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  1. The “just adapt” crowd is failing to understand that some players may not feel it’s worth it to adapt, not that they can’t. There are many alternatives. Having your clan go from a comp/semi-comp clan to a more community oriented casual clan is fine. The goal is enjoyment, yes?
  2. Sou1forge

    Logic Fail Stream (moskva camo)

    This is the point I was making. Unfortunately we live in a society where we define our self worth on the difference of our material wealth compared to our peers, so it’s indignity of not being that much more special that seems to be the problem. And yeah, if they didn’t remove the ability for people to buy the Moskva perma camo at the announcement that people would get it for free, then they should have.
  3. Sou1forge

    Logic Fail Stream (moskva camo)

    The real answer is, “Other people gaining a thing for free that you paid for is not a detriment to you.” Sure, feel free to be salty about it, but you are getting literally the same value out of the product as when you paid for it.
  4. I understand why WG would be upset with this, but I don’t think anyone else needs to be. They figured out a way to monetize being a good player even if it wasn’t according to WGs rules and then got caught. They didn’t install hacks that made the game unfair, or do something that otherwise made they player experience a worse one like bottling. At that point I need to know why I should care.
  5. Sou1forge

    Who owns torpedoes?

    This is true. While I don't believe in the "your torpedoes your fault" mantra that gets thrown around as there are certainly situations where its more than reasonable to throw torps 2nd line and expect people to not do unbelievable stuff to eat them, you should always take your share of them blame and apologize.
  6. Mahan suffers from gun arc and detection issues. Fighting a DD it can do. Finishing a DD when it starts wiggling away? That’s a tough one. Combine that with its sluggishness making it easy prey for the radar cruisers and it’s probably not the best meta choice. The one thing it does do is farm Sinops, but even then it doesn’t do it all that fast. Blyska has been my biggest disappointment this season. The ship just cannot pull wins out, and I know it’s not just me playing it wrong. It’s inability to deal with Sinop and it’s detriment to the team in the 1 DD matchup just kills the ship. This season you need something that hits torps reliably, and you need something that spots the other DD before you get spotted. In a multiple DD meta the Blyska does mountains of work, but for every game of that there are DDs a plenty, there are two more games where your team evaporates wherever you aren’t, and it’s down to you do finish off 1-2 healthy BBs (read: The Sinop that won the game by deleting two of your ships earlier). At that point 6 torps and a dream isn’t going to cut it.
  7. Sou1forge


    That doesn’t actually answer the question. Clans take Stalin over the options that were listed because it’s more consistent for what you want it to do. It’s easier to angle against a Moskva, and the broadsides hurt less compared to Stalin. If you are fishing for big chunks of damage you go for the option that nets you 50% of the HP of a cruiser 50% of the time over the option that gets you 20% of the cruiser 60% of the time. Then you add in improved pen angles and it’s hard to justify Moskva at all. PR has terrible accuracy and doesn’t have the same reach with its radar. It’s guns are also slower, which give the enemy more time to rectify the mistakes you are trying to punish. Mostly though, it’s the dispersion. DM is an entirely different kind of ship. No 50mm plates. Slow shells with low range. High DPM. The only thing the same between the two is their tendency to hug rocks, and that they have radar of some sort. People take Stalin because its the best ship for doing the things you would take a BB for. It shoots far. It hits hard. It takes a while to kill. It’s DPM isn’t great, but that’s not what you take it for. It’s not OP per say, but it’s for sure a centralizing ship when thinking about what comps do what and how.
  8. Sou1forge

    Some teams just can't be carried

    Ain’t that the truth.
  9. Sou1forge

    If only there wasn’t Sinop...

    There’s a reason my favorite DDs are gun based. I can make a torpboat work, but I’m not going to be better in a Shiratsuyu than a Blyska over 100 games.
  10. Sou1forge

    If only there wasn’t Sinop...

    In my experience relying on torps for anything other than looking cool when they fire is a losing plan.
  11. Sou1forge

    If only there wasn’t Sinop...

    I did, mounted Kuznetzov (I think that’s the one. The heal boy.) on it as he wasn’t doing anything else, and I’m not happy about it. I’m a DD/Cruiser player. I can muddle around with BB, but there’s no way in hell I can outplay the legit BB players at the higher ranks. Maybe I can outplay people in my DD, but if it’s nothing but hunks of Russian steel, Haida, and Belfast up there I dunno how much that’s even going to matter.
  12. Played some ranked games yesterday, and man... It’s so close to a really good format. There are outliers like the Belfast, but honestly even that ship can be mitigated. From the perspective of a man who wanted to try to rank out with a Blyska because I love that ship, I’ll take the Belfast spam. At the least I can give a bit when I take a hit against the smoke monster, as even DD level guns do good work when cruisers don’t have the heals of the higher tiers, and therefore chip damage matters. Theres one problem though. Sinop. The ship just doesn’t care about anything, and then to top it off carries overmatch guns with close range god dispersion in a map meta where the engagement ranges are almost all sub 12km. It’s the lack of a superstructure that does it for me though. At least at tier ten the Kremlin can take a beating from the cruisers and DDs. Sinop on the other hand? All shatters, all the time. It makes me feel downright inadequate in other ships, as against stuff like the Blyska, Leningrad, cruisers like Indy, and even Fiji, Sinop players get away with way more junk than they should because of that armor scheme and DCP. Nothing like pounding away on one 9km away, and he just ignores you because you can’t do damage to him anyways. Guess you can torp them? Even then though not a lot of DDs at those tiers have both the guns to tangle with the other DDs and torps at the same time threatening enough to make a Sinop player pay attention. Its the fact they don’t have to respect a lot of the ships that gets me. Just imagining a meta without Sinop in it sounds like heaven. No CV. DDs aren’t busted like at tier 9. Smoke meta for sure, but at least a handful of radar ships out there to make a case for managing it. Sounds nice. Then we get this Soviet brick that sits and makes you spend all game fruitlessly shattering shells on it to hopefully get fires. Granted this is partially hyperbole, as Sinop does in fact sink, but it really does feel like it has a dumb level of impact on the games to me. Feel free to call me a potato I guess if you somehow found the Sinop solution, but it’s already put a hamper on my ranked experience, and I’m not even at the 5-2 bracket yet. It probably is a bit of demoralization from my first ranked day speaking though. Most seasons I can maintain a 60ish% WR until I get to the 5-2 league. This one on day 1 I’m struggling with 40% out the gate. Haven’t found the solution yet. Edit: I’m even more potato than I first believed. 40% WR out the gate instead of 50%. Was taking info from the session stats I remembered yesterday, and I must have quit once. Funny thing is my Blyskawica stats are still super Unicum. Go figure.
  13. Sou1forge

    Irrevocable Rank 5 gone for Ranked

    I believe rank 5 was irrevocable a while back, but then again that could have been rank 10... Either way the problem was people griefing at those tiers, so the last bound was put at 12 instead of 10 or 5. That way you cant play hundreds of games at the upper echelons and intentionally throw every game.
  14. Sou1forge

    Gold, Silver, Copper, Ivory, etc Players

    If you are talking about the clan tags, it’s because that color represents the clans standing in the current CW season.
  15. Sou1forge

    Feeling a little discouraged :(

    I think he's talking about total games, not individual ship games.