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  1. demeflac

    Ranked ...breaking the mold!!

    If It is fast and has repair party consumable, is a Neutrashimy. I heard these ships are doing good on ranked. Anyway, in order to get one u got to have a Lot of steel, then most of people who have It r experienced players.
  2. demeflac

    13th Season Ranked Observations

    This ranked is a nightmare, dont know How people get It tier 9 without knowing the Basic gaming mechanics. Like my DD smoking up a Musashi, It is useless, then It needed the Smoke and didnt have It for himself, ended up dying. A Alaska didnt know It could equip hydro and radar and died from torps saying the radar was on cooldown. Radar ships that dont know How to position to hold a cap, Neptunes shooting BB in open water. Georgias pushing when they dont need. All kind of stupidity. Is really hard to get a team that knows what to do. How to Control the maps.
  3. demeflac


    Belfast is not as strong as it was when It was First launched in game. Back then there was no Smoke firing penalty. Plus its concealment was basically the same as its radar range. When a DD detected It, Belfast had only to radar and the DD could not get out of range in less than 30 s, It was time enough to a Belfast kill them.
  4. demeflac

    New Patch Messed Up Ability To Play On Linux

    I never seen the option to download the game version for Linux. Actually i never opened the Wows page in Linux, only in windows, maybe that is why.
  5. demeflac

    New Patch Messed Up Ability To Play On Linux

    Since when we could install Wows on Linux?
  6. demeflac

    A question for Khab owners...

    I use, PT, PM, LS, BFT, DE, AFT and CE. I only run CE because It is pretty bad being outspotted by a Mino or Zao.
  7. demeflac

    Why Is This Community So Toxic?

    U dont play WOT , do u?
  8. demeflac

    Too many planes on CV's

    Would be awesome to watch an AMMO ship blowing.
  9. demeflac

    O fim dos DDs

    Khaba nao tem velocidade pra escapar de avioes, nem os DD franceses tem. O q ele tem é resistencia, se vc usar heal ao inves de fumaça. Mas uma coisa q o Khaba tem é boa AA, pq vc usa BFT e AFT, o meu esta full AA com os dois modulos e bandeira, geralmente derrubo muitos avioes. Nao lembro ainda de ter sido morto por avioes jogando o Khaba. Mas ja matei muitos CV com ele.
  10. demeflac

    Which DD to get back?

    I can only get back one ship every 6 months. So it will take an year to get them 3 back. Sadly...
  11. demeflac

    Which DD to get back?

    Thanks for the answers guys, so Harekaze It is. When I sold It i was Very disapointed with the low damage output, but back then i didnt have a captain with Ifhe skill, neither the 100 mm Guns did the damage It does now. Lets see How It performs nowadays.
  12. demeflac

    Which DD to get back?

    Hi guys, As u can see from the tags I'm willing to recover one of these 3 DD I sold last year. But with the current CV meta which one would be more appropriate? A low tier like Vampire to avoid CV? A "aa" Specialized medium tier DD like Monaghan? Or a higher tier like Harekaze and use It with the 100mm dual purpose Guns? When I sold then i needed credits to buy higher tier ships, I had got them 3 by Crates didnt spend money on It, so I decided to sell and Get them back later, but with the current CV meta where DD are killed First If found, I dont know which one would be better.
  13. demeflac

    Monaghan was nerfed 2 guns with 9.2km torps

    The question is , in the current CV meta where DD are killed First If they r found, is the B Hull able to defend itself? At least kill some planes?
  14. demeflac

    Copy of wows from one HD to another

    I have wows installed on my PC and in a usb drive that I carry with me, so I can play wherever I want. U can just copy the whole folder from one to another.
  15. demeflac

    State of the Game: It's Wargaming Fault

    Many people are saying the same, we wont spend any single coin buying Premium ships Just to having them being nerfed later on.