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  1. Nice to see perma camos for Tect Tree ships instead of premium ships!!
  2. I would think they are retiring the current collection because it's been around for awhile and many people have completed it. It's probably time for a new collection to start...
  3. sonoasailor

    World of Warships Anniversary

    Question I have is this achievement per account or per ship? I would say per account, right?
  4. sonoasailor

    Convoy: Defend or Destroy!

    Only played a couple of missions on the PTS, but didn't see any issues with the bots AI, unlike current Co-op AI where the bot approaches an island and then spends 5 minutes trying to decide which way to go around it. Or when two bots collide and spend the next 3 minutes coupled together like siamese twins....
  5. sonoasailor

    Convoy: Defend or Destroy!

    Alternate mode would be cruisers and dd's as escorts, and the attacking team of subs only.....
  6. sonoasailor

    Developer Bulletin 0.10.9

    Several of the missions in the PTS require obtaining Base XP, and list Twilight battles as one of the sources - but Twilight doe not give out base XP! But I do like the notifications when an ability like Adrenaline Rush is activated!
  7. sonoasailor

    PTS 0.10.8

    @Mademoisail - Also - several of the missions for base EXP have Twilight Mode as one of the modes - however, Twilight Mode does NOT give base EXP!!!
  8. sonoasailor

    World of Warships Anniversary

    Are there any benefits tied to these Achievements, or are they just additional badges? I have received a couple of them, but didnt notice anything beyond the announcement.
  9. sonoasailor

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Battleship Moltke

    And when you spend the tokens in early access to get this ship, you get credits instead, so that is fine by me....
  10. Some people might buy it - I certainly would have no interest in it. Personally, I no longer feel WG warrants spending any more real money on their game.
  11. Not sure why anyone should be offended with your comments - music is a very personal taste, and if you like some of their music, so be it. It might be a good stream of cash for them if they did offer the music for sale - that price point is low enough that a lot of players might not think twice about spending that for a couple of tracks they enjoy...
  12. Lets see - no Jimmy Buffett, no Lindsey Sterling, no U2, no Sting - thanks, but no thanks, I'll listen to my own music when I am not playing....
  13. sonoasailor

    what class of ship is it?

    Hmm - I always assumed it was the Hood receiving it's death blow from the Bismark....oh, well - I always tried to click the buttons to avoid the explosion - hated to see a ship go that way.
  14. sonoasailor

    "Smooth Supply" Missions?

    I think the missions were good only thru Monday
  15. sonoasailor

    T-61: Play me! Dante Alighieri: Free XP me!

    Silly English knights...anyway, I have always found the lower tier Italian ships a bit underwhelming - slow turret traverse, slow reload and slow torps, and the creeping smoke is somewhat situational. While SAP is nice, I am not sure it offsets the slowness and the lack of setting fires...