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  1. sonoasailor

    Claim a 3D Printer!

    Probably a decent chance for finding other models on-line - either thru the Prusameter/Printables site, Thingiverse site or other 3D printing site (like Etsy even). LOTS of models out there - of varying quality.
  2. sonoasailor

    PTS 12.1 pt 1

    Since its the PTS and the values expand when it gets to the live server, I expect this to be 45,000,000 BXP, or even 450,000,000 at the point it goes live....
  3. sonoasailor

    subs in coop

    What I find irritating is when the MM places two bot subs on the green team, or a bot CV AND a bot sub, instead of running other ships. I have had several games where the green team had a bot CV, and bot sub and a player sub, and even one that had the player sub replaced by a bot sub. And why does it seem that the red CV ALWAYS seems to find that one green DD on the opposing team???
  4. sonoasailor

    Developer Bulletin for Update 12.1

    If they are going to reduce the planes, they need to be staged aft so there is a realistic amount of room for take-off runs! More and more subs, less and less playing time for me, thank you.
  5. sonoasailor

    Claim a 3D Printer!

    Too bad it's limited to social crapedia....it would be fun, but as I already have 2 3D printers which dont get a lot of use... Last try at printing was a flying Graf Zeppelin cv....just need a better slicing program... Why @Boggzy do they limit these contests like this? Many players are older like myself and simple abhor social media....
  6. sonoasailor

    Color Pics of Japanese Submarines. (Image heavy)

    I believe they also intended the big subs to be able to travel on cargo runs - not sure if they had Germany in mind at the start, but they were meant for long distance cruises.
  7. Besides, planes set to sortie are stacked on the back deck so there is room to take off!! If they are going to reduce the number of planes on deck, at least get them placed at the stern like they are ready to launch
  8. sonoasailor

    Prime Gaming: Lunar New Year Random Drop

    Coal good, camos = credits.
  9. sonoasailor

    Lunar New Year 2023

    Have all the ships (I think), and no need for more permanent camos for premium ships. the 200% bonus is nice tho....and at least I can sell those expendable camos.
  10. sonoasailor

    Ship xp

    which is a really poor way to spend your money!
  11. sonoasailor

    Update 12.0: Lunar New Year

    Nope - done playing the Colo and any other slow USN BB!!! If I decide to play these paper hybrids, I'll free Xp to them (nut I really doubt I will even do that).
  12. sonoasailor

    Playing Slow Battleships in Coop

    Hate playing the Colorado because of her speed, but somehow clicked on her last night and played a Co-op game in her. Came out first in terms of XP in it - her guns hit hard, she has decent armor and on small maps, she can get to the middle and control the area, in spite of her slowness. Still hate playing her, but in the right situations, she can shine. IN another game several days ago, I saw another Colorado come out 2nd in XP, so they can do well....
  13. sonoasailor

    Update 12.0: Lunar New Year

    Exactly this - a chance to obtain tech tree ships for free and install all their upgrades on them without paying credits. Putting them behind a paywall defeats this purpose (which may be why WG did this??). Certainly NOT going to pay doubloons for tech tree ships!!!
  14. sonoasailor

    Japanese Light Cruisers: How Best to Play Them

    Like those names!! It's too bad WG keeps trying to come up with such poor paper ships instead of delving into other real ships that they havent introduced...
  15. sonoasailor

    Caption the profile image above you.

    who's a good boy!