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  1. demeflac

    Anchorage need buff

    At the RTS time , a Minotauro was a no fly zone for every CV. And the CV were way more OP than they were nowadays.
  2. demeflac

    Anchorage need buff

    The AA part is very true, I have my Mino full AA build, and still cannot avoid a tier 10 CV strike me.
  3. demeflac

    Make Khaba great again!!

    I really doubt It. As SootierSton Said above:
  4. demeflac

    Make Khaba great again!!

    So, i see that I'm not the only one with the same feeling.
  5. When i first started to play the game by Feb 2017 i asked which was the best tech tree ship at that time, and most of people said: Khabarovsk. So i started to grind the russian DD line, what for a noob was very difficult to learn the game mechanics with gun boat DDs. But i got It and It was my first tier 10, and the only one which i bought a permanent camo. Although, by the time i got It, It had already been heavily nerfed, mainly due to the tears of BB players. But after that many ships much more powerful in terms of HE spam than Khaba were launched, see Thunderer, Smolensk, Friesland, Kleber, Henry, just to cite a few. So, what is the reason to keep Khaba in such a bad state? Without the legendary module and a 19 point capt the ship is awful to play, many people that I talk with have never touched the ship again. There is no reason to play It If u have a Kleber for example. Flamu recently made a stream talking about It. A small buff on its rudder would be ok, só we could remove that rudder shift upgrade and use the concealment upgrade, because a DD having a 9.7 km detection while some cruisers have 9.1km detection is [edited]. Just my opinion.
  6. demeflac

    Unique Upgrades for non-tree T10s?

    Dont forget about Smolensk, It needs a a special upgrade to boost its reload.
  7. Remember It hás 16 mm armor, so lots of overpens.
  8. demeflac

    Kitakami is Making a Return....

    Dont forget the module, Torpedo Tubes Modification 1, It gives + 5 % speed. Só It would be 65 knots final, still slow but workable. Sure this ship is Just for memes, not competitive.
  9. demeflac

    Kitakami is Making a Return....

    Configure It with TAE and module and It Will have 67 knot torpedos with 12 km range. With a 8.32 km concealment, not bad. A good DD player can make It work Very well, until a CV shows up.
  10. demeflac

    Kitakami is Making a Return....

    As tier 10 I foresee it coming for coal, steel, or 2 Million free xp, even Research bureau points. Many people Will get it and be frustrated, with the amount of radar and CV on tier 10 and the fragility of the ship it wont last long. The thin armor Will help It with overpens, like Smolenks. But a good HE salvo Will wipe It.
  11. demeflac

    Ranked ...breaking the mold!!

    If It is fast and has repair party consumable, is a Neutrashimy. I heard these ships are doing good on ranked. Anyway, in order to get one u got to have a Lot of steel, then most of people who have It r experienced players.
  12. demeflac

    13th Season Ranked Observations

    This ranked is a nightmare, dont know How people get It tier 9 without knowing the Basic gaming mechanics. Like my DD smoking up a Musashi, It is useless, then It needed the Smoke and didnt have It for himself, ended up dying. A Alaska didnt know It could equip hydro and radar and died from torps saying the radar was on cooldown. Radar ships that dont know How to position to hold a cap, Neptunes shooting BB in open water. Georgias pushing when they dont need. All kind of stupidity. Is really hard to get a team that knows what to do. How to Control the maps.
  13. demeflac


    Belfast is not as strong as it was when It was First launched in game. Back then there was no Smoke firing penalty. Plus its concealment was basically the same as its radar range. When a DD detected It, Belfast had only to radar and the DD could not get out of range in less than 30 s, It was time enough to a Belfast kill them.
  14. demeflac

    New Patch Messed Up Ability To Play On Linux

    I never seen the option to download the game version for Linux. Actually i never opened the Wows page in Linux, only in windows, maybe that is why.
  15. demeflac

    New Patch Messed Up Ability To Play On Linux

    Since when we could install Wows on Linux?