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  1. Sou1forge

    shima torps

    Gearing’s guns? Trash? Uhh, we are talking about the tier 10 right? Last I checked those guns still work good. They aren’t the meta defining tool they used to be, but they keep other DDs real honest.
  2. Sou1forge

    World of Warships is Hard for Beginners

    Well, you get the most condescending post award for me, that's for sure. For someone who has to put up a fortress of defense mechanisms to protect your own ego (trying to convince yourself any emotes critical of your post don't count because they "agree" with you, the deflection of any small retort as juvenile, not to mention the smurf account with less than 100 games played), you sure seem ready to insult the majority of peoples intelligence and work-attitude. It's okay though, you can deflect my criticism how you feel. Whether it be calling it a simple insult, not touching your oh so novel premise I haven't heard a million times before, or whatever defeater you've decided will protect you this time.
  3. Sou1forge

    Confess, have you ever

    Hindenburg makes a poor Gearing. That's all I have to say.
  4. Sou1forge

    Ranked out in an Underated ship

    I mean... Its not a bad ship if you use it right.
  5. Real talk here: It's probably time to call it quits for the night then. You wont do any better on tilt. Find an anime, or youtube video, or whatever can get your mind off of ships and come back in the morning. That's what I would recommend, and it sounds like you already know you should. The format is about as good as its going to get for this sort of thing in my opinion. Not that there isn't anything the devs could do, its just making adjustments would require either massive creative thinking to revolutionize how to do a ladder type ranked system without a ladder, or a lot of fiddling with save a star like mechanics that inevitably leave players still upset that they don't progress as fast as they want. I don't think the development priorities of this game are ranked experiences, so yeah.
  6. Sou1forge

    Why do people hate the DD so much

    I'm not sure this sentiment is true. I recently tried playing BBs, coming from being a DD main for a long while, then a Cruiser captain hybrid. Its soooooooo much easier to carry a game in a BB. In a DD I need to be afraid of other DD pilots being even semi competent and forcing trades that make long term survivability difficult. I need to be afraid of radar cruisers that don't have to be good to outplay me, they just need to sit in certain spots or exist on a flank. I cant hold back a push reliably if just 1-2 people have hydro. Most of the time my team doesn't spot, so the times I want/need to smoke up and be a spam deterrent I can't without losing vision. I need to be aware that if a CV is in my game then I can't make most aggressive moves safely for a good 1/4 of the game unless my team lets me. There's an inherently higher likelihood of me dying to torps, as the positions I probably should be are areas where the torps are also going to be, and I cant just eat 2-3 and shrug it off. I also cant dictate the positioning of other big ships as much as I can by being on a flank like I can in a BB. Even more importantly the vast amount of my time is going to be spent not shooting, and not doing damage to other ships. The truth of this game is that unless this is competitive caps are vastly less significant to ship kills and damage. The risks for playing a DD are really high. The rewards are less than other ship classes. This might have been a good point a few years ago, but with so many mitigating factors that aren't skill dependent its not true anymore.
  7. That's what I've found as well. One wouldn't be too bad in a division, as it gets to the caps the fastest, but the main carries seem to be the Octopus class throughout the game, and the Eel class mid to late when ranges are always sub 4km. You probably always need to have at least one Octopus for serious divisions (for the Hydro and torp distance), then fill to taste. That said for randoms I'm finding the Eel class to be pretty consistent. Most kills come at the 1-3 km distance to torps, and that's where the maneuverability of these ships make a difference. The break and hold torps juke is real.
  8. WG, I love the idea with tier 8 CW. A lot of us do, and I plan to play the hell out of it. Just please, no Kutuzov. Please? It's a meta wrecking ship, and worse it's not going to be available to everyone. If you want people to be happy, and want to play future CW seasons, then this is going to be your biggest stumbling block. Nothing is going to kill enthusiasm quite like that first time teams run into the double or more Kutuzov team, realize they can't counter that, and that the more they play the more likely its going to be they lose on pure ship composition that they can't do anything about. People feel free to tell me just how wrong I am and how easy it is to stop something like this if I'm wrong.
  9. Sou1forge

    T8 CW

    This. I mean meta wise, what do you plan to use against something like a double or tripple Kutuzov team? American radar is too short, and will have issues creeping up on that. Russian radar wise you have the Chappy which eats damage like no ones business. So basically no push, ever. That and the range on that ship puts it firmly outside all of its competition. Pair with a Chappy or another radar ship, and a Loyang for spotting. Sounds pretty bad to me.
  10. Sou1forge

    Quality of play has diminished

    Or grinding some mission set.
  11. He’s probably just having a bad day. The VAST VAST majority of bad players don’t get up to rank 5. Rank 10 sure, but not that final league. Mediocre players yes. You will see a decent amount of them. The issue is that rank 5ish is a MM scenario where 52% is the new 46%. Less room for errors. More likely for games to snowball from them. Either that or they gave up on trying. Wouldn’t surprise me if you see a good portion of rental players at 4-5 because they got where they wanted to and now decided they want to try new things. Hypothetically this is one of the best environments for testing new strategies. Better, quicker feedback. Unfortunately it has the side effect of rolling the dice for the other 6 members on your team.
  12. But if no one wanted to talk about these things, then why are there a million active threads on them? Besides the captain skills thing, which is just nuts.
  13. Sou1forge

    Spam FIre is over powered :v

    It's a hard life, but someones gotta do it.
  14. Sou1forge

    Honest question, Tier 10 separated in MM?

    Unfortunately this doesn’t solve the problem. The issue would then be a bunch of people in tier 9 ships beating on tier 7 ships, which might even be worse as the further down you push that hurdle the more inexperienced players you are going to catch. Massachusetts has just as many issues with a Yammy as for instance a Mahan has with a Fletcher. Just people for for the love of god don’t petition for 3/5/7 matchmaking in this game. That’s all I’m asking for.
  15. That’s probably for the best. Ranked isn’t a place you are going to be able to yolo aggressively and have a good time. Game isn’t built that way.