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  1. Cooper_Capt

    If we dont have submarines...

    It looks like your ship got caught under the mast and pushed/pulled under.
  2. Cooper_Capt

    Super Unicum needs help

    Did I read that right? 153 battles?
  3. Did you read Directive 4 yet? Earn 24 million credits in 12 days.
  4. Cooper_Capt

    PSA: Save your New Year's crates.

    OP makes sense. I will save my crates until Directive 4. This 24 million credits in 12 days is not a measure of skill, just a ugly grind. Land 15 torps, that's skill. Sink 15 ships that's skill. Grinding credits? Not a skill.
  5. Cooper_Capt

    Poll On Part 4 of the PFE Campaign

    Has it been confirmed there are 6 missions to complete in part four? Could it be 3 missions? Who can tell us? 4 Million credits x 6 nations would be 24 million credits. in 12 days? 4 weeks of grinding for 1 battleship and a few flags?
  6. Cooper_Capt

    PEF: Save Your Credit Flags!

    Are we absolutely sure week 4 requires 6 missions? I see the other weeks require 6 but not the 4th week. Earning 24 million credits is not skill, just grinding. Kill 10 ships is a skill based directive.
  7. Cooper_Capt

    Cryptography in World War 2 - A Primer - Part 1

    USA used Navajo code talkers in WW2. No Engineers needed.
  8. Cooper_Capt

    EB has been Nerfed

    So there goes my fav ship. How do you say Nerfed in French?