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  1. Nurhaal

    Battleships are far too manouvreable

    Hehehe... hehehe... haha.. haha, Muahahahaha! So I guess my engine boost and rudder shift upgrades are finally getting noticed! Haha good sir! I will continue to use the tools at my disposal to reap your tears! *takes in a deep breath* aaaaaah. That's the smell of victory! I tell you good man, I fear no DD! Look at my profile, I am a lowly Battleship commander who exploits the heaviest of armors, the biggest of guns, and the worst of development budgets. I say, it's only fitting that I so easily resist your screens with my perfectly executed maneuvers! It's only right my good man. Battleship captians were well promoted for their craft, intellects tactical prowess and how well they craptalked during tea or wine gatherings. You don't just get handed the next biggest flag ship in the Navy for scrubbing toilets you know? You have to gab! You have to hob the knobs! You've got a Small [edited] syndrome as commanding a BB is certainly the best way to over compensate! I shall continue my plunder of your DDs buttox with my MASSIVE, OVERPENENTRATING SHELLS until the Church finally bans me from sermon due to fears of me starting a sodomy fad. With all do respect, BBs don't cone even close to what you're describing. I can put myself in your shoes well enough and the simple fact is, when you're shooting at a fat [edited]boat that takes 30 seconds to get to full speed, and another 30 seconds OR MORE to slow down to a stop, that can only mean you were found out and I easily guessed you. I know, as a well-to-do BB driver, that many DD players are just damned lazy. They treat their pathetic torpedoes as sniper shot gun weapons. Dear God man, those torps are slower than my great grandmother walking. I swear, ACTUAL GLACIERS CAN DODGE TORPS. You are NOT a sniper of that nature. I am. The BB is the real sniper type here. You? Well you're the trapper! You cause screens! I see a wall of sea [edited] and I immediately adjust. Guess what? That forced me to commit to a turn or a slowdown for the next 30 seconds or so, I'm now vulnerable from another angle. Oh no! Too bad only the good DDs exploit that principle. I cannot move like you do. Not at all. The very nature of countering BBs is the very real fact that we are so damned slow that the US Senate can pass bills faster than my rudder shifts. In contrast, DDs slow so fast that they can dodge my shells traveling at 700+fps at only 5km just by tapping the damned brakes. I swear that DDs and CLs have damned THRUST REVERSERS on their sea born jet engines. The closest I feel to that type of speed and such is my French BBs and even then my NOS boost only reaches warp 5... you're doing warp 9.9 with a G-Diffuser system capable of altering reality and going around a corner at 15 lateral Gs and some how none of your gunners get sick or pass out. The reason I counter this all the time (speaking personally) is that i do often run the rudder shift mod or the engine boost mod. Both make jokes out of torpedo pot shots from Lazy DDs. Most of the time I simply just out play the DDs because they're absolutely freaking terrible at using their stealth. I'm serious. Most DDs drivers are bad at their one primary strength - Stealth. It's like no one thinks that when they plop some rods into the water, that if they immediately start shooting or pop the smoke or whatever - they'll never be discovered. [edited], I see your smoke or your monkey poo being flung at my mighty fortress of masculinity. Dont [edited]tell me that I need a nerf because you keep prematurely blowing your cover faster than your GF gets moistened at the sight of a mighty BB captian like myself! Use your brain. Feign me. Launch a salvo, hold fire, angle me and launch another. The whole time, keep moving, dont fire a dammed shot, dont even smoke. It's stupid. Use that damned detection ring and make sure my little Icon Arrow thingy DOESNT CROSS THE DOTTED LINE. you do that? I die. Everytime. Congratulations, you'll have discovered a hard counter. Dont be mad that you start getting focused so badly at the start of the game from then on, no one likes hard counters. We kill them first. Good day, and as Spock said to Gandalf, mat the Force be with you, sometimes.
