing this you swing your games hard by knocking out a DD from their side (which is the same "amount" of a team as a BB to put the level of just deleting a DD at the beginning into proper lerspective) early and not being dead yourself, then you coast on this early influence while you put yourself in inconvenient places for the enemy to get to you. If there isn't a whole lot of them on the other side you just open water spam and force them into the position of either firing on you with your low citadel, overpen armor, and maneuverability, or ignoring you and paying the price. If there is a lot of them you either run away abusing the fact that no ship wants to be within your detection range that would be able to spot you, or you switch to the Des Moines plan and spam out HE from behind an island.
  8. Sou1forge

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    You know it's people like you guys that make the game a worse place. If these forums had a little more leniency I'd have a few more, lets just say flavorful, words to describe you. I don't like carriers. I don't particularly enjoy people who claimed Worcester wasn't a problem. I don't understand people who claim BBs aren't strong and other ship classes need nerfs so BBs can perform better. Not ONCE do I relish the thought of people having a worse time or getting their ships nerfed that they enjoyed playing, nor do I call them names in order to dismiss their points out of hand. I understand people have different opinions, and enjoy playing the game in different ways. I think they are wrong, and if their ideas proliferate to the point that they are common that the game will be an overall worse place. So I argue with them. I try and convince them. I don't call them names and rally the troops to marginalize them. What does what you just said accomplish? Did it add anything productive? No. All it does is inform me that I don't particularly care what you have to say about anything now. Congrats I guess. Now I don't have to listen to you as a person. You've already proven you don't do that with me.
  9. Sou1forge

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    Can somebody clue me in to what game a lot of people seem to be playing here? I mean, I've played a bit of WoWS, and it almost seems like they are talking about it, but then I hear stuff like "Hindenberg and Minotaur 1v1 other tier 10 BBs easy mode" and "DD is easy counter to BB. BB can't do anything and dies fast" and I'm not so sure any more. Do you know how LONG it takes to kill even a moderately skilled BB with a DD if the only thing we are talking about here is him and you? Granted in a full HP scenario, a true 1v1, you just bum rush him and squeak out with low HP, but really? No one screening the BB in realistic conditions? News flash, its never 1 ship that handles a BB. It's the cruiser lighting fires, THEN the DD keeping him lit up and throwing out torps, AND your BB keeping him locked down so he can't move all over the place. You avoid this like most ships by positioning well. Don't just drive up with your concealment in the DD zone and get permanent spotted. Support your team. Be in places you can stop shooting and leverage your heals. That's how you BB.
  10. Yeah, especially with planes. My clan decided one day to do a silly race to the other side of the map with something like 7 tier 10 CV bots on the other side. No guns, just AA and maneuvering. I took a rental gearing because I didn't have the ship and flanked really hard, all the way to the white line. What I noticed was it didn't matter where I went or turned, the AI would every once in a while beeline a squadron to me, decide I was "spotted" then send in stuff to kill me. It was really obvious because they weren't scanning the edge or anything, and the planes would always intercept no matter whether I slowed down or turned. Granted the AI wasn't bee lining torpedo formations at me unspotted, they waited for their other squadron to "officially" spot me, but it was super obvious there was no plane area scanning going on.
  11. Sou1forge

    The Ranked Experience - Season 10

    The other issue when just looking at stats like that is with something like ranked you have a self-leveling effect once people figure out the meta. People notice a ship or two performing well more often than not, switch to that ship, and create more 0 sum situations where because there is a Yamato on each side for instance the win rate in that ship approaches 50/50 even though the ship overperforms. This is especially true when matchmaking actively tries to match nation to nation on each side like it does. The better stat to look at would be ships favored by people who ranked out, which is what we really want to know. I know someone had that statistic earlier, but I'm on my phone, so its kinda hard to look up.
  12. Sou1forge

    The Ranked Experience - Season 10

    I guess... The problem with the Khab and Stalin are the low number of games. Also the win rate differences aren't much even then. 52 vs 50 is a real marginal difference. The only one that is somewhat significant is the Stalingrad, but then again that's probably player bias. You have to have already proven yourself to be a good player to obtain it. I won't argue on the Yueyang win rate, but from experience you never save a star playing that ship. It's feast or famine for sure.
  13. Sou1forge

    The Ranked Experience - Season 10

    Where are you getting the info that the top three ships were Stalingrad, Yueyang, and Khab? The standard set of three I saw was Yamato, *insert BB that isn't Kurfurst here*, and Worcester. By a mile. Nothing else impacted the game as much. No DD came close because of the save-a-star system and Worcester meta. Stalin was Stalin, but not as flexible as the Worcester, nor as brute force capable as real BBs. Other cruisers had some pluses and some minuses, but never the whole package that let them dominate consistently in a 3+ Yamato meta. Barring CVs if you wanted to win and you could play anything you chose one of those picks.
  14. Sou1forge

    Welp, thats the end of Ranked for me.

    Sorry to hear that, but at least your in good company. Plenty have made the same decision, good players and bad players. I did too a while ago once reality hit and I realized that neither Hindenberg nor Yueyang/Gearing were going to be able to get me there. Too little influence in those ships when I almost for certain knew playing them wouldn't save me a star. I tried everything, watched better players, read people's advice. I honestly didn't see much different from what I was already doing, and certainly my teams didn't cooperate to make things smooth. There's only so many games you can take doing nothing but driving to the C cap on Hotspot and sitting behind and island because no one else will do the job. Same thing for Mountain range, Warriors Path, all those maps. I could do other things and tell the team to bite it, but to be honest that didn't have a great track record either. Worcester meta was real.
  15. Zao got 12km torpedoes a couple of patches ago. On the OPs topic. Go for either Zao or Hindy. Hindy might make a resurgence now that Worcester got hit with the nerf bat enough on the radar to pull it out of the definitive #1 spot, but Zao is favored right now because of its torpedoes, concealment, and ability to force anything pushing into it to suffer. Zao just can't push, which to be honest is a lesson best learned for cruiser play earlier rather than later. 1v1 cruiser engagements at tier 10 are almost always extremely favorable to whoever is moving away, and can therefore use better turret angles and benefit from increased she'll flight time.