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  1. I stink at getting torp hits.

    Make sure to choose your targets. BBs are many many times easier to torp than CAs or CLs, not only because they are slower, but also because their playstyle is inherently more predictable. Watch your target for a few seconds if you can afford them. Torp prediction is also a lot about playing to the opponent as much as the ship or map. If they seem to really like to reverse, throw your torpedoes that way, if they seem oblivious to being spotted throw your torps closer to the indicator. If they haven't spotted any other friendlies yet throw closer to where you think they might want to go (near an island, on the edge of a cap), or if its just open water, anticipate a hard turn to not be broadside when they are finally shot at by your team and throw your torps closer to their ships current location. Don't throw at a hydro ship if you can instead throw at a non-hydro ship. Hedge your bets and throw at groups instead of single targets if you can. Throw from the side of a ship instead of its nose if you can. But most of all don't get frustrated if you can't get torp hits consistantly. People are weird and do silly things like abandon good positions or sail broadside for all your BBs or inadvertently ground themselves and accidentally dodge your torpedoes all the time. Just keep going and if all else fails engineer a situation where they physically can't dodge the torps, like surprise around an island.
  2. DD Players-Time to Strike!

    See what I did is took OPs advice. I told all my clan members, "Hey! You are never going to believe this! It's actually not a DDs job to contest caps. I know crazy right? But seriously, I stopped capping and told all the cruisers and BBs on my team to stop 'using cover' and 'shooting from concealment' and you know what, my stats went through the roof! I was winning games left and right, torping BB after BB, and..." Nah I'm just kidding with you guys. I actually know how to play DDs well.
  3. Blyskawica needs some major buffs

    I for one love my Blyska. It's a very solid ship, and fits an interesting niche in destroyer play. Its essentially a more comfy Lenningrad with less torps per salvo, but more salvos a game. It's fun to play, and I wouldn't mind seeing one on my team in ranked (as long as the player is good with it). It doesn't need buffs. Sitting middle of the pack, but with a few interesting characteristics is fine. If it were to get buffs, I wouldn't think it would warrant much more than a little turning speed or perhaps a bit more speed on the torps or something.
  4. TIER 9-10 players-cap needed

    Thats because at those tiers BBs and a sizable amount of their drivers can actually hit the broadside of a barn. At earlier tiers you can play more loosey-goosey in CA/CLs and DDs, content with the knowledge that in all likelihood the bulk of players shooting you either haven't yet mastered leading shells and predicting movement, and/or are still hampered by the lower ranges and accuracies of their guns. Around 9/10 though you regularly run into people who are actually good. Not mediocre, but good. It's still a small proportion of people playing, but its a significant enough number that you just can't risk doing the stuff you were able to do earlier (also repair costs now become an issue). So people do the sensible thing, git gud, and adopt a more passive play style that frequently nets better results.
  5. Positioning is difficult, and strategic thinking, particularly selfless strategic thinking more so. It's not something everyone understands intuitively, and some people will just never learn it. It's best to accept that and keep going. Plus none of the players who need to read this message will. They don't go on the forums. They think its a waste of time, and they think no one here really understands anything anyways. The ones who do don't think they are the problem, even if they are, because they can rationalize their poor decisions away. Although I can understand wanting to vent every once in a while.
  6. So wait, is it only a chance to get a portrait per regular container? I've gotten like 3 now that didn't have any portrait in them and I have both accepted on the website, and have the collection to "collecting". Edit: Never mind. I re-read the thing, and it is "a chance"...
  7. Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya VS CA/CL

    Svietlana is suffering right now. Games tend to look like this. I went middle with our DD. Our both teams BBs went clockwise. I'd like to say it was fun driving away from the enemy team for 14 minutes as none of my BBs turned around to stop their teams push... Probably a great time to be playing some japanese DDs at those tiers though. Torp for days.
  8. So, how the hell are you supposed to deal with these things with a tier IV/V cruiser? AP wont go in, HE slides right off. I'm stumped. Every game is infested with them right now, and getting one on your flank (god forbid two or three) means the flank seemingly can't be pushed unless your DDs get a lucky run or you wait out the hour long BB slug-fest at 12+ km, doing no damage. Should I just play something else for a week or two before it becomes reasonable again, or is there some trick I'm not seeing. Besides the obvious 2km side torps or whatever.