  2. Muahahaha! FEAR ME, MORTAL! TREMBLE AND DESPAIR!!! *continues to lap up BBs are OP tears*
  3. Because when you installed the game, you clicked a contract and agreed to it. Inside that contract, it said this: You can color Wargaming the untrustworthy company all you want; but what most people that are butt hurt are going to have to swallow is IF YOU SPENT THE MONEY, YOU WERE THE FOOL I actually trust WG to be endorse business practices I don't agree with. That's the norm for the industry and it's the norm for WG themselves. They've demonstrated their chosen revenue models for years now. What's hilarious is that the one's who couldn't be trusted were the customers who apparently lack literacy or responsibility with their cash. You want this type of ethic to change? Be like me, and don't spend money on F2P games. Hell I wonder how many of you people are triggered over the fact that my GC was FREE because it was WG's gift to me to try and keep me in the game after taking a long many month break. Yeah.... That's right... Your precious in-game asset you think actually has any real value was distributed to many returning accounts for free to act as a Carrot on the Stick. I'm glad I didn't bite, and never will. I do not support games who purposely install unfair assets that are for sale and I personally hate the idea of micro-transactions of egregious price fixing and abuse of artificial scarcity. My only hope is, those of you pissed that your hard earned cash was poorly wasted by yours truly (yourself) that you will now side with me and others like me, to not spend a dime on game developers who abuse such practices. Learn to read the fine print and do NOT endorse such revenue models like WGs. Or EAs (like on Madden or if you're real sad... pay for a red [edited]dot on CoD BO4) or Activision. The Mobile gaming market is now 50% of the total revenue generated in the entire gaming industry. WG if anything, is vindicated by going this very same route you guys now complain about. The only way to stop it is to hold back your wallet / pocket book and NOT be the fool NEXT TIME. Good luck.
  4. XD To be honest, Windows does have a text to speech function? It's under Accessibility section and only requires you to highlight text for the OS to audible the selected material. So... Thank you, my PC is quite clever and has been for several OS iterations now.
  5. I absolutely doubt it. Have you SEEN the Mobile gaming market? It's now 50% of the total revenue of the entire gaming industry. People are dumb. They don't read the legal fine print. They're entitled to crapthey really are not. Devs and Publishers are greedy. Corporations are not your friend. It's as simple as that. Don't pay money for pixels that can be deleted as soon as the company's servers go down. It's stupid. It's bloody stupid. Why people 45+ years old actually pay for this crap? I have no idea. I mean it's one thing if WG "says" that say, the USS Texas revenue or proceeds go to a charitable cause... (there's no proof of that, I tend to personally do charity myself, I don't trust many Corps to do it "for me") but for most of the other MTXs? You're actually paying for Power Creep and unfair advantages, and letting the developer get away with charging stupid amounts of cash for a Massachusetts simply colored [edited]BLACK. Either a lot of people on this game have waaaaay too much money and need to be taxed, or most people cannot see when they're being robbed every time they buy one of the Loot Boxes-I mean... Supply Crates. And yes I'm being super harsh on this; but I'm also sick and tired of hearing the same complaints over and over and over. I just want gaming to go back to the way it was - you pay 60 bucks? You get the full experience, support and all. Now a days, people blow money on micro-transactions like it's a [edited]BitCoin investment. It's a self control problem. But then again, one of the first lessons I learned in business was "some sucker will buy it..."
  6. There's a user agreement that most gamers don't read when you install and first load up the game. It explicitly states how the owner of the IP has the sole power to edit and change any of the media as they see fit. You pay for ACCESS to the content, that single in-game item... but nothing else. This is why I don't spend any money on F2P games like this and any of you that do, that's your loss.
  7. Nurhaal

