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  1. Akizuki - Good, bad, or meh?

    6.1 conceal wouldn't be the problem. It's that you are a big fat boat that doesn't turn very well, and doesn't have something like Pan Asian smoke that you can use willy nilly to fix that. The Akizuki wants to sit in smoke and shoot, but that's a roulette wheel near a cap with torpedoes, and you wouldn't be giving the spots your team needs anyways. The main problem is still you get spotted, need to smoke up to live, but then can't stick around in that smoke and dakka dakka like the ship was made to do. It can bully most other DDs in a single fight, but has to use its HP pool to do so, meaning it can only do that a limited number of times, with the additional caveat that any supporting cruiser on the other end means you have to forfeit that plan too. However when you DO get to play your pseudo-cruiser role it performs like crazy. The HE buff made that much easier to do, as your targets aren't just lonely DD's and unsaturated superstructure, but now BB and CA deck armor. You trade that for decreased flexibility in maneuverability.
  2. It's player(s) complaint week!

    God! All these people complaining about people complaining about people complaining! They need to just stop complaining.
  3. Mountain Range is a Troll Map

    I'd argue it's not as bad as something like Okinawa, but sure. The real problem is the map doesn't have many "good" places to go period. On C cap there are a couple of locations, if you are a DD you can try and contest the zones, but most of the locations you want to put an island hugging cruiser are traps in one way or another. It's the Ocean problem, or the old Tears of the Cruisers problem where pushing up most of the time is the wrong play. Either your BBs are good and push up as a team at a good time, or it's a rough game. That said this is true for the high tier maps in general.
  4. Indianapolis needs some buff

    Indy doesn't need any buffs. It's got enough guns in a good configuration that you can use bow on/extreme angles (think Des Moines), good concealment, American 203 AP at tiers where people still don't understand broadsides, and a 9.9km radar. Compared to most tier 7 cruisers it brings more to the table for winning games. Don't brawl, don't open water fight BBs. Use rocks. Use radar. Load lots of AP. The Indys guns function at that tier more like BB guns than cruiser guns. 1-2 good broadside volleys and a key radar on a DD is all the influence you need.
  5. In general? Hindy. If you climb far enough up watch the meta carefully. If you start seeing a lot of Zao or Henri you may want to switch. Hindy is great, but one thing it's not great at is trying to burn down those two cruisers at ranges further than 13ish km. They dodge shells. You don't. It's not the worst fight ever, and you should have the option of disengaging, but watch out for them. If you see them a lot you may want to try the island game with Worcester or Minotaur.
  6. A question for DD captains

    For an example with numbers to show why its a problem consider the Yamato shooting a Gearing (with survivability expert as he should run), something that happens frequently enough in WoWS to be an issue. Yammys guns are listed as doing 14,800 damage. 33% of 14,800 is 4,884. 10% is 1,480. So Pen + Overpen damage totals up to 6,364 damage. Gearing only has 22,900 hit points. A single Yamato shell doing Penetration damage does around 21% of his health. A double dipping shell does 27% of his health. That's not a trivial difference. The Yamato now kills the Gearing in 4 shell hits instead of 5, assuming his shells double dip instead of regular pen each time.
  7. A question for DD captains

    Arm means the regular pen damage, so 33% of the number it says under the "damage per shell" number. Arming refers to the explosives of the shell activating. An overpen in "real" terms means the shell passed through the ship and never exploded. A regular pen means the shell did what it was designed to to and exploded inside the ship after penetrating its armor. You can see how a shell shouldn't be able to do both at the same time, but it happens with BB shells on DD hulls. So you get 33% + 10% for overpen and pen with the same shell.
  8. A question for DD captains

    Mostly people are complaining about double dipping. The BB shell doesn't arm, it doesn't overpen, it does BOTH. With one shell. Also game balance wise it takes a lot more torp hits to kill a BB (which are far less reliable than AP shots) than it takes for the BB to AP you to death. In World of Rock-Paper-Scissors-Ships this means BBs just have a better time dealing with everything than DDs have dealing with everything.
  9. Please tell me what to do

    No RPF makes for a sad Fletcher. You don't really need Superintendent. When you calculate how long the match has to go on for you to just spam out those 4 smokes it doesn't really make sense. If you drop SI and either Priority Target or Preventative Maintenance then you can slot RPF. It helps you a lot for smoke torping, avoiding stuff you don't want to see, if you division it helps your friends a lot. I can't recommend it enough.
  10. Dasha being added as commander

    Hi, I'm the guy not judging you for your hobbies. Guess there's always gotta be one.
  11. That range makes a difference in survivability. Make the sample case the extreme opposite. CE now does some crazy modifier so that DDs are now spotting each other at minimum distance and BB/Cruisers at 5 or so km. How long would a Minotaur last when spotting range is now point blank? It matters for dispersion, shell arcs on contact, lead times, penetration, map design, consumable range, secondaries, cap point size, almost every factor in this game what distance you get spotted at.
  12. Which is unfortunate. If its a trend like I expect it is then without a good increase in new players CWs days are numbered. Overall it's symptomatic of a larger issue. Players get to a certain level and convince themselves they can't do better. Then if they hit a losing streak or something like CW that tells them they need to do better to win they give up. The logic goes: I'm X good. I need to be Y good to do Z. Being Y good is impossible or nearly impossible for me because (insert reason here). Therefore I won't do Z. The better solution would be to reevaluate that. A lot of people put that Y value too high. A lot of people convince themselves for flawed reasons that they can't be that good, and make excuses like "you need to live and breath ships to play CW". To all those not ready for CW, don't give up. You don't really have to be a god at ships to win. If you can maintain a decent win ratio, and hit ships, then its possible. You will have to put in some effort. Not a ton, you don't have to be able to call every strategy. Instead find out what you are trying to do in your ship that isn't working. If you are playing Des Moines, and can't quite stay alive long enough, reevaluate how you play rocks. Try pushing at times you normally wouldn't. Try staying back times you normally would. You know, try things. Figure out what works REALLY, and then try and apply that. If your caller doesn't understand offer to show them in a practice battle afterwards. If you can master this kind of thinking you WILL get better. You WILL be ready for CW the next time it comes along. Until then focus on not letting a few loses ruin learning to win.
  13. Its probably the skill gap. The skill floor for CW is actually pretty high. You would expect that there would be an average smattering of clans around, but the way it works the bottom level of players have fallen out. So to get even a 50/50 win rate at the lowest tiers you have to be dedicated, and have more than average skill level players. This isn't something people expected coming from ranked or randoms. Players that consider themselves at least average at the game come off of 1/3 win ratios probably just don't want to keep going. It's a huge hit to the ego.
  14. Server latency? (7/13/18)

    Having some issues here. Could just be me, but I heard some others in my games were having problems as well. Ping spikes every 10 seconds or so after taking any action. Then it catches up and works for another 10. So on and so forth. Example: shoot Moskva guns, takes 2 seconds to fire, shoots, next salvo goes off on the correct timing, then it repeats. Just me?
  15. Ok, that's fine and all, but really survival rating isn't a stat you should be focusing on. It important to live long so you can do other things. It's not CoD where what matters is a K/D ratio. Please don't needlessly extend games simply to preserve that survival rating. It does no one good. Play to win, and when the game really isn't winnable, just play for damage and credits. It's like the deplaned last CV player on his team running to A1. Theses no reason for it. It just wastes time so his statistic that tells you nothing about how good he is can be inflated.