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  1. demeflac

    Way to turn off new AA visual Effects?

    Talking about this, I would like some tips to improve my FPS rate. I'm running in Very high resolution with a 60 Mbps link, a I7 with 16 GB Ram, GtX 1050 with 4Gb vídeo cara and still my FPS is around 27. Using windows 10. Waht can be done to improve It? Could It be the firewall, antivírus,malwarebytes?
  2. Hello everyone, I'm not a BB main player, but I do have a Tirpitz that I like to take to battles once in a while Just for Fun. I use Full secondary build on It, but with this CV rework plus the Nerf on concealment for BB I Wonder If It is still viable to use this kind of build. Would It be better to use the AA mod 1 instead of the secondary armament upgrade? I would still keep BFT and AFT, but would be losing secondary armament range and not gaining much in AA, I dont know. I tried to use the dispersion improvement upgrade and use It as a normal BB instead of a brawler, the secondary armament range Falls to 9.4 km If use flag, what is still ok, but the dispersion doesnt improve much. Just dont know what to do when the Free respecc of captain skills come out, If I change anything. I heard that using a one point skill to have Double catapult fighters would be more useful. Is anybody here experienced with this brawling BB that could give a opinion? Thanks
  3. F*ck, I realize I'm leds than medíocre then, I dont have any 19 PTS captain.
  4. Why do u want cranes? To lower the life boats? No man, nobody leaves, they fight to death and sink with It. Good old times!
  5. If u want to troll BB use Asashio, there is nothing better out there, It is a tier 8 that loves to be uptiered. To fight other DD, use Cossack. To be an all round, use Kidd. For lower tiers T-61 is Very good.
  6. demeflac

    T5-8 to consider keeping

    I'm a DD and cruiser player most of the time, so I Tell from my experiência:: Leander, Fiji, Hipper, Chapayev, Kiev, Hatsuharu, Cleveland, Akizuki
  7. demeflac

    How to counter dds in non radar cruisers?

    Keep moving in straight lines. Nooo, I'm not a DD driver, I swear...
  8. One point that Notser is right was about the catapult fighter plane. It may be the main AA defense for BB with bad AA such as Musashi. I Wonder If It is Worth to spend one skill point to have Double fighter planes, since It decrease their speed by 20%.
  9. demeflac

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    Kitakami with Asashio torps, TRB and a MM with 10 BB. Just for the laughs....
  10. There was a small Nerf on radar for USN cruisers decreasing its range, só a Worcester couldnt radar from concealment anymore, the same didnt apply to Chapayev. In this next patch there Will be another big Nerf on the concealment for ALL the other classes, there was also the AP Nerf on DD damage. Me myself prefer playing DD over the other classes, and I think the DD máfia should stop complain about nerfs, even the CV rework wont be so bad. Whoever played the last PTS Will know It is Very hard for a CV to use torps and bombs against DD now. They have a New weapon, the Rockets, but with a bit of dodging we can throw their aim easily. DD are the most manouverable class, of course there some exceptions like Harugumo, but It hás the AA Power to defend itself.
  11. Dont know If u guys remember but this last year there was a fix in the MM limiting the amount of DD per side to 4. While BB is unlimited.
  12. demeflac

    Favorite Premium

    Asashio! Just for trolling BBs. Lol
  13. Actually the only DD LINE i recommmend using AFT is the russian gunboat LINE, Minsk to Khaba. Every other DD should use BFT plus AAmod1 and AA flag. Some DD are better not even bother with respecc, doesnt matter what u put there It is AA Will stil be garbage, examples: Asashio, Cossack.
  14. If u play Khaba u would know It needs AFT, not for AA, but for being a long range gunboat, actually the only DD LINE that i recommmend using AFT is the russian gunboat from tier 7 to 10. Minsk to Khaba.
  15. I Saw his vídeo and dont agree that DD are helpless. I tried Kitakaze, Grozovoi and Khaba. Khaba with AA mod1, BFT, AFT and AA flag. I was killing lots of planes from a Hakuryu, plus It couldnt hit me with torps due to the long distance arming, i managed to Hunt him up to 2km away and sink It, even with all his secondaries firing on me, Rockets, bombs,etc. DD with good AA and heal Will be a big threat to CV In my opinion.