    on strike

    Dear lords that's some serious pain... I hope to hell I don't see you in-game. If you're on the red team, we lose, if you're on the green team? You steal all the XP. I think I'll go back to T6...
  8. For games, this has got to be one of the dumbest [edited]ideas out there. I buy a game like say... Starcraft. I end up favoring the Zerg. I actually get a coach and start training 8 hours a day for most days of the week in an attempt to compete. Blizzard nerfs my 6 Pool. Now I get to ask for a refund? That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works. YOU are NOT PAYING FOR CONTENT or ITEMS OF VALUE. This is DIGITAL MEDIA with no real scarcity at all! YOU are PAYING for the damned EXPERIENCE, NOT for actual, PHYSICAL ITEMS. If gamers really had the idea of "Refund please! You balanced my OP item of Choice so now I'm entitled to a refund because the product is not what I was sold earlier" then no Developer would EVER make it on multiplayer gaming EVER. BALANCE is a CRUCIAL requirement to build FAIR GAMING EXPERIENCE. If you DON'T WANT TO PAY for the EXPERIENCE, got buy a damn model boat from Revell or some crapand build that to keep on your desk. Revel won't "Balance" it post launch. Bloody snow flakes...
  9. Nurhaal

    Premium Ship Review #117 - Irian

    Can confirm. I see Irian. I blap. I'm a simple man.
  10. ... oh man.... I have to be that guy? That guy... ugh... WG has to do well in the Art Department because that's precisely what they mostly sell you... Art Content. Literally it's the same thing even BLIZZARD is doing with WoW itself and selling off so many mounts or making an XPac release with 128, REALLY NEAT LOOKING but other wise, pointless graphics. I mean come on, a Mass that's just black? That's it? People pay for that? *rolls eyes* I'm such a stickler with my wallet I know... I'm just saying, it makes sense that for the part of the game that really get's the revenue; it makes a lot of sense. New camos, new boats to stare at (for the collector inside of us all). I sure hope they get the art nicely done. And it is, I do enjoy it - just not enough to pay 70 damned USD for it. At least it's not Anthem and EA thinking of 20 USD transactions for a simple suit color change... HAVING SAID THAT: The game is pretty to most eyes. For me, it's rather simplistic but I do enjoy the texture work on the ships the most. I've had work mates look over my shoulder when I would take my portable gaming rig to work and play - they loved the look of the water for example. The game doesn't draw that much GPU horse power to look great, that's for sure.
  11. Nurhaal

    Suggestion for more 8.0 participation.

    Stats are there to help you improve your game. If people are so insecure on a game that uses the anonymity of the internet to work; that they feel they need to hide their stats for fear of scrutiny... dear lord - Snow flakes... SNOW FLAKES EVERYWHERE. The only stats that are important are the ones that catalog the recent performances, usually your metrics of the last 3 to 6 weeks. The overall stats are pointless since playing anything at T1 or starting brand new lines drags a lot of numbers down, like frags, KDR ratios and damage outputs. I look at my stats regularly to see performance areas I need to improve. I'll be damned if I'm going to be sissy enough to want to hide my stats or... even worse... STOP PLAYING TO PROTECT MY STATS. Good lord, that's a terrible way to play a video game that doesn't net you prize money.
  12. This man deserves a medal. For real. I salute you with my 4F self - I wish I was allowed to serve as you have. Thank you. As for your in-game performance - your mindset is absolutely great and I hope to team with you some day. I wish more were like you. Now, for your aiming: I have to ask, are you using the dynamic crosshair? I've got confidence that after some 1 on 1 "training" with Kongo, that perhaps you'll see that accuracy go up. I sure hope to see that be the case anyway. Best of health, sir.
  13. Nurhaal

    New DD Meta

    I know the F key to pay respects is getting massive exploits right now but it also means more time to maneuver without being harassed if they do so. CVs who do this too often do too little damage. The real jocks keep pressing the attack and are relentless. If we stay in a nice proximity and I follow you in with my BB, as an example, his attempts to rocket you to death will be severely thwarted and will either A) cause the newb to press F because they think it's a good strat or B) abandon you and maybe hit me to reduce my AA mounts or C) they press F to bring out Torps because I'm the bigger threat or D) they abandon our force altogether because we're prepared. I do my best to cover you guys when I can. I actively run to friendly DDs if they're isolated and I'm not out of position to do so, but I cannot run to help out if it puts me in an easy kill scenario. Remember, I'm worth more points to the team than you are, which means sadly... it sucks worse when I die in tight situations, point wise. It's a tough choice if I should help cover a DD to save them so I can have their tool set for spotting and torp screens, or if I should keep in cover and keep damaging other targets and save myself on the hopes of scoring cits and saving my 45pt worth of score.
  14. Nurhaal

    New DD Meta

    If you venture around 5km in front of a force, the AA wall if a CV attacks you will belt the planes pretty hard and give you cover. Everyone needs to remember that the CV planes needs a lot of room to maneuver which means STACKING AA is bad but overlapping AA to cover the most area at once keeps them in flak longer and kills them faster. DDs should keep this in mind. There is a range where you can operate and we cover you with our AA and you (DDs) still act as a spotting vanguard. The issue is that the lemming line problem is on EVERY BOAT right now. CAs and BBs are not pushing too hard when the opportunity arises. This is something I cannot fault most players since it takes a lot of skill to identify those windows. It takes good map awareness to identify good position to pressure from as well - this is game that makes learning those goals very... ambiguous and slow. Sometimes out right boring. Especially in randoms. If people were separated into elements of 3 ship groups, each element would operated in such a tactical manner as for one element to be the anvil and hold a good position, while a second element flanks wide and acts as the hammer. Contrary to popular opinion, Crossing the T (to a point) is still possible in-game... but I don't think it's possible in randoms. not with this many potatoes.
  15. Fun fact! The first post stall maneuver that resembled Pugachev's Cobra done by a production fighter was actually performed by the Swede's using the Saab J37 Viggen; happened back in the '70s. Having canards at the nose and massive control surfaces at the rear makes for great pitch axis control! So if anyone deserves fighters that can do senseless post stall maneuvering that would be tactically useless in real combat? Much to Russia's chagrin, the Swede's did it